8+ Surreal Photography Styles to Enhance Your Portfolio

Dive into the world of surreal photography, from ethereal underwater scenes to bizarre portraits—discover the unseen. What's the secret?
Date Published
March 3, 2024

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Ever stopped scrolling through your feed because something just pops out as beautifully bizarre? That's the shock and awe of surreal photography! It's like diving underwater without holding your breath or soaring through a dream without sleeping. Ready to journey into a world where fish fly through clouds and landscapes bend like pretzels? Let’s unravel the mystery behind those underwater surrealism shots, explore the peculiarities of surreal portrait techniques, and uncover the essence of surreal photography concepts – prepare to have your mind blown and your creativity turbocharged!

What exactly is Surreal Photography

Ever stared at a photo and felt like you dove headfirst down the proverbial rabbit hole? That's surreal photography for you, my friend. It's more than just snapping pictures; it's creating a mind-bending realm where dreamscapes and reality crash into each other like toddlers at a birthday party.

Surreal photography concepts trick the eye and tickle the brain. Take underwater surrealism shots—not your typical pool party pics. We're talking about mermaids meeting floating tea sets in an ethereal watery wonderland. These shots bend our understanding of physics and pull us into an aqua-anomaly that screams, "Logic, who?"

With surreal portrait techniques, photographers become magicians, transforming regular Joe and Jill headshots into uncanny works of art. It's about playing with perspectives, summoning the unexpected, and maybe tossing in a six-eyed cat because, why not? It's surrealism!

Ready to make some masterpieces? You'll be dreaming up your own gravity-defying scenarios in no time. Up your game and let your imagination off the leash. Surreal photography is the perfect way to show the world that you don't just take photos; you conjure visual spells.

The history and origin of Surreal Photography

Did you know surreal photography sprouted from a revolution? It's true. The historical influences on surreal photos pumped some serious dream juice into the world of art, thanks to a little thing called Surrealism. This movement was all about letting the imagination run wild and breaking free from logical constraints. Back in the 1920s, some seriously creative minds decided that the real world was overrated. The result? A wild ride for art and photography that's still kicking today.

So, who were the MVPs of this artsy uprising? Behold the influential surrealist photographers—the rock stars of their era. Artists like Man Ray didn't just snap pics; they turned photography on its head, blending the real with the unreal. Man Ray's surreal imagery was a game-changer and opened up a portal to a world where anything (and I do mean anything) could happen, especially when he messed around with techniques like solarization and double exposure.

If you're itching to bend reality in your photos, take a cue from these legends. Start by shaking off the usual and inviting in the bizarre. Photograph a man in a suit with a fish for a head, or snap a shot of a clock melting over a tree—get weird with it! This isn't just about making a statement; it's about storytelling without rules. The world of surreal photography is your oyster, so grab your camera and start creating your own alternate universe.

Portrait Surreal Photography

Step into the world where your portrait photography transcends the mundane and leaps into the extraordinary—a dimension we call portrait surreal photography. To rock this style, think beyond non-traditional surreal portraits. Grab your camera and let's dive into creating those expressive surreal themed shoots.

Don't be fooled. Surreal portraits are more than just making your models wear odd costumes or slapping on a funky filter. It's about crafting an image that pokes at the subconscious. To nail it, you gotta play with reality like it's Play-Doh. Think distortion, scale, and unexpected juxtapositions. Why not LITERALLY think outside the box and have someone's head floating in mid-air? Or better yet, replace it with a colorful balloon. Yeah, that'll stir up some feelings!

If you're new to this game, there's a beginner's guide to surreal photography that can kickstart your journey. Trust me, this is where the magic happens. Dig deeper—explore themes that resonate with your inner artist. Political commentary, personal struggles, the environment—anything goes. Pull a rabbit out of your camera bag and show the world what you're made of!

Be bold, be brave, and remember, the world of surreal photography is unlimited. Don't just capture images, capture dreams and nightmares. Add some spice to your portfolio and let viewers question reality as they ponder your work. After all, the most memorable portraits are the ones that can't be unseen. Flip the narrative and make the unimaginable the new normal.

Landscape Surreal Photography

Dreamlike landscape visualizations aren't just something you'd encounter in a Salvador Dalí painting; they're breathing and living in the world of surreal photography! Surreal landscape interpretations take raw beauty and twist it with a dollop of the fantastical. Imagine colossal trees with human-like roots wandering across a hill, or waterfalls that seem to defy gravity—these scenes are more than just picturesque; they're straight-up mind-benders!

If you're all about that enigmatic, "is-this-even-real" vibe, then surreal black and white imagery in landscapes could be your jam. Why stick to the colors you see when you can create a world in shades of gray that leaves everyone questioning their reality? It's not just a landscape; it's a landscape with a secret, one that beckons viewers to look closer and ponder, "What if?"

Alright, so you're sold on adding some of this magic to your portfolio, but how? Well, start by scouting locations that scream unique. Once there, ask yourself, "How can I make this place more 'Alice in Wonderland'?" Play with angles, filters, or even photo manipulation—let's be real, sometimes the weirder, the better. And don't forget to pay homage to masters like Ansel Adams, whose use of contrast could turn even the mundane into something extraordinary. Ready to turn some heads with your own landscape surrealism? Dive into making your dreamlike landscapes a reality!

Fashion Surreal Photography

When haute couture collides with the fantastical, you get fashion meets surrealism, a genre that vaults clothing beyond mere fabric and thread into something richly narrative. What makes this genre captivating? The whimsical elements that erupt from these visuals, transforming a runway piece into a moving sculpture that challenges reality.

Imagine a dress that morphs into a flock of birds, a model styled with three pairs of eyes, or garments that defy gravity—this is your playground in whimsical fashion surrealism. Current contemporary surreal photo artists to draw inspiration from include Tim Walker, whose work often features in Vogue, and Dasha Pears, known for her clever use of colors and shapes.

To inject this magical vibe into your work, fuse fashion with unexpected props, play with scale, or blend your subjects into extraordinary landscapes. Think models interacting with oversized mundane objects or a scene straight from a modern fairytale. Remember, the key is not just about capturing clothes; it's about storytelling through style and surreal scenarios.

Fashion surreal photography is a standout style because it's where fearless creativity meets meticulous craftsmanship. Embrace it, and let your portfolio become an entrancing blend of fashion, art, and dream. For a deeper dive, don't forget to explore Tim Walker's breathtaking gallery, a source of endless inspiration for photographers aiming to merge the realms of fashion and fantasy.

Underwater Surreal Photography

Dive in—your camera's about to get wet! In the world of surreal photography, underwater settings are like entering a totally different realm. Underwater dreamscapes? Yeah, they're a real thing. Imagine wisps of fabric floating around ethereal submerged female subjects. It's all about that imaginative surreal artistry that kicks reality to the curb and lets fantasy take the driver's seat.

First thing's first: getting that shot of an otherworldly mermaid ain't easy. You need a sturdy underwater housing for your camera because, spoiler alert—electronics and water go together like oil and vinegar. And when it comes to lighting? Natural light is a gift down there. Sunbeams piercing through the water? Chef’s kiss. Just remember, you're working with a three-dimensional space, so take advantage of every angle.

Let's talk subjects. Whether it's models draped in flowy fabrics or rocking some avant-garde outfits, the water's buoyancy adds a whole new layer of grace. Yeah, you'll need a model who's comfortable holding their breath and posing underwater. Or you know, just any friend willing to trade dignity for pizza.

Why is this type of photography popular? It's more than just pretty pictures—it's about stirring up emotions and creating a sense of wonder. Underwater dreamscapes open up a world where gravity doesn't exist, and everything is in motion, telling a story that’s both serene and surreal.

Now, if you wanna get started, get inspired by the works of pros like Zena Holloway or Elena Kalis. They've mastered the art of transforming pools and oceans into canvases for stunning, ethereal artistry. So go on, take the plunge and turn those splashy visions into a breathtaking part of your portfolio.

Boudoir Surreal Photography

When you dive into boudoir surreal photography, you're not just snapping spicy pictures—you're telling an otherworldly story where intimacy meets the unexpected. Think dreamy, whimsical scenes with a touch of the erotic. It's where every shot whispers a secret or shouts a bold, avant-garde statement.

Avant-garde surrealist techniques are your best friend here. Play with shadows and light to paint your subject in ways that tickle the imagination. Use unexpected props, or fabric that defies gravity to create a scene that’s both intimate and enigmatic. This isn't your grandma's portrait; it's a rebellion against the mundane, wrapped in satin sheets.

Diving into intimate surrealist portraiture challenges you to see the body as a canvas for storytelling. The female perspective in surreal photography adds layers of depth, exploring themes of empowerment and mystery. Take cues from artists like Dora Maar or Claude Cahun, who twisted reality in front of their lenses, making the familiar beautifully bizarre.

To get started, think about the story you want to tell. Is it a tale of hidden desires, or maybe a fantasy waiting to be unveiled? Then, craft your setting. It could be as simple as a Victorian lounge or as complex as a room filled with mirrors. With careful planning and a sprinkle of creativity, your boudoir surreal photography will transform the personal into the fantastical.

Remember, boudoir photography is good for more than just a gift to a partner—it's a celebration of the subject themselves. So, whether you're helping someone unveil their innermost passions or creating a piece of provoking art, make sure every click of the shutter counts in uncovering the surreal stories hidden beneath the surface.

Still Life Surreal Photography

Have you ever gazed at an object and imagined a whirlwind of fantasy wrapped around it? That's the magic of still life surreal photography. Beginners, listen up! You're about to embark on a journey of mastering surreal still life that's gonna blow your portfolio right out of the mundane waters. It's all about crafting fantastical photo compositions that tell wild, impossible stories without a single human character.

Now, narrating these bizarre tales through inanimate objects isn’t child’s play. But don’t fret! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary—think apples floating off the table or a clock melting over the edge like some kind of Salvador Dali fever dream. Yes, you're creating narratives in surreal photo art, and trust me, it's as cool as it sounds.

Imagine a vase that instead of flowers is bursting with a nebula of stars. Or perhaps a dinner table set for guests who are, invisibly present. The key here is to let your imagination sprint faster than a cheetah in sneakers. Play with perspectives, morph realities, and use contrasts to really make your scenes pop.

Diving into this realm, you’ll need to become a maestro of light and shadow because, in still life surreal photography, they’re your best pals. They'll help you mold the mood, texture, and depth within your staged marvels. And when you’ve snapped that mesmerizing shot, don't shy away from digital wizardry to sprinkle some extra fantastical elements into your work.

In a nutshell, as you traverse the landscape of still life surreal photography, remember it’s about bending reality to your creative will. Your photos should be an open invitation to the viewer to step into a world of oddities and wonder, all while questioning the fabric of reality itself. It's not just photography; it's a ticket to an alternate universe, residing right on your canvas.

Street Surreal Photography

Street photography meets the dreamlike and bizarre in street surreal photography, where you're staging surreal urban landscapes that make passersby do a double-take. Think about harnessing the chaos of the city and molding it into an unexpected story. It’s all about your surreal exploration of form—twist those fire escapes and bend those street signs in your imagination before you capture them with your camera.

Why settle for reality when you can subvert it? When you're out there subverting reality in art photography, it's like you're a visual wizard, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Imagine capturing a businessman floating off the subway, or a stream of butterflies flooding a busy intersection. This isn't just photography; it's urban magic.

Remember, great street surreal photography often involves serendipity, but it also requires a sharp eye for the peculiar. Get inspired by the likes of Man Ray or Eugène Atget, who unlocked the weird and wonderful hidden in plain sight. And for your own twist of surreality, check out some tips on embedding the surreal in your city shots.

Abstract Surreal Photography

Let's dive into the world of Abstract Surreal Photography. It's not just about snapping pictures; it's about painting dreams with your camera. Imagine combining innovative post-processing with your wildest concepts to create mind-bending images. Yea, it's that cool.

You can start at home with DIY surreal photography projects. Grab stuff from around your house—anything goes! Place objects in weird, unexpected setups. It's all about breaking reality, so get wild! Ever seen a clock melting over a tree branch? That's the vibe we're going for.

Now to give your images the wow factor, dig into experimental surreal montage. Mash up multiple photos to craft scenes that'll make viewers do a double-take. Need inspiration? Check out how Salvador Dali threw together melting clocks and long-legged elephants. Now, make your version!

Invest some time in learning innovative post-processing tricks too. Crank up that contrast, swirl those colors, and yes, flip that scene upside down if you feel like it!

Alright, now get out there and turn your everyday yawns into jaw-dropping "what the heck is that?" with abstract surreal photography. Remember, in this genre, there are zero rules except one – if it's absurd, it's perfect.


Q: What is surreal photography?

A: Surreal photography is a genre that creates a dreamlike or fantastical scene, often bending reality in unexpected ways.

Q: How do you shoot surreal photography?

A: To shoot surreal photography, you get creative by blending reality with imagination, using techniques like long exposures, photo manipulation, or unusual angles.

Q: What is the meaning of surreal images?

A: Surreal images aim to puzzle, fascinate, and disconnect from ordinary reality, tapping into the subconscious or the bizarre.

Q: Who is a famous surreal photographer?

A: Man Ray is a famous surreal photographer known for his innovative techniques and dreamlike images that challenge perception.

Final Words

Alright, so you've just journeyed through the wild and whimsical world of surreal photography—from its dreamy origins to the modern twist on the classics in fashion and underwater scenes. You've peeked at portraits that defy norms and landscapes that whisk you to other worlds, all the while getting the lowdown on how to bring your own ethereal visions to life.

Your mind is likely zipping with ideas on how to fold a slice of surrealism into your next shot. Remember, there's no limit when imagination takes the wheel. Just keep that camera handy and your creativity unchecked, and you might just craft a visual masterpiece worthy of its own spot in the surreal photography hall of fame.

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