10+ Things to Do in Whistler's Secret Spots

Stumble upon Whistler's secret artisan hideaway, where unique treasures await—but will you unravel the mystery to find it? Discover how... 🗝️
Date Published
March 8, 2024

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From the culinary artisan compositions at Creekside's hidden bistros to the serene paddleboard strokes on Alta Lake, there's a Whistler for everyone. You could get lost in the rhythmic flow of yoga set against the monumental backdrop or chase thrills navigating tree tops like a squirrel on an espresso shot. And don't even get me started on the celestial star gazing that will have you feeling like a speck in the galaxy's paintbrush. So, toss aside that parka (or maybe not, we're still in Whistler after all), and let's delve into the underbelly of a town that's more than just a ski lift lingo.

Uncover the Secret Whistler Artisan Market

So, you're strolling through Whistler, stomach rumbling, and eyes hungry for local craftsmanship? Well, buddy, follow the mountain breeze on a Sunday morning to the hidden gem—the Whistler Artisan Market.

Packed with local vendors, this is no ordinary farmers' market—it's a sensory overload where fresh-baked goodies flirt with your nostrils, and vibrant handcrafted goods catch your eyes like a love at first sight. Picture this: you're biting into a crisp homemade pie, sounds pretty perfect, doesn't it? And you've got to try these:

  • Artisanal cheeses that'll make you wanna hug the cheesemonger
  • Specialty jams that even your grandma would approve of
  • Hand-knitted hats and scarves—it's Whistler, folks, it gets chilly!

Who needs a souvenir shop when you can collect memories and unique local treasures right here? It's where you meet the real Whistler, beyond those glossy postcard scenes.

And listen, you don't wanna rush this visit. Give it an hour or two—the market's rich with stories. Chat up the vendors; their passion for their craft is as infectious as laughter. Trust me, you'll walk away with a full belly, a bag of one-of-its-kind creations, and maybe even a new friend.

Good for everyone from solo explorers to family tribes. Kids can ogle at the colorful display, and the vibe? Oh, it's as chill as the mountain air. Comfy shoes, a reusable bag, and an empty tummy—that's your go-to gear for this adventure. It's the real Whistler—a community woven together with love and a sprinkle of mountain magic.

And hey, while you're treasure hunting, don't forget to click that mental picture—it's worth more than the ones on your phone. But if you're the snap-happy type, no judgment, snap away! So if you're asking yourself, "Whistler farmers' market visits 1-2?" Next time, tell 'em, "Make it a double."

Indulge in Creekside's Cozy Eateries

Tucked away from the buzzing Whistler Village, Creekside is your go-to for a feast in a snug setting. You’re asking, "Where can I find the heartiest comfort food in Whistler?" Right here, folks! Creekside's got the goods – and let's be real, after all those outdoor adventures, you've earned a kick-back-and-chow-down meal.

First up, picture this: You’re wrapped in warm ambiance with a plate of food that screams 'home-made with love.' That's the vibe at these eateries! Got kids? They'll get the royal treatment, too, with menus that'll make them smile from ear to ear.

But, unlike your Aunt Edna's never-ending pot roast, the dining scene in Whistler Creekside is diverse. You're wondering, "What's on the menu?" Feast on everything from elevated pub grub to swoon-worthy sushi and sizzling steaks. And if you’re all about that plant-based life, vegan and vegetarian options abound! You'll want to set aside a good chunk of evening to explore these spots. Trust me, this isn't a grab 'n' go situation.

So, what about the company? Whether you're flying solo, on a romantic getaway, or hosting a family dinner with rambunctious toddlers, Creekside has the perfect spot to suit your crew. And if you're all about catching a little adrenaline by day, these eateries will calmly bring you back down to Earth by night with their oh-so-comforting embrace.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the scenic views are the cherry on top. After a day shredding the slopes or hiking the trails, there's nothing like winding down with a mouthwatering meal and a view that's just... beautiful.

Paddleboard on the Tranquil Alta Lake

Picture this: You're gliding across the glossy surface of Alta Lake, surrounded by stunning mountain vistas, the sun warming your face, and the water gently lapping at your paddleboard. Intrigued? Alta Lake is a paddleboarder's dream come true, offering peace, natural beauty, and that undeniable Whistler vibe.

Paddleboarding here is not just a sport, it's a whole vibe. Alta Lake water sports are epic if you're attempting to find that sweet balance between chill and thrill. Whether you're a newbie or have been on a board since forever, this lake's calm waves make it a fantastic spot for all levels. Want to know what's nearby? Well, you could drop by the local cafes to grab a bite after working up an appetite or just lounge by the lake's edge to soak up the scenery.

Spend a couple of hours or the whole day – time here moves at your pace. It's perfect for those solo zen moments but equally grand for a group hangout. And the best part? You don't have to worry about big boats making waves – it's all smooth sailing.

Alta Lake is a little slice of paddleboard heaven that suits everyone – families, couples, and those free-spirited solo travelers. It's all about savoring the silent strokes of your paddle while the wilderness whispers its secrets. Trust me, this is where memories are made. Whether you want that Instagram-worthy sunrise paddle or the golden glow of a sunset session, Alta Lake delivers.

Now, ready for an adventure that keeps your balance in check and your spirit soaring? Take a deep breath, step on that board, and become one with Whistler's aquatic serenity. And hey, don't forget to check out the local paddleboard rentals – they've got everything you need to make your day at Alta Lake unforgettable.

Join a Whistler Village Scavenger Hunt

Ever played detective? Picture this: You're wandering through Whistler Village, clues in hand, eyes peeled, heart racing with the thrill of the hunt. Whistler Village is your playground, and you, my friend, are about to become a bona fide scavenger hunt champion. This isn't just any stroll; this is an adventure that engages your brain and gets you high-fiving strangers. It's a mix of a treasure hunt and sightseeing tour, so wear comfy shoes, bring your game face, and don't forget your sense of humor!

What's a scavenger hunt like in this mountain paradise? Think riddles that lead you to the coolest spots, many of which you might just stroll past otherwise. And gear up for those "aha!" moments that'll have you snapping pics and cheering with your team. Whether you're with your family, friends, or rolling solo, joining a scavenger hunt can shake up your visit with a good dose of friendly competition.

Perfect for all ages, it's an ideal way to connect with fellow travelers and locals alike. You'll dive into the village culture head-first, laughing all the way. Not to mention, you'll uncover hidden gems and stories that even some locals might not know. If you're worried about time, don't be. These hunts are designed to let you explore at your own pace, so whether you're racing to victory or meandering like there's no tomorrow, you're doing it right.

So, what's nearby after the hunt? Grab a bite, sip a local brew, or just relax with your fellow scavengers. The Village is bustling with cozy spots perfect for either. From singles to families, this activity is a gem for anyone looking for a taste of Whistler outside the typical tourist trail. Ready for some heart-pounding, mind-engaging fun? Then, let's set those 'seek and find' skills to test and create memories you'll be giggling about for years to come!

Feel that anticipation bubbling? That's the adventure calling. Don't just walk Whistler Village – conquer it!

Relish the Flavors at a Whistler Cooking Class

Imagine you're dicing, sautéing, and tasting your way to a scrumptious masterpiece. That's right, you've just entered the flavorful world of a Whistler cooking class. These culinary workshops are the hidden gems where foodies like you get hands-on experience with the freshest local ingredients.

So, what can you whip up in these classes? You'll learn to prepare mouthwatering dishes that will impress your friends and make your taste buds dance. Not to mention, these classes are intimate enough to ensure you get the personal attention you deserve. And the best part? You get to devour your creations. Yum!

Whether you're a kitchen novice or a seasoned home chef, these workshops are tailored to elevate your cooking chops. And let's not forget, it's a fabulous way to meet new people who share your zest for good food.

Ready to don your apron and fire up the stove? You'll find cooking workshops sprinkled throughout Whistler, each offering a unique culinary adventure. And when you're done, you can take those skills and dazzle at your next dinner party. It's time to transform what you eat and how you eat it.

Classes run for a couple of hours, making them a perfect midday activity, leaving you plenty of time to explore the rest of Whistler's palate-pleasing options. They're ideal for couples seeking a romantic afternoon or a group of friends wanting to create a memorable meal together.

Got a craving for culinary mastery? Then it's time to book your spot in a Whistler cooking workshop where you'll chop, season, and laugh your way to an unforgettable meal. Let's turn the heat up and have a blast while we're at it!

Explore Tranquil Trails at Lost Lake Park

Imagine stepping into an enchanting forest where the pine-scented air is as crisp as the snap of twigs underfoot, and every breath you take feels like a sip from a crystal-clear mountain stream. That's Lost Lake Park for you, folks! It's a go-to for anyone who's gotta have that peace and quiet, and it's packed with sights so pretty, you'll wanna slap 'em on a postcard.

So, are you up for a blissful stroll or an invigorating bike ride along trails that look like they've been lifted straight from a fairytale? Lost Lake Park is the superstar spot where you can sink into the greenery and let nature do its thing – which, if you ask me, is to make you blissfully happy.

Let's talk deets. Lost Lake Park ain't just a pretty face; it's ultra-convenient. It's a chill zone that's so close to Whistler Village you could hike in your flip-flops if you wanted to (but seriously, wear proper shoes). And here's the kicker – it's ideal for all kinds of fun-lovers, from solo wanderers to families teaching their tots the fine art of trail-munching.

Here's what you should totally do at Lost Lake Park:

  • Snag your phone (or a camera, if you're ol’ school) and document those vibrant views. C'mon, the 'gram isn't gonna wow itself!
  • Hit those trails hard! Whether you're biking or hiking, expect a love affair with nature, 'cause Lost Lake's got curves and views for days.
  • Cookout, anyone? There are grills ready for your burger-flipping pleasure.

And you're not gonna be twiddling your thumbs asking, "How long should we stay?" Seriously, if you've got half a day, you've got enough time to soak up the serenity. Plus, if you're flying solo or you're a family squad, the trails are perfect.

So, all in all, you want a day that feels like a warm hug from Mother Nature? Lost Lake Park's wide-open arms are waiting with trails that'll treat you so good, you'll leave with nature's kiss upon your cheeks. Enjoy the tranquility, peeps!

Engage in a Whistler Wilderness Photography Workshop

Ever dreamed of taking postcard-perfect pictures of snow-dusted peaks and untouched wilderness? Well, get your cameras ready, because a Whistler photography tour will take your Insta game to whole new heights, literally and figuratively. Imagine the rush - you, surrounded by the serene beauty of Whistler's vast landscapes, capturing the perfect sunrise over a sea of mountains. Talk about #PhotographyGoals!

Whistler's dazzling sights are not just for the pros. Whether you've just peeled the sticker off your camera or you're the friend who takes pictures at every party, these workshops cater to all skill levels. You'll have a local photographer guide who knows all the secret spots that are off the beaten path. They'll take you through deep forests, across gentle streams, and to some points with views that'll make you want to freeze-frame life. Oh, and those elusive wildlife shots? Consider them in the bag.

Here's why you'll love it:

  • Personalized guidance: Your photo guru will provide tips tailor-made to your level of expertise.
  • Hidden vistas: Discover non-touristy lookouts that most travelers don't know about.
  • Skill sharpening: Regardless of your experience, you'll walk away with better photo-taking chops.

This tour isn't simply about the pictures you'll snap; it's about being present in the moment, soaking in the atmosphere, and appreciating the nuances of nature that you might otherwise miss. Besides, isn't it time you actually learned what all those camera buttons do?

On average, you’ll want to set aside half a day for this excursion. It’s a sweet deal for both solo wanderers and groups looking for a shared adventure. Embrace those moments, capture them, and hold onto them forever. And hey, who knows? Your next shot could be the one that sets your social media ablaze.

Savour Local Delicacies at Hidden Whistler Bistros

You're super hungry after a long day on the slopes, right? Guess what? Whistler's got your back with some under-the-radar bistros that are straight-up foodie nirvana. They're like hidden gems, but for your taste buds.

Grab a fork, it's time to dive into the Whistler culinary experiences that'll have you bragging to your friends for months. Whether you're into that farm-to-table vibe or you're hunting for that ooey-gooey poutine that'll make your heart sing, these little spots are where it's at.

Picture it: A cozy, candlelit table with the snowy peaks in the backdrop as you warm up with a bowl of locally-inspired soup or a plate of artisanal cheese that's just begging for a wine pairing. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? These bistros are snug, often family-run, and always packed with character (and characters, if we're being honest).

We're talking about the kind of places where the chefs might just drop by your table to say hello and the servers remember your name if you tell them (no promises, though). And whether you're rocking that single life or herding a bunch of picky eaters that come in toddler size, these little bistros are cozy enough for a date night and welcoming to families.

Now let's think timing—give yourself a solid hour or two. You'll want to savor every bite and sip without rushing. Nearby, you've got the twinkling lights of Whistler Village and, who knows, maybe a local musician strumming a guitar at the corner. It sets the scene just right.

So, which bistro will be your first stop? Keep it a surprise. In Whistler, the best plan is no plan at all, because you're sure to stumble upon a place that feels like it was made for you. Honestly, there's nothing quite like discovering a delightful spot that wasn't in your guidebook—with a menu that'll make your inner food critic do a happy dance.

Discover Whistler's Eccentric Escape Rooms

Craving a dash of mystery with a side of brain-teasing fun? Whistler's escape rooms are your ticket to an hour (or more) of riddle-riddled adventure! Gather your most clever friends, family, or even your think-alike toddler; everyone's invited to join the escapade.

As you step into a themed room packed to the rafters with clues, you'll feel like Sherlock Holmes with a snowboard. It's not just about locks and keys here. It’s a race against time as you decode puzzles and unravel secrets. These rooms are meticulously crafted to challenge your wit and reward your teamwork with that epic "aha!" moment when everything clicks into place.

So, who loves these puzzle palaces? Absolutely everyone—from puzzle-hungry singles ready to mingle over a cryptic challenge to families looking for a wacky way to bond. You got adrenaline junkies? They’ll relish the thrill of beating the buzzer. And for those not so into adrenaline, it’s all about unleashing their inner detective in a safe, yet stimulating environment.

Sure, Whistler's known for its slopes, but these escape rooms? They're like the cherry on top of an already stacked sundae of fun. Plus, it's the perfect activity for those times when the mountain weather decides to throw a snowy curveball at your outdoor plans.

You'll want to set aside at least an hour here—not just to tackle the puzzles, but to bask in the victory of your great escape (or, let's be real, to debate the one clue that nearly stumped you all). Escape rooms in Whistler are known for their creative themes, often inspired by local lore and legends, so you're getting a slice of culture with your conundrums.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get those gears turning, hearts racing, and maybe even have a few good-natured spats over whodunnit better. Just remember, it's all about fun—and maybe a little friendly competition. Ready to accept the challenge? Then check out Whistler's escape rooms and book your spot. After all, the only thing better than solving a mystery is doing it before the time runs out!

Test Your Balance with Whistler Yoga on the Mountain

So, you've conquered the slopes and biked the trails but are you ready to literally elevate your zen to new heights? We're not just talking about feeling good; we're talking about Whistler Yoga classes amidst the majestic mountains where the air is as pure as your freshly-om'ed intentions.

Let's paint this picture right: imagine balancing in warrior pose with a panoramic view that stretches for miles—think of it as yoga with a side of awe-inspiring scenery. This isn't your cramped neighborhood studio session; this is Whistler giving you a natural high while you Namaste.

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or can barely touch your toes, the yoga scene here is inclusive and downright replenishing. Plus, there's this cool thing that happens when you take a deep breath in at altitude – it's like your lungs are giving you a high-five for being so adventurous.

If you're wondering what makes these classes unique:

  • The crisp, mountain air is free of charge and will have you inhaling positivity and exhaling any trace of city stress.
  • Perfect for _every kind of visitor_—solo zen-seekers, love-struck couples looking for a unique date, or families wishing their kids find their inner peace already.
  • Sessions are typically intimate, meaning you'll get attention and space, not someone's foot in your face during downward dog.

Don’t just take it from me, there are rave reviews about personal breakthroughs and heightened senses (and we’re not just talking taste buds after a good Spicy Tuna roll). Expect to spend about an hour transforming your physical and mental state. Oh, and even if you're more rigid than a frozen ski pole, fear not! Instructors are as warm and welcoming as a Whistler hot tub after a day in the snow.

Trek your way to this mountain-top mat, with classes suitable for all levels. It's a workout with a reward better than any view you can get—regardless if you're coming with buddies or you're a lone wolf chasing serenity.

And just when you think it can’t get any better: you realize you're poised on top of the world, and it's utterly breathtaking. This is what you came to Whistler for, isn't it? Unparalleled experiences, just like yoga on the mountain. Now, unroll that mat and reach for the sky; it's closer than you think!

Star Gazing on Whistler's Secluded Lookouts

Picture this: You're wrapped in a cozy blanket, hot cocoa in hand, with a twinkling tapestry of stars overhead. Welcome to Whistler's secluded lookouts, where star gazing isn't just an activity, it's an experience that connects you with the universe in a way that's absolutely out of this world.

Whistler’s night skies are a sanctuary for stargazers. The silver glow of the Milky Way? Yep, you can see that here. Shooting stars? Make a wish, because they're pretty regular guests too. Now, you might be wondering, what makes Whistler's star gazing spots so special? For starters, these spots are away from the bright lights of the village, giving you a clear, unobstructed view of the heavens.

For the night owls and lovers of all things astral, the secluded lookouts offer an unforgettable night under the stars that's straight-up mesmerizing. Bring your telescope or binoculars for an even better view, or just lie back on a blanket and let the starry spectacle wow you—no tech necessary.

And sweet celestial wonders, you don't need to be an astronomer to find the perfect spot. Just a short drive from the village, check out areas like Callaghan Valley or the serene shores of Alpha Lake. You're in for an evening of connecting constellations and spotting satellites.

So who's this for? Whether you’re a couple looking for that perfect romantic evening, a family on the hunt for a cosmic adventure, or just flying solo in the quest for peace and quiet, these starry skies wrap everyone in a backdrop of awe. Plan to spend a few hours—time flies when you're counting meteors.

Take the tip from locals and visit on a new moon night; it’s when the magic really happens. And hey, keep your eyes peeled for the Northern Lights, too. Because yes, sometimes they grace these skies and it's like the cherry on top of an already stellar evening.

Ready for a stargazing escapade? Bring your sense of wonder, your best nighttime playlist, and maybe a wish or two to cast upon the stars. It’s not just about looking up; it’s about feeling small in the best possible way and soaking up the universe's boundless beauty.

Embark on a Whistler Tree Top Adventure Course

Imagine yourself swinging from tree to tree like a modern-day Tarzan or perhaps a stealthy squirrel. No need to just picture it, it's totally doable at Whistler Tree Top Adventure Course. And guess what? It's exhilarating!

This isn't your average walk in the park. Oh no. You'll be up in the trees, taking on suspension bridges, Tarzan swings, and some awesome ziplines. It's literally a playground in the sky, people! You'll need anywhere from two to three hours to tackle the whole course. That's right, you can be a sky hero almost right away.

Craving for a bit of a thrill? This place is perfect for adrenaline junkies of all levels. And it's family-friendly too, so bring the kids! They’ll love the kiddo course designed just for them. Not too small, not too big, but just right.

Your adventure among the treetops will bring you closer to the heart of Whistler's natural beauty. Look down (if you dare) and you might catch a glimpse of a deer or a bear wandering below you. Nature's show runs all day long!

So who's this for? Singles, couples, families with brave kiddos – it's really for anyone who loves a bit of a challenge and a lot of fun. Here, you get your blood pumping and your laughter muscles working overtime. And there’s always a safety guide watching out for you, so you're in good hands.

Now, if you're hungry after all that action, you're in luck because Whistler's delicious culinary scene is just a stone throw away. So, what are you waiting for? Pull on those sneakers and let the adventure begin!


Q: What are some things to do in Whistler during the summer?

A: Hit the mountain bike trails, hike up to alpine lakes, or zip through the trees in Whistler. You won't run out of adventures!

Q: What are some things to do in Whistler in the winter?

A: Besides skiing, you can snowshoe, take a sleigh ride, or relax in a hot tub while snowflakes drift down. Pure magic!

Q: What can I do in Whistler in December?

A: December's great for skiing and snowboarding, village strolls, and holiday events. Plus, you can meet Santa on the slopes!

Q: What are some unique things to do in Whistler?

A: How about ax throwing, bobsledding, or a scenic helicopter tour? Whistler's got quirky fun for everyone!

Q: What's happening in Whistler today?

A: Check out local event calendars for the latest on festivals, live music, and community happenings—there's always something going on!

Q: What can I do in Whistler in November?

A: November is perfect for early skiing, hitting the spas, and catching film festivals. It's the calm before the winter holiday storm!

Q: Is Whistler worth visiting if you don't ski?

A: Absolutely! There's shopping, dining, spas, and tons of other activities. Whistler's not just about the slopes.

Q: How many days in Whistler is enough?

A: Three to five days should let you experience the main attractions, but a week would give you more time to explore and relax.

Q: Is Whistler a day trip?

A: Sure, it can be, but to really soak it in, staying overnight is better. There's too much fun for just one day!

Q: What is so special about Whistler?

A: It's a wonderland with stunning scenery, world-class skiing, vibrant culture, and activities year-round. Whistler's a true gem!

Final Words

Whew, you've made it through a whirlwind tour of the best things Whistler has to offer – from the rustic charm of the Whistler Artisan Market to the thrill of tree top adventure courses. You've discovered where to indulge in local cuisine, paddleboard on serene lakes, and where the perfect spots are for that Instagram-worthy photo during a photography workshop. As you pack your virtual bags full of ideas, remember that Whistler is more than just a destination; it's an experience waiting for you to dive in.

Your adventure in Whistler doesn't have to be just a dream. Tuck these tips into your pocket and get ready to create some incredible memories. Remember, there's something for everyone in this mountain haven, so surely you'll find your slice of joy. And when you do, share the love – because who knows, your stories might just inspire someone else's next big adventure in Whistler.Ever thought the mountains were just for shredding powder? Think again, my friend! Whistler isn't just a snow junkie's paradise; it's a vibrant playground buzzing with hidden gems and one-of-a-kind experiences all year round. Sure, you might know about the world-famous slopes that beckon skiers and boarders alike, but let me ask you this: when was the last time you brushed elbows with local artisans, sipping on freshly brewed mountain coffee as you peruse handcrafted treasures? Welcome to the secret side of Whistler, where the artisan market is just the beginning.

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Aria Ohlsson, the Instagram storyteller extraordinaire, takes you on adventures through her enchanting narratives. An avid hiker, she scales peaks and weaves tales of mountaintop triumphs. When she's not conquering trails, you'll find her immersed in classic novels, finding inspiration for her next tale.
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