Hey there, are you tired of scrolling endlessly through social media, thinking there's gotta be more to life than just likes and shares? Well, guess what? There is, and it's nestled in the lush green embrace of Surrey! This whimsical wonderland isn't just about the breathtaking nature reserves that'll make your Instagram followers greener than Surrey Hills; it's a trove of experiences waiting to pop your "been there, done that" bubble. We're talking secretive caves and storybook chapels that seem to whisper tales of yore, each corner of Surrey brimming with charm that's not just another tick on your bucket list, but a proper, heart-pounding tickle of your wanderlust.

Why settle for ordinary when Surrey's got the extraordinary stashed like a well-kept secret in Britain’s cozy pocket? With every step through its famed attractions and hidden gems—like Watts Chapel or the serpentine path of the Basingstoke Canal—you're not just walking; you're time-traveling, flavor-savoring, and adventure-chasing. It's about time you discovered why Surrey's more than just a picturesque postcard. It's a canvas, and you're about to paint your next great memory right onto it. Let’s dive into the land of the unsung and wildly captivating—an ultimate list of 'Things to Do in Surrey' that’ll snap you out of the mundane and sling you into the heart of experiences.

Wander the Enchanted Watts Chapel

You're not just visiting a chapel, you're stepping into a whimsical art piece that tells stories on its walls. Watts Chapel, a vision straight out of a fairy tale, is an architectural treasure nestled in the heart of Guildford. It's not your average cultural site; it's a canvas of intricate Celtic and Art Nouveau designs. A love letter in terracotta, crafted by the hands of Mary Watts and the local villagers, it beckons you to explore its every nook and cranny.

This is a place that whispers histories in your ears, with every tile holding a tale patiently waiting to be heard. Ideal for contemplative minds and lovers of the arts, you don't just walk the grounds of Watts Chapel, you wander through an immersive storybook.

  • Discover the unity of beauty and spirituality, as this is not just a chapel, but a work of art.

  • Immerse yourself in the community spirit that birthed its stunning designs.

  • Experience an intimate visit that stays with you long after you leave.

Expect to spend a serene hour here, soaking in the tranquility and the fine artistic expressions. It's a favorite for those who cherish hidden gems away from the bustle. Nearby, the charming Guildford town awaits, with its cozy eateries and inviting boutiques, detailed in the guide to My Top Spots in Guildford.

Whether you're flying solo, on a romantic getaway, or with your eager little ones, Watts Chapel is a magical pause from reality. Especially if you've got a thing for details, art, and serene historical vibes, this is your spot. Trust me, your camera won’t sit idle here—get ready for some seriously enchanting snaps!

So, embrace the peculiar, the profound, and the peaceful at this truly unique Guildford haven. Who knew a slice of heaven was hiding right here in Surrey?

Glide on the Serene Basingstoke Canal

Imagine gently pushing off the dock, your paddle dipping into the still waters as you glide along Basingstoke Canal. It's just you, the soft splash of your paddle, and a corridor of greenery and wildlife hugging the shoreline. Tranquility? You bet.

If you're looking for a unique thing to do that mixes relaxation with a touch of adventure, this is it. Folks say if Surrey had a 'best-kept secret', the Basingstoke Canal might just be it. And here's why:

  • Scenic Views for Days: You're surrounded by some of Surrey's finest scenery, making this a major point of interest for both locals and tourists. Trees arching over the water create this enchanting, almost tunnel-like effect. Got a camera? You'll want it.

  • Wildlife Wonders: Keep those eyes peeled - kingfishers, dragonflies, and perhaps even a shy heron could be chilling near the banks. A paradise for nature lovers? Absolutely.

It's perfect for a lazy Sunday paddle and equally great if you've got a bundle of energy to burn. Just rent a canoe or a kayak and set off. You control the pace (hint: slow and steady wins the race for soaking up the serenity).

And get this – if you've got a couple of hours to spare, that's all it takes to feel like you've escaped to another world. But if you're in for the long haul, why not pack a picnic? There are lovely spots along the way to take a break and munch on some goodies.

Who's it for, you ask? This slice of Surrey is ace for families, couples, or even if you want some 'me-time'. Whether you're seven, seventy, or anywhere in between, the canal is a gentle adventure that beckons.

So, wanna make your day a whole lot better? Easy. Come and take a leisurely journey down this historic waterway. It's a surefire way to slow down time and enjoy the little things in life. Just, you know, watch out for the ducks; they think they own the place.

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Uncover History at the Rural Life Centre

Ever wanted to time travel? Step into the Rural Life Centre, and you've nearly got it! This isn't just any dusty ol' museum; it's Surrey's gem where history feels as fresh as your morning coffee. With buildings that whisk you back to yesteryear and artifacts that tell the tales of rural English life, it’s like reliving history without the homework.

Why is the Rural Life Centre worth your time? The answer is simple: it's where the past comes alive. From a blacksmith's workshop to a village school, the centre spreads across ten acres, making it the largest countryside collection in the South of England. It's where you can almost hear the clinking of the smith's hammer, the whisper of the vintage radio, and the laughter of children playing hopscotch.

The centre isn't just a wander through the old days; it's interactive, people! You and your family can enjoy demonstrations, traditional crafts, and even seasonal events. Let’s not forget—you’re diving into culture without the buttoned-up silence of typical museums.

What's nearby? Oh, just the quaint charm of Farnham waiting to embrace you after your historical retreat. You could spend a whole afternoon here and still be left hungry for more!

Got kiddos in tow? They’ll be beaming with excitement. Solo explorer? Revel in the serenity of rural life. Looking for a romantic stroll? The blossoming orchard is straight out of a love story.

So, grab your imaginary time-travel goggles and prepare to embark on a journey through time at the Rural Life Centre. It's an experience brimming with character, nostalgia, and, best of all, the rich stories of Surrey. Don't just take my word for it; feel the heartbeat of history with every step you take.

Savor Artisanal Flavors at Silent Pool Distillery

You immediately become enraptured by the scent of botanicals the moment you set foot in Silent Pool Distillery. It's not just a place where you leisurely sip on finely crafted spirits – it's a vibrant display of craftsmanship where the air itself feels awash with juniper and local lore.

Regarded as one of the top spots to 'dine around Surrey,' the Silent Pool Distillery offers an experience that is both uniquely authentic and memorably delicious. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

  • Taste: Surrender to the sophisticated array of gin and spirits where each sip promises a complex dance of flavors.

  • Tour: Peek behind the scenes with an informative tour that unveils the distillation process and the local ingredients that inspire each bottle's contents.

  • Souvenir: Don't forget to grab a bottle, or maybe even a few, for those back home who fancy a spirited tale alongside a glass of aromatic gin.

Families, couples, or your pack of fun-loving friends – everyone's in for a treat here. Whether you're looking for the perfect icebreaker on a first date or a weekend getaway with close pals, the distillery's convivial atmosphere sets the stage for a day well-spent.

Nearby, you’ll find a compilation of Surrey's quaint offerings with local eateries and breaths of fresh countryside air. Plan to spend a couple of hours here; between the tasting and tours, time slips away as smoothly as the gin goes down.

For the seekers of hidden gems and artisanal wonders, Silent Pool is the go-to spot. It’s not just tasting, it’s a full sensory plunge into the art of distillation, draped in the beautiful English countryside cloak. Talk about a story to swirl in your glass and share! Now, go on, savor the essence of Surrey distilled into one spirited adventure.

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Chase Waterfalls at Virginia Water Lake

Picture yourself surrounded by cascades of water spilling over rocks, while lush greenery paints a serene backdrop. Yes, you've ventured to Virginia Water Lake, one of Surrey's beloved nature reserves, where the waterfalls are more than a pretty sight – they're an experience.

If rushing water and peaceful woodland walks are your jam, Virginia Water Lake is your next must-visit spot. This lake isn't just any ol' pond; it's steeped in history, having been a royal pleasure ground for the likes of George III and Queen Charlotte, and let me tell you, they knew how to pick their hangout spots.

Bustling with families, joggers, and dog walkers soaking up the tranquil vibes, Virginia Water Lake is a gem for everyone. Whether you're flying solo, herding your family, or out for a romantic stroll – the lake's got you covered. It's a sight that whispers "relax" to your soul and provides a cool escape for those chasing serenity (and maybe a cute squirrel or two).

Just a stone's throw from the main attraction, the waterfall, you'll discover verdant glades ideal for that picnic you've been meaning to have. And if you're a shutterbug, get your camera ready; those waterfalls are begging to be Instagrammed.

How much time should you spend here? Well, why rush a good thing? You've got acres of woodland paths to wander, so give yourself a couple of hours to really drink it in – you won't regret it. Plus, it's free to visit, which means more moolah for snacks (a win-win!).

So, what makes Virginia Water Lake especially unique? It's like stepping into a fairy tale but without the need for a magic bean or a secret door. It's right here in Surrey, waiting to sprinkle a little bit of that waterfall magic on your ordinary day.

Ready to chase those waterfalls? Don't just take my word for it; pack a bag and see for yourself why this spot is a cherished part of Surrey's natural landscape.

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Delve into Rare Books at Polesden Lacey

Picture this: You, surrounded by the hushed whispers of history, a treasure trove of rare books at your fingertips. Welcome to Polesden Lacey, a family-friendly highlight in Surrey that's way more than your average jaunt in the countryside.

This isn't just any old house with a library, folks. Polesden Lacey's collection has the je ne sais quoi that could make even a marathon Netflix binge seem unappealing. You get to walk in the footsteps of famous guests like King George VI and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. That's right, you're in regal company!

Now, who's this spot perfect for? Whether you're flying solo, on a family quest, or seeking a quiet retreat with your significant other, this place is a hit for all. Kids can imagine they're in some kind of fantasy novel while adults can appreciate the literary significance. And hey, it's never too early to introduce toddlers to the finer things in life, like a good leather-bound book, right?

You're going to want to spend at least a couple of hours here. There's plenty to explore, from manicured gardens worthy of a Jane Austen novel to hidden nooks crammed with volumes that smell of time itself.

And if you're wondering what's nearby, let's just say the surrounding Surrey Hills are calling your name for a post-literary stroll. Trust me, fill your lungs with that fresh country air, and you'll feel more alive than ever!

So, when you're ready to plan your visit to one of the top family-friendly spots in Surrey, pack your sense of adventure (and maybe a picnic, because why not?) and check out Polesden Lacey. Just make sure not to dog-ear any pages; we're civilized adventurers, after all.

Experience the Tranquil Albury Vineyard

Imagine yourself walking through lush green rows of grapevines, a gentle breeze rustling the leaves, and a glass of exquisite wine in your hand. That's the serene scene awaiting you at Albury Vineyard. Tucked away in the Surrey Hills, it's a haven for wine lovers and those looking for a little escape from the hustle and bustle.

Albury Vineyard is more than just a pit-stop; it's an experience. A visit here could easily turn into hours as you immerse yourself in the art of viticulture. The Vineyard specializes in organic and biodynamic wines, which not only means they're delicious, but they're also made with love for the planet.

What's unique about this spot? Well, for starters, you're sipping wine that's been crafted right there on the land you're standing on. It's a family-run business that prides itself on producing wine sustainably. And if you think all this sounds exclusive, think again! Albury is known for its welcoming atmosphere, where everyone from connoisseurs to curious beginners can raise a glass together.

Now, who is this perfect for? If you're a couple looking for a romantic outing or a group of friends eager to expand your wine knowledge, this place is a match made in heaven. And yes, if you've got little ones, they can tag along too. There's space to roam and nature to admire, which means happy parents and entertained kids.

Don't just sip and go—take the time to chat with the folks at Albury. They're not just wine experts; they're storytellers who bring the art of wine to life. Before you leave, don't forget to pick up a bottle (or three) from the vineyard shop to relive the tranquility back home.

You see, Albury Vineyard isn't just unique for Surrey. It's a gem that transcends the ordinary wine-tasting trip. It's where you don't just taste wine; you feel it, you learn it, and you live it. Ready to go grape?

Never mind the typical tours; it's time to dial up the adventure. Imagine shimmying through shadows and uncovering secrets etched in stone as you navigate the hidden caves of Reigate. These subterranean wonders were once ancient sand mines, and guess what? They’re chock-full of stories.

Let’s talk history but make it exciting! These caves date back to the medieval ages, and you can practically feel the weight of centuries as you tread carefully through the dark passages. It's like stepping into a different era, where every dimly lit corner whispers tales from the olden days. The caves were even used as air-raid shelters during WWII, adding another layer to their already rich past.

Now, picture this: you're exploring with just the glow of a flashlight leading the way—totally spine-tingling, right? Here's a pro tip—wear comfy shoes because this is no die-and-go-to-heaven lazy river experience; there’s some real deal walking and maybe even a bit of crawling involved. And let’s just say, these caves are perfect for teenagers and adults seeking a touch of thrills without having to dangle off a mountain. Sorry, toddlers, this one might be a scooch too hair-raising for the diaper crowd.

Aside from the heart-pumping exploration, you're a stone's throw away from the quaint town of Reigate. Finish off your cave crusade with a stroll around town—grab a bite or sip some tea. Give yourself around two to three hours for the whole cave-town combo to really soak it all in.

And who’s this shindig perfect for? Well, if you’re the type that gets pumped about history and doesn't mind getting a little dirt under the nails, or you’re all about those off-the-beaten-path vibes, add this to your must-do list. Bring friends, family, or just your awesome solo self. Just make sure your phone's charged for some epic underground selfies!

So, ready to unearth history, adventure, and maybe even a bit of mystery? Sure you are. Go on, go spelunking—make your history teacher proud and your social media followers jealous.

Hike the Mysterious Box Hill Trails

Box Hill trails are a tapestry of natural drama that beckons the adventurous at heart. Trust us, it's where Mother Nature went all out with the picturesque stuff. These hikes in Surrey Hills, UK, aren't just walks in the park—they're your next ticket to 'Gram-worthy panoramic views and a workout that beats any gym session.

Now, what makes these trails stand out from the gazillion other leafy paths in the world? How about the fact that you're treading the same ground that inspired the classic novel "Emma" by Jane Austen? That's right, literary buffs, you can literally walk through your favorite book. And the uniqueness doesn't stop there. Box Hill is a stomping ground (pun intended) for locals and tourists alike, offering a perfect blend of history, adventure, and tranquility with every step.

Each trail has its own charm, from the stepping stones of the River Mole to the breathtaking viewpoints like Salomons Memorial. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Natural Play Trail: Great for kids or kids-at-heart, think of it as nature's playground.

  • Box Hill Fort: Step back in time and uncover some fascinating history with this one.

  • Happy Valley: Perfect for a serene and scenic picnic—just imagine the Instagram stories.

Give yourself at least half a day to really soak in the views and the sheer variety of things to see. And honestly, it's perfect whether you're flying solo, making memories with your partner, or herding a gaggle of kiddos that have energy for days.

Ready to conquer the trails? Make sure you've got some sturdy shoes because the terrain can switch from "let's stroll" to "let's scramble" pretty quickly. And the best part? Afterwards, when you're feeling triumphant and a tad sweaty, there are plenty of cozy pubs nearby to refuel and recount your adventure over a hearty meal. You, my friend, have earned that pint.

So, come on—unleash your inner explorer and find out why those Box Hill trails are not just a hike, but a journey through enchantment itself.

Board the Historic Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink

Imagine gliding across the ice with the grandeur of Henry VIII's former abode, Hampton Court Palace, serving as a backdrop – this is your moment to shine in a winter wonderland! You, my friend, are about to embark on a royal skating experience at one of Surrey’s most enchanting seasonal events, the Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink.

Ice skating at Hampton Court Palace isn't just a sport, it's a journey back in time. As you lace up your skates, feel the magic in the air, and let's not forget, this isn't just any ice rink. This is a winter tradition that brims with history.

The ice rink is grand, tucked beside the palace's magnificent Tudor facade, offering you amazing Instagram-worthy moments. This place? Perfect for families, couples, and anyone who likes a slice of history with their double axel - it's not just for the Edwardian elite anymore.

You don't need a crown, a court, or even your own skates to join in the fun. Rental skates are available and a good time is practically guaranteed. Spin, twirl, or simply glide for an hour - that’s about how long you can stay on the ice without turning into an actual icicle.

After your royal twirl on the ice, you can warm up with some hot cocoa or explore the palace grounds to extend your adventure. There's always something more to see around every meticulously manicured hedge.

So who's ready for a skating session fit for a king or queen? Whether you're solo or with your squad, it’s time to make tracks to this frosty highlight of Surrey’s seasonal calendar. Sharpen those blades and get ready to carve up some history at the Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink. And don't forget to sneak a peek at the wonderful palace gardens. Trust me, it's a monumental addition to any Surrey adventure.

Join the Festivities at Surrey Food Fest

Get ready to tickle your taste buds like never before at the ever-vibrant Surrey Food Fest. It's not just about gorging on delicious eats; it's a full-blown extravaganza where the smell of sizzling street food fills the air, and live music sets the rhythm for an unforgettable culinary adventure. You're about to enter a paradise for foodies where the local cuisine takes center stage, and your toughest decision will be which stall to hit up first.

From juicy burgers that defy gravity to handcrafted desserts that look like they belong in an art museum, the Surrey Food Fest is your one-stop shop for delighting your palate. But it's not just a feast for your stomach; it's a feast for the senses. Surrounded by fellow food lovers, you'll feel the energy and enthusiasm that only the community of Surrey can provide.

The festival caters to a diverse crowd, from families looking for a fun day out to groups of friends eager to sample the latest foodie trends. So whether you're chasing the cheesiest pizza or diving spoon-first into a mountain of gelato, you're in for a treat. And don't forget to wash it all down with a refreshing craft beer or a locally produced cider.

Here’s why it’s a must-visit:

  • Food glorious food: A cornucopia of cuisine awaits, featuring dishes from all corners of the globe.

  • Communal joy: Share the experience with the community, bask in the live entertainment, and make some new foodie friends while you're at it.

  • Family-friendly fun: Kids have plenty to do too, with face painting and games, making it a perfect weekend activity for the whole family.

Give yourself a good few hours at the Surrey Food Fest; you'll want the time to explore every corner (and every flavor). Located in the heart of the community, it's the perfect way to dive into the local scene and create some delicious memories. So grab your fork, spoon, or just your hands, and get ready to dig into the heart and soul of Surrey's culinary scene. And remember, calories at a food festival don't count, right?

Escape into the Walled Garden at Loseley Park

Imagine a secret garden where the flowers are in constant conversation, whispering secrets of ancient times. That's exactly what Loseley Park's Walled Garden will feel like when you step in. Nestled in the heart of Surrey, this hidden gem is where you'll find tranquility etched in every corner, perfect for those needing a moment away from the city buzz.

What makes Loseley Park's Walled Garden unique? Well, it's got history, beauty, and serenity all wrapped up in a flourishing package of greenery and blooms. The garden dates back to the 16th century and serves as a living piece of art, showcasing plant varieties that you might say have more experience on Earth than most of us do.

Now, listen up: whether you're a solo wanderer looking for inspiration, a family on a quest for the picture-perfect picnic spot, or maybe even a couple searching for that romantic backdrop — this place has got you covered. With a variety of themed gardens within, like the Rose Garden for the romantics and the White Garden for the dreamers, Loseley Park is like a choose-your-own-adventure book in plant form.

How long should you stay? I'd say give yourself a good half-day. That gives you plenty of time to let your worries melt away as you meander through the heritage blooms and maybe make friends with some local butterflies. Plus, it's a stone's throw away from other Guildford cultural sites if you're eager to continue your adventure right after.

For those who love a bit of adrenaline, the park isn't a thrill ride, but it's certainly a feast for the senses. The Walled Garden at Loseley Park is a picturesque pause that even the busiest bees among us deserve. So, take a breather, admire the artistry of each carefully curated garden space, and just maybe, you'll leave a bit more enchanted than when you arrived.


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If you're wondering what's on in Surrey right now, check out local event calendars or park festivals. Always something popping!

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Nighttime in Surrey is lit! From trendy eateries to buzzing nightclubs and cozy bars, there's plenty to explore when the sun goes down.

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Things to do in Surrey, BC this weekend

This weekend, you can check out farmers markets, community fairs, or just enjoy a hike in the beautiful British Columbian nature!

What is special about Surrey?

Surrey's special for its vibrant mix of culture, green spaces, and history. There's always a new corner to discover!

What is the city of Surrey known for?

Surrey's famous for its epic countryside, rich history, and being a cradle for cricket and great British pubs!

Is Surrey a beautiful city?

Oh, heck yeah! With its stunning gardens, historic buildings, and lovely countryside views, Surrey is a total eye-candy.

Is Surrey urban or rural?

Surrey's got the best of both worlds: buzzy urban spots and peaceful rural retreats. Take your pick!

Final Words

So, you've just ambled through the serene paths of Surrey, from the enchanting Watts Chapel to the tranquil vineyards of Albury. You've glided along the Basingstoke Canal and savored flavors only found in this lovely corner of the world. You've chased waterfalls, delved into history, and celebrated local festivities. It's been a journey—a tasty, thrilling, and enriching one at that!

Remember, these gems are just the beginning. Surrey's heart and soul thrive in these experiences, inviting you back to uncover more secrets and create even more memories. Keep exploring and remember, when it comes to finding things to do in Surrey, every visit is an opportunity to discover something new and delightful. Until next time, keep the adventure alive!