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Ever found yourself craving a juicy burger and thinking, "When's my cheat day again?" Well, saddle up, buttercup, because on National Fast Food Day, the whole country's got a free pass! This day isn't just another commercialized holiday—it's a grease-stained, fry-scented festival for your taste buds. But why celebrate solo? Dive into this juicy article and we'll spill the beans on the best fast food discounts in 2023, from BOGO dragons to giveaway galas that'll have you licking your fingers in joy. Ready to conquer National Fast Food Day like a pro? Follow our treasure map to the greatest fast food promotions and be the hero your Instagram and TikTok followers didn't know they needed. Let's get saucy!

Key Facts about National Fast Food Day

When is National Fast Food Day:
National Fast Food Day gobbles up the spotlight every November 16th. Mark your calendars!

What is National Fast Food Day:
It's a day to celebrate quick, tasty treats that make your taste buds dance.

Where is National Fast Food Day Celebrated:
All across the USA, folks revel in the glory of drive-thrus and counter-service feasts.

Why is National Fast Food Day Celebrated:
To honor the speedy bites that keep us fueled on the go — and because, well, cheeseburgers.

Fun Fact about National Fast Food Day:
Did you know? Some places offer epic deals, like BOGOs or free fries to celebrate. Score!

What to Post on Instagram on National Fast Food Day

Let's taco 'bout National Fast Food Day and spice up our Instagram feeds! It's the ultimate day to celebrate those guilty pleasures that we just can't live without: burgers, fries, shakes, and everything nice.

Content Ideas for Foodies and Food Bloggers:

  • Snap that! Post a deliciously staged photo of your favorite fast food meal. It's all about the aesthetics!
  • Got a secret menu hack? Share your genius combo or secret sauce mix and watch your followers' minds get blown!
  • Throw it back with a vintage fast food ad. Your fans will love the nostalgia trip!
  • Time to go live! Do a real-time taste test of the latest fast food craze. Get those taste buds tingling!
  • Stories galore! Run a quick poll asking your followers what their fast food weaknesses are. Time to see if team burger beats team pizza!

Content Ideas for Brands and Businesses:

  • Announce your hot National Fast Food Day deals. Because who doesn't love a juicy discount?
  • Introduce a special one-day only menu item. Go ahead, make them drool over that double-stacked tower of deliciousness.
  • Behind the scenes! Share what happens in the kitchen during this fast-paced foodie festival.
  • UGC for the win: Feature customers enjoying your offerings. Real smiles, real food = recipe for Insta success.
  • Partner up with local influencers for a Campaign Collab. The more the merrier and the wider the reach!

As National Fast Food Day wraps up, remember it's about having fun and connecting with your food-adoring community. Let your creativity run as wild as those off-the-menu orders. Bon appétit, Instagrammers! 🍔📸

What to Post on TikTok on National Fast Food Day

What to Post on TikTok on National Fast Food Day.png

Hey, TikTok foodies! Get your cameras ready because National Fast Food Day is here and it's time to show off your love for quick eats in the most creative ways possible! Gather those french fries and get your burgers in frame – you don’t want to miss out on this fun-filled foodie festivity. Tasty Challenges and Reviews

  • Share your review of the best (and worst) fast food items you've tried.
  • Taste-test new menu items from your favorite fast food chains since they often roll out new things to coincide with National Fast Food Day.
  • Create a #FastFoodChallenge, daring followers to eat a specific item from multiple chains and rank them. Sizzling Skits and Deals
  • Partner up with local fast food restaurants to showcase their BOGO offers and special National Fast Food Day deals. Give your followers the inside scoop!
  • Embrace the hilarious side by staging comedic skits inside or in the drive-thru of popular fast food locations.
  • Use trending audio clips to create lip-sync videos that tie in with fast food chain celebrations – maybe a fry dropping to a sad song when the last one is eaten. As the day comes to a close, remember to highlight your top fast food moments and encourage followers to share their own. After all, National Fast Food Day only comes once a year – make it count, and let those lip-smackingly good moments roll right into TikTok infamy!

Hashtags to Use for National Fast Food Day

Alright, you social savvy foodies! Ready to churn up some social media magic for National Fast Food Day? Look, hashtags are like the secret sauce to visibility, and on this day, they are your golden ticket to showing up in all the yummiest of feeds. So without further ado, here are the hot and crispy hashtags to sprinkle over your content:

  • #NationalFastFoodDay
  • #FastFoodFrenzy
  • #BurgerBonanza
  • #FryDayEveryday
  • #PizzaParty
  • #DriveThruRun
  • #ChickenSandwichChowdown
  • #TacoTuesday (Yes, even if it's not Tuesday)
  • #FastFoodGiveaway
  • #EatFastLoveFood
  • #NationalPizzaOfferDay
  • #ShakeSippin
  • #DollarMenuDreams
  • #SnackAttack
  • #FastFoodNation
  • #QuickBiteQuest
  • #GreasySpoonGoals
  • #HappyMealHappiness
  • #CurbsideCravings
  • #FrenchFryFiends

Hit that post button with one (or a bunch) of these hashtags and watch your likes, shares, and maybe even your cravings, just start to skyrocket. Keep it real, keep it fun, and most importantly, keep it tasty, my friends! 🍔🍟🍕

History, Origin and Fun Facts about National Fast Food Day

When was National Fast Food Day established? National Fast Food Day was not concocted by the founding fathers, nor does it have deep historical roots. This fun-filled day was established recently to celebrate the joy that is quick, greasy, deliciously indulgent fast food. Culinary historians argue about the specific origins, but it's clear that it started becoming popular in the 21st century.

Who started National Fast Food Day? It's a bit murky on who the mastermind behind National Fast Food Day is. Unlike other holidays with a clear creator, this day seems to have bubbled up from the deep-fryer of collective consciousness. What's clear is that someone, somewhere decided there wasn't enough celebration of our drive-thru delights and took matters into their own hands.

Where is National Fast Food Day celebrated? You can bet your bottom dollar that this day is predominantly an American thing. Yet, you won't find it marked on an old-school calendar. It's more of a modern, social media-spurred phenomenon, where fast food lovers across the United States tip their hats - and raise their burgers - in honor of this day.

Why do we celebrate National Fast Food Day? Why? Because sometimes, you just need a day to say "Yes" to convenience and "See ya" to your kitchen. National Fast Food Day is an excuse to indulge in your favorite quick-service restaurant menu items without the side of guilt. It's a day when calories don't count and french fries are more than just a side dish.

Fun Fact about National Fast Food Day: Did you know fast food can be more than just burgers and fries? Yep, on National Fast Food Day, people have been spotted honoring all sorts of quick eats – from tacos to milkshakes, and even salads (for those who like to keep it green). Go ahead, have some fun, and maybe even find a new fast food love this National Fast Food Day!


Q: What are some deals for National Fast Food Day?

A: Keep your eyes peeled for discounts and freebies from your favorite burger joints to fried chicken spots on National Fast Food Day!

Q: Does Del Taco have specials for National Fast Food Day?

A: Yes! Del Taco often celebrates with deals like free tacos or special menu pricing, so don't miss out!

Q: What does McDonald's do for National Fast Food Day?

A: McDonald's might hook you up with BOGO deals or special app offers. Check their promos when National Fast Food Day rolls around!

Q: When is National Fast Food Day in 2024?

A: Mark your calendar! National Fast Food Day rolls around each year on November 16, so get ready to feast in 2024!

Q: Are there any National Fast Food Day specials at White Castle?

A: For sure! White Castle might slide some discounts your way with coupon deals on sliders and more.

Q: Where can I find National Fast Food Day images?

A: Looking to share the love? Find mouth-watering National Fast Food Day images on stock photo sites or social media hashtags.

Q: What National Fast Food Day is it?

A: November 16th is the day! Get ready to celebrate all things fast food on National Fast Food Day.

Q: Is November 16th National Fast Food Day?

A: You got it! November 16th is the day we

Final Words

So there you have it, folks. From the juicy perks of fast food promotions in 2023 to figuring out the perfect hashtag to corner the market on this greasy, glorious day. We've skimmed through the best discounts, the most lip-smacking social media tactics, and even took a greasy slide down memory lane to uncover the origins of National Fast Food Day.

It's clear that there's more to this day than just indulging in your favorite crispy fries or towering burgers. It's about the community, the buzz, and yes, those delightful BOGO offers that make it all the more tempting to double down on the feast. As you gear up to celebrate National Fast Food Day, remember to savor the taste, the excitement, and the delicious deals that come once a year. Go on, dive in!