Group Cycle Too Fast, What Do I Do?

Last Updated
October 30, 2023
Date Published
July 17, 2022

At times, you may find that our groups move too fast.

You may run into an issue where you just finished engaging with 5 links within a group of ours, and just before you could share you link, more newer links were posted to the group by other members.

We definitely understand how this can really frustrating. However, we have a mechanism in place to tackle this very situation.

Our bot has a 'buffer' when it checks on whether a member has infact given back the engagement to the group before sharing their link.

While we cannot disclose exactly how this works in the interest to ensuring fair usage of groups, we can just give you a quick example -

  • Imagine that you've engaged with 5 recent links within a group
  • Now - right when you're about share you link, another member has shared their link
  • In this case, feel free to share your link and skip the new link
  • You will not receive any warning from WolfGlobalBot