Ah, the high five—does anything else scream pure, unadulterated joy quite like that little slap of the hand? But you might wonder, what could possibly make raising your palm for some epic skin-on-skin action even better? How about an entire day dedicated to it? That's right, National High Five Day is a thing, and it's the slap-happy holiday you never knew you needed. Get ready to up your celebration game and dive into the quirky joy of high-fiving your way through today's most 'give me five' worthy moments!

Key Facts about National High Five Day

When is National High Five Day:
National High Five Day falls on the third Thursday of April every year. Mark your calendar, so you don't leave anyone hanging!

What is National High Five Day:
It's a day all about celebrating that sweet, slappy act of palm-on-palm action we call a high five. It's basically a holiday to recognize a universal gesture of joy and success!

Where is National High Five Day Celebrated:
While it's a hit in the USA where it started, anyone with a hand can join in from anywhere around the globe. No passport needed, just a hand and some enthusiasm.

Why is National High Five Day Celebrated:
Because who doesn't love a good high five? It's about spreading positive vibes and a sense of camaraderie. Plus, it's the perfect excuse to show some recognition and boost morale.

Fun Fact about National High Five Day:
Did you know National High Five Day was started by a group of students at the University of Virginia in 2002? It went from a college campus event to an international sensation faster than you can slap hands!

What to Post on Instagram on National High Five Day

You know what's coming up? National High Five Day—the day when everyone's slapping palms like we're all buddies in a 90s sitcom. So, how do you get your Instagram feed to be the high point of this joyous occasion? I'll spill some Insta-magic for you.

National High Five Day Social Media Campaigns

First things first, let's get the word out! Kick off your day with a bang by launching a campaign that celebrates everything about high fives:

  • Share a throwback photo of your best high-five moment and challenge your followers to do the same.
  • Design a creative story chain where each participant adds to a collective high-five narrative.
  • Highlight footages from iconic high five moments in pop culture with trivia in the captions.
  • Organize a virtual high-five relay to see how many "virtual" high fives you can collect in 24 hours.
  • Post a high-energy Boomerang video of different high-five styles – from the classic, to the down low, to the epic fail ones.

Viral High Five Challenges

And, because everyone loves a challenge, why not start one? Viral challenges are the peanut butter to Instagram's jelly:

  • Challenge your followers to create the most absurd high five with random objects.
  • Encourage a "High Five Your Pet" challenge—because why should humans have all the fun?
  • Unveil the "Blind-folded High Five" challenge and watch as hilarity ensues.
  • Propose a "High Five Hero" challenge to showcase someone making a difference in their community.
  • Spark up the "Silhouette High Five" challenge, where shadows do the talking... or slapping.

Don't forget to use the hashtag #NationalHighFiveDay so you can connect with others celebrating and expand your reach. Check out more inspiration and see what's already flying high at Instagram's National High Five Day tag.

So, grab your phone, raise your hand, and get ready to double-tap your way through National High Five Day. Let's turn that virtual world into a high five bonanza! 🖐

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What to Post on TikTok on National High Five Day

What to Post on TikTok on National High Five Day.png

Let's spice up TikTok for National High Five Day, folks! You're aiming for that smack sound to echo through the endless scroll. Virtual High Fives Galore: Kick things off with a virtual high five! Stretch that arm out towards the camera and urge your followers to slap right back. Get creative:

  • High Five Moment Sharing: Post a video of your all-time favorite high five. Maybe it's from a sports game, a movie, or one you shared with a friend. Add a cool story or some humor and tag it #HighFiveDay!
  • Engaging High Five Day Posts: Rally up your TikTok crew with some high five challenges. How many high fives can you rack up in 10 seconds? Can you high five with a flip? Tag a friend to pass it on!
  • High Five Chain Record Attempt: Let's set a virtual record! Tag your video with #HighFiveChain and high five off-screen. Encourage others to duet and extend the chain. Let’s see how long we can make this go!
  • Famous High Fives in History: Imitate an iconic high five and have your followers guess where it's from. Whether it's the Obama-Biden bro clasp or the Jeter-Rodriguez slap of victory, let's see your best reenactment! Grab your pals (virtually, of course) and let the high fives fly! Remember to hashtag all your videos with #HighFiveDay—you could be the wrist that starts the wave!

Hashtags to Use for National High Five Day

Hey there, ready to slap some palms and get your posts noticed? Hashtags are the secret high five waiting for you in the world of social media. These little pound-sign phrases can turbo-boost your visibility, especially on a fun day like National High Five Day. Now let's high-tail it to hashtag heaven with a list that’ll make your posts more viral than a kitten sneezing!

  • #NationalHighFiveDay
  • #HighFive
  • #GiveMeFive
  • #HighFiveChallenge
  • #SlapHands
  • #UpTop
  • #HighFiveForGoodVibes
  • #HighFiveDay2023
  • #SpreadPositivity
  • #HighFiveAFriend
  • #CelebratingHighFiveDay
  • #HighFiveHeroes
  • #RaiseYourHand
  • #JoyfulHighFive
  • #CorporateHighFive
  • #LocalBizHighFive
  • #VirtualHighFive
  • #HighFiveRecord
  • #FamousHighFives
  • #HighFiveHallOfFame

Remember to slap those hashtags onto your posts, stories, and reels. Happy tagging, and may your high fives be plenty and your likes even plentier! ✋🌟

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History, Origin and Fun Facts about National High Five Day

Are you ready to slap palms and get a little historical? Let's break it down.

The Origins of the High Five: Believe it or not, this staple of sports celebrations and everyday victories didn't always exist. According to some sources, the high five originated in the late 1970s. Did you know that it was supposedly first used in a professional setting by a baseball player? Yup, Dodgers outfielder Dusty Baker and his teammate Glenn Burke are credited with the first recorded high five during a game. Now, every third Thursday in April, we celebrate National High Five Day to keep the spirit of triumph—and palm-smacking—alive.

How National High Five Day Came to Be: You might wonder how a simple gesture can have its own day. Well, it all started as a fun idea by a group of University of Virginia students in 2002. They thought, "Hey, the world needs more positivity and celebration," and boom, National High Five Day was born. It's been gaining momentum ever since, and now it's practically a national treasure.

Celebrating Across the Globe: It's not just in the United States; high-fiving has spanned across the globe. People everywhere have embraced the spirit of this day—after all, high fiving is a universal language of joy. From classrooms to offices, and from seas to shining seas, we extend our hands skyward and connect on a level that transcends words.

But Why Celebrate High Fiving? Simple. It's because a high five is more than just a hand gesture; it's a symbol of companionship and success. It's a non-verbal exclamation of "Good job!" or "We did it!" So, on National High Five Day, we're reminded to spread positivity and support one another through this small, yet powerful, act of recognition.

Fun High Five Factoids: Did you know that there are urban legends about high fives too? Some say that a mysterious third person was involved in that first high five between Baker and Burke, hand hovering unseen. Or the legend that high fives can bring good luck—if you do it with your eyes closed! While these might just be playful stories, they only add to the fun of National High Five Day.

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Q: Is there a National High Five Day?

A: You bet there is! Start practicing your high fives; it happens every third Thursday in April. Get ready to slap some palms!

Q: Why do we celebrate High Five Day?

A: To spread joy and awesomeness, that's why! It's all about giving high-fives to celebrate victories, big or small. So lift those hands and start giving fives!

Q: What day is National Hug and High Five Day?

A: There's no combo holiday yet, but wouldn't that be great? For now, National Hug Day is January 21 and High Five Day is the third Thursday in April.

Q: Is today National High Day?

A: If by "high day" you mean wink wink 420 Day, then April 20 is your calendar highlight. Otherwise, check today's date to see what's being celebrated!

Q: When is National High Five Day in 2025?

A: Mark it down! In 2025, National High Five Day will fall on April 17. Get your hands ready for some action!

Q: When is International High Five Day in 2024?

A: Go global with your high fives on April 18, 2024. It's the day the whole world joins in the high-fiving fun!

Q: Can you share some celebratory quotes for National High Five Day

Final Words

You've just gotten the full scoop on throwing up those hands for National High Five Day. You dove into the why's, the how's, and the can-you-believe-it's of celebrating, sharing posts on Instagram and TikTok, and even the origin story of this palm-slapping day.

Remember, it's all about spreading that feel-good vibe and creating smiles all around. So go ahead, give it up with those high fives and watch as the positivity ripples out. Don't forget to share your best five-fingers salute using the hottest hashtags because today, you're not just reaching for hands, you're reaching out to hearts. You've got this—happy National High Five Day!