8+ Birds Eye View Photography Styles You Need

Soar high with birds eye view photography, unlocking perspectives that transform the mundane into... What secrets might the skies reveal?
Date Published
March 3, 2024

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Have you ever wondered what the world looks like from a bird's soaring view? It's time you break away from the traditional eye-level shots and elevate your photographic game to the skies! Bird's eye view photography is not merely about snapping from high places—it's about mastering a visual art that offers a fresh, almost god-like perspective of our world. Whether you're capturing the sprawling chaos of cityscapes from the sky or seeking the symmetrical beauty in top-view beachscapes, this photographic angle can transform your work from mainstream to breathtakingly extraordinary. Ready to unlock the sky-high potential of your camera lens? Let's fly into the essentials of bird's eye view photography and see your creativity reach new heights!

What exactly is birds eye view photography

You're probably wondering, "What's the big deal with birds eye view photography?" It's simple: this epic style lets you play eye-in-the-sky, capturing scenes as if you were a high-flying bird looking straight down at the world. It's all about that unique and striking perspective where your subject lays sprawled below, presented in a way that’s new and downright exciting.

So how do you nail this majestic viewpoint? First off, snatch yourself a high vantage point – think drones, tall buildings, or even hanging out of a helicopter (safety first, please). You're aiming to get as perpendicular to the subject as possible. It gives those everyday scenes a thrilling makeover, turning them into abstract masterpieces or detailed maps of human activity. Here’s where you truly appreciate the layout of city streets or the splattering of colors in a blooming flower field!

But remember, it's not just about altitude; it's about attitude. Composition is king. You need to arrange those elements like a boss to get an image that tells a story. Why is it popular? Because it’s like seeing the Earth through another lens, a fresh perspective that stirs curiosity and awe. And, well, because it's just plain cool. So, hit the heights and start snapping; your Instagram feed will thank you.

The history and origin of birds eye view photography

Back in the day, let's say the early 20th century, if you wanted a bird's-eye view shot, you'd need a very tall ladder or perhaps a hot air balloon. Turns out, it was balloons and kites that first let photographers soar into the sky to snatch a glimpse from a bird's perspective. These aerial shooting techniques were the precursors to what you now casually do with drones.

So, who was the daredevil that said, "Let's take this camera airborne"? It was French photographer Gaspar-Felix Tournachon, famously known as Nadar, in 1858. He was the guy who took the first birds eye view photograph from a balloon tethered over Paris. Think about that - no previews, no fancy gimbals, just a whole lot of hope and excitement.

Now, your drone navigates the skies with ease, but let's take a minute to appreciate the evolution of aerial shooting techniques. From mounted cameras on pigeons (yes, that was a thing) to the latest drone technology, capturing something from the heavens is no longer just a wing and a prayer away. It’s art, it’s science, and boy, it’s an adrenaline rush.

The next time you send your drone up into the cosmos, remember you're part of a rich history. And if your shots are getting the good kind of "oohs" and "aahs" from your buddies, then you're doing Nadar proud. Keep experimenting with those angles and elevations – because from way up there, the world is yours to frame.

Birds eye view landscape photography

You've seen those breathtaking landscape shots on Instagram, right? The ones where everything looks like a tiny model of the real world? That's birds eye view landscape photography, my friend. And let me tell ya, it's one way to make Mother Nature's masterpieces look even more epic.

First off, capturing top-down landscapes isn't just about getting high above the ground. It's about showing off landscapes in ways that make people say, "Whoa, I need to go there!" You’re giving folks a whole new perspective, like they're soaring over valleys and mountains themselves. And with a drone or a high vantage point, you can snag these stunning shots without sprouting wings.

Now, when you're doing it right, you line up the earth's natural patterns and textures from this fresh angle. Rivers become serpentine trails, fields turn into crazy quilts, and mountains? They roll like waves. You've got to angle your camera just so to catch those shadows and light that pop the terrain's features.

You can even toss in some man-made marvels for contrast – think winding roads or a solitary farmhouse. It’s like, "Hello, humanity! Peeking in on ya from the heavens!" These are the types of photos that rack up the likes and shares, because, let's be honest, it's not something you see everyday.

And listen up, this buzz-worthy style isn't just for pretty pictures. Real estate, urban planning, conservation efforts – they all benefit from birds eye view landscape photography. It shows the lay of the land in a clear, dramatic fashion; it's like holding a magnifying glass over the earth, highlighting the synergy between nature and human footprint.

Urban birds eye view photography

Hey, you ever wonder what Spider-Man sees when he's zipping between skyscrapers? That crazy, heart-pumping view from the top looking down on the hustle of the city? That's urban birds eye view photography for ya, snapping shots that make you feel like you're on top of the world—or at least on top of a city.

Alright, let's get this party started. You want the streets, the buildings, and all that jazz in one frame? You gotta go high, real high. It’s all about snagging that drool-worthy cityscape from the sky vantage point. Have you seen those pics where the taxis look like little yellow ants? That’s the stuff we’re talking about. Just check out Vincent Laforet's work if you need a little inspo – dude knows his way around a cityscape!

Now, how do you hook yourself up with a pic like that? Drones are your BFF here. Without having to scale a building, you can get your camera up in the clouds and capture the rhythm of urban life without missing a beat. Look for patterns, symmetry, and the way the light bounces off those towering structures.

But remember, it's not just about the view. It's how you use it. Tell a story with your photos. Make every snapshot a page-turner that keeps us coming back for more. Take that hustle of the city and show us what it's really like from birds eye angle – sometimes chaotic, sometimes harmonious, but always epic.

And if you're really gunning for the goosebump factor, cross your fingers for some twilight action. Those city lights starting to flicker on at dusk? Yeah, that's the golden ticket. It turns your average urban sprawl into a neon-infused wonderland that just screams ‘Print me, frame me, love me.’

Nature from Above: Bird's Eye View Photography

When you're trying to capture the raw essence of Mother Nature, nothing does it quite like nature from above bird's eye view photography. This style isn't just snapping pictures from a high place. It's an art form where you play God and look directly down on the world, showcasing nature's diverse patterns, textures, and colors in a way that's downright majestic.

If you wanna get those crisp, mesmerizing shots, you've gotta rise above—literally. Drones or high vantage points? Both are your best buds. And when the shutter clicks, you're not just freezing a moment; you're telling a story of how the natural world thrives without us on the ground to poke around.

Here's the scoop: to dive deep into this style, you need something that flies smoother than an eagle on a wind current. Use drones capable of capturing high-resolution images to do justice to the sprawling landscapes below. You're in luck—drone technology has made it easier than ever to achieve that coveted bird's eye perspective.

Photographers like Yann Arthus-Bertrand soared into fame with this style, proving that a little altitude can turn a simple forest or river scene into a spellbinding pattern of colors and shapes. Want to make your mark in the nature from above scene? Be patient, wait for the right light, and watch as the Earth lays out its best for you, no hiking boots required.

Birds eye view beachscape photography

Picture this: the sun's glimmering on the water, the waves are frothy and wild, and the sand's etched with stories of a thousand footsteps—but you're seeing it all from the sky. That's birds eye view beachscape photography for you. It's not just about snapping pics from a high point; it's about capturing the soul of the seaside, from every grain of sand to each swirling wave pattern.

When you're shooting beachscapes from the sky, you're playing with light like it's your best friend. You gotta catch that golden hour glow or the dramatic shadows of midday to make the blues pop and the whites sparkle. It’s all about that aerial angle that turns a plain old beach day photo into a mesmerizing piece of art.

But don't you go thinking it's all about the equipment. Sure, a drone can get you the perfect shot from above, but it's your eagle eye for composition that'll set your photo apart. Look for contrasts, like the rugged coastline cutting into the serene sea, or find patterns, like the rows of umbrellas dotting the sands. That's what makes beachscapes from the sky a whole other level of awesome.

Pro tip? Experiment with your altitude. Sometimes, you've gotta soar higher to capture the vastness of the shore. Other times, get a tad closer to snap the intricate dance between the tide and the land. And remember, while the beach is stunning under the sun, dusk and dawn bring out the magical hues that make your photos whisper stories.

Beaches are more than just holiday snapshots; they're canvases for your aerial artistry. Get out there, explore every angle, and give us a view that makes us feel like we're right there, toes in the sand and soul floating with the seagulls.

Birds eye view event coverage photography

Imagine capturing the entire essence of an event in a single shot. That's what bird's-eye view event coverage photography can do for you – and oh boy, does it look cool! This style of photography takes you way up high, giving you a viewpoint similar to a soaring bird looking down on all the action. Think about it: no heads blocking your shot and no squeezing through crowds to snap a pic.

So here's the skinny: Bird’s-eye coverage of events uses drones or high vantage points to get those deliciously detailed panoramic shots of concerts, festivals, and weddings. It's like having a VIP pass to the sky, and the results are downright epic. If you're going for the wow factor, this style adds a dramatic twist that can turn a plain old event photo into a work of art.

To rock this style, aim for a drone with a top-notch camera or find a skyscraper with public access to the roof. Those views can capture the scale and intensity of an event like nothing else. And remember, safety first—make sure you're all clear to fly and aren't breaking any rules.

What makes bird's-eye event coverage so bangin'? It's the way these photos tell a story. From up above, you can see the layout, the crowd, and the vibe all at once. It's a perspective most folks never get to see, making your photos unique and memorable. Do it right, and you'll have everyone saying, "Whoa, put that on the 'Gram, pronto!"

Birds eye view travel photography

Hey there, globe-trotter! If you've ever swooned over those breathtaking travel shots on Instagram from what seems like a hundred feet up, then you're already crushing on birds eye view travel photography. This isn't just any ol' snapshot from a tall building—this is an art form where the world unfolds like a stunning, sprawling quilt beneath the lens.

Let's zoom in on how you get the:

  • Mother of all panoramas, right?
  • Unique perspective that turns ordinary locales into an adventurer's dream canvas.
  • Perfect vantage point to capture the buzz of urban life or the serene patterns of nature.

You're gonna want to use this method to show off the intricate dance floor layout at a music festival or the sheer size of that maze garden you stumbled upon. Pro tip: drones and high vantage points are your pals here, but make sure you're complying with local laws because nobody enjoys an unplanned meeting with the authorities. Also, this isn't just about elevation—it's the composition, the way the light hits the land, and capturing the essence of a place that makes your photo a teleportation device for your viewers. Ready to elevate your travel photography game? Get a birds eye view and watch as the likes, follows, and jaw-drops roll in.

Satellite birds eye view photography

Ever wondered how Google Maps gets such crisp, jaw-dropping images from space? Hello, satellite birds eye view photography! It's like the VIP of spying on Earth, minus the creepy stalker vibes. With satellite imagery analysis, scientists and map geeks get the ultimate scoop on our planet's surface.

Capturing images from a satellite, ain't like snapping pics with your phone. We're talking high-tech cameras hitching a ride on satellites orbiting Earth, snapping high-resolution photos that would make any camera enthusiast's heart skip a beat. These images aren't just pretty to look at; they help folks monitor climate change, keep an eye on deforestation, and even help farmers plan their crops. It's basically Mother Nature's ultimate selfie!

But don't think it's all about global-scale stuff. Even regular Joes and Janes dabbling in photography can jump on the satellite imagery bandwagon. With a bit of research, you can lay your hands on satellite photos to study landscapes from high above or plot your next epic hiking route. Think of it as adding a cosmic perspective to your Instagram game. So the next time you're checking out your house from space, remember: you're harnessing the power of satellite birds eye view photography. Ain't technology grand?

Birds eye view portrait photography

So, you're keen on the scoop about birds eye view portrait photography, right? Picture this: You are towering over your subject, snapping a photo from high up—like a bird, obviously. Got your head in the clouds now? That’s where it should be when you’re gunning for those top view shots. It’s all about mastering the art from up above!

Now, let's dish out some tips. First, make those high angles work for you. You know, find a way to climb up and get over your subject. Maybe it’s a ladder, maybe it's a tall building, or hey, even a drone if you’re extra techy (and not afraid of those high-flyin' robots).

Why go for this angle, you ask? It's gonna give you unique portraits with a dramatic twist—plus, it slims down your peeps, and who doesn’t love a sneaky slim-down? And here's the kicker—it’s all about perspective, people. This style flips the script. You’ll turn "just a portrait" into a jaw-dropping, show-stopping piece of art.

And yes, this isn’t your everyday selfie angle. It's for capturing personality, showcasing environments, and letting the background play a starring role. Want to make the portraits pop even more? Experiment with different expressions and poses. Go bold, or go home!

Done right, these portraits will make folks stop and stare. And you know what else is a complete game changer for these shots? Good ol' natural light! So wait for that golden hour or a cloudy day to avoid harsh shadows unless that’s the moody vibe you’re shooting for. There you have it, your crash course in birds eye portraits. Now, let's get those cameras up and start clicking from the skies!


What is a bird's eye view in photography?

A bird's eye view in photography is when you snap a shot from way up high, looking straight down at the scene, like a bird soaring in the sky would see it.

How do you take a bird's eye view photo?

To take a bird's eye view photo, get yourself high above the ground – climb a ladder, a tall building, or use a drone – and point your camera straight down.

What is bird's eye view camera?

A bird's eye view camera is a type of camera setup that gives you a view from above, often used in cars to help with parking without bumping into stuff.

What are the benefits of having a bird's eye view?

Having a bird's eye view is awesome because it lets you spot everything at once, makes maps easier to follow, and puts a whole new spin on photographs.

Final Words

Alright, you've soared through the skies with us, exploring every nook and cranny of birds eye view photography. From the rich history of aerial shooting to the magnificent landscapes, bustling urban jungles, serene beachscapes, and everything in between - we've covered it from top to down.

You've got a fresh perspective on capturing nature, events, and even portraits from a bird's-eye vantage point. And let's not forget the jaw-dropping vistas satellite imagery has unlocked.

It's a vast world out there, and seeing it from above with birds eye view photography? That's a game-changer. So go on, take this knowledge and aim high – the sky's the limit. Here's to snapping the world with fresh eyes!

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