Have you ever imagined stepping into a living postcard? That’s what a day in Tuscany is like with its rolling hills, dotting the countryside like scoops of gelato on a confectioner's canvas. But oh, my friend, Tuscany is more than just a pretty face. This heart of Italy is bustling with activities that could make your every Instagram follower weep with jealousy. From whispering sweet nothings to the historic walls of Cortona to indulging in cheeses so artisanal you can hear Puccini serenading every bite in Pienza, this slice of heaven is brimming with once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

But don't think it's all just sensory indulgence; no, no. Let the mystical hot springs of Saturnia rejuvenate your very soul and transport you into what could only be described as nature's spa. Buckle up for a scenic drive through Val d'Orcia where every turn is a new sonnet, or sip on wines so fine amidst Chianti's countryside, you'd bet the grapes had been kissed by the Tuscan sun itself. You could even get lost in Volterra's alleys, tracing the steps of the ancient Etruscans, or climb atop Lucca’s historic walls where history stretches out beneath you. I'm here to ignite that Tuscan fire in your heart with this guide that will have you booking the next flight to Firenze faster than you

Wander Through Cortona's Historic Streets

Picture this: you're ambling down narrow cobblestone alleys, flanked by centuries-old buildings that whisper tales of the past with every ivy-draped stone. Welcome to Cortona, folks! This hilltop town isn't just a smattering of pretty facades - oh no - it's a living, breathing testament to the Etruscan and medieval chronicles of Tuscany.

What makes Cortona a standout? For starters, it embodies that dreamy Italian stereotype you've seen in movies, except it's 100% real and 110% charming. It's got the whole shebang – panoramic views, art, history, and a romantic vibe that'll make you want to swoon right into the nearest gelato shop.

Cortona is the ultimate stroll-worthy locale. Think cozy nook of a café here, an artisan shop there, and vistas of rolling hills everywhere. Get lost (figuratively, please) and discover courtyards that look untouched by time, majestic churches, and museums that are a history buff's happy place.

Here's the deal: you'll want to spend a solid 2 to 4 hours here, just soaking it all in. It's great for curious souls and lovers of history, but honestly, if you adore pretty towns and want fabulous Instagram shots, you'll dig it too.

While you're meandering, don't miss the Museo Diocesano or the MAEC for your fix of Etruscan goodies. And for the cherry on top, Cortona’s sunsets are notoriously spectacular. Park yourself somewhere with a westward view and thank me later. Oh, and couples – can you say "perfect spot for a smooch at sundown"? Yes, you can – in Cortona!

So grab your comfy walking shoes, charge that camera, and plunge into the heartbeat of Tuscany with a tour through the historic streets of Cortona. Make every moment count, because in this town, every cobblestone has a story.

Taste Artisanal Cheeses in Pienza

Imagine strolling through a quaint village where the air is filled with the rich scent of aging pecorino. That's right, we're in Pienza, the heart of Tuscany, and your taste buds are about to embark on a cheesy adventure of a lifetime. Pienza is synonymous with artisanal cheese, especially its world-renowned pecorino, crafted from sheep's milk and cured to perfection in the local tradition.

Why does Pienza's pecorino stand out in the crowded cheese universe? Well, put on your cheese connoisseur hat because it's all about the unique combination of the diet of the sheep that graze on the Tuscan hills and the age-old cheese-making practices that date back to the time of, if you can believe it, the ancient Etruscans. These folks knew their cheeses!

Your cheese-centric journey in Pienza might look like this:

  • Pop into a family-owned cheese shop, where generations have perfected their craft. Here, you'll sample slices of the town's pride, ranging from young, soft, and creamy, to aged, firm, and robust with flavors. The textures and tastes will have your palate doing the tango!

  • Join an artisanal cheese tasting tour where you get the inside scoop on the cheesemaking process. You'll see up close and personal how curds become the celebrated pecorino. And yes, you'll get to taste it right from the source – it's like cheese nirvana!

  • Discover nearby cheese farms, some within walking distance, where you can meet the star cheese producers (the sheep, of course!) and the passionate farmers who pour love into every wheel they make.

It's not just a cheesy experience, it's a peek into Pienza's soul. Cheese tastings are ideal for everyone, from singles or couples looking for a taste of local culture, to families who want to expose their kids to the fun side of food education. Spend an hour or two – it's the perfect pit stop in between exploring Tuscany's scenic vistas.

So, ready for a cheesy escapade? Of course, you are! Slip into those comfy shoes, bring your camera, and maybe skip breakfast, because Pienza's pecorino is going to fill you up with joy, culture, and, frankly, the need for a little siesta afterward!

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Relax in Saturnia's Natural Hot Springs

Imagine yourself melting away stress in a steamy, bubbling sanctuary. Yep, I'm talking about Saturnia's natural hot springs—a rejuvenation hotspot for both your body and Instagram feed, trust me. These geothermal waters are like a spa designed by Mother Nature, and they're cranked up to just the right temperature, perfect for soaking your bones after a day of Tuscan adventures.

The springs are open year-round, okay? So, whether you're shivering through winter or sweating in summer, these waters have your name written all over them. And get this—the hot springs aren't just a modern-day chill spot; they've been a hit since Roman times. People have been dipping their toes and, well, everything else, into these healing waters for centuries! Hello, can we say timeless wellness destination?

Now, let's talk setup. This isn't some fancy schmancy resort—it's raw, rugged, and jaw-droppingly beautiful. Surrounded by the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside, the hot springs are a series of rock pools with water cascading down like a warm, watery staircase. It's like Tuscany decided to show off just how stunning it can be and created the ultimate natural jacuzzi as proof.

There's no entry fee; your euros can stay tucked away in your pocket. Just roll up with your swimsuit (or not, it's Italy, after all), your fluffiest towel, and get ready to bob around for a few minutes, or hours—it's up to your pruney fingers to decide. It's an experience that's good for solo relaxation seekers, loved-up couples, or your entire squad. Kids love it too, but keep an eye on them, these are natural pools, not kiddie zones.

Local tip: visit early morning or during the week if you can. It’s less crowded, and you'll have more serene vibes. And don't forget, with places like this, you're not just taking memories; you're responsible for keeping the place as undisturbed as you found it. So, pack up your trash, and let's keep Saturnia gorgeous for the next batch of relaxation warriors!

Embark on a Val d'Orcia Scenic Drive

Imagine rolling hills, ancient vineyards, and a road that ribbons through the heart of it all. That's the essence of a Val d'Orcia scenic drive. Exhilarating, right? It's like a love letter from Italy written just for you, with every turn of the road revealing yet another breathtaking view that seems straight out of a Renaissance painting.

Val d'Orcia is not just a feast for the eyes; it's a sanctuary for the soul. Here's why a drive through this UNESCO World Heritage site should be high on your list:

  • The landscapes are so dramatic and unreal, you'll pinch yourself to make sure you're not dreaming!

  • You'll cruise past cypress trees standing guard along the winding roads—silent sentries of the valley.

  • Picture-perfect towns like Pienza and Montalcino beckon with their charm—and trust me, you'll want to answer that call.

You'll want to set aside at least half a day for this drive to truly soak in the magic. It's much more than a means to get from one place to another; it's an experience that engages all your senses. This drive is great for anyone—singles on a soul-searching journey, couples lost in romance, or families making memories.

And let's talk about that golden hour! As the sun sets, the hills are set ablaze with a warm glow—this, my friends, is the cherry on top of a perfect day. Photographers, get your cameras ready; you'll want to capture every moment.

So, why wait? Slide into the driver's seat, lower those windows, and let Tuscany's heartland embrace you fully. If you're a fan of leisurely drives that come with a dash of wow, then the Val d'Orcia scenic drive is your ticket to bliss. Strap in and prep for a drive that's anything but ordinary—you'll be reminiscing about it for years to come!

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Unearth Volterra's Etruscan Heritage

Imagine yourself strolling through the ancient streets of Volterra, where every cobblestone whispers stories of the past. It's like stepping back in time, getting whisked away to an era of mystery and discovery. You're not just visiting a town; you're unraveling the threads of history in one of Italy's most prized Etruscan gems.

What's so special about Volterra's Etruscan heritage?
It's unique because Volterra is one of the few cities that can boast an unbroken history from the Etruscan age to modern times. The remnants of the Etruscan civilization here are vividly tangible. You can feel the pulse of bygone eras as you wander through the Etruscan Museum, brimming with artifacts that have observed millennia pass by.

For those who get giddy over ancient relics, buckle up! Volterra's Guarnacci Etruscan Museum is renowned for having one of the most extensive collections of Etruscan artifacts in the world. Picture this: intricately carved funerary urns that Etruscans crafted with their own hands. You're getting a rare peek into their everyday lives, beliefs, and even their sense of humor—dead people got jokes too, apparently.

And let's talk about the Etruscan walls—a breathtaking sight! These mammoth stones were stacked up without mortar (because who needs it when you've got skills like that?), and their presence is mighty. These walls have seen things, and if you listen closely, the steady breeze might carry tales of ancient hustle and bustle just for you.

Precisely how long should you pencil in for this adventure? Give yourself a good half-day – there's so much to take in! This kind of experience isn't just for history buffs. Families find it fascinating, and it's a winner for anyone who feels that tug in their soul when they stand where legends once did.

From the winding streets dotted with artisanal shops to the stunning view that stretches out from the town's edge, Volterra is a magnet for those in search of a deeper connection with Tuscany's soul. It's the sort of escape that's perfect for the curious and the dreamers, those eager to sip from the cup of a civilization that shaped so much of our own. And when the sun begins to dip low, casting a golden hue over the Etruscan walls, that's when you'll know – this place is truly magical.

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Sip Wines on a Chianti Countryside Retreat

Imagine yourself nestled in the heart of Tuscany, the sun warming your face as you gaze over rolling hills dotted with vineyards and olive groves. You're on a Chianti countryside retreat, and life, my friend, couldn't be more flavorful. Here, in the cradle of the world-renowned Chianti wine region, you get to play sommelier for the day—or let's be real, for the trip—swirling, sniffing, and sipping some of the finest reds on the planet.

Why make the journey out to Chianti? Because wine is not just a beverage here; it's a cultural experience. This land whispers stories through every grape it yields. Dive into full-bodied wines that speak of the history and heart that's poured into each bottle. Trust me, this is not your regular grocery store sip; it's a sensory symphony.

The Chianti region beckons wine lovers, romantics, and adventurers alike. Couple it with local cheeses and fresh, crusty bread as you relax at a family-run vineyard. For those who lean into exclusivity, some wineries offer private tours where you can uncork history, discovering age-old cellars and perhaps, even find your new favorite vintage.

And, oh! Make sure to take a thousand pictures of that iconic scenery because, let's be honest, the ‘Gram needs that aesthetic. This is the stuff of Italian daydreams and trust me, even your most travel-weary friends will double-tap that vista in a heartbeat.

It's ideal for couples seeking that picture-perfect sunset toast, but families and solo explorers will also find joy in the simplicity of Chianti’s rustic charm. Plan to spend at least a day here, though two or three would let you soak up the relaxed pace that Tuscany does so well.

Whether you're angling for that storybook picnic amid the vines or craving an intimate cellar tour, the Chianti countryside offers that unique Tuscan blend of tranquility and taste. So raise your glass to a trip that's bound to be as rich and memorable as the varietals you'll happily get acquainted with. Cheers to you, oenophile explorer! 🍷

Explore Lucca's Historic Walls on Foot

Picture yourself strolling atop the broad, tree-lined pathways of Lucca's historic walls. These Renaissance-era ramparts are not just walls; they're a stunningly preserved circuit of beauty where you, my friend, can take a walk through centuries of history. You'll feel like royalty on a private tour, yet it's just another day in Lucca for the locals!

Why is the walk so spectacular? It's not every day you get to amble on a 40-foot-wide path atop a wall, with panoramic views of a storied city on one side and gorgeous Tuscan landscapes on the other. Expect to spend about an hour and a half (if you're not stopping every 3 seconds to snap pics) to cover the full 2.7 miles of this historic treasure.

Who will love it? Everyone from solo adventurers to families with kids in tow. The flat path makes for an easy walk or a joyous bike ride, and there's plenty of space for the little ones to run around while the grownups take in the scenic beauty. Romance seekers, rejoice! You'll find plenty of cozy nooks along the walls to steal a kiss or two.

Plus, once you've had your fill of the lofty heights, Lucca's charming streets beckon below. Piazza Anfiteatro, the iconic oval piazza, is a stone's throw away, and adorable cafes are ready to serve up a scrumptious gelato or a heavenly shot of espresso.

And for history buffs, the walls themselves are a lesson in architecture and warfare – these were built to defend, and boy, do they look the part, even today. It's like they're whispering tales of the past with every ancient stone and majestic bastion.

So, lace up your favorite walking shoes and hit the path. You're about to step into a remarkable piece of Tuscany's heart that's free to explore, endlessly photogenic, and endlessly captivating.

Discover Montepulciano's Underground Cellars

Picture this: You're wandering through a maze of ancient, stone corridors, weaving under the charming town of Montepulciano. It feels like you've stepped back in time as you explore these cavernous underground cellars, wrapped in cool, musty air that whispers tales of generations past. These cellars are not just holes in the ground, my friends – they are the treasured vaults where Vino Nobile, Montepulciano's pride, slowly matures to perfection.

Montepulciano cellar tastings? Oh, you betcha! They're not your run-of-the-mill wine sips at a bar. These are full-on sensory experiences:

  • The Sight: Rustic barrels line the walls, with cobwebs like delicate lace and the amber glow of subdued lighting.

  • The Smell: That intoxicating aroma of oak and earth that'll have you believe you can smell the color burgundy.

  • The Taste: Each sip is like a story of sun-drenched grapes and time-honored traditions dancing on your tongue.

  • The Feel: The velvety liquid leaves a trail of warmth in your chest, a cozy embrace from the inside out.

And hey, if you're not convinced by the romance of it all, these cellars offer a cool retreat from Tuscany's summer heat. Spend around two hours (more if you're feeling particularly grape-happy) underground for a unique twist to your wine education. This is perfect for groups of friends or lovers looking for that serene yet stimulating escape. Plus, if you rise back to the surface and the sun's still shining, you're smack in the middle of a town brimming with Renaissance beauty.

So, what makes these cellars genuinely attractive to both locals and tourists? It's the combination of history, wine, and the sheer cool factor (literally and figuratively) of being beneath an Italian hill town. Trust me, after your visit, the word "cellar" will no longer just refer to that place where you store Christmas decorations.

Now you're imagining it, aren't you? It's time to turn those daydreams into reality. Let's tap into Tuscany's underground treasure and sip our way through history. Salute!

Join a Tuscan Cooking Class in Florence

Picture this: You're in Florence, the heart of Tuscany, surrounded by the aroma of fresh garlic and basil, hands dusted with flour, and laughter filling the air. That's right, you've just joined one of the city's famed Tuscan cooking classes, and life is delicious!

These classes are more than just a step-by-step guide to whipping up mouthwatering Italian dishes. They're a deep dive into the region's culinary traditions, an interactive feast for your senses. You'll get to tie on an apron, roll up your sleeves, and get elbow-deep in dough under the guidance of passionate local chefs. Whether you're a cooking novice or a seasoned foodie, these classes cater to all levels of expertise.

But let's get to what's on the menu, shall we? You'll master the art of making pasta from scratch – think pappardelle, tagliatelle, and maybe even some ravioli. You'll toss up a traditional Tuscan salad and simmer a robust ragù that Nonna would approve of. And for the wow factor, you'll perfect the puffy-crusted, aromatic beauty of a genuine Italian pizza.

While the ingredients sizzle and the pasta boils, you'll glean insider tips on how to pair wines with your dishes, making sure your future dinner parties are the talk of the town. Not to mention, you'll be doing all this in a vibrant atmosphere, often accompanied by a glass of Chianti to unleash your inner chef.

These classes wrap up with the best part – sitting down to savor your creations, surrounded by new friends in a cozy Florentine kitchen. Your stay in Tuscany wouldn't be complete without this immersive culinary adventure. Expect to spend a joyful few hours that blur into an evening of indulgence – delicious, right?

And remember, you're in Florence, so post-cooking class, you can stroll along the cobblestone streets, gelato in hand, basking in the afterglow of your culinary conquest. It's an experience that's perfect for food-loving singles, romantic couples, and even families looking to stir up some fun. So, go ahead, book a Tuscan cooking class in Florence and stir your way to an authentic slice of Italian life!

Attend a Lesser-Known Tuscan Autumn Festival

Picture this: it's autumn in Tuscany, the air is brisk, the leaves are shades of gold and ruby, and the whole region is buzzing with the excitement of harvest season. Now, you're not just going to sit back and watch the leaves fall, are you? No way! It's time to dive headfirst into a Tuscan autumn festival, where traditions come alive and you can eat, dance, and celebrate like a local.

Tuscany in the fall is a tapestry of festivals, and I'm not talking about your average street fair. Imagine a centuries-old celebration in a picture-perfect medieval town. That's the kind of stuff that makes you feel like you've walked straight into a Renaissance painting.

With festivals spread across the region, each offers something unique. Perhaps you'll stumble upon a chestnut festival in a charming hillside village, or a wine festival that celebrates the local harvest with gusto. There's nothing quite like bonding with Tuscans who are prouder than proud to share their heritage and, of course, the fruits of their labor. Be prepared to indulge in traditional fare and fine local wines—your taste buds will thank you.

Spend a day or two fully immersed in these spirited festivities, which are perfect for the curious solo adventurer eager to mingle, families looking for authentic experiences, and especially foodies chasing the ultimate taste of Tuscany. Nearby, there’s likely a historic castle or vineyard waiting to complete your Tuscan autumn tale.

Imagine clinking glasses with new friends under the warm glow of strung-up lights, a live folk band playing, and everyone dancing in the streets—this is your lesser-known Tuscan festival, and it’s a memory you’ll keep long after the last leaf drops.

And while you're up to your elbows in local culture, don't forget to saunter over to the nearby towns—each has a story to tell, and who knows what hidden gems you'll uncover. From cobbled streets begging to be explored to sunset views that'll steal your heart, there's no shortage of surprises around here.

So grab your comfiest shoes and be ready to dance the night away. And who knows, you might just decide to toss your return ticket and become a festival-hopping Tuscan local—hey, stranger things have happened!

Enjoy a Leisurely Bike Tour Around Maremma

Imagine the warm Tuscan sun on your face, a gentle breeze in your hair, all while pedaling leisurely through some of the most beautiful landscapes Italy has to offer. That's right, we're talking about taking a bike tour around the fantastic region of Maremma. Picture wide-open spaces, rolling hills, and a chance to breathe in the fresh, countryside air - it's almost like this place was made for biking!

Maremmmawith its breath-taking regional parks is a cyclist's haven. This hidden gem of Tuscany is less crowded than its famous neighbors, meaning you get to soak in those serene views pretty much all by yourself. Feeling adventurous? Why not venture into one of the lush Maremma regional parks; they're perfect for a mid-ride exploration!

So, who's this bike tour cut out for? Absolutely everyone. Whether you're a solo explorer with nothing but time and curiosity, a couple looking for that romantic escapade, or a family wanting to make some unforgettable holiday memories - Maremma's diverse landscapes cater to all.

You won't need to be a Tour de France athlete, either. Maremma's routes range from the flat and peaceful to the slightly more challenging, allowing you to pick the pace that suits you best. Spend a couple of hours or the whole day letting the pedal-powered journey reveal hidden corners of Tuscany you'd never get to see from the inside of a car.

Got a few hours to spare? Great! Most bike tours can be completed in half a day, leaving you ample time to enjoy a picnic with local produce or venture into the nearby historic towns. Trust us, the sight of medieval villages atop distant hills is an absolute treat - and a little Tuscan cheese and wine never hurt after a few miles on the bike.

And worry not about logistics; whether you need to rent a bike or you're bringing your own two-wheeler, Maremma is all set to accommodate. With welcoming locals known for their hospitality, you’ll find that every question you have is met with a smile - and perhaps a recommendation for the best ad hoc pit stop.

Now let's talk packing: don’t forget your comfortable shoes, water bottle, sunscreen, and a camera because your friends back home will definitely be turning green with envy when they see your Maremma adventure snaps. Get ready to make those pedal-pushing memories last a lifetime, and who knows, you might just discover your new annual getaway.

Go Truffle Hunting in the Tuscan Forests

Picture this: you're trekking through the verdant Tuscan forests, the earthy aroma of the undergrowth fills the air, your heart pounds with anticipation, and then... voilà! You discover a hidden gem—a truffle, the crown jewel of Italian cuisine!

Truffle hunting in Tuscany isn't just a walk in the woods; it's a full-on adventure. It's you, nature, and a team of expert truffle dogs or pigs with noses engineered to sniff out these subterranean treasures. And guess what? These forest foraging excursions are perfect for absolutely everyone seeking a one-of-a-kind experience—singles embracing adventure, families looking to bond, or foodies hungry for the freshest flavors.

Let's break it down on how unique this is. Truffles can't be cultivated like the tomatoes in your backyard. These fungi thrive in special conditions offered by Tuscany's soil and climate, making them as rare as they are delectable. By joining a truffle hunting experience, you delve into the local traditions, learning why Tuscany is a culinary heaven.

You'll want to set aside at least half a day for this adventure because, after the hunt, you get to enjoy the spoils. We're talking truffle-infused lunches where every bite is a testament to the magic that just unfolded in the forest.

Near the truffle-rich areas, you can also explore quaint villages and rolling vineyards making it the perfect blend of culture and gastronomy—think of it as nourishment for your soul and your stomach!

It doesn't matter if you're a thrill-seeker or a comfort-connoisseur, truffle hunting will suit you just fine. You'll leave with a full heart, a full stomach, and maybe, just maybe, a new-found appreciation for pigs and their treasure-sniffing snouts. Is there really a better way to experience the essence of Tuscany? I dare say not.


Q: Unusual things to do in Tuscany?

A: Explore hidden gems like the Tarot Garden, have a soak in Saturnia’s thermal baths, or hunt for truffles in the Tuscan forest.

Q: What to do in Tuscany countryside?

A: Wander through the vineyards, visit a local farm for a cheese tasting, or cycle along the rolling hills.

Q: Non touristy things to do in Tuscany?

A: Join a cooking class in a local's home, discover small vineyards for intimate wine tastings, or hike the lesser-known paths of the Apennines.

Q: Things to do in Tuscany with family?

A: Enjoy family-friendly farm stays, go horseback riding, or visit the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Vinci.

Q: Things to do in Tuscany in October?

A: Experience the olive harvest, attend the Lucca Comics & Games festival, or savor the wine during Tuscany’s harvest season.

Q: Things to do in Florence?

A: Marvel at the Duomo, see the Statue of David, and cross the Ponte Vecchio bridge. Don't miss the Uffizi Gallery!

Q: What is Tuscany best known for?

A: Tuscany is celebrated for its stunning landscapes, rich history, art, world-class wine, and delicious cuisine.

Q: Where not to miss in Tuscany?

A: Make sure to visit the historic cities of Florence, Siena, and Pisa, and don't skip the beautiful countryside of Chianti.

Q: How many days in Tuscany is enough?

A: Ideally, spend at least 5 days to appreciate the art, cuisine, and vineyards, though a longer stay will let you explore more.

Q: Can you do Tuscany in 3 days?

A: Yes, focus on key spots like Florence, Siena, and the Chianti wine region, but prepare for a packed itinerary.

Final Words

You've journeyed through the charming streets of Cortona and tasted the most delightful artisanal cheeses in Pienza. You've relaxed in the soothing natural hot springs of Saturnia and taken in the breathtaking views on a scenic drive through Val d'Orcia. You've delved into the ancient Etruscan heritage of Volterra and sipped exquisite wines in the heart of Chianti. From taking historic walks in Lucca to uncovering the underground cellars of Montepulciano and much more, your Tuscan adventure has been nothing short of spectacular.

Reflecting on these experiences, it's clear that Tuscany is a treasure trove of culture, history, and natural beauty. As you leave with vivid memories and a heart full of Italy, just remember there's always something new to explore. The next time you find yourself wondering about the things to do in Tuscany, just think back to these unforgettable moments and know that more captivating adventures await.