Ever stood in front of a breathtaking Vermont landscape, ready to share it with the world, but your brain just hands you a blank caption card? Frustrating, ain’t it? You’re not alone in the quest for that perfect phrase to match the rustic charm of those Green Mountain snaps. Here’s the scoop: Your pictures are worth a thousand words, but it's the right words that get those sweet, sweet likes. From the rolling hills cloaked in crimson autumn leaves to the cozy nooks of a Burlington café, we're dishing out a hot serving of the best Vermont Instagram captions for every possible mood and season. Get ready to transform your profile into an ode to Vermont's stunning scenery with captions that are as striking as the views.

Best Vermont Instagram Captions for Every Season

Picture this: you've got your latte in one hand, your camera in the other, and Vermont's majestic beauty sprawled out in front of you. Every season in Vermont is like a scene straight out of a storybook, ready to make your Instagram feed pop with colors and warmth. From the maple syrup drizzle of spring to the snow globe wonder of winter, Vermont's seasonal shifts are Instagram gold. Now, let's hook up your feed with captions that echo the beauty of these moments.

  • Feeling as crisp as a Vermont apple in the fall 🍏🍂
  • Chasing waterfalls and Vermont's autumn call 🌊🍁
  • Sweater weather and Vermont mountains, the perfect match 🧶⛰️
  • Winter wonderlands are real, just check Vermont ❄️🏔️
  • Maple syrup season is my kind of sweet escape 🍁🥞
  • Lake reflections and mountain perfection in Vermont 🛶🏞️
  • Tapped into the Vermont spring vibe 🌸🍯
  • Summoning the spirit of summer on a Vermont hiking trail ☀️🥾
  • Sprinkled in Vermont snowflakes, freezing but fab ❄️💁
  • Sunsets and ski slopes, Vermont's winter romance 🎿🌄
  • Lost in the Green Mountain state's summer greenery 🌿💚
  • Fall in love with Vermont's foliage all over again 🍂❤️
  • Kissed by the Vermont winter, frosted to perfection 💋⛄
  • Flannel shirts and pumpkin patches, hello Vermont fall 🎃🍁 Trade crowded beaches for serene Vermont lakes 🚣♂️🏖️
  • Autumn leaves and Vermont dreams 🌲😌
  • Trust me, the magic of Vermont's spring will grow on you! 🌷✨
  • Underneath the Vermont stars, winter nights are best ✨🌙
  • Summer sunsets in Vermont are in a league of their own 🌅😍
  • Woke up to a Vermont winter fairy tale, do I ever have to leave? 🏰❄️

With one foot crunching fallen leaves and the other perched for that perfect snap, these captions will make your Vermont moments unforgettable.

Fun Fact: Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the U.S., churning out over 2 million gallons a year. Sweet! 🍁🥞

Cozy Vermont Sayings to Complement Your Snaps

There's nothing quite like snuggling up in a cozy Vermont cabin or wandering through the rustic farm life landscapes to make you feel all the vibes. Whether you're lost in the emerald hues of a Vermont forest or breathing in the fresh farm air, your Instagram is begging for the perfect caption to capture that warm, fuzzy feeling. So, wrap yourself in that knitted sweater and get ready for some homegrown charm with these captions just as cozy as your favorite Vermont flannel.

  • Home is where the heart is, and mine's in Vermont 🏡💚
  • Sweater weather is better together in Vermont 🍂🧣
  • Lose track of time, find your soul – Vermont style ⌚🍃
  • Making memories in maple syrup heaven 🍁🥞
  • Vermont: where every season is cuddle season ❄️🔥
  • Rolling hills and rustic thrills, that’s Vermont farm life 🚜🌾
  • Flannel, foliage, and endless charm in VT 🌲✨
  • Cabins, coffee, and countless stars – VT nights 🌟☕
  • Finding happiness in the hills of Vermont 🌄😊
  • Simple life, grand views, pure Vermont 🏞️🚜
  • Nature’s lullaby and mountain highs 🏔️😴
  • Quaint towns, quiet nights in Vermont’s embrace 🏘️🌙
  • Vermont vibes: keep life syrupy sweet 🍯💛
  • From farm to frame – every Vermont view's a painting 🖼️🐄
  • Pastures, peaks, and everything cozy in between 🏞️🧤
  • Living the Vermont dream one cabin at a time 🏡❤️
  • Maple magic in the Green Mountain air 🍁✨
  • Peaceful mornings in the Vermont countryside ☀️🌿
  • Country roads, take me home to the Vermont I love 🛤️🏠
  • Chasing sunsets and country charm in VT 🌅🏡

Vermont's beauty, captured in captions, is as inviting as its coziest cabin fire.

Fun Fact: Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the U.S., making it a sweet spot for more than just Instagram shots! 🍁📸

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Short Vermont Captions for Instagram Quick Posts

Short Vermont Captions for Instagram Quick Posts.png

Listen up, folks! Vermont isn't just winter wonderlands and maple syrup - it's a whole mood captured in a selfie. You've got the breathtaking views, the maple creemees that change lives, and vibes cooler than a fresh snowfall on Mount Mansfield. But what's a glorious Vermont moment without the perfect words to seal the deal on Instagram? Don't you worry your flannel-wrapped self; I've got you covered faster than you can say “Ben & Jerry’s!”

  • Cheddar weather 🧀❄️
  • Peak perfection 🏞️👌
  • Maple magic 🍁✨
  • Green Mountain goals 🌲🏔️
  • Creemee cravings 🍦😍
  • Cozy cabin nights 🔥🏡
  • Foliage fever 🍂🤒
  • Snowy strolls ❄️🚶
  • Lakeside leisure 🌊😎
  • Hiking high 🥾🔝
  • Backroad beauty 🛣️👀
  • Brews with views 🍺🌄
  • Flannel feels 🍁🤗
  • Ski 'n' smile 🎿😄
  • Farm fresh 🍎🚜
  • Rustic retreat 🛖🌄
  • Moose! There it is 🦌👀
  • Cabin coffee mornings ☕🌲
  • Echo Lake echoes 🌲🎶
  • Vermont vanlife 🚌🗺️ When your heart beats for the Northeast but your caption game needs a boost, turn to the simplicity of the Green Mountain State for some succinct success. Fun Fact: Did you know Vermont was its own independent country before becoming a state? Yeah, they're as unique as their cheddar! 🧀🎩

Aesthetic Vermont Captions for Instagram Influencers

Listen up, you Insta-savvy folks! Vermont isn't just about maple syrup and snow. We’re diving into the creme de la creme of eye-candy visuals with this curated list of aesthetic Vermont captions that’ll make your posts pop! Whether it’s a whimsy barn photo or a sunset over the Green Mountains, these words are your ticket to 'likesville'. Ready to elevate your feed with that rustic Vermont allure?

  • Chasing waterfalls and Vermont dreams 🌄📸
  • Lost in the rustic charm of the Green Mountain state 🍁✨
  • Sweater weather and mountain magic in Vermont 🌲🧣
  • Cabin getaways and fireside memories 🔥🏡
  • Vermont vibes: more than maple, it’s a way of life 🍁🥞
  • Sipping on simplicity among Vermont’s mountains 🏔️☕
  • Fresh powder and pristine slopes, that’s Vermont calling ⛷️❄️
  • Sunsets that speak in shades of Vermont 🌅🎨
  • Where quaint meets chic: a Vermont state of mind 🎩🍃
  • Echoes of laughter in Vermont’s vast landscapes 🗻😄
  • My heart’s GPS is fixed on Vermont's beauty 🧭❤️
  • Queuing up that classic New England charm 🎶🍂
  • Rugged peaks with a side of elegance 🏞️💅
  • Making memories in the most picture-perfect Vermont towns 📷🏘️
  • Autumn in Vermont, where every leaf is a flower 🍂🌸
  • Not all those who wander are lost, but they probably ended up in Vermont 🚶♂️🍁
  • Beneath these expansive Vermont skies, everything feels possible 🌌🤍
  • Frosty mornings with a taste of serenity in Vermont ❄️🧘♂️
  • Colors of Vermont: from green mountains to golden hours 🏔️🕖
  • When nature paints in Vermont, it creates a masterpiece 🖌️🏞️

Breathe in the essence of New England and let Vermont’s charisma seep into your posts.

Fun Fact: Vermont was the first state admitted to the Union after the original 13 colonies.

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Funny Vermont Captions for Instagram Laughs

Alright, my fellow Instagram wizards, let’s crank up the humor wattage with some laugh-out-loud Vermont captions that'll have your followers wishing they were sipping maple syrup and dodging moose with you. Forget the usual “wanderlust” jargon; we’re here to sprinkle some comedic maple flakes on your feed. Post your heartwarming autumn leaves photo or a snapshot of that quirky Vermont general store with a caption that'll tickle some funny bones because life is too short for boring posts, and Vermont is too quirky not to poke fun at.

  • Lost in Vermont, send maple syrup and a compass 🍁😂
  • Trying to leaf my troubles behind in Vermont 🌲😆
  • Here just for the “Vermud” season 🍂👢
  • What happens in Vermont, stays in Vermont…along with my heart ❤️😜
  • Will trade maple syrup for likes 🍯✌️
  • Found a moose. We’re friends now 🐾😏
  • Vermont: where “heated discussions” are about pancake toppings 🔥🥞
  • More cheese, please – said no one ever in Vermont 🧀😹
  • Not leaving until I'm officially a leaf peeper 🍁👀
  • Vermont, where my flannel is my fashion statement 🏞️👕
  • You had me at “pumpkin patch” 🎃😍
  • Vermont, the state where even the cows are influencers 🐄📸
  • My soul’s in Vermont, my body's just catching up 🌄😉
  • Earning my stripes as a maple tapper 🌳🥇
  • Vermont, where “flatlander” is a term of endearment 🏔️😘
  • Cabins and chill: Vermont-style 🏡❄️
  • Ben & Jerry who? I’m here for the foliage 🍨👋
  • Got lost on a Vermont hike – now leading a pack of wild turkeys 🦃🤷♀️
  • Vermont: the only state where the cows photobomb better than you 📸🐮
  • If you’ve never screamed over cider donuts, you’ve never been to Vermont 🍩🗣️

Let's face it, Vermont's charm is no joke, but our captions sure can be.

Fun Fact: Vermont was the first state to join the Union after the original 13 colonies, and let's just say, they’ve been keeping it quirky ever since.

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One Word Vermont Captions for Bold Impressions

One Word Vermont Captions for Bold Impressions.png

Soaking up the serene Vermont vibes is just half the fun, sharing it with your friends on Instagram is the main event! Whether you're peering over Lake Champlain at sunset or trekking the Green Mountains, why not let your snapshots do the talking—sometimes one word is all you need. Craft a bold impression with these snappy one-word captions that feature trendy Vermont travel hashtags and capture those postcard-perfect "Vermont vibes."

  • Unforgettable 🌲✨
  • Serenity 🛶🏞️
  • Peaks 🗻👣
  • Cheddar 🧀😋
  • Maple 🍁🥞
  • Foliage 🍂📸
  • Cozy 🔥☕
  • Quaint 🏡🌼
  • Wanderlust 🚗💨
  • Chill ❄️🧣
  • Rustic 🪵💡
  • Harvest 🍎🚜
  • Adventure 🥾🌲
  • Hidden 🌄🔍
  • Breathtaking ⛰️😮
  • Gourmet 🍽️🍷
  • Crafted 🍺🙌
  • Vintage 🕰️🍇
  • Timeless ⏳🌿
  • Heritage 🏰🇺🇸 Amidst the beauty of the wilds or the charm of the towns, these captions are your ticket to Insta-brilliance. Fun Fact: Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the U.S., making it a sweet spot for more than just awesome photos! 🍁🥞

Clever Instagram Captions for Your Vermont Adventures

Ready to spice up your feed with some Vermont charm? Great! Vermont's not just about syrup and skiing. It's also about clever captions that turn your posts into double-tap magnets. Whether you're hiking the Green Mountains or just chilling in a cozy Burlington cafe, your Instagram captions can be as memorable as the state's spectacular fall foliage. So, pull out your phone, snap that stunning vista, and let's get your followers wishing they were knee-deep in maple leaves, or whatever Vermont delight you're about to bless their feed with.

  • Elevation? High. WiFi signal? Low. Life's better up here 🏞️✌️
  • Trading WiFi for wildlife, because Vermont doesn't do ordinary 🦌🌲
  • Ticked off another Vermont trail from my bucket list, and my legs from existence 🥾📝
  • If lost, return to Vermont's hiking trails (preferably with a snack) 🌄🍎
  • Got lost in Vermont's beauty... but mostly just got lost 🍁🤷♀️
  • Just a small-town star in a big Green Mountain State sky 🌟🏔️
  • Cheddar, maple, and mountain views: Vermont's love language 🧀🍁
  • Vermont: where the brews are as crafty as the captions 🍻💡
  • Not your average hiker, not your average trails, not your average captions 🚶♀️💬
  • Sorry for what I said before I had my Vermont maple latte ☕🍂
  • Where the trees are tall and the captions are taller 🌳🗨️
  • Leaf whisperer on duty in Vermont's autumn paradise 🍂👂
  • Vermont, you had me at 'hearty' and then totally at 'Aloha say' after the hike 🏞️💕
  • Even the squirrels here are too scenic to handle 🐿️🌿
  • Vermont hiking: where every selfie is a story of triumph and terror 😱🤳
  • You can leave Vermont, but the wobbly bridge trauma stays with you forever 🌉😜
  • Finding the art in every start of a Vermont hiking chart 🎨🗺️
  • Not vibing with your office view? Vermont's got a mountain for that 🏢🚫🏞️
  • Sometimes you just need a little Vermont to clear the head (and the lungs) 🍃😌
  • When in Vermont, caption like the Romans...if the Romans loved cheddar 🧀📜

After a day of adventures, who doesn't love a good caption to seal the deal?

Fun Fact: The official state flavor of Vermont is maple, because who needs plain when you can have a drizzle of sugary perfection?

Classic Vermont Quotes Turned into Instagram Captions

Vermont isn't just a state, it's a state of mind. From the syrupy slopes of the Green Mountains to the humble charm of its farmsteads, every photo you snap is a narrative awaiting the perfect caption. And what's better than a little local flair? Let's drench your feed in Vermont culture with some classic sayings, tailored for your next Instagram post. Trust me, your followers aren't ready for this level of quaint.

  • Cheddar's better – just ask Vermont 🧀🌄
  • Not just a state, it's a way of life 🍁🏞️
  • Keep calm and maple on 🍁🥞
  • Where the mountains are green and the winters are white ❄️⛰️
  • You're not lost, you're just in Vermont 🔍🌲
  • Small-town heart with mountain soul ❤️🏔️
  • More than just an escape, it’s a homecoming 🏡🍂
  • Sweeter than maple and bold as the pines 🌲🍯
  • Where every season paints a masterpiece 🎨🍁
  • Got lost in Vermont, found my heart ❤️🗺️
  • Savoring that Green Mountain state of mind 🧘♂️⛰️
  • Life’s better on the farm 🐄🌾
  • Powder days and starry nights ⛷️✨
  • Tap into the wild of Vermont 🦌🌳
  • Sunrise from the summit, that’s Vermont beauty 🌄🌞
  • Vermont: Where even the stars feel closer 🌌✈️
  • Farms, forests, and freedom 🌳🚜
  • In Vermont, we trust 🙏💚
  • Straight chugging the Vermont vibe 🍺😌
  • Home is where the heart and the mountains meet 🏔️❤️

Sometimes you don't need to hike the highest mountain to feel on top of the world 🌄💫

Fun Fact: Vermont was the first state admitted to the Union after the original 13 colonies.

Chill Vermont Captions for Instagram Relaxation Posts

Chill Vermont Captions for Instagram Relaxation Posts.png

Listen up, peeps! Vermont isn't just about maple syrup and snow. It's a chill haven where time slows down and nature's serenity takes the wheel. If you're lounging in a hammock under a canopy of gold leaves or sipping chamomile tea on a rustic farmhouse porch, the laid-back Vermont lifestyle is real and it's spectacular. So, ready to pair that peaceful vibe with the perfect caption? Let's cozy up and get your followers wishing they were kicking back with you in the Green Mountain State.

  • Embracing the tranquility, one Vermont sunset at a time 🌄✨
  • Slow down and soak up this Vermont serenity 🍂☕️
  • Vermont chill mode: activated 🐑🧘♀️
  • Autumn whispers and cozy nooks—Vermont's got it all 🍁📖
  • Living the dream in a Vermont state of mind 😌💚
  • Where every view is a deep breath—Vermont views 🏞️😊
  • Savoring the soulful silence of Vermont's country mornings 🌤️🌿
  • Green Mountains, golden leaves, endless peace 🌲🧡
  • Just a hammock and a horizon in beautiful Vermont 🍃💤
  • Vermont vibes: keep calm and leaf peep 🍁👀
  • Let the laid-back Vermont lifestyle lift your spirits ☕️🛶
  • Remember to exhreathe—Vermont edition 💨🌲
  • Finding my Zen in the land of covered bridges 🌉🧘♂️
  • Vermont's autumn canvas, a masterpiece of relaxation 🖼️🍂
  • Tranquil moments and pastoral scenes, that's Vermont life 🌾🏡
  • Chill tunes and Green Mountain views 🎵🌄
  • There's no rush here—just the rustling of leaves in Vermont 🍃🕰️
  • Carving out a little peace in Vermont's great outdoors 🌲🚣♂️
  • Wrapped up in a Vermont state of calm 🧣❤️
  • Where every backroad leads to relaxation—Vermont style 🛣️😌 Ditch the hustle, kick off your boots, and let these captions take you to a Vermont state of chill. Fun Fact: Did you know Vermont was the first state after the original 13 colonies to join the United States? That’s some old-school chill!

Heart-Warming Vermont Captions for Couples on Instagram

Got someone special holding your mittens as you wade through the sparkling snow in Vermont? These captions will get all the love hearts under your couple's posts. After all, Vermont's scenic backdrops are made for Instagram—rolling hills, quaint barns, and sunsets that'll make you hold each other tighter. Now, sprinkle some romance onto your feed with these heart-warming captions.

  • Wrapped up in love and Vermont scarves 🧣💕
  • Falling for you harder than the autumn leaves in VT 🍁❤️
  • Our love is as deep as a Vermont forest 🌲😍
  • Together is our favorite place to be, especially in Vermont 🏞️👫
  • Chasing Vermont sunsets and cuddles with you 🌄✨
  • Discovering hidden gems and creating memories in Vermont 💎💌
  • Cheese, wine, and you—Vermont dates done right 🍷🧀
  • Cozying up by the fire after a day in the Green Mountains 🔥💑
  • Our love story, sponsored by Vermont's charm 📖💖
  • Side by side, amidst the Vermont fall tapestry 🍂🤝
  • Hand in hand, exploring the Green Mountain State 🌳🚶♂️🚶♀️
  • Love is in the crisp Vermont air 🏔️💨
  • Every sunset with you is my favorite, especially in Vermont 🌅💏
  • Lost in Vermont, but found love 💘🗺️
  • Canoodling in the land of covered bridges 🌉😘
  • You're the syrup to my Vermont pancake 🍁🥞
  • Taking the scenic route in life and love, via Vermont 💚🛤️
  • Love blooms in every season here in Vermont 🌸💗
  • Our kisses are sweeter in Vermont 🍯😚
  • Vermont adventures are best when shared together 💼👣

Love is best served with a backdrop of mountains and the scent of pine. These captions will have your followers double-tapping in no time, dreaming of their own romantic getaway—or at least living vicariously through yours.

Fun Fact: Did you know Vermont was the second state to legalize same-sex marriage? Talk about being ahead of the curve in spreading the love!

Inspiring Vermont Captions for Your Wanderlust

Caught the wanderlust bug? Let’s face it, a stroll through Vermont's vibrant foliage or a trek up its majestic mountains can light up our adventurous spirit like nothing else. And when you capture that burst of outdoor euphoria on camera, you need just the right words to accompany it. Brace yourself for captions that'll whisk your followers away to the land of enchanting woodlands and tranquil views. Ready to sprinkle some Green Mountain magic onto your Insta feed? Let the caption journey begin!

  • Chasing waterfalls and Vermont dreams 🍁🌲
  • On top of the world in the Green Mountains 🏔️✨
  • Maple and magic in every Vermont moment 🍁✨
  • Vermont vibes – wild and free 🦌🌿
  • Savoring the silence on this Vermont hike 🌲🚶♀️
  • Remembering nights under the Vermont stars ⭐🌙
  • Wilderness whispers and Vermont wishes 🌳🤞
  • Lost in the leaves of the Vermont Autumn 🍂🍁
  • Crafting memories in cozy Vermont cabins 🏠🔥
  • More than maple – Vermont's wild at heart 🍁❤️
  • Taking the road less traveled, Vermont edition 🗺️🚗
  • Vermont’s peaks whisper tales of the brave ⛰️🏞️
  • Forest paths leading to Vermont serenity 🌲🛤️
  • From farm to table – the Vermont way of life 🚜🍽️
  • Embracing the quiet corners of Vermont 🏞️🧘♂️
  • Beneath the Vermont sky, everything's clearer 🌤️👀
  • Wander, explore, and breathe in Vermont 🧭🍃
  • Sunsets shared with Vermont horizons 🌄💑
  • Treading lightly through the wilderness of Vermont 🚶♂️🌾
  • Dreaming of my next Vermont escape 💤🌲

Wrap your Vermont escapades in a cloak of awe-inspiring captions, etching each moment into the pixels and hearts of your followers.

Fun Fact: Vermont was the first state admitted to the Union after the original 13 colonies.

Iconic Vermont Landmarks in Instagram Captions

Iconic Vermont Landmarks in Instagram Captions.png

Get ready to make your friends green with envy as you showcase the rustic beauty of Vermont's landmarks. Whether you're basking in the history-soaked streets, snapping pics of quaint buildings that scream New England charm, or standing awestruck at a hauntingly beautiful covered bridge, these captions are your golden ticket to Instagram glory. Just remember, friends, an image may be worth a thousand words, but the right caption is the cherry on top of your stunning Vermont visuals.

  • Catching all the historic vibes at this charming locale 🍁🏛
  • Small town, huge memories #Vermonting 🏘📸
  • Lost in time at Vermont's covered bridges 🌉🕰
  • Charming streets, captivating tales #NewEnglandFeels 🚶♀️🗺
  • From every angle, Vermont's history stands tall 🌳🏰
  • Sipping on the charm of Vermont's historic sites ☕️🏞
  • Small town charm is a big deal here in Vermont 🍂🏠
  • Rustic roads lead to amazing stories in VT 🛤📖
  • Vermont's past, beautifully preserved for the 'gram 📷🏤
  • Where every cobblestone tells a story #VermontLife 🗿🍁
  • Soaking up small-town serenity, Vermont-style 😌🏔
  • Iconic landmarks around every Vermont corner 🤩🗺
  • Time travelin' in the heart of Vermont 🕰🚪
  • Basking in the beauty of Vermont's storied streets 🌞🛤
  • Majestic views, historic hues #VermontViews 🏔🎨
  • Bygone eras captured in a single snap here 🏰📸
  • Stepping into a Vermont postcard with every click 💌📷
  • Discovering Vermont's charm, one landmark at a time 🕵️♀️🏞
  • Old-world allure meets New England in VT 🌲🏠
  • Every brick in Vermont tells a historic tale 🧱📚 Seeing Vermont's landmarks through the lens is like whispering sweet nothings to your soul – quiet, powerful, and oh-so-memorable. Fun Fact: Vermont is the leading producer of maple syrup in the United States, so while you’re capturing those iconic sights, you might just catch the sweet scent of syrup in the air! 🍁🍯


Q: What are some good Instagram captions?

A: Hey, grab your phone and get ready to post! Use one of these:

  • "Living my best life 🌟"
  • "Just keep swimming 🐠"
  • "Sweeter than honey 🍯"

Q: What is the beautiful caption on Instagram?

A: Ready to make your followers stop and stare? Try this:

  • "Chasing sunsets and dreams ✨"
  • "Bloom where you are planted 🌷"

Q: What are captions for on Instagram?

A: Captions are your chance to add personality to your photo. Think of them as the cherry on top that tells your story, adds humor, or shares a piece of your heart.

Q: What should I caption a city picture?

A: City pics are cool, and your caption should be too! Try these:

  • "Bright lights, big city 🏙️"
  • "Concrete jungle where dreams are made of 🌆"

Final Words

Alright, let's wrap this up! You've now got a stash of killer Vermont Instagram captions perfect for any moment – from those cozy Vermont sayings that pair well with your farm-life pictures, to witty one-liners for when you just want to drop a quick post. Whether you're an influencer looking for some aesthetic words to match your snaps, out for laughs with funny Vermont phrases, or trying to make a bold statement with a single impactful word, you're all set.

Your adventures through the Green Mountain State are going to pop on your feed with these clever, classic, and chill caption choices. And for all the lovebirds out there, those heart-warming captions are sure to make your couple shots all the more special. Plus, those must-see Vermont landmarks? Yeah, you’ve got those covered too. Remember, each picture tells a story, and with these Vermont Instagram captions, your story’s going to be one folks can’t scroll past. Here's to your next post earning a truckload of likes – you've earned it!