9+ Unusual Things to Do in Strasbourg Now

Stroll through La Petite France, where cobblestone paths lead to a hidden corner with a story untold. What lies ahead?
Date Published
March 8, 2024

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Ever wondered if fairy tales were real? Welcome to Strasbourg, where half-timbered houses lean whimsically over cobblestone streets, and a slew of secrets lies tucked behind every wooden shutter. You're about to discover what makes this city, nestled in the heart of Alsace, the stuff of storybooks. This isn't just about a few photo ops at the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral; it's about diving fork-first into traditional Alsatian cuisine at a Winstub, getting lost in the charm of La Petite France, and cruising down the Ill River like you're the protagonist in your own adventure novel.

Strasbourg is an amalgam of the old world and the new, the laid-back and the lively. Its unique position on the French-German border has seasoned it with a flavor found nowhere else. From the serenity of Orangerie Park, the pulse of its well-hidden craft beer scene, to the whispers of history in the Neustadt District, there’s an allure for every explorer. Ready to uncover Strasbourg's hidden gems and bask in its timeless beauty? Let’s set off on a journey that’ll make your Instagram feed look like it’s been kissed by a travel blogger's dream – 'cause, guess what, it has!


Discover the Charm of La Petite France

Imagine yourself strolling through cobblestone streets, the smell of fresh bakery treats wafting through the air and the sound of gentle flowing water from the Ill River as your soundtrack. Welcome to La Petite France, a slice of Strasbourg that's so quaint and dripping with charm, that you'll feel like you waltzed straight into a storybook.

What makes La Petite France a must-visit? Think half-timbered houses, delightful canal views, and a history that is as intriguing as it is old. It's the perfect spot for anyone who loves a good blend of architecture, ambiance, and awe-inspiring photo ops. It's not just a fairy tale setting; it's a vibe, it's an experience, it's the kind of picturesque that hits you square in the feels.

What can you do here? Get lost, on purpose! Seriously, wander around and let the narrow alleys be your guide. Pop into an artisan shop, grab an authentic French pastry, and if your feet get tired, hop on a boat tour right there on the riverfront. This neighborhood is a hidden gem that begs to be explored with no agenda.

La Petite France is a stunning dose of authenticity, perfect for travelers thirsty for culture and locals in love with their heritage. Whether you're a lone wanderer, a couple looking for romance, or a family eager to explore, this part of Strasbourg wraps you up in its warm, historic hug for an afternoon or a whole day.

Oh, and just so you know, it's not all old world over here. The vibe may be historic, but the spirit is as lively as ever. Boutiques, bistros, and bars bring the modern twist, proving that, in Strasbourg, even the time-honored traditions have a pulse!

When you're in Strasbourg, exploring La Petite France isn't just a suggestion - it's a top-tier, do-this-or-your-trip-was-incomplete kind of affair. Enjoy it, soak it all in, and hey, perhaps you'll meet some jolly locals who can tell you even more about this fairy tale corner of their world.


Unearth History at Strasbourg's Alsatian Museum

Picture this: You're strolling down a cobblestone street, the air is crisp, and every step takes you deeper into the heart of Alsatian culture. Welcome to the Alsatian Museum in Strasbourg, a treasure trove where history isn't just displayed; it's felt. This isn't your run-of-the-mill museum experience—it's a time machine into the rustic homes and lives of Alsatian people from the past.

Now, let me tell you why, as a lover of Strasbourg's museums and galleries and an aficionado of Strasbourg sightseeing, this spot is like hitting the jackpot.


  • One-of-a-kind Exhibits: Three floors of meticulously reconstructed rooms complete with furnishings, artifacts, and folk art that'll give you a 3D snapshot of rural life from the 18th to the 19th century.
  • Unique Setting: Nestled in a series of Renaissance-era houses, the museum’s charm is amplified by its architecture—timber frames and all.
  • Interactive Vibes: Workshops, temporary exhibits, and interactive walkthroughs mean you’re not just visiting—you’re engaging.


Spend a good hour or two here, soaking in the cozy ambiance. It’s perfect for history buffs, culture vultures, and just about anyone who’s after a more authentic glimpse into the region. It's intimate without being claustrophobic, making it ideal for solo explorers or small groups—families, take note, kids find the old-school toys fascinating, but maybe spare the toddlers who might not appreciate the silence policy.

And here’s an insider tip: After wandering through the museum, feast your eyes (and Instagram followers) on the picturesque courtyard—it's a slice of serenity you never knew you needed.

Ready to dive into history headfirst? The Alsatian Museum is calling. Whether you’re here to round out your knowledge or just escape the typical tourist traps, this one’s a must-visit. So, prepare to be charmed, surprised, and, above all, to feel like you’ve truly stepped into another era. Trust me, your senses will thank you.


Savor a Secret Menu at a Traditional Winstub

Imagine you're sauntering through Strasbourg's quaint streets and you stumble upon an old-world winstub. They're the cozy Alsatian answer to a bistro, and boy, they’ve got a secret menu that’s like stumbling upon a hidden treasure chest but for your taste buds.

Now, let’s talk traditional Alsatian cuisine – think hearty, think flavors that'll make your taste buds sing "La Marseillaise". Whip out your finest French (merci, Google Translate) and ask for the "menu secret" at these storied eateries. You're not just ordering food, you're embarking on a culinary odyssey that locals love and visitors whisper about.

What's on this secret menu, you ask?


  • Baeckeoffe: A pot of gold featuring marinated meat and potatoes
  • Tarte flambĂ©e: Think pizza's crispy, creamy Alsatian cousin


Now, don't go thinking it's all meat and spuds. Oh no! These Winstubs are a celebration of the region, with dishes often paired with Riesling or Gewürztraminer – wines as fun to say as they are to drink. So buckle up, grab a cobblestone seat and get ready to fall in love with food you’ve probably never heard of before but will dream about forever after.

Are you flying solo or rolling deep? No matter, these spots are perfect for both the introspective foodie and the family crew. And adrenaline junkies? You might not be leaping off cliffs here, but diving into unknown culinary waters is its own thrill.

You'll want to linger over that last sip of wine, trust me. With each bite and each gulp, you're not just eating; you're soaking in Strasbourg's spirit. Spend a couple of hours, or heck, why not the whole night? This is where memories are marinated and served up – with a side of mystery and a hint of adventure.


Picture this: You're gently gliding along the serene waters of the Ill River. Got it? Good! Because that's exactly what you'll do on an intimate boat tour in Strasbourg. It's a must-do activity, trust me. Now, you might be asking yourself, "Why take a boat tour in Strasbourg?" First off, the views! You'll sweep past half-timbered houses, spot locals chilling by the riverfront, and wave to the cyclists zooming along the scenic paths.

Strasbourg's riverfront activities are pretty spectacular, but the boat tour has something extra special. It's personal, it's cozy, and it lets you sneak a peek into the hidden nooks that big tour vessels can't reach. This isn't just a sit-back-and-nap kind of ride; it's a lean-forward-in-awe experience—perfect for singles, couples, or small groups thirsty for adventure.

Looking at your watch won't matter because time slips away as you're wrapped up in the beauty and the tranquility—a true escape in the heart of the city. You'll only need about an hour or so for the tour, but it'll be a highlight.

Who's this for? Anyone! If you're flying solo, it's a meditative journey. For romance? Absolutely. Got a gaggle of kiddos? They'll be captains of discovery on this aquatic adventure. And for adrenaline junkies? Okay, it's not whitewater rafting, but the thrill of uncovering Strasbourg from a different angle? Priceless.

Oh, and all this floating merriment is nestled right there by the city's charming center. So, after disembarking, you're just steps away from more Strasbourg treasures. Really, it ticks all the boxes: sightseeing, relaxation, and a touch of enchantment.

Want in on this floating escapade? Just hop on one of these cozy vessels and let the current carry you through a different perspective of Strasbourg. It's an adventure that blends a splash of history with a dash of mystery—and it's all yours to discover. Ready to set sail? Check out this intimate boat tour and take the plunge into the picturesque pulse of the city!


Embrace Tranquility at the Orangerie Park

Imagine stepping into a haven of peace, where swans glide serenely across a crystal-clear lake and majestic storks perch nobly atop the trees. This is Orangerie Park, the oldest park in Strasbourg, and your go-to spot for that much-needed breather from the bustling city life. Oh, and let’s not forget: it's absolutely perfect for all, whether you're a solo explorer soaking in the calm, a couple on a romantic stroll, or a family letting the kids run free.

The park, stretching its green fingers across some 26 hectares, is a lush sanctuary right at the heart of the city. And hey, it's not just about lazy afternoons on the grass – although those are highly recommended. This place is packed with stuff to keep you engaged. Want to feed your brain? The European Parliament is just a stone's throw away. Itching for some action? Paddle boating on the park’s lake is where it's at.

It won't take you long to notice that Orangerie Park is a slice of heaven for the stress-fatigued soul. Spend a couple of hours – or heck, make it a day – nestled in this oasis. Photographers, nature lovers, or anyone looking to just breathe in some fresh air will find their stride here. It’s vibes. It’s ambiance. It’s the laid-back leisure life you've been yearning for.

And when the munchies hit, grab a bite at the petite cafe nestled in the dalliance of trees. Share a baguette and some cheese – cuz that’s how we roll in Strasbourg – and let the park’s gentle hum tune out the world.

Pro tip from a local? Stick around for the sunset. This spot's got a view that'll turn your ordinary evening into pure Instagram gold. You’re welcome, social media gurus.

With every turn offering a new surprise, no wonder Orangerie Park is a cherished gem among both residents and travelers. So, bring that picnic blanket and laissez les bons temps rouler – let the good times roll!


Attend a Boutique Strasbourg Wine Tasting Event

Picture this: You're swirling a glass of exquisite Riesling, the smell of oak and grape tantalizing your senses. Welcome to a boutique wine tasting event in Strasbourg, where the rhymes are as rich as the wines. In this quaint city, the Alsace vineyards reach out like the arms of an old friend, beckoning you to explore and indulge.

In the heart of Europe, Strasbourg offers a unique fusion of French and German influences, and what better way to savor this cultural blend than through its wines? Wine tasting in Strasbourg isn't just about the vino; it's an intimate journey through centuries of winemaking tradition, pioneered by passionate vintners keen on making every sip count.

Here's the scoop: attending a wine tasting event in Strasbourg is like being granted the keys to a hidden kingdom. You're not just a spectator; you're an explorer stepping through the vine-laden gateways of Alsace, famous for its white wines and festive spirit. So, what can you look forward to at such an event?


  • Sampling a variety of local wines that tell the tale of Alsace's terroir
  • Engaging stories about the wine's journey from grape to glass
  • An up-close look at small-scale winemaking practices


Whether you're a wine novice or a connoisseur, Strasbourg's wine tastings cater to all. These events are perfect for a romantic evening, a friendly gathering, or a solo adventure into the world of wines. Plan to spend a leisurely hour or two; there's no rush when the wine is this good.

Close to the city's heart, after your tasting, you might wander along the cobblestone streets, feeling the buzz of a Strasbourg evening setting in. With tastes that linger and memories that sparkle like bubbles in a flute of Crémant d'Alsace, you'll find this experience isn't just about the wines—it's about the warmth and welcome of Strasbourg itself.

So, are you ready to discover the notes of this city’s story? Get in on the secret and explore Alsace vineyards through a Strasbourg wine tasting event that will steal your heart as easily as it pleases your palate. Cheers to your next unforgettable experience!


Experience Strasbourg's Local Craft Beer Scene

Picture this: A golden brew with a frothy head, held in a perfectly chilled glass, and the refreshing clink of mugs as you toast to an evening well spent. That's right, Strasbourg isn't just about storybook houses and enchanting canals. It's got a booming craft beer scene that's just waiting for you to dive into!

So, what makes Strasbourg's craft beer haunts a must-visit? It's the vibrant combination of traditional Alsatian brews and innovative new flavors that local pubs are pouring out. You'll find spots that ooze with character, from cozy taverns to stylish beer gardens, each offering a unique backdrop for your sipping pleasure. And let's not forget, this is a city that loves its nightlife—and when the stars come out, the craft beer pours in.

Now, if you're wondering, "Where do I even start?" don't fret! Each pub comes with its own set of neighborhood friends and its own vibe. You're just as likely to bump into a group of easygoing locals as you are to find a bunch of fellow explorers. So whether you're flying solo, out on a romantic escapade, or rounding up the family for a taste of local culture (with non-alcoholic options for the kiddos, of course), these pubs cater to all.

Here's the scoop on your evening agenda: carve out a few hours (an evening should do it), wear your most comfortable shoes for pub-hopping, and make room for some palate exploration. You'll want to savor the hoppy, the malty, the bold, and the zesty—and Strasbourg's pubs are brimming with options.

To get the lowdown on the best spots to hit, take a peek at this strasbourg craft beer pubs guide. It's your golden ticket to finding the hottest watering holes where the locals go to unwind and—most importantly—where they go to enjoy a stellar pint!

Ready for an evening that's bubbling with fun? Strasbourg's craft beer scene is pouring, and you're invited to the party. Cheers to that!


Engage with Art at Strasbourg's Lesser-Known Galleries

Step off the beaten path and into the vibrant heart of Strasbourg’s art scene! Bet you didn't know the town is not just about that big ol' cathedral. Here's the scoop: tucked away from the bustling streets are some extraordinary art havens where creativity flows as freely as the local Riesling. Ready to explore?

Dive into the city’s rich tapestry of strasbourg art scene and cultural events that promise an immersive and intimate experience. Imagine standing in a gallery where every piece of art whispers a story of history, passion, and expression. It's like each painting is fighting for your attention, and buddy, they deserve it.

Now, you're in for a treat because these spots aren't your typical tourist magnets. They're the cozy corners where you can truly connect with Strasbourg's soul, and hey, maybe even mingle with the artists themselves. How cool is that?

Since you're aiming for a culturally enriched afternoon – set aside at least a couple of hours. Picture this: you stroll from one gallery to another, each with its own flavor. One second you're eyeing up contemporary masterpieces, the next you're learning about historical art forms that put Strasbourg on the map.

Whether you're a hardcore art aficionado or just a curious wanderer, these galleries are perfect for anyone. Songs, laughter, and chit-chat fill the air as you hop from exhibit to exhibit.

So, go ahead and indulge in a feast for your eyes, and check out the local masterpieces. These galleries are great for a solo adventure or a cultured date. Who knows, you might just find that unique piece to bring home!

Now, don't just take my word for it. Swing by these hidden art galleries and let your heart beat to the rhythm of Strasbourg's artistic pulse.

Here's to art without the crowds. Here's to discovering the secret strokes of Strasbourg's vibrant heart. Your masterpiece of a day awaits! 🎨✨


Wander through the Historic Neustadt District

Listen up, time travelers, because I'm about to drop you smack in the middle of a historical treasure trove—welcome to the Historic Neustadt District. Imagine streets lined with imposing buildings that whisper tales of yesteryears in your ears, and you've just set foot in one of Strasbourg's architectural showstopper neighborhoods.

This district is where history buffs and architecture aficionados unite to marvel at the Strasbourg historical landmarks. Each building stands like a time capsule, showcasing a different age and style. It's not every day you get to walk through a living museum, am I right?

Here's the skinny on what makes Neustadt stand out, with its Strasbourg architecture highlights guaranteed to make your Instagram light up like the Fourth of July. Snap away at the monumental Palace of the Rhine, the University of Strasbourg's main building, and the jaw-dropping Strasbourg National Theater.

Peep this, my walking and gawking friends: you could spend from a brisk morning to a languid afternoon in Neustadt. It's a blast for solo explorers, student groups digging the historical vibe, or families looking to infuse some culture into their vacay. And hey, if you get an adrenaline rush from absorbing centuries-old culture, then you're in for a treat.

Surrounded by eateries and little coffee spots, it's easy to take a break and just breathe in the district's vibe. Neustadt is prime for anyone looking for that authentic Strasbourg allure without rubbing shoulders too closely with the tourists at the more frequented spots.

So, after you've flexed your inner historian muscles, why not skip over to a local bistro and brag about your discoveries over a glass of something cool and refreshing? Just remember, Neustadt isn't merely a spot on a map—it's a narrative spanning eras, waiting for you to turn the page. Keep those eyes peeled, because here, every nook tells a story.


Explore the Secrets of Petite France's Artisan Shops

Tucked away in the storybook district of Petite France, local artisans are waiting to unveil a treasure trove of handcrafted wonders that'll make your Instagram followers green with envy. As you stroll through the cobblestone alleys, each shop is like a hidden gem sparkling with unique Strasbourg charm.

What makes these artisan shops so special? Well, let me tell you. It's where tradition clasps hands with modern creativity. You might find a fifth-generation woodcarver who can tell a story with each chisel stroke or a glassblower who seemingly captures galaxies within delicate ornaments. Visit Petite France Strasbourg and kick off your personal artisan adventure.


  • Unique, handcrafted items? Check.
  • Inspiration around every corner? Double check.
  • A perfect blend of past and present? You betcha.


Whether you're hunting for that one-of-a-kind souvenir or simply wish to soak up the local culture, set aside a couple of hours and let yourself be charmed. This place is a hit with families, craft enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates the magic of authentic creation. Plus, with cozy cafes sprinkled around, there’s plenty of spots to rest those feet and sip something delightful.

In Petite France, every shop has a story, and trust me, the artisans are eager to share. Not just a purchase but an experience – it's their passion carved, blown, stitched, and painted into every masterpiece. So, are you ready to explore these creative havens and maybe, just maybe, find your next treasured keepsake?


Plunge into Strasbourg's Dynamic Kayaking Adventures


Imagine the sensation of gliding through water, the city's historic sights embracing you from every direction. You've got it, my friend: Strasbourg's kayaking scene! If you're up for an offbeat escapade, dip your paddle into the cool currents of the Ill River. It's an aquatic journey that teems with energy and authenticity, great for adventurers, families, or even solo explorers craving a splash of fun.

Strasbourg canoeing and kayaking? That's where the action is. You don’t just sit and watch, you become a part of the city's pulsing life. Meandering through the river, expect to be captivated by awe-inspiring views—yes, including the European Parliament building that looks oh-so-grand from the water level. Ready for an adrenaline rush or a serene float? Either way, you'll uncover a unique perspective of this iconic city.

Now, don't fret about your experience level. The beauty of Strasbourg’s leisure activities, especially kayaking, is that there's something for everyone. No matter if you’re a rookie or if you’ve got the toned arms of a seasoned paddler, you'll find your groove on the Ill. And safety? You bet it’s top-notch. With all gear provided and guides as your personal GPS, they've got your back!

Expect to dedicate a solid chunk of your day to this immersive experience—two to three hours should suffice for a solid adventure. And it's ideal for anyone: whether you're bonding with family, sharing a laugh with friends, or even having a tranquil "me-time" amidst nature. Here’s the kicker: after paddling, why not stroll nearby to grab a hearty Alsatian meal? You've earned it!

So, grab that paddle, don your life jacket, and click here for Strasbourg's dynamic kayaking opportunities. Embrace the splash, the laughter, and the unforgettable memories! Trust me, you’ll look back and thank yourself for the plunge. 🛶💦


Relish the Flavors at a Local Market Off the Beaten Path


Imagine the symphony of senses you'll experience stepping into a bustling Strasbourg local market tucked away from the well-trodden tourist trails. It's the perfect spot to mingle with the locals, soak up some authentic Alsatian vibes, and of course, relish an array of delicious specialties that will make your taste buds dance with joy.

Visiting a market, you might find yourself shoulder-to-shoulder with seasoned foodies and friendly grandmas armed with carts and lists, all on the hunt for the freshest produce and most aromatic cheeses. Here's where you'll get the real deal – flavors unspoiled by commercial tourism. Whether it’s basketfuls of seasonal fruits, crusty baguettes straight from a wood-fired oven, or a slice of the infamous Munster cheese that leads the stinky cheese pack with pride, every find in this market tells a story.

Need more reasons to go shopping here? This is the place to dive into some serious Strasbourg shopping spots for savory sausages, hand-picked herbs, and the iconic foie gras that’s as rich in flavor as the region's history. Plus, it's not just about the food – surrounding the market, you'll discover artisanal crafts that are ripe for the picking.

Spend at least an hour getting lost among the stalls. It's a feast for the eyes as much as for the palate. And who is it good for? Well, everyone! Whether you’re a solo flavor hunter, a squad of food-loving friends, or a family teaching the little ones the art of selecting the perfect tomato, this market scene is a slice of Strasbourg heaven for all.

So, grab your reusable tote, slip on some comfortable shoes, and discover the charm of local markets in Strasbourg where every turn is a new taste adventure. You’ll leave not only with a happy belly but with the taste of true Strasbourg lingering on your lips.



Q: What are the top things to do in Strasbourg in one day?

A: You can see the stunning Notre-Dame Cathedral, stroll through Petite France, and take a boat tour on the Ill River.

Q: What activities are there to do in Strasbourg in December?

A: Explore the magical Christkindelsmärik, Strasbourg's famous Christmas market, and enjoy seasonal Alsatian treats.

Q: Can you share some unusual things to do in Strasbourg?

A: Sure! Visit the Alsatian Museum or the Voodoo Museum, and check out the quirky art at La Popartiserie.

Q: What are some things to do in Strasbourg this weekend?

A: Catch a show at the Strasbourg National Theater, sample wines on a vineyard tour, and explore local farmers' markets.

Q: What are the best things to do in Strasbourg in winter?

A: Besides the Christmas market, ice skate at Place du Château or warm up with traditional Alsatian cuisine in a cozy winstub.

Q: What can kids enjoy doing in Strasbourg?

A: Kids will love the Strasbourg Zoo, The Botanical Gardens, and hands-on activities at The Science Gardens.

Q: Is Strasbourg worth visiting?

A: Absolutely, Strasbourg is a charming blend of French and German cultures with stunning architecture and delicious cuisine.

Q: Is 2 days enough in Strasbourg?

A: Two days should cover the highlights, but you might want to stay longer to fully experience everything Strasbourg offers.

Q: What is Strasbourg France best known for?

A: Strasbourg is famous for its UNESCO-listed Grande ĂŽle, the Gothic cathedral, and its role as the home of the European Parliament.

Q: Can you see Strasbourg in 1 day?

A: Yes, the main sights can be visited in a day, but you might miss some hidden gems and local experiences if you're short on time.


Final Words

Alright, you've just gotten the inside scoop on Strasbourg's not-to-be-missed spots. From the cobblestone alleys of La Petite France to the hush-hush menu at a Winstub, you're practically a local now. We've kayaked down the Ill, whispered with the ghosts of Neustadt, and even clinked glasses in the city's off-the-radar wineries.

Remember, the best stories are found between the pages of your passport. In this city, each hidden gem and thrilling adventure is a chapter in your travel tale. Keep these spots on your radar because there are always new secrets to uncover and flavors to savor.

Until next time, keep wandering and wondering. And hey, if you're plotting your next Euro trip, don't forget to add the things to do in Strasbourg to your list. You won't regret it!

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