Minimum Requirement for General Groups

Date Published
March 21, 2024
Last Updated
March 21, 2024

All of our groups have a certain basic requirement to ensure a minimum quality of engagement and interaction within our pods.

These are blanket requirements that apply to all groups including general and basic groups. They include -

  • Your profile should have a minimum of 20 posts in order to participate within a group
  • Your profile should have a profile/display picture, a bio and a name
  • Your profile should not be within a banned/restricted niche

Niches that are not accepted within Wolf Global Groups -

  • Casino, Gambling Profiles
  • NSFW, Adult Content Profiles
  • Political Profiles
  • Meme Profiles
  • Crypto, Finance, Forex, Web3 and similar Profiles

The purpose of Wolf Global is to help real people and businesses get the most of Instagram. As such, certain types of content and profiles (meme pages, political pages, crypto pages) are prohibited within our pods.

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