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Getting Started - Wolf Global Groups 101 - Read Me First

Date Published
March 21, 2024
Last Updated
March 21, 2024

Welcome to Wolf Global Groups!

In this short guide, we'll go over the basis of Wolf Global Groups, and how you can use them to get real Instagram likes and comments.


To begin, let's talk about how the groups work. In simple terms, the groups work on a mechanism of give and take. As an example, a particular group may require you to give 5 comments in order to get back 5 comments. The important thing to note here is that you'd have to first contribute to the group before you can get back engagement from the group. We'll explore this in more detail in the next sections.

Group Type

Wolf Global has two group types to choose from. A group can be one of the following -

  • Likes Group - a group where people exchange likes
  • Likes + Comments Group - a group where people exchange both likes and comments

Group Cycle

A group cycle indicates the frequency of engagement a group has. As an example, a group cycle of '5' would mean, that you'd have to engage with 5 of the recent most links within the group and then share your Instagram post link. The next 5 people who come in will then engage with your post. And on and on it goes. You can only insert one link per group cycle. Meaning, once you share a link in a group that has a cycle of '10' then you'd have to wait other 10 new links by other people are shared within the group before you can share another link of yours.

Minimum Requirements

Certain groups may have a minimum requirement. Example -

  • Verified Group - a group for Instagram profiles that are verified
  • 50K+ Group - a group for Instagram profiles that have greater than 50,000 followers

How to Interact in a Group

Alright, now you're ready to participate in the group. But, how do you begin? Here's how -

  • First, as soon as you join a group look for a 'pinned' message at the top of the group.
  • Within the pinned message you'd find information about what this particular group's type and cycle is.
  • Let's say you've joined Onyx Comments - this group is for Likes + Comments and it has a cycle of 10 links
  • Here's what you'll do - go through the latest/recent most 10 links in the group, give comments to all these links via your accounts
  • Once done, share your post link within the group
  • The next ten people who participate in the group will now engage with your link too, thus getting you 10 comments back

Auto Moderation, Warns & Bans

Every aspect of the groups is moderated by an AI-bot. This ensures that everyone within the groups plays fair.

The WolfGlobalBot would warn a member if they are not engaging with the links within the groups, prior to sharing their links.

A maximum of 3 warns will occur before a permanent and non-reversable ban.

Additionally - once the bot bans an account from our groups, the respective Instagram username of that user is banned as well. As such, even if bad actors enter back the groups via new Telegram usernames, they will not be able to participate in the group and get auto banned by the WolfGlobalBot.

Warnings are reset every 30-60 days, chosen randomly.

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