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Think Valentine's Day is all about romance? Puh-lease. Welcome to Galentine's Day, the day before V-Day that's dedicated to celebrating your fabulous friendships. Thanks to "Parks and Recreation," February 13th ain't just another chilly day - it's a chance to honor your lady friends with waffles, witty cards, and wild shenanigans. Ready to make this Galentine's Day unforgettable? Let's dive into the ultimate guide for your February 13th fest: where it all started, how to make your BFFs swoon with the best gifts, and how to slay with your posts on Instagram and TikTok. Sidebar: who said you needed cupid's arrow to have fun?

Key Facts about Galentine's Day

When is Galentine's Day: Galentine's Day falls on February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day. It's the perfect time to round up your besties and celebrate friendship.

What is Galentine's Day: Galentine's Day is a day dedicated to showering your closest friends with love and attention, more than you do every other day, that is. It's about celebrating those special bonds of friendship irrespective of everyone's relationship status.

Where is Galentine's Day Celebrated: You can celebrate Galentine's Day pretty much anywhere. Whether it's a cozy gathering at someone's home, a fancy dinner out, or even a virtual party, the location doesn't matter as long as you're with your pals.

Why is Galentine's Day Celebrated: Originally from the hit show "Parks and Recreation," Galentine's Day has become a way to honor the ladies in your life. Because let's face it, your friends deserve to know how awesome they are, and it delivers the perfect excuse for some extra fun and pampering.

Fun Fact about Galentine's Day: Did you know that Galentine's Day was totally made up by a fictional character? That's right; it was Leslie Knope from "Parks and Recreation" who introduced us to this fabulous concept. And now, thanks to her, we get to revel in the glory of female friendships with galentines day celebration ideas, unique activities, and brunches galore!

What to Post on Instagram on Galentine's Day

Hey, Insta-friends! Galentine's Day is creeping up, and it's the perfect excuse to flood your feeds with love, laughter, and a whole lot of pink. So, grab your besties and your favorite filters because we're about to dive into some totally Instagrammable ideas.

Galentine's Day Themed Posts:

  • Snap and share photos of best gifts for Galentine's Day. Think personalized jewelry, DIY spa kits, or matching t-shirts for your squad.
  • Showcase your artsy side with Galentine's cards and crafts. Put those glitter pens to work and spread the love.
  • Post heartfelt Galentine's Day quotes and wishes. Whether they're funny, touching, or a bit sassy, let your captions speak to the heart of your friendships.
  • Got something funny to say? Share some funny Galentine's memes that celebrate your gal pals and the joys of friendship.
  • Put a smile on someone's face with happy Galentine's Day messages. Sometimes, a simple 'I appreciate you' makes all the difference.

And hey, don't forget to check out [Galentine's Day Card | Etsy] for some truly unique and adorable card options that are just waiting to be shot and shared.

So, lovely Instagrammers, this Galentine's Day let's not hold back. It's all about celebrating the amazing women in your life, so let your posts scream love loud enough to be heard through the whole digital universe. Plus, who doesn't love an excuse to post more? Let's make this Galentine's Day your Instagram's next big thing!

What to Post on TikTok on Galentine's Day

What to Post on TikTok on Galentines Day.png

Ready to spread the Galentine's Day cheer on TikTok, gang? Here's the lowdown on what'll have your followers smashing that 'like' button faster than you can say, "Uteruses before duderuses." DIY Galentine's Day Decor First up, grab some glitter and glue and show off your crafty side with a DIY decor tutorial. Think pink and red, think hearts and sparkles – the sky's the limit! Your followers will love these creative ideas:

  • Heart-shaped garlands made out of upcycled materials.
  • Customized mason jar votives that scream Galentine's fun.
  • Bold and beautiful paper flowers for that pop of Galentine's glam. Celebrate Singlehood Celebrating singlehood with your squad? You bet! TikTok is all about real talk, so give us the lowdown on why flying solo with your friends is downright fabulous:
  • A chatty get-ready with me (GRWM) featuring your favorite self-love affirmations.
  • Share a funny story or some tips on how to rock singlehood this Galentine’s Day. Brunch it up, Bestie-Style Now, who doesn't love brunch? Exactly, no one. Whip out those spatulas and get filming those tasty brunch recipes:
  • Share your ultimate Galentine's Day brunch spread, complete with mimosas and mini pancakes.
  • Showcase a step-by-step guide to the perfect heart-shaped waffles. Movie Night Throwbacks Nothing beats a good old friendship-themed movie night. TikTok loves a hit of nostalgia, so why not film your movie lineup reveal?
  • Sneak peeks of your all-time favorite chick flicks or female empowerment movies lined up for the night. At-Home Spa Extravaganza We all deserve some pampering, right? Here’s how to treat yo' self to a spa day, from the comfort of your home:
  • Display your DIY face mask mixing skills or that bubbly bath bomb fizz.
  • Offer up some tips and tricks for an at-home mani-pedi session that's perfect for Galentine's Day. Wrap it up by tagging your posts with #GalentinesDay and don't forget to flaunt that cute Tai Jewelry Good Fortune Tarot Necklace. Not only will it dazzle in your clips, but it's also a cheeky nod to love, friendship, and future fortunes! And there you have it, your TikTok is all set to be an explosion of sisterhood and good vibes this Galentine's Day. Now, go on and get recording; your public awaits!

Hashtags to Use for Galentine's Day

Ever noticed that some posts just seem to pop while scrolling through your social feeds? Well, it's not magic, it's hashtags! They're like little road signs pointing followers to your celebratory Galentine's content. Here are 20 hashtags to make your posts sparkle and spread the joy of female friendships far and wide on Galentine's Day:

  • #GalentinesDay
  • #GalentinesCelebration
  • #LadiesCelebratingLadies
  • #SquadGoals
  • #FriendshipGoals
  • #GalPals
  • #February13
  • #WomenSupportingWomen
  • #BFFs
  • #GalentinesDayParty
  • #GirlsNightIn
  • #GalentinesBrunch
  • #Womankind
  • #FemaleIcons
  • #GirlPower
  • #BestiesForTheResties
  • #CelebrateWomankind
  • #SistersBeforeMisters
  • #WhoRunTheWorld
  • #FriendsLikeSisters

Splash these hashtags on your posts to connect with others who are celebrating, to have users stumble upon your fantastic content, and to honor the essence of Galentine's Day—women uplifting women! 🥂 Now, get out there and shower the internet with the spirit of Galentine's! 🌹

History, Origin and Fun Facts about Galentine's Day

So, you've heard of Galentine's Day, but do you know the deets about where it all began? Sit tight, 'cause we're diving into the heart of this fabulous celebration!

Historical Context of Galentine's Day: Boom! Galentine’s Day blasted into the pop culture scene in 2010. Yup, the hilarious TV show "Parks and Recreation" is the godmother of Galentine’s Day. It was all fictitious fun until fans said, "Wait a minute, we absolutely need this in real life!"

How Galentine’s Day Became Popular: The jump from screen to real-world annual bash was swift. Women across the globe were like, "Sign us up!" They rallied their besties and Galentine’s Day officially became the day before Valentine's Day, where ladies celebrated ladies.

Exploring Galentine’s Day Origin: This celebration was whipped up by the fictional character Leslie Knope, played by the brilliant Amy Poehler. Leslie's idea: February 13th is the day her lady friends bask in the spotlight, drowning in waffles and love. Genius—simple as that.

Celebrating Platonic Love: "Oh, it's only for couples," said no one ever about Galentine's Day. Nope, it's all about embracing the non-romantic loves of your life. Your girl gang, your sister from another mister, the Ann Perkins to your Leslie Knope—it's their time to shine.

Significance of Galentine’s Day for Singles: Flying solo? No problemo. Galentine’s Day says, "Who needs Cupid?" It's about turning the camera on friendship—running a marathon of chick flicks, sharing belly laughs, and crafting those infamous DIY gifts.

Need more Galentine’s inspo? Just think—waffles topped with everything, the cheesiest of crafts, and the empowering feeling of a squad that's got your back. Now, go forth and plan that epic get-together or shout out to your BFFs on social. Happy Galentine's Day! 🎉


Q: What's Galentine's Day?

A: Think of it as Valentine's Day's cooler sister, celebrated on February 13th. It's all about ladies celebrating ladies.

Q: How to quote a Galentine's Day photo?

A: Snag one of these gems: "Ovaries before brovaries." or "Ladies celebrating ladies. Happy Galentine's Day!"

Q: What are some Happy Galentine's Day quotes?

A: Here's to sipping mimosas and slaying our own way: "Friends are the family we choose. Happy Galentine's Day!"

Q: Happy Galentine’s Day GIFs?

A: Picture your favorite gal pals dancing and toast to friendship! For GIFs, think pink, hearts, and unapologetic joy.

Q: What is the meaning of Galentine's Day?

A: A day for women to celebrate their friendships with their best girlfriends. "Parks and Recreation" show spotlight!

Q: Is February 13th a Galentine's Day?

A: Absolutely! Pop the confetti! It's the unofficial holiday for gal pals, every February 13th.

Q: Is Galentines Day for singles?

A: Heck yeah! Single or not, it's a day for all ladies to honor their friendships and just have fun.

Q: Who started Galentine's Day?

A: Credit goes to Leslie Knope from "Parks

Final Words

You've just soaked up the A to Z on how to rock Galentine's Day like a boss - from snagging the perfect Insta-posts to dominating TikTok and even the dope hashtags to get you trending. Remember, it's all about celebrating your pals and making those memories sparkle. So, grab your squad, make those crafts, and shout out to the world - or at least to your social followers - how fab platonic love can be. Go on, make this Galentine's Day one for the books!