Ever wonder why your grandma's cookies are the blueprint for pure love or how grandpa's stories outshine any blockbuster? That's right, National Grandparents Day is no ordinary calendar filler—it's a tapestry of tales and secret recipes! Before you start scribbling those happy grandparents day wishes or marking down the grandparents day 2023 date, let's bundle up in the cozy quilt of what makes this day an unsung hero affair. This year, plunge into a celebration that transcends a mere 'thank you'—beginning with its roots and stretching out to the stars with the perfect posts, presents, and hashtags to immortalize your love for the O.G.s of your family tree!

Key Facts about National Grandparents Day

When is National Grandparents Day: National Grandparents Day falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day each year. So mark your calendars, because in 2023, this day of celebration is striking a pose on September 10th!

What is National Grandparents Day: Think of it like a super chill family reunion, but just for your grandparents. It's a day dedicated to celebrating and showing some love for the wisest, story-telling champs in your family tree.

Where is National Grandparents Day Celebrated: This love-fest for grandparents is a big deal in the United States, but guess what? It's also a thing in various countries around the world! Families everywhere are getting in on the hugging action.

Why is National Grandparents Day Celebrated: Because your grandparents are like your parents' parents, so basically, they're the OG's of parenting. It's a way to say a big, fat thank you for all the cookies and wisdom they've shared.

Fun Fact about National Grandparents Day: Did you know this day was founded by a rad lady named Marian McQuade? Yep, she was like the fairy godmother of Grandparents Day, and her mission was to champion the elderly and make sure their legacies live on! So thanks to her, you've got a day to spoil your grandma and grandpa silly.

Don't forget to check out grandparentsday.org for more ways to make your grandparents feel like the rockstars they are!

What to Post on Instagram on National Grandparents Day

When National Grandparents Day rolls around, you know it's your shot to show the world just how fabulous your grandparents are. But if you're hemming and hawing about what to post, stop right there. We've got your back, friend.

Inspiring Grandparents Day Quotes
Why not sprinkle some wisdom on your feed with quotes that scream 'Grandparents Are the Best'? Yeah, real tearjerkers that get everyone in the feels:

  • "Grandparents are the footsteps to future generations."
  • "The best babysitters are the grandparents: no rules, no fuss, just fun!"
  • "A grandparent’s love knows no bounds."

Get creative by adding these to a snazzy background or lay it over a photo of Grams and Gramps.

Creating Grandparents Day Cards
Nothing says "you're awesome" quite like a homemade card, filled to the brim with love. Snap a picture of your DIY masterpiece or whip up a digital card and share it with all your followers. Need some starter ideas for your card-making adventure?

  • Get artsy: paint, glitter, stickers – the works!
  • Throw in a personal touch with a story or memory.
  • Don’t forget to hashtag that work of art!

The link for inspiration: Grandparents Day on Instagram

Putting it all together, making your Instagram shine on National Grandparents Day is easy peasy. Just tap into those emotions, grab a bit of creativity, and spread the love online. Now go on and give your grandparents the viral recognition they deserve!

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What to Post on TikTok on National Grandparents Day

What to Post on TikTok on National Grandparents Day.png

Time to get creative and show some love because National Grandparents Day is around the corner! TikTok's the perfect spot to share those heartwarming moments with the world. Are you ready to get those views soaring and hearts melting? Here we go! Grandparents Day in Schools

  • Film your kiddos performing at their school event honoring grandparents.
  • Capture the heartwarming speeches or songs dedicated to grandmas and grandpas.
  • Got a school parade or a special craft session? That’s TikTok gold! Fun Activities for Grandparents Day
  • Plan a surprise dance with your grandparents and show off those moves!
  • Create a "Day in the Life" video featuring your grandparents' routines and hobbies.
  • Have a cooking show moment and prepare their iconic recipe together. DIY Present for Grandparent
  • Get crafty on camera by making a DIY gift for your gran; could be a scrapbook, a knitted scarf, or even a handmade piece of art.
  • Document the reaction of your grandparents opening their heartfelt, homemade presents. So go ahead, folks, grab your phone and start filming those touching tributes to grandma and grandpa. Share the love, make some memories, and maybe, just maybe, your TikTok will become a family treasure! Remember, tag your posts with #GrandparentsDay to join the global celebration! For more inspiration, check out the sweet moments already shared at TikTok's Grandparents Day tag. Ready, set, record!

Hashtags to Use for National Grandparents Day

Leverage the power of hashtags this National Grandparents Day to give your posts the extra scoop of visibility they deserve! Here's a list you can't miss:

  • #NationalGrandparentsDay
  • #GrandparentsDay2023
  • #LoveMyGrandparents
  • #GrandparentsLove
  • #GrandparentGoals
  • #HappyGrandparentsDay
  • #GrandchildGrandparentBond
  • #FamilyFirst
  • #GrandparentsRule
  • #NanaAndPapaLove
  • #GenerationsDeep
  • #LegacyBuilders
  • #GrandmaGrandpaTime
  • #SeniorSunshine
  • #GrandparentsWisdom
  • #ElderlyLove
  • #FamilyHeritage
  • #GrandparentsDayCelebration
  • #ThankYouGrandparents
  • #GrandparentsDayTribute
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History, Origin and Fun Facts about National Grandparents Day

Let's be real; National Grandparents Day is like the unsung hero of holidays, tucked away between barbecues and pumpkin spice lattes. But hey, it's about time we gave it some limelight, don't you think?

Where Did It All Begin? Imagine this: It’s the 1970s, and the disco era is in full swing. But amidst all that grooviness, Marian McQuade, a lovely lady from West Virginia, is campaigning for a day to honor grandparents. The point? To encourage families to set aside some time to visit their elderly relatives.

U.S. Grandparents Day — Official Stamp of Approval Fast forward a few years and bam! President Jimmy Carter makes it official in 1978. Since then, National Grandparents Day falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day. Mark it on your calendar, folks — it's here to stay.

Across the Globe We Go Okay, so it's not just an American gig. Countries worldwide are jumping on board to celebrate their own versions of Grandparents Day. It's like a global high-five for all the awesome grandpas and grandmas out there.

Why the Big Deal? Here's the scoop. This day isn't just about giving a shout-out to your grandparents; it's about recognizing the contributions of older folks in our society. They're like walking, talking treasure troves of history and wisdom.

Did You Know? Fun fact time — did you realize that there's also an official flower for this day? It's the forget-me-not. How adorable is that? It's like nature's little reminder to remember the stories and love our grandparents share with us.

So get ready to celebrate National Grandparents Day! Whether it's honoring their history, paying homage to the greats, or understanding the cultural significance — this day is the perfect chance to show the older generation some well-deserved love.

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Q: When is International Grandparents Day in 2024?

A: Mark your calendar—International Grandparents Day will fall on September 8, 2024. Don't miss the chance to tell your grandparents, "You're the grandest!"

Q: What are some National Grandparents Day activities?

A: Get creative—try these:

  • Craft a family tree together.
  • Share stories over a homemade meal.
  • A photo session captioned "Happiness is having grandkids to spoil."

Q: Is there an official Grandparents Day?

A: Absolutely—In the United States, Grandparents Day is official and is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day each year. Pop those confetti cannons!

Q: Is Grandparents Day the same every year?

A: Nope—it varies! In the U.S., it's on the first Sunday after Labor Day. That means the date changes yearly, just like your favorite pop song on the charts.

Q: Why is Grandparents' Day celebrated?

A: It's all about the love—we celebrate Grandparents' Day to honor and express gratitude to our family's wise owls. It's like saying, "Thanks for the extra cookies, Grandma!"

Q: Is today World Grandparents Day?

A: Hmm, not today—World Grandparents Day is often celebrated on the second Sunday in September. But hey, every day can be Grandparents Day if you want it to be!


Final Words

Alright, you've just got the scoop on how to make National Grandparents Day extra special, be it through heartfelt quotes on Instagram, some A+ arts and crafts, fun TikTok vids, or even just finding the perfect hashtag to share the love. Remember, it's all about showing appreciation for the ones who spoil us rotten. So go ahead, get creative and spread some joy!

Make this National Grandparents Day one to remember!