Listen up, future rulers of the school! I know you've heard the rumors – junior year is just a pre-game for senioritis, right? WRONG. Listen, as you navigate the wild terrain of 11th grade, every laugh shared in the hallway, every eye-roll during that pop quiz, and every sunset sighed over after practice are moments begging to be captioned. Why? Because your junior year of high high school isn't just another lap around the sun; it's the stuff legendary Instagram feeds are made of. From the inspiring quotes that get you out of bed to the cheeky quips that make your followers double-tap, we’ve rounded up the ultimate list of junior year captions that’ll make your memories pop. So, if you're ready to make your social media mark, stick around – these captions are practically guaranteed to spark joy, provoke a little envy, and maybe, just maybe, go down in the annals of your high school's history.

Best Junior Year Captions for Instagram

Junior year is that middle child of high school—sometimes overshadowed but brimming with changes, challenges, and, yeah, even a bit of that awkward growth spurt magic. It's those Friday night lights, the cram sessions, and moments where you start to see the finish line. You're not a newbie anymore, and senior year is just around the horizon. Your Instagram is begging for captions that shout out this wild, wonderful ride. So, here's to the year that's ready for its close-up – and your Insta’s about to get all the good angles.

  • Stepping into junior year like a boss 🚶♂️💼
  • Textbooks and tailgates, welcome to the junior grind 📚🏈
  • Just halfway things, junior year style 🌟⏳
  • Plot twist: I'm loving junior year 🌀💖
  • Three down, one to go! 🤞🏼🎓
  • Chapters and chatter, junior year matters 📖🗣️
  • Too cool for sophomore school, bring it on junior year 🕶️🤙
  • Sleepless nights and study lights, #JuniorYear 🌙💡
  • Riding the roller coaster called Junior Year 🎢🎉
  • Junior year: slaying, not straying 🗡️🛤️
  • Books and buddies, junior year’s not so cruddy 📚👯♂️
  • Savoring these junior year flavors 🍧👅
  • On the brink of greatness, junior year awaits us 🌅💪
  • Hitting the books with a side of looks, junior year hustle 📚👀
  • The middle wonder, where we wander and ponder 🌄🤔
  • Juniors by rank, first-class in pranks 🎖️😜
  • In between the freshman fear and senior cheer, we're here 🤹♂️🎊
  • Plotting our dreams in the junior stream 🗺️🌠
  • What’s a senior year without a junior tear? 😢🎉
  • Climbing higher, junior's fire can’t retire 🔥🧗♂️

Junior year is a mixtape of highs and lows, but it's your soundtrack that'll play on repeat.

Fun Fact: Did you know junior year is often considered the most important year for college applications? Start shining, juniors!

Short Junior Year Captions for Instagram

Navigating the high school journey is like getting a front-row seat on the rollercoaster of youth. It's year three, and the thrill is real. Every blurry photo, laugh with friends, and late-night study session — they all tell a story of your 11th-grade milestone moments. These snaps are worth a thousand words, but sometimes, you just need a few. Here's a gold mine of snappy captions to pair with your most double-tap-worthy shots.

  • Stepping up the game, one class at a time 📚✨
  • Chapter 11 of 12 and absolutely thriving 🌟📖
  • Just a junior making memories 🤘🏽📸
  • Slaying the high school journey #JuniorStrong 💪🏼🎒
  • In the middle, but at the top of my game 🏆🔝
  • Crushing goals, junior-year style 👊🏼🎯
  • Paving my way through 11th grade 🛣️🚀
  • Living that junior life full throttle 🚗💨
  • Elevating every day #ClassOfNextYear 🚀🎈
  • Halfway there and not looking back 🌉👀
  • Dreams in progress... do not disturb 🌙🚧
  • Third-year vibe checks only ✌🏾😌
  • Riding the wave of junior year 🌊🏄
  • Keeping it 100 in grade 11 💯🔥
  • 11th grade, bold and brave 🦁🛡️
  • Junior Jungle: Navigating the wild 🌴👜
  • Ready, set, glow junior year 🎇🌟
  • Making this chapter count 📚✔️
  • Distilled junior year essence 💧⚗️
  • Mastering the art of being junior 🖼🎨

Like a fine wine, your junior year moments improve with time. Remember to sip slowly and savor each one.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the word "junior" originally comes from Latin, meaning "younger"? Your junior year signifies blossoming into that role, before taking the senior throne! 🌱👑

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One Word Junior Year Captions for Instagram

One Word Junior Year Captions for Instagram.png

Junior year, am I right? It's that middle child of high school where you're not a newbie but still a year away from being the top dog. But hey, it's your third year high school experience and it’s brimming with moments begging to be labeled with the cleverest of sayings. So let's cut the chit-chat and dive into some snappy captions that'll make your posts pop harder than bubble wrap at a boredom convention! Strap in, ‘cause these one-word wonders are going to level up your Instagram game. 🚀

  • Thriving 🌱✨
  • Hustling 🏃♂️💨
  • Growing 🎋📈
  • Dreaming 💭✨
  • Slaying 🗡👑
  • Focused 🔍🎯
  • Winning 🏅🏆
  • Laughing 😂🤣
  • Studying 📚🔍
  • Nailing 🛠🎉
  • Shining ✨🌟
  • Celebrating 🎊🎉
  • Sweating 💦🏋️
  • Creating 🖌🎨
  • Believing 💫🙏
  • Blooming 🌸💮
  • Excelling 🚀🔝
  • Grinding 🤓✍️
  • Adventuring 🏞🧭
  • Remembering 📸💭 Your junior year is more than just a chapter in your high school journey; it's a montage of moments worth a thousand words, summed up in one. Cherish it. 🏫❤️ Fun Fact: Did you know the term "Junior" originated in 1635–45 from the Latin word "juvenior" meaning younger?

Funny Junior Year Captions for Instagram

Junior year is like the Wednesday of high school—too far from the start to be fresh, too far from the end to see the finish line. But hey, at least we're over the hump! It's a year filled with caffeine-fueled study sessions, chaotic group projects, and the never-ending quest for a good Wi-Fi signal. You're in the thick of it now, so why not laugh it off with some humorous school year sayings and relatable teen life quotes on your Insta feed? Snap those candid moments and slap on a caption that'll make your followers chuckle!

Here are 20 captions to keep your Instagram game humorous and light:

  • Just realized my GPA is higher than my will to go to school 📚😬
  • "Studying" = Student + Dying, don't @ me 🤓💀
  • Calculus: where my dreams go to die 📉☠️
  • Procrastination level: almost as high as my caffeine intake ☕🚀
  • Who needs a social life when you have, um, textbooks? 📖🚫
  • Late night cramming or just early morning studying with extra steps? 🌃📝
  • Trying to find where I asked for this much homework 🔍❓
  • Is it acceptable to put "survived junior year" on my resume? 🏅📄
  • Slaying these essays so I don't have to slay dragons later 🐉✍️
  • The 'j' in junior year stands for 'just barely hanging on' 😅🙃
  • Yearbook quote: "Please let me graduate before the robots take over." 🤖🎓
  • Emotional state: somewhere between LOL and SOS 🤣🆘
  • Entered junior year as a bright student—now I just glow from my laptop screen 💡💻
  • If sleep is for the weak, then I am Hercules 💪😪
  • I put the 'pro' in procrastinate, and the 'study' in 'student lying on the floor questioning life choices' 🏆🤷
  • Started from freshman now we're... slightly above freshman 🎓✨
  • Current mood: powered by ramen and determination 🍜⚡
  • I’m not arguing, I'm simply explaining why I'm right about being done with homework 🗣️🚫
  • Just realized that junior year is a team sport, and I'm the benchwarmer 🏈🤦
  • Plot twist: the 'junior' in junior year refers to the size of my motivation 🔄👶

And remember, no matter how tough school gets, your captions are winning the yearbook quote game!

Fun Fact: Did you know some high schools actually let students choose math-inspired senior quotes? Hello, "π on Earth, goodwill to men."

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Aesthetic Junior Year Captions for Instagram

You know that feeling when you open your Instagram, and the first thing you see is a perfect post? Well, it's junior year, baby, and your feed is about to get lit. We're talking about preserving those high school adventures and shouting out to the class of [Add Year]. Don't just slap any old words under your pics – make them pop with these made-for-the-'gram captions that are as aesthetic as your artsy friend's latest post.

  • Stepping into junior year like it's my runway 🚶♂️✨
  • Chapters and chatter, that's the junior year pattern 📚💬
  • New year, same squad, higher goals 🎓👯
  • Less Monday, more summer vibes in junior year ☀️🌊
  • Class of [Add Year], we're the scene stealers 🎬🎉
  • High school adventures: more than just a chapter, it's a whole vibe 🌟🌿
  • Just a junior with a senior state of mind 🧠🎓
  • Exploring the pages of our story one day at a time 🗺️📖
  • Junior year: where every selfie is a story 🤳📚
  • Grinding now so we can shine later 🎵🏅
  • Here’s to the nights that turn into mornings with the friends that turn into family 🌙👫
  • Class of [Add Year], slaying and playing all year long ⚔️🕹️
  • Aesthetic: being a junior with senioritis 🎨🤪
  • Life's too short to wear boring clothes, especially in junior year 👗👔
  • Sipping on ambition and passion this junior year ☕🔥
  • Plot twist: junior year is my best year yet 🔄💫
  • Woke up like this: ready to conquer 11th grade 🛌👊
  • Adventure awaits, junior year edition 🏞️🎒
  • Keep your heels, head, and standards high... and your junior year epic 👠📈
  • Dream big, work hard, stay focused, and surround yourself with good people during junior year 🌈👥

Sometimes, the perfect caption is all it takes to encapsulate a moment in time. With this list, your junior year aesthetic is about to be on point, preserving every memory in the perfect square of Instagram.

Fun Fact: Did you know the average person will spend nearly five years of their lifetime on social media? Imagine the captions that'll come out of that!

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Clever Junior Year Captions for Instagram

Clever Junior Year Captions for Instagram.png

Junior year is that middle child of high school—you're not the newbie freshman or the 'so-over-it' senior. But hey, being in the middle means you get the best of both worlds, right? You're old enough to drive and yet young enough to appreciate it when mom and dad still make your breakfast. It's that golden year where you're starting to figure out the plot of the wild story that is high school. Ready to make those varsity teams proud and put a dent in those academic goals? Capture the spirit with these captions that are as clever as you! Junior year—when you realize your high school journey is halfway done and 100% unforgettable 🎓📚 Varsity vibes and stadium lights, junior year is playing right 🏈🏆 Hit the books, they don't hit back—junior year grind mode ⚙️✍️ Juggling academics and athletics like a true Junior year MVP 📖🏀 Sprinting towards success, one track meet, and one test at a time 🏃♂️📝 Stepping up the game, junior year is no time for fame, just hard work and aim 🎲🥅 Blood, sweat, and cheers—here's to the junior year 🩸💦📣 Just a varsity athlete makin' memories in my junior year jersey 🏐🤍 Elevating my dreams in eleventh grade, the sky's the limit ☁️🚀 "Junior" is just a title, but "Varsity" is an achievement 🎽🏅 Academic ventures and adventure galore, junior year, give me more 🏞️📘 Third-year thrills and skills on display, let's crush it in every way 🎨🏗️ Page by page, chapter by chapter, crafting my junior year story 📖🖋️ Halfway through high school, fully in it to win it 🍎🏆 From surprising quizzes to Friday night lights, junior year's all kind of rights 📝🔦 Junior year symphony: where notes are grades and friends are the melody 🎼❤️ Sleep less, dream more—junior year is an open door 🚪💤 These are the days we'll never trade, from the bleachers to the parade 🎉🎊 A year full of goals, gains, and, oh yeah, those growing pains 📈🤕 Academic accolades, athletic feats—the essence of my junior year tweets 🏆💭 Let's face it, this is the year we've been waiting for—varsity jacket on and a head full of knowledge, a heart ready for more. The lessons we've learned go beyond the classroom; they're the kind that prepares us for all of life's blooms. Fun Fact: Did you know most high school mascots are chosen based on the historical significance or the community spirit of the school's locale? Go, local pride!

Motivational Junior Year Captions for Instagram

Junior year's tough, and we know it. It's the time when the pressure's on, the workload's piling up, and 'junioritis' is a real thing. But hey, you're not backing down, are you? Nope, you're stepping up, diving headfirst into the challenges, and nailing every exam thrown your way. Because you're a superstar in the making. So, when you're out there winning, let your Insta fam know you're conquering junior year with these motivational captions. Go get 'em, tiger! 🐯🎓

  • Stepping up my game one exam at a time 📚✨
  • Overcoming junioritis with determination and coffee ☕️💪
  • Chapters of success, written in highlighter 🖊️📖
  • Woke up feeling like a junior year warrior today 💡🛡️
  • Game on, exams – I'm ready for you 🏅📈
  • Making junior year my year of triumph 🌟🎉
  • Junioritis? Never heard of it when I'm acing it all 💯🚫
  • Slaying goals and taking names – that's my junior agenda 🗒️👊
  • Crushed another exam – who's counting? 🎯🔢
  • Junior year exams? Just another peak to summit 🏔️🚀
  • Hustling through chapters like there's no tomorrow 🏃♂️📚
  • Biting the bullet, ace after ace 🤓📝
  • From study nights to bright lights – junior year, let's go!🌃✨
  • Tackling tests with the heart of a lion 🦁❤️
  • Dreams don't work unless you do – crushing junior year 💭💼
  • Halfway through high school and just getting started 🏁👟
  • Junior year's tough but so am I – bring it on! 🌪️💪
  • Who says you can't enjoy the climb? Loving this challenge 🧗♀️😍
  • Rising to the occasions one junior challenge at a time 🎈🗻
  • More than just book smart – it's junior year grit 💡🦾

When junior year brings the storm, your Instagram captions shine the light.

Fun Fact: Did you know 'junioritis' isn't an official medical condition but a witty play on 'senioritis,' used to describe a drop in motivation? Keep thriving and make your junior year unforgettable!

Reflective Junior Year Captions for Instagram

Junior year, oh what a ride! It's the year when you realize that you're no longer a newbie in high school, but not quite a senior either. It's like being in the middle of a great book – halfway through the story, invested in every character, with no clue how it will end. It's a time of growth, change, and lessons that will stick with you forever. Let's get a little deep and a touch sentimental with captions that mirror your inner musings. Ready to get reflective? Here are some captions to pair with your #ThrowbackThursday posts or those thoughtful selfies.

  • Growth is painful, change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong 🌱💫
  • Halfway there but still so much to learn 📚✨
  • Pages of life turn, junior year chapters define who we are 📖💡
  • Not just surviving junior year, but thriving in it 🌿🚀
  • Every late night study session was a step towards my growth 🌙📈
  • Embracing the bittersweet journey that is junior year 🍂🛤
  • Leveled up from sophomore, junior year is the new game 🎮👾
  • Plot twist: junior year was nothing I expected but everything I needed 🌀💭
  • More than just a year, it's the year I found parts of me I never knew existed 🧩♥️
  • Balancing books and dreams in the hustle of junior year 🏃♂️📚
  • Walked into junior year timid, stepping out bold and brave 🦁🔥
  • Dreams in my pocket and determination in my heart, junior year is just the start 🚀❤️
  • Savoring each moment, for junior year is fleeting yet formative 🕰💡
  • Overcoming challenges with every passing semester of junior year ⛰🎓
  • Elevating my thoughts, junior year taught me it's all in the mindset 🏹🧠
  • A mix of stress and success - the essence of junior year 🎢🏅
  • If junior year was a book, I'm the protagonist in a plot of growth 📖🌼
  • Embracing the chaos and clarity that junior year brings 🌪🔍
  • Junior year: the chapter where everything started to click into place 🧩🗝
  • Fearlessly facing the future, inspired by the lessons of junior year 🚀✨

Junior year, you're a beast, but your lessons are gold.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the term "junior" has been used to describe a third-year student since the 1660s? It's like, historic!

Celebratory Junior Year Captions for Instagram

Celebratory Junior Year Captions for Instagram.png

Junior year is a cause for celebration—another lap around the academic track and closer to the finish line! 🏁 You've hit milestones, made lasting friendships, and experienced moments that have shaped your high school journey. Here's to capturing these triumphs with the perfect Instagram captions. Let's sprinkle your feed with the essence of your third year high school rave with these celebratory snippets. 🥳

  • Hitting junior year like a boss 🎓😎
  • Halfway to the cap and gown glory 🌟👩🎓
  • Running this junior year game 🏃♯️🏅
  • Celebrating every tiny victory 🎉✨
  • Bonding over textbooks and inside jokes 📚💕
  • Test aced, semester slayed 📈🔥
  • Chapters of adventure, pages of fun 🌆🎡
  • Learning, growing, and crushing it 🌱💪
  • Moments like these are pretty class(ical) 🏛️💐
  • Third year, best year, no contest 🥇👌
  • Cheers to the memories we've crafted 🍻😁
  • Mastering the junior year balancing act 🎭⚖️
  • Another milestone down, more to go 📍✅
  • Savoring every second of this school spirit 🕰️📣
  • Junior year, where the legends are made 🏰👑
  • Slaying goals, one assignment at a time ✍️🎯
  • Together, we conquer junior peaks 🧗♀️🏔️
  • Heart full, smile wide, junior year ride 🚗😊
  • Stitching a tapestry of junior year moments 🪡🖼️
  • From kickoff to now: junior year's gotten real 🏈🙌 Junior year's not just a line on your resume, it's a chapter in your story! 📘💖 Fun Fact: Did you know the term "junior" originates from the Latin word "juvenis" meaning young? Your junior year is your time to shine bright and stay young at heart! 🌟👶

Nostalgic Junior Year Captions for Instagram

You've hit the rewind button, and suddenly you're flooded with flashbacks from the whirlwind of your junior year. It's a mixtape of highs and lows, each memory captured in panoramic detail in your mind's theater. Let's toss a nostalgia filter on those snapshots and share them with the world. Here are captions smacked with a heavy dose of "Remember when...?" that will hit you right in the feels. 🎒🍂

  • Halftime in high school, savoring every second 🏈🎓
  • Junior year - the chapter where everything got real 📚✨
  • Turning the page on an unforgettable adventure 🌟📖
  • Countless memories, countless smiles 😊📸
  • Lessons learned and laughter shared 🎓😆
  • Ruling the school as juniors, one day at a time 👑📅
  • When junior year had us all in our feels 🎵💖
  • Living in the moment, making memories to last 🎉🗓️
  • Keeping it real with the junior year squad 🤘👯♂️
  • Cheers to the times we'll never forget 🥂💭
  • Flashbacks to football games and friendship goals 🏟️👫
  • Junior year: Where every day was a new story 📅📚
  • Marching through milestones, making the most of it 🚶♂️🎯
  • Oh, the places we've seen in 11th grade 🌍👀
  • Striking the perfect balance between studious and spontaneous 📝✨
  • Just a junior with a pocket full of dreams 💭🚀
  • Ready for senior year, but holding on to now 👀🔄
  • High school hallways echoing with our laughter 🏫🗣️
  • Sliding into senior year with a treasure trove of memories 💼🏆
  • Growing up, glowing up, junior year was the setup 🌱💡

Now you have the captions that'll make your followers double tap in nostalgia, so go ahead and pair them with those throwback pics.

Fun Fact: Did you know that millennials are more likely to post nostalgia-based content on social media, compared to any other generation? It’s the time machine feature we never knew we had! 📷🕰

Heartfelt Junior Year Captions for Instagram

Junior year slides in like a DM from an old friend—it's familiar yet packed with surprises. It’s a mix of growing up and silliness, of brunch dates and late-night study sessions. When you're capturing these moments, the right words can wrap up all those feels and tie 'em in a bow for your Insta-fam. That’s where we swoop in with captions that’ll give your photos the warm hug they deserve. Ready to double-tap on nostalgia?

  • Brewed to perfection, just like our junior year friendships ☕️💫
  • Chapters close, but these memories are bookmarked forever 📖✨
  • Riding through the junior year rollercoaster with the best crew 🎢👯♀️
  • Halfway there and we’re just getting started 🚀🏁
  • They say high school flies by, and now I believe it 🕊️⏳
  • Laughing our way through the ups and downs of junior year 😂🎢
  • We don't grow up, we level up 🎮 #JuniorYear
  • Late nights, loud music, and lifelong friends 🌜🎶
  • Paving the road to our dreams, one junior year day at a time 🛤️🌟
  • Walking the hallways with more confidence than a senior 🏫💪
  • Friends who study together, stay together 📚❤️
  • Junior year - the prelude to our grand finale 🎉🔜
  • Just juniors, building our legacy brick by brick 🧱🏆
  • In the heart of high school, we found our place 📍💖
  • Making and breaking records, the junior year is our playground 🏅🤾♂️
  • Plot twist: junior year’s the best one yet 🔄💥
  • No looking back, we're crafting our future starting now 🛠️🔮
  • These halls have heard our laughter and seen our growth 🗣️🌱
  • Together, we're unlimited – junior year’s living proof 🚀🔗
  • We came, we saw, and we’re conquering, junior style ✊🎓

Junior year is where friendships cement and life as a high schooler really takes shape.

Fun Fact: Did you know some high schools have a tradition known as the "Junior Ring Ceremony" where juniors receive class rings as a symbol of unity and achievement? Rings for the win! 💍🏆

Inspirational Quotes for Junior Year Instagram Captions

Inspirational Quotes for Junior Year Instagram Captions.png

Junior year, oh, what a time to be alive! You're smack dab in the middle of your high school saga, juggling the madness of SATs with the joy of Friday night football. It's the year of setting groundwork for your future, shaping dreams into soon-to-be realities. These captions capture the grit and grace you're rocking this year. So go ahead, frame your story with words that scream 'future legend in the making.'

  • Dreams in the making, watch me conquer junior year 💫✍️
  • Hurdles jumped, goals scored, junior year’s got nothing on me 🎓🏃♂️
  • Halfway there, but plotting my takeover, class of [Add Year] ⏳📚
  • Chapters written in the history books of tomorrow 📖🌟
  • Scaling the cliff of success, junior year's peak is in sight 🏔️🧗♀️
  • Crafting the blueprint of my destiny this junior year 🛠️📈
  • Seeds of tomorrow planted firmly in today's soil 🌱👣
  • Navigating the roadmap to my future, and it starts here 🗺️📍
  • Sailing uncharted waters, but this captain's got plans 🚢🌊
  • From the ashes of sophomore year, a phoenix rises 🔥🐦
  • Not just dreaming, but doing junior year to the fullest 👤💭➡️🏋️♀️
  • Building bridges to my future one day at a time 🏗️🚶♂️
  • A junior with the courage of a senior and the soul of a freshman 💪❤️
  • Learning to forge paths where there are none 🚀👣
  • Elevating my story with every junior moment 💡📖
  • They say the best is yet to come; I say I'm already here 🌅🙌
  • Proving potential isn't just a concept, it's my mantra 💡💪
  • Blazing a trail of ambition and academic glory 🔥🎓
  • Seizing every junior opportunity like it's golden 💎👐
  • Turning junior year struggles into triumphs 🤼♂️🏆 Junior year is a rollercoaster of growth, ambitions, and stepping stones to the greatness that awaits. Fun Fact: Did you know high school students today are more entrepreneurial than ever before? Many kickstart their future careers while still conquering algebra!


Q: What are some funny junior year Instagram captions?

A: For those days when junior year feels like a blend of chaos and caffeine: "Just a junior powered by coffee and dry shampoo."

Q: What captions can I use for junior year sports photos on Instagram?

A: Hit 'em with energy: "Running towards senior year like... #JuniorAthlete" or "Game on, junior year!"

Q: What are some quotes for juniors from seniors?

A: A little senior wisdom: "Keep calm and survive junior year!" or "Almost there juniors, keep aiming high!"

Q: What are good end of junior year captions?

A: As you close this chapter, say: "Junior year: would not recommend, but glad I made it out alive."

Q: Can you suggest some funny junior quotes?

A: Lighten up your feed with: "Junior year: when your naps get longer and your patience shorter."

Q: What are funny quotes for juniors from seniors?

A: Give juniors a chuckle with: "Good luck, juniors! You'll need it more than we did." or "Being a junior means the light at the end of the tunnel is a train."

Q: What are the last year of school captions for Instagram?

A: Celebrate the finale: "This is it, the grand finale of my high school reel. Stay tuned..." or "Signed, sealed, soon

Final Words

Whew, you just scrolled through a ton of captions for your junior year on Instagram. From the quick one-liners to those reflective quotes that hit you right in the feels, we covered it all - the laughs, the aesthetics, and the oh-so-relatable junior year feels. If you've found a few faves or got inspired to create your own, then we've done our job. Remember, this time in high school is as epic as you make it, so why not share it with style?

Keep those heads high and your captions mighty, because this chapter in your life is worth celebrating. Now go ahead, pick that perfect snap, slap on one of these junior year instagram captions, and watch the double-taps roll in!