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Think National Video Games Day is just another excuse to lounge with your console? Think again! This gaming holiday is more than just joysticks and high scores―it's a celebration that unites virtual worlds and real-life communities. From exclusive gamer community events to sweet discounts and epic gaming marathons, we're powering up for a deep dive into how this day levels up the gaming holiday festivities.

Key Facts about National Video Games Day

When is National Video Games Day: National Video Games Day rolls around each year on September 12th. Mark your calendars, gamers, because this day is all about celebrating the pixels and the passion.

What is National Video Games Day: It's not just a day; it's a tribute to all the virtual worlds we've ever loved. From retro arcade games to the latest console smash-hits, National Video Games Day is a high-five to the entire gaming industry.

Where is National Video Games Day Celebrated: This digital fest is celebrated everywhere screens can light up – from your cozy living room nook to vibrant online communities, and even in places like the hallowed halls of the Strong National Museum of Play.

Why is National Video Games Day Celebrated: It's our chance to plug in and appreciate how video games have leveled up our lives. Whether it's through crafting sprawling fantasy realms or simply giving us a playground for our imagination, games have earned their spotlight.

Fun Fact about National Video Games Day: Did you know that the earliest known example of a video game dates back to 1947? That’s pre-Internet, pre-TV remote, heck, even pre-microwave popcorn times! Since then, gaming has evolved into an unstoppable global phenomenon, and on September 12th, we hit pause to celebrate.

What to Post on Instagram on National Video Games Day

Listen up, Instagrammers and gamers alike! National Video Games Day is like the Super Bowl for thumb athletes everywhere, and you bet your high-score-hitting thumbs it's a big deal on the 'gram. So, what magical posts can you summon to honor this joystick-wielding holiday? Buckle up, controller commandos; here's your cheat code for Insta-success.

Gamer Community Events:

  • Post invites to local or virtual gamer meetups.
  • Share photos or videos from past events to build the hype.
  • Use Stories to countdown to event start times.

National Video Games Day Discounts:

  • Offer promo codes for your gaming merch or products.
  • Highlight special sales from gaming businesses.
  • Collaborate with game stores for exclusive IG deals.

National Video Games Day Streaming Events:

  • Go live with a gaming session and invite followers to join.
  • Share clips from popular streams or your own epic gameplay moments.
  • Tease upcoming streaming events with behind-the-scenes content.

Give your followers a behind-the-screen peek or gather 'round for a virtual multiplayer bash. Let’s make those double-taps rain like power-ups in a boss battle. Game on, Insta-warriors!

What to Post on TikTok on National Video Games Day

What to Post on TikTok on National Video Games Day.png

Ready to power-up your TikTok game for National Video Games Day? Trust me, this is no time for pause or a restart; it's time to level up and get those views and likes score soaring! Level-Up With Gaming Challenges Jump in with both feet first and start a social media gaming challenge! Whether it's trying to beat the impossible level or speedrunning a classic, challenges are super shareable and can get you trending faster than you can say "high score."

  • Challenge your friends to beat your top score
  • Create a hashtag challenge for the best victory dance
  • Start a "pass the controller" challenge to connect with other gamers
  • Showcase your most epic fail and nominate others to share theirs
  • Do a game trivia challenge - share a fact and challenge followers to do the same Community Meetups, Virtually Why celebrate the day alone when you can connect with the broader gaming community? Maybe set up a virtual meetup or share your experience at an in-person event!
  • Share your gaming setup and invite others to share theirs
  • Go live from a gaming event or meetup
  • Discuss your favorite gaming moment and ask followers for theirs
  • Create a duet chain, passing an iconic game item from one TikToker to another
  • Share a story where gaming created a meaningful friendship Wrap it up with a little extra heart. Emphasize that National Video Games Day is all about celebrating the shared love for gaming that brings people together. So, get posting and let's make this the most power-packed day on TikTok yet!

Hashtags to Use for National Video Games Day

Ready to level up your social media game on National Video Games Day? Hashtags are your cheat code to boosting visibility and connecting with fellow gamers across the globe. Here are the top 20 hashtags to plug into your posts and tap into the hype:

  • #NationalVideoGamesDay
  • #GamerNation
  • #VideoGameParty
  • #GamingCommunity
  • #GameOn
  • #RetroGaming
  • #NextGenGaming
  • #Esports
  • #GameStreamer
  • #PlayMoreGames
  • #GamingLife
  • #ConsoleGaming
  • #PCGaming
  • #MobileGaming
  • #GamingMarathon
  • #VirtualReality
  • #IndieGames
  • #GameDev
  • #GamersUnite
  • #GamingForLife

Remember, fellow player, using these tags is like finding a rare item—it can massively power up your online presence on this epic day. Game on!

History, Origin and Fun Facts about National Video Games Day

Do you ever wonder why we get to celebrate the awesomeness of pixels and platforms every year? Well, sit tight because you're about to find out!

National Video Games Day is not just a day for gamers to unite, it's a nod to the art and science that goes into game creation. Let's level up your knowledge!

When was National Video Games Day founded? We're not 100% sure about the exact year, but it's clear that September 12th has been marked as the day to honor our virtual adventures for quite some time.

What sparked this epic celebration? It seems like someone out there knew the video game industry deserved a high score for its innovation and creativity. This day got bumped to the top of the leaderboards to appreciate the tech wizards who bring games to life.

How did it evolve into what it is today? Once the idea hit the circuit, it spread faster than a video game cheat code in a schoolyard. From gamers, industry folks to casual players, everyone wanted to join the party.

Speaking about parties, did you know some gamers throw themed bashes with costumes and game marathons? That’s right, cosplaying your favorite character is totally in!

Notable figureheads in gaming responsible for this day, anyone? While no specific person stands up to claim this level of their quest, it's the whole community, from the sprite artists to the code crunchers, who deserve our cheers.

So next time September 12th rolls around, grab your controller, wear your fandom on your sleeve, and game on because it's National Video Games Day! 🎮✨


Q: What is International Gaming Day?

A: Think of it as a global high-five for all things gaming! It's your ticket to celebrate the games that make your thumbs cramp and your heart race.

Q: How is National Video Game Day different from National Video Games Day?

A: National Video Game Day, on July 8, is like your BFF's birthday, while National Video Games Day on September 12 is the party for everyone in the gaming community.

Q: Is National Video Game Day in July or September?

A: It's like having two parties for gaming – one on July 8 for National Video Game Day and another on September 12 for National Video Games Day.

Q: What activities can you do on National Video Games Day?

A: Roll out the controllers and grab some snacks! Host a gaming tournament, stream your favorite games, or have a throwback retro gaming night!

Q: When is National Video Game Day 2024?

A: Mark your calendar for July 8, 2024, to celebrate National Video Game Day with epic gaming sessions.

Q: Why is National Video Game Day celebrated on July 8?

A: Because every hero needs a day! July 8 is set aside to appreciate the virtual worlds and adventures we love – National Video Game Day.

Q: What national day is video game day?

A: Get ready, gamers! It's a double win with National Video Game Day on

Final Words

Alright, you've got the lowdown on celebrating National Video Games Day with style. Whip out those hashtags, fire up the gaming community with some cool Instagram posts, or take TikTok by storm with creative challenges. Don't forget to show some love to the devs who make it all possible. Now go out there, and make this gaming holiday one for the record books because National Video Games Day is your time to shine.