Hey you, yes YOU! Did you think the terrifyng twos were a big deal? Oh, honey, strap in because 23 is a wild ride you're not prepared for, but definitely one to celebrate. Now you're officially in that limbo where you're definitely not a teenager anymore, but still can't quite figure out how to assemble that IKEA shelf by yourself. It's time to ditch those typical "yay, I’m another year older!" posts and truly stand out. Whether you're after a snappy one-liner that screams "I am the moment" or something sweet and short that won’t even make your followers think about tapping 'More,' we’ve got you covered. By the end of this article, you'll have the perfect caption that not only marks your 23rd spin around the sun but also captures the spirit of your fabulously unique self. Cheers to capturing the essence of 23 – with style, wit, and a touch of sass!

Best 23rd Birthday Captions for Instagram

Ya know, 23 is that odd year where you're smack in the middle of "I'm almost 25, but thank goodness I'm not 20 anymore." Whether you're stuntin' on the 'Gram or just need a quick quip to accompany that birthday selfie, these best captions for your 23-year-old celebration got you covered. After all, "cheers to 23 years" is more than just a saying, it's a vibe. 🎉

  • Level 23 unlocked 🎮🔓
  • Just here for the cake and balloons 🎂🎈
  • Hello, 23! Let's make some noise 📢🎉
  • 23 and free, that's the new me 🌟✨
  • Got that 23 glow and ready to show 🌞📸
  • Two decades and three, feeling carefree 🍃💃
  • Rollin' with the homies at 23 🚗👯♀️
  • Bold, brave, and twenty-three 🦁👑
  • Keep calm and sparkle on, #23 🎇✨
  • Sassy since '00 – 23 and still the queen 👑🐝
  • Livin' my best life at 23 🏖️🍹
  • Just like fine wine, better with time 🍷👌
  • 23 and couldn’t be more me 🤘👸
  • Born in the '00s, crushing it at 23 🔥👟
  • Another trip around the sun, 23 fun 🌍🎠
  • Cheers to 23 years and more cheers 🥳🍻
  • Sprinkling some magic on chapter 23 🧚✨
  • 23: Old enough to know better, still young enough to get away with it 😜🚀
  • Putting the 'I' in 23 and feeling mighty fine ✨🙌
  • Ain't 22 anymore, 23 has got so much more 🚀🌟

Whether it's your champagne birthday, or you’re just feeling extra fabulous, these captions are ready to go. No need to waste time overthinking when all you gotta do istap 'post' and watch the love roll in.

Fun Fact: Did you know that some believe the age of 23 is a 'magic year'? That’s because 23 is one of the most commonly cited prime numbers, and some think it holds powers of good fortune. Don’t just take it from me, let the birthday luck kick in! 🎲✨

Short and Sweet 23rd Birthday Captions

Turning 23 is like hitting a sweet spot. You're deep into your twenties but still dancing on the edge of new adventures. Think of it: You’re not too young to be taken seriously, not too old to be the life of the party, and perfectly aged for Instagram glory. Get ready to make your 23rd birthday posts pop with these short and sweet captions that scream "Look at me, I'm 23!" 🎉👀

  • 23 and thriving 🌱✨
  • Chapter 23: Unlocked 🔓📖
  • Just got 23 times better 🎂💖
  • Cheers to 23 years 🥂🎉
  • Living my best life at 23 🌟😌
  • Level 23 achieved 🎮🆙
  • Ownin’ my 23rd trip around the sun ☀️🌍
  • Birthdays are sweeter with 23 🧁💕
  • Vibin’ and thrivin’ at twenty-three 😎🌈
  • 23, feeling free 🕊️🚀
  • Stay golden at twenty-three ✨👑
  • The 23-year glow up ✨🔥
  • Just 23 & fabulous 💋🌹
  • Two little ducks 22+1 🦆🦆
  • Bold and 23 🖤🔥
  • On cloud 23 ☁️😄
  • Woke up 23 and me 💃🏼🎈
  • Roller coaster ride to 23 🎢👌
  • Keep calm, it’s my 23rd 🧘♀️🎂
  • This year's forecast: 100% chance of winning 23 🏆🌤️

After blazing past another year, your 23rd is not just another candle on the cake. It's a whole new vibe, a fresh beat in the soundtrack of your life. Use these captions to make your birthday post the one that stops the endless scroll. 😉

Fun Fact: Did you know that on your 23rd birthday, you've been alive for over a billion seconds? Talk about a million moments to cherish! 🕰️❤️

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One Word 23rd Birthday Captions

Oof, you're finally hitting that weird age where you're not quite fresh out of the teen zone but also not old enough to rent a car without those pesky young driver fees—23! But hey, let's pack a powerful punch with just one word to mark this thrilling chapter of your life. No room for rambling, just straight to the sweet spot. Because, let's face it, who's got time to read an essay when there's cake to be eaten and questionable life choices to be pondered?

  • Unstoppable 🚀🌟
  • Thriving 🌱💖
  • Bold 🦁🔥
  • Vivacious 🕺✨
  • Audacious 😏🥊
  • Fearless 🚴♂️💨
  • Radiant 🌞💫
  • Spirited 🤸♂️🎉
  • Wanderlust 🌍✈️
  • Free 🦋🌬
  • Daring 🧗♀️💪
  • Innovator 💡🧠
  • Dreamer 💭🛌
  • Fierce 🐅🐾
  • Legit 🏆👌
  • Magical 🧚🔮
  • Limitless 📈⏫
  • Maverick 🧢🕶
  • Sassy 💁♀️👠
  • Blessed 😇🙏

And just like that, you've got your one-word arsenal ready to slay your Instagram caption game. Who needs a sentence when you can make a statement with just a word?

Fun Fact: Did you know turning 23 is like being in a musical? You're young enough to dance without creaky knees but old enough to know all the lyrics to "Wonderwall" by heart.

Funny 23rd Birthday Captions for Instagram

So, you're hitting the big 2-3, huh? It's like you're officially giving your teenage years the rearview mirror goodbye. Well, it's a happy holler to adult-ish things. And if your humorous side has never taken a day off, you've come to the right giggle factory. For the jokesters, the life-of-the-party peeps, and those who just love to keep things light and airy, here are twenty kick-you-in-the-knees funny captions for your 23rd trip around the sun. 🎉🎈

  • Two's company, three's a crowd. Lucky for me, I'm now 23 and too proud! 🎉🥳
  • They say wisdom comes with age... I'm like, wait, isn't that just for cheese? 🧀😉
  • 23 years of awesomeness, and I've only just begun to annoy people 🤪🎂
  • 23? More like twenty-free, cause I still got no money! 💵🤷♀️
  • Rolling into 23 like an old boulder... I mean, bold soldier! 😎🪨
  • Look who's finally a prime number – too cool to be divided 23! 😜🔢
  • Got 23 problems but aging ain't one 🚫🎈
  • So this is 23? I demand a recount! 😏🔢
  • Venti-Three, cause I'm a tall order of fun! ☕️🥳
  • Cheers to 23 years and still being the family's unofficial comedian 🍻😂
  • Officially 23 and still a kid at heart - catch me on the playground! 🎠👶
  • "Alexa, skip to 24"... Just kidding, 23's gonna be lit 🔥😆
  • Sassy since birth and now I've got 23 years of receipts 🧾💅
  • It's my 23rd spin around the sun, and I'm still the brightest star 💫✨
  • 23 and ready for more adventures, bad decisions, and lazy Sundays 😴🌟
  • Birthday mood: 23 and still not using my degree 📜😬
  • They say 23 is all fun and games until you remember the adulting part 😅🎮
  • The only club I'm hitting at 23 is the one with a membership discount 🏌️♂️🤑
  • Survived 22, let’s see what kind of chaos 23 brings! 🌪️😝
  • Age 23 is sweet, but this cake is sweeter! 🍰🤤

Remember, you only turn 23 once, so make it unforgettable with a healthy dose of humor plastered all over your IG.

Fun Fact: Did you know, when you're 23, you're actually starting your 24th year of life? Minds = blown. 🤯🎂

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Aesthetic Captions for the Elegant 23-Year-Old

So, you're turning the big two-three and you're all about that aesthetic life, huh? You want your birthday posts to scream chic, elegance, and a little bit of 'I woke up like this' even though we all know a filter was definitely involved. Your special day shots need captions that are as meticulously curated as your outfit. No pressure, right? 😅 Well, let's dive into some oh-so-aesthetic 23rd birthday captions that'll make your IG feed shine brighter than a diamond.
Let's snazz up your celebration posts:

  • Slaying since [year of birth] 🎂✨
  • Aged to perfection, like fine wine 🍷💁♀️
  • Cheers to 23 years of fabulousness 🥂💎
  • 23 and a whole mood 🌟😌
  • Elevating my elegance at 23 ✈️👑
  • Jordan year, but make it fashion 🏀👠
  • Dipped in a bit of 23 magic 🧙✨
  • Vibrant and 23 years young 🌈😘
  • Just 23 and naturally sophisticated 🍃🕊
  • My 23rd chapter: aesthetic and thriving 📖🌷
  • Ownin' 23 with style and grace 🧵🎨
  • Walking into 23 like a masterpiece 🚶♀️🖼
  • 23 years of pure aesthetic 🎨💕
  • Living my best story at 23 📚🌹
  • Turning my dreams into plans at 23 📝✨
  • Celebrate 23 with a touch of class 🍾👒
  • A year older, a year bolder, still 23 🌪🔥
  • Birthdays are beautiful, 23 is aesthetic 🦋🧁
  • From sunrise to sunset, 23 looks good on me 🌅🍸
  • Embracing 23 with elegance and a selfie 📸🌸

No need to stress about not being a wordsmith; these captions will have your friends double-tapping in no time! Post, share, and watch the birthday love roll in.

Fun Fact: Did you know that every two minutes, users collectively post around 300,000 times on Instagram? That's a lot of chances to shine, especially on your big 2-3! 📈🎈

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Level Up with Clever 23rd Birthday Captions

You've clocked another year, and baby, you're hitting 23 like it's the new level in your favorite video game. You're older, you're wiser, and yeah, you're still the reigning champ of living it up. So, put your party hat on and snap that selfie, because these clever captions are about to jack up your Instagram game like no other. These aren’t your grandma’s birthday sayings; they’re fresh off the creativity truck for your special day!

  • Crushing 23 like it’s my high score 🎮🏆
  • 23 and living my ✨main character✨ energy 💁♀️✨
  • Woke up a little older, but way more fabulous 👑🎉
  • Level 23: Unlocked new achievements 🏅🔓
  • "Just leveled up to 23. What's next?" 🎂👀
  • Spinning around the sun, 23 times and counting 🌞🔄
  • So this is 23: Slaying and not complaining 💅🚫
  • 23: Sassy, classy, and a bit smart-assy 👠💬
  • Cheers to 23 years of me, myself, and I 🍻👤
  • More than just a number – it's a 23 kind of vibe 🎈🔢
  • Keep calm and party on, because I'm 23 now! 🥳🍾
  • Born to stand out – 23 and proud 🌟🎂
  • Just got my ticket to Club 23 ✈️🎫
  • On a scale from 1 to 23, I’m now a perfect score 📊💯
  • Savoring the sweetness of being 23 and carefree 🍰💖
  • Slayin’ since [insert your birth year here] and ain’t stopping at 23 🗓🛑
  • Age is just a hashtag away – 23 and killing it 🏷❤️
  • 23 and I’ve mastered the art of not adulting today 🖼🚫
  • "I’m in the 23rd chapter, and the plot keeps getting better" 📘🙌
  • Twenty-three: Young enough to dream, old enough to do 🌈🔨

You're not just another year older; you're another year bolder. And with these captions, your 'Gram is gonna thank you!

Fun Fact: Did you know Taylor Swift has got a song called "22"? Well, add one more year, rebrand it in your honor, and own it. You're 23 and unstoppable! 🎶🚀

Bold One-Liners for 23rd Birthday Celebrations

Say hello to 23, the age where you’re still young enough to make mistakes but old enough to know better. It's that sweet spot of adulthood where the world starts taking you seriously (maybe)! Whether you're throwing the bash of the year or having a low-key day, here's a list to spice up your Instagram game and get those double-taps pouring in. Make your milestone birthday memorable with these unique one-liners perfect for that special #23.

  • Living my best life at 23 ✨🎉
  • Cheers to another year of fabulousness 🥂💁♀️
  • Hello, 23! Greet me with good vibes 🌟👋
  • Two decades and three years of awesome 🤘🎂
  • 23 and more unstoppable than ever 🚀💥
  • 23: Still sassy, a tad more classy 💅👑
  • Level 23 unlocked: Achievements just started 🎮👾
  • Flirty, thriving, and twenty-three 💃❤️
  • Thriving, surviving, and 23 💪✨
  • Making 23 look like the new 18 🎈😎
  • Own your story at 23 📖🖋️
  • Celebrate 23 years of being incredible 🎊🙌
  • 23 and can't be tamed 🐅🔥
  • Slayed my way to 23 🗡️💄
  • Just like fine wine, I improve with time - 23 and counting! 🍷🕰️
  • More life, more everything at 23 🌱🎆
  • Rolling into 23, like a star on set 🎥🌟
  • Ride or die through my 23rd chapter 🏍️💨
  • Keep calm and sparkle on at 23 🧘♂️✨
  • In my prime at 23 and feeling supreme 🏆🌈

Your 23rd birthday is here and now you've got the captions to match. Party on and showcase your prime year with style and a pinch of attitude!

Fun Fact: Did you know the number 23 is one of the most commonly cited prime numbers and has been featured in a variety of sports and pop culture references? Now that's prime content for your birthday post!

Embrace the Humor with 23rd Birthday Puns

Turning 23 isn't just another year older; it's the perfect chance to get punny with it on Instagram. You're at that funny stage where you're definitely an adult, but still getting the hang of it. So, let your followers in on the laugh and be as cheeky as you can with these pun-tastic 23rd birthday captions. It's the one day you can joke about being old without actually being old. 🎉🤣

  • Officially 23 and more cake-ready than ever 🎂😜
  • Hitting MJ's number with less hoop but more hype 🏀✨
  • Rocking 23 like I invented it 😉👑
  • Cheers to 23 years and still a fierce peer 🍻👊
  • Age 23: Sponsored by coffee and occasional adulting ☕️👔
  • Levelling up to 23, game face on 🎮😏
  • Rolled a 23, but still the life of the party 🎲🥳
  • Living my best life at 23, because I gouda 🧀😂
  • Diving into 23 like a pro – pool's cool, but I'm cooler 🏊😎
  • Started from the bottom now we 23 🚀🌟
  • Twenty-free and thriving, rides on me 🚗💨
  • Got my jazz hands ready for 23’s magic show 🎩✨
  • Using "nobody likes you when you're 23" as my anthem, ironically 🤘😄
  • Thriving, surviving, and 23-ing – the triple threat 🌈💪
  • Giving 23 my best shot, and I'm not tequila 🍹🐛
  • 23 laps around the sun and still not done 🌞🏃
  • Surfing into 23 like a wave of awesomeness 🏄🤙
  • Blinging up 23 like it’s my day job 💎🌟
  • 23: the year of sass, class, and a little bit of smart-ass 🎓💁
  • Vint-age 23: Like fine wine, I only get better 🍷✨

Growing another year older, but not necessarily up; owning 23 like the boss you are meant to be!

Fun Fact: Not everyone can say they share their age with a basketball legend's jersey number. Welcome to Club 23, where the sports vibes are forever in your favor!

Quotes to Mark 23 Years of Life

Celebrating 23 years on this spinning ride called Earth deserves some Instagram-worthy shoutouts, doesn’t it? You’ve officially hit your MJ year, and it's time to slam dunk your day with some memorable captions. Channel your inner poet or that vibe of nostalgia and strength because, at 23, you're officially #Adulting. Say it loud, say it proud with captions that are as unique as your last 23 trips around the sun.

  • Level 23 unlocked, let's roll with the adventures 🎮🌟
  • Hitting the 23-year-old mark with style and a smile 😎✨
  • Chapter 23: More laughter, more dreams, more me 📖💫
  • 23 and thriving, not just surviving 🌱💪
  • Savoring the last of my early twenties with a bang 💣🎉
  • Smooth sailing into 23 like a boss 🛥️👑
  • Rolling into 23 with positive vibes only 🌀😌
  • Born in '00, turning the big two-three 🎂🥳
  • 23 feels like a cozy blanket of adulthood 💤🧡
  • Cheers to 23 years, and to many more 🍻🎈
  • Making my own magic at twenty-three 🧙♂️✨
  • Own your story, especially the 23rd chapter 🖋️📚
  • '90s baby stepping into another year of awesome 👶🏽🚀
  • Forever young at heart, but leveling up to 23 ❤️🆙
  • Just crushed my 22nd level, 23 let's do this! 🕹️🚀
  • 23 and your endless support, my unbeatable combo 👫💖
  • Grateful for 23 years of love, laughter, and lessons 🙏💕
  • Blaze a trail at 23, the world's waiting 🌍🔥
  • 23: where childhood and adulthood blend 🎢👨👧👦
  • Celebrate 23 with the spirit of a lion, the heart of a kid 🦁❤️
    Turning 23 is no small feat — it's a year of change, growth, and getting one step closer to all your big dreams.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Jordan wore the number 23 in high school because he wanted to be at least half as good as his brother, who played on the same team with number 45? Embrace the champ in you as you celebrate your 23rd! 🏀🌟

Celebrating Friendship with 23rd Birthday Shout-Outs

Did your bestie just hit the big 2-3? 🎈 It's time to throw some love their way on the 'gram! From soulmates to partners in crime, these captions are perfect for flaunting your friendship and letting 'em know they're your number one. So, grab your favorite snap, pair it with one of these gems, and watch the double-taps roll in!

  • Cheers to the one who's been by my side since day one, happy 23rd! 🥂✨
  • Born in 2000 and still the life of the party, keep shining bestie! 🎉✨
  • Two hearts, one birthday – love you to the moon and back on your 23rd! 🌙💖
  • Wishing my birthday soulmate a year as fantastic as you are! 🎂🌟
  • 23 looks absolutely fabulous on you, my friend for life! 💁♀️💕
  • Double trouble since 2000, happy 23rd to my partner in crime! 😈🎈
  • 23 years of friendship and a million more to go – love ya, bestie! 🌈👯
  • Slaying since 2000 – keep it up, birthday queen! 👑💋
  • A shout out to the one who's always been there, especially in chapter 23! 📘🤗
  • Born in the same year, rocking since forever – happy 23rd, bestie! 🤘🎸
  • Making 23 look good with a friend like you by my side! 🌟👌
  • From diaper days to 23, love growing up with you! 👶➡️🎂
  • To the friend who's more like family, cheers to your 23rd! 🤞❤️
  • A toast to 23 years of you being the MVP in this friendship game! 🏆🎉
  • Who knew "born in 2000" would still look this good? Happy 23rd. 🍾😎
  • Celebrating 23 with the one who knows all my secrets – don't worry, they're safe with me too! 🤐🎁
  • Laughed together for 23 years, here's to laughing forevermore! 😂💛
  • My always and forever, cheers to your 23rd year of being amazing! 🎈🤍
  • Sharing a birthday with my soulmate just means double the cake, happy 23! 🍰👭
  • Your 23rd year is going to be epic, especially with adventures together! 🌍✈️

Here's to another year of creating unforgettable memories and sharing inside jokes. Happy 23rd to your irreplaceable friend!

Fun Fact: Did you know that the brain fully matures at 25? That means you and your bestie still have 2 more years of "young and wild" excuses! 🧠💃

Reflective 23rd Birthday Captions for the Thoughtful

Turning 23 ain't just another year; it's a real step into grown-up land. So you wanna get all deep and reflective on your IG? Let's bring on the 'grown at 23' reality with captions that'll make your friends go, "Whoa, deep." These birthday reflections for twenty-three are so on point, you'll need to hashtag 'wisdom' just to keep it real.

  • Cheers to 23 years of lessons and blessings 🥂✨
  • Owning my story and the 23 chapters in it 📚❤️
  • Grown at 23 but still living for the little joys 🌱😌
  • 23 trips around the sun and I'm just warming up ☀️🚀
  • Two decades + three = a whole lot of me 💭👣
  • Venturing into my 23rd year with gratitude and grace 🙏🏼💫
  • Tailor-made tales of 23 years of trials and triumphs 🧵🏆
  • No longer a kid, not yet an adult - that's 23 👶➡️🧑
  • Leveled up to 23, wisdom's just starting to flow 🆙🧠
  • Full of dreams at 23, watching them unfold 🌟👀
  • More candles, more clarity at 23 🕯️🤔
  • A toast to 23 years with more questions than answers 🥂❓
  • Celebrating 23 years and the joy in the journey 🎉🛣️
  • At 23, I'm picking passion over pressure, always 🔥💼
  • Reflecting on growth, embracing 23 with hope 🌻🌈
  • My 23rd chapter: bold dreams and brave decisions 📖💪
  • Living my story, one 'grown at 23' reality post at a time 🔄💡
  • Tales of the 23-year-old me - authentic and unfiltered 🗣️👤
  • Here's to 23 years of being unapologetically me 🎈🙌
  • Year 23: Built by experiences, narrating strength 🔨💖

As you rock those reflective vibes on your big day, keep it real, keep it you.

Fun Fact: Did you know that 23 is the smallest prime number with consecutive digits? Prime year, prime you! 🎂🔢

"Chapter 23" - Narratives for Your New Year

Happy birthday to you! You’re turning the big two-three. It’s not just a birthday, it’s the opening page to "Chapter 23" of your life. Whether you’re all about heartfelt narratives or you’re just looking to add a sprinkle of adventure to your day, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to flood your followers’ feeds with stories from your very own life book. Because let's face it, nothing says “I’m here to slay my 23rd year” like a perfectly captured Instagram caption.

  • Chapter 23: Unlocked and ready for new tales 🗝️📖
  • Living my own story at 23 🌟📘
  • Flipping the page to an exciting 23 🔄🎉
  • Stepping into 23 like the main character I am 👣👑
  • Embracing the narrative of 23 🎬📚
  • Making every chapter count, especially the 23rd 🏆📈
  • Crafting my own fairytale in year 23 🧚♀️✨
  • So this is 23: Bold and Unscripted 🖊️💥
  • Penning my journey, chapter 23 begins 🖋️🛤️
  • Plot twist: I’m only getting better at 23 💃🔝
  • Cheers to 23 years and the stories to tell 🥂🗣️
  • Every chapter better than the last, hello 23! 👋🆕
  • Life’s a book, 23 is my cliffhanger 🤔💡
  • "23 and the adventure continues" – loving my storyline so far 🚀🌍
  • Age 23, where each day is a new chapter 🗓️🖌️
  • Feeling the protagonist energy at 23 😎📙
  • My 23rd chapter: A saga of success 🏅🌆
  • Celebrating the sequel called "23 and fabulous" 🍰🎈
  • Year 23, where every moment writes the plot 🕰️📜
  • Adventure is out there, and I'm catching it at 23 🧭💼

You’ve embraced a whole new year filled with unwritten adventures and stories waiting to be told. Bring on the cake, pop the confetti, and strut into your 23rd year like the star you are!

Fun Fact: Did you know that Taylor Swift's hit "22" has none other than a sequel waiting to be written by you? Get inspired and pen your anthem for the year!


Q: Instagram 23rd birthday captions for yourself?

A: Celebrate your big day by highlighting how it's all about you with "Cheers to 23 years of me!"

Q: Funny 23rd birthday captions?

A: Crack a joke with something like "23 years old and still a hot mess — but my selfie game is strong."

Q: 23rd birthday captions for yourself?

A: Mark your special day with "Level 23 unlocked – bring it on!"

Q: 23rd birthday captions for girl?

A: Shout out your milestone with flair using "23 and free, that's the new me!"

Q: What do you say to a 23-year-old birthday?

A: Offer a cheerful "Happy 23rd Birthday! Own your age and make this year the best one yet!"

Q: What is the name of the 23rd birthday?

A: There's no specific name, but some refer to it as the "Jordan Year," celebrating the number 23's association with Michael Jordan.

Q: What is the best caption for a birthday post?

A: Make your birthday post pop with, "Here's to another year of fabulous me!"

Q: What is the caption for Jordan year 23?

A: Channel your inner champion by using, "Jumping into my Jordan year – 23 and ready to soar!"

Final Words

So you've just scrolled through an arsenal of the most epic captions perfect for your 23rd revolution around the sun. From the laugh-out-loud funny to those sweet and short sayings, we've got your back making sure those birthday posts pop. Plus, we dished out some on-point one-liners and aesthetic phrases that'll definitely get those double taps rolling in.

But remember, turning 23 is more than just a chance to show off on social media – it's about marking another year of your fab life. So grab one of these 23rd Birthday Captions, slap it onto your next birthday post, and watch as the love floods your notifications. Here's to being 23 and as amazing as ever—cheers to embracing every new chapter like the boss you are!