Ever wondered if there's a day to celebrate those almost-siblings we call cousins? Well, buckle up, because National Cousins Day is swooping in on July 24th, and it's the family reunion you didn't know you needed! Imagine a whole day dedicated to the partners in crime of your family tree, and it's packed with all the fun of a big family barbecue minus the bug bites. As you gear up for this underrated celebration, let's break down what makes National Cousins Day the secret ingredient to strengthening those family bonds. From the outright wild to the sweetly nostalgic, we've got the 2023 guide to making this National Cousins Day the most memorable day for the crew you've laughed with, cried with, and possibly even gotten grounded with. Hold onto your family photo albums; it's time to dive into the heart of this special day!

Key Facts about National Cousins Day

When is National Cousins Day: National Cousins Day is celebrated every year on July 24th, so mark your calendars!

What is National Cousins Day: It’s a day to honor the relationships we have with our cousins and recognize the unique bond that only cousins share.

Where is National Cousins Day Celebrated: People across the United States and anywhere else where family bonds are cherished take part in this special day!

Why is National Cousins Day Celebrated: We celebrate National Cousins Day because cousins can be our first friends, our partners in crime, and precious links to our family history.

Fun Fact about National Cousins Day: Some of your fave celebs might be secretly related – talk about a fun family tree to climb!

What to Post on Instagram on National Cousins Day

So, July 24th is rolling around the corner and you're thinking, "What on Earth should I be posting on Instagram for National Cousins Day?" Well, lucky for you, I'm here to sprinkle some creative magic on your Insta feed for this amazing day that celebrates our built-in besties since day one.

Cousin Appreciation Post:

  • Start your day with a heartfelt shoutout! Make a post celebrating your cousin—a picture of you two or an old family photo with a sweet caption will tug at heartstrings.
  • Pro-tip: Throw in a few "remember when" stories to remind everyone just how special your bond is.

Pictures With Cousins:

  • Snap some new pics together or dig up the best throwbacks of your shared shenanigans.
  • Bonus points if you share a pic where you both are wearing horrendous matching outfits from back in the day.

Create Cousins Day Meme:

  • Get creative and whip up a hilarious meme about cousins. Inside jokes, anyone?
  • Keep it relatable so others will want to share it too!

Shareable Cousins Day Images:

  • Pop some fun images or graphics that celebrate cousins on your stories—everyone loves an image that speaks a thousand words.
  • Check out kidsactivitiesblog.com for some adorable, shareable content.

Finally, turn this day into an insta-fiesta of family love. Make your posts fun, personal, and full of that cousin-love goodness. You’re not just sharing posts; you're documenting the legacy of your family's unique bond. So go ahead, spread the cousin love; your followers will eat it up! 🎉

What to Post on TikTok on National Cousins Day

What to Post on TikTok on National Cousins Day.png

Hey there, are you ready to make this National Cousins Day one for the TikTok history books? Let's create something that’ll make your cousins feel like the rockstars they are! Cousins Day Videos Highlight

  • Share a throwback video with your cousins, the more nostalgic, the better.
  • A TikTok dance challenge but make it a family affair, featuring all your cousins.
  • Film a “day in the life” with your cousins, showing off what makes your bond unique. Animated Giggles and Celebrations
  • Create a heartwarming animated gif shoutout to your cousins.
  • Capture the essence of Cousin’s Day with funny, relatable cousin-themed gifs.
  • A TikTok skit about typical cousins’ antics and inside jokes is sure to get some laughs. Remember, National Cousins Day is about celebrating those first friends you ever had - your cousins. So grab your phone, gather your squad, and start creating TikTok memories that'll last a lifetime!

Hashtags to Use for National Cousins Day

Hey, social savvy folks! Ready to give your National Cousins Day posts some extra love? Let’s make sure they get all the digital hugs they deserve with the right hashtags. Just a sprinkle of these tags can boost your visibility like you wouldn't believe. Here's the magic list:

  • #NationalCousinsDay
  • #CousinsDay2023
  • #CousinsLove
  • #FamilyFirst
  • #CousinBonding
  • #CousinGang
  • #CousinsForLife
  • #CousinsDayFun
  • #MyCrazyCousins
  • #CousinsWorldwide
  • #CousinsDayParty
  • #CousinsDayOut
  • #CousinMemories
  • #CousinsForever
  • #CousinsDayCelebration
  • #CousinCrew
  • #BestCousinsEver
  • #ThrowbackCousinsDay
  • #CousinsDayVibes
  • #CousinsUnite

There you have it, your go-to tags for all those adorable, wacky, and memorable cousin-centric posts. Now, go set Instagram and TikTok on fire with your family pride!

History, Origin and Fun Facts about National Cousins Day

The Beginnings of National Cousins Day: Ever wondered how National Cousins Day came to be? It's a bit of a mystery! Unlike holidays with clear-cut origin stories, National Cousins Day snuck onto the calendar without a trademark epic tale. While the actual founder remains unknown, we do know this day has been warming hearts by celebrating those almost-siblings we all cherish.

National Cousins Day Unraveled: There isn't a single explanation for how National Cousins Day started, but it's safe to say it sprang from the desire to honor the familial bonds that sometimes get overlooked. It's like somebody woke up one day and decided, "Hey, cousins need some love too!"

Not Just a US Thing: You might be sipping your soda and wondering if National Cousins Day is a US-only celebration... guess what, it's not! This day of cousinly love has made waves internationally. People around the globe are recognizing their second, third, once-removed, and what-have-you cousins.

Why Cousins Deserve a Shoutout: Cousins are like those bonus levels in video games – totally unexpected but oh-so-delightful. They're the pals at family reunions and the partners in crime during holiday dinners. National Cousins Day serves up the perfect reminder to send a text or give a call to those nearly-siblings of ours.

Cousins Day Knowledge Bombs: Did you know National Cousins Day falls on July 24th every year? And fun fact, it's not an officially recognized national holiday, but let's be honest, it's the thought that counts. So this year, when July 24th rolls around, get ready to flood your favorite cousin's inbox with love!

For more cousin-themed shenanigans and tidbits, check your way to https://hindustantimes.com or https://kidsactivitiesblog.com - because who doesn't want to be the cousin who comes to the reunion armed with facts and trivia?

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Q: When is Cousins Day 2024?

A: Dive into your calendars—Cousins Day 2024 lands on Thursday, July 24th! Time to start planning that family reunion.

Q: What are some National cousins day quotes?

A: Here are some heartwarming quotes to share with your cousins:

  • "Cousins by blood, friends by choice."
  • "Cousins are the perfect blend of family and friends."
  • "Our roots say we're cousins. Our hearts say we’re friends."

Q: Is there a national cousin day?

A: Yep! National Cousins Day is a real thing and it's the perfect excuse to hug it out with your cousin. It's celebrated every July 24th.

Q: Who started cousin Day?

A: The origins are a bit murky, but it's thought that Cousins Day was created to honor the special bond cousins share. Who needs a reason anyway? Just celebrate!

Q: Is July 24th a special day?

A: Absolutely! July 24th shines because it's National Cousins Day. But hey, it's also a day to enjoy just because it's summer and there's fun to be had.

Q: What is national cousin?

A: National Cousin is another name for National Cousins Day—a day dedicated to the connections and memories we share with our cousins.

Q: What other special days are celebrated in July and when?

A: Here's

Final Words

So, you just breezed through everything you need to know about National Cousins Day—celebrating the bonds, the gram-worthy posts, rocking TikTok, and even mastering those trending tags. You're pretty much an expert now!

And remember, National Cousins Day isn't just any day—it's your chance to highlight those familial friendships that often don't get the limelight. Make sure July 24th shines for you and your cousins! With a little creativity and these killer tips, you're all set to make a splash on social media. Go out there and make National Cousins Day 2023 unforgettable!