So, you think you've seen all the charming small towns there are to see? Ha! Think again, my friend. Let's talk about Sequim, a little gem tucked in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, with more sunny days than you can shake a stick at! This isn't just your average quaint town—it's a place where the lavender scent hangs heavy in the air, and the Dungeness Spit whispers the call of the wild. Where else can you pedal on converted railway tracks or kayak through the serene Port Williams?

But that's just skimming the surface. Dive deeper, and Sequim reveals its hidden treasures—family gems, bike trails calling for adventure, and secret hot springs promising relaxation. Discover art and history at the Sequim Museum & Arts, or set out to become one with nature while birdwatching. Oh, and let’s not forget the culinary escapades that await your taste buds! Prep yourself for a journey through a town where the Sequim Blue Hole defies gray skies, inviting skydivers to plunge into a unique aerial vista. Buckle up, folks, because here's your ticket to the inside scoop on the best things to do in Sequim—each one more enticing than the last.

Trek the Less-Traveled Paths of Dungeness Spit

Imagine this: the sound of waves crashing, seabirds chatting, and your footsteps being the only ones pressing into the sand. This is what you'll experience on the less-traveled paths of Dungeness Spit. It's not just a dungeness spit hike, it's an escape into the wild where the land stretches out into the waters like nature's very own runway.

The Dungeness Spit is a natural wonder that calls to adventurers who appreciate an off-the-beaten-path journey. This five-and-a-half-mile sandy stretch reaches into the Strait of Juan de Fuca like a slender finger, beckoning birdwatchers, photographers, and solitude-seekers alike. Here’s why this hike is something you should definitely pin to your adventure map:

  • It's the longest natural sand spit in the United States, which means you're literally walking on a record-breaking landform.

  • The hike leads to the New Dungeness Lighthouse, an iconic beacon that has been guiding mariners since 1857, where you can take a guided tour and soak up some local history.

  • With every step, you’re likely to spot an array of wildlife, from over 250 species of birds to otters playing in the surf.

Ready to tie up your hiking boots? Keep aside three to four hours if you're aiming to reach the lighthouse and back. And if you’re setting out during the summer, you might catch a glimpse of the lavender fields in the distance, creating a splash of purple in the periphery of your expedition.

The Dungeness Spit trail is perfect for individuals looking for tranquility or families wanting to instill a love for nature in their kids. Just remember, the trek can be a bit of a workout, with soft sand to challenge your calves! For the sensation-seeking souls, it’s a fresh breath of unspoiled air; it’s your chance to step away from the grind and listen to nature’s whispers. If you're ready for an extraordinary walk, give the Dungeness Spit a go – it’s more than just a hike; it’s where the land kisses the sea, and you get to witness it all.

A Day at Sequim's Secret Lavender Havens

Imagine a place where the air is perfumed with the sweet, calming scent of lavender as far as the eyes can see. Welcome to the under-the-radar lavender farms of Sequim, your secret Eden of relaxation. Here, amidst the purple blooms, you're not just visiting a farm; you're stepping into a world of zen that locals have adored for ages.

Sequim is renowned for its lavender farms, and for a good reason. With the perfect mix of soil and climate, these farms aren't just for show – they're an olfactory delight that doubles as a sensory spa. Fields upon fields of vibrant lavender stretch out, making it nearly impossible to resist frolicking through them. And hey, no one's judging if you do!

Each farm has its unique charm that goes beyond the purple hues. You might stumble upon a quaint gift shop selling essential oils and soaps, or find yourself in a workshop learning to craft your very own lavender wreath. These little havens are a magnet for peace-seekers and nature lovers alike.

So, who does this suit best? If you're a couple looking for a romantic stroll or a family eager to see the kids' faces light up at the sight of butterflies flitting between flowers, the lavender farms are a must-see. Even if you're a solo explorer with a penchant for photography, the vivid colors make for an Instagram paradise.

Take half a day to really soak it all in, but don't rush off right after. Nearby cafes will lure you in with the promise of a lavender-infused latte, and let me tell you, it's a game-changer for your taste buds. It's this blend of natural beauty and homegrown hospitality that transforms a simple outing into a lasting memory.

Before you leave, stop by the farm's distillation station to witness the transformation of lavender into essential oil – it's chemistry without the classroom and far more aromatic. It's these subtle learning moments that enrich the experience, letting you take home not just souvenirs, but stories.

So breathe deep and let your stress melt away at Sequim's unbeknownst sanctuaries of serenity. It's an embrace of nature you won't soon forget. Come find out why these beloved Sequim lavender farms aren't just a local secret anymore – they're a holistic escape wrapped in purple.

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Railway Adventures on Sequim's Converted Tracks

You're gonna love this: Imagine zooming along old railway tracks with the wind in your hair and the sweet smell of pine trees whooshing by. Railway biking in Sequim is not just about exercise; it's about history, it's about thrill, and yeah, it's about feeling like a total boss pedaling on tracks where trains once rumbled through the countryside.

Let's get into the nitty-gritty. You, my adventurous friend, can experience this on the Olympic Discovery Trail where converted tracks offer a smooth ride for your biking pleasure. It's flat, it's scenic, and it's an absolute hidden gem for both solo riders and families alike. Don't worry about bringing your own bike either, rentals are easy to come by.

Picture this: You start in a quaint part of town with a bike that's itching for a journey. Within minutes, you're surrounded by breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains to one side and a panorama of the strait on the other. Could there be a better way to spend a couple of hours? I think not.

Who does this suit best, you ask? If you've got kiddos, they'll be over the moon with the gentle ride and wide-open spaces. Solo or with your buddies, it's a blast if you're craving a slice of adventure without dangling off a cliff by a thread. Trust me, railway biking through Sequim is like finding a treasure you didn’t even know you were hunting for.

So, buckle up your helmet and get ready for an exhilarating ride on some truly stunning converted tracks. It's a little bit of history, a touch of exercise, and a whole lot of fun rolled into one. And hey, when you're done, the charming town of Sequim awaits with open arms and delicious spots to refuel.

Railway biking—It's about the journey and the destination, folks. Time to make some pedal-pushing memories!

Discovering Sequim's Family Gems

Picture this: You're in Sequim, surrounded by giggles and wide-eyed wonder from your family as you stumble upon play spaces that are as unique as they are fun. Sequim isn't just a scenic beauty; it's a family-friendly playground waiting to be discovered!

When visiting Sequim with family, the first stop on your laughter-filled itinerary is the Olympic Game Farm. Here, kids aren't just walking past animals in cages; they're up close with waves from friendly bears and chuckles at buffalo who snuggle up to your car for a treat. It's a drive-through adventure that transforms from a simple activity into a cherished family memory. Both toddlers and teens will be equally thrilled to interact with the wildlife. Be sure to plan for a couple of hours here; the smiles are endless and so are the photo ops!

Ready for some more open-air fun? The Sequim Bay State Park invites families to dive into the great outdoors without the roughing-it part. With picnic spots, calm waters perfect for a spot of paddling, and playgrounds that make even the adults want to take a swing, it's the go-to place for some good old-fashioned family downtime. Whether it's running around playing tag or simply soaking up the serene bay views, this park caters to all family members – even those furry ones!

And don't forget about the local farms that tailor to family visits. At these spots, you're not just picking berries; you're learning about farm-to-table sustainability and the joy of harvesting your own snacks. Plus, these farms often have secret little corners where children can meet farm animals, turning a simple day out into an impromptu petting zoo experience.

It's the little things that make Sequim special for families – the joy in discovering those hidden gems together. Whether you've got toddlers in tow or teenagers who pretend not to be impressed, Sequim's unique blend of wildlife interactions, outdoor activities, and down-to-earth farm experiences keeps every family member engaged and excited. Trust me, a day spent in Sequim’s embrace leaves the family album bursting with memories!

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Railway Adventures on Sequim's Converted Tracks

Imagine this: you're pedaling down an old railway, wind in your hair, sun on your face, and not a care in the world. Welcome to the railway biking experience in Sequim! These converted tracks are where locomotives once chugged; now they're your path to adventure and an unparalleled way to soak in Sequim's natural beauty.

The Olympic Discovery Trail, the jewel of Sequim's cycling experiences, offers you miles and miles of smooth, paved trails. So what's unique about this path? It's a historical railway that’s been transformed into a bike-friendly haven. Is it a family-friendly experience? Absolutely! It's a flat ride, making it perfect for kids and adults alike, and a delightful way for families to spend quality time together.

Let's break down your day. You'll want to start with an easy pace, enjoy the views, take some pictures, and why not have a picnic? You'll find jaw-dropping scenes of Sequim's delicate ecosystem, and hey, you might just spot wildlife along the way.

This isn't just for laid-back cruising, though. If you’re the type who likes to pump those pedals, go ahead! Whether you’re solo or with companions, 'railway biking' in Sequim caters to all.

And how long should you plan for this escapade? I’d say you could easily make a day out of it. There are spots to stop, rest, and even places nearby to grab a bite when you need a refuel. Any crowd, any age, this experience is a must-do when in Sequim.

Bottom line: Sequim's railway trails aren't just bike paths; they're corridors to discovery. So, grab a bike, your pals, or your family, and dive into this not-so-hidden treasure of Sequim. Get ready to create some of the best pedal-pushing memories! Remember, these tracks are waiting for you to make your mark on them. Are you ready to ride into fun?

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Hidden Artifacts at Sequim Museum & Arts

Imagine stepping into a treasure trove of local history where every corner whispers stories from the past. That's Sequim Museum & Arts for you! This isn't your everyday museum experience. It's like taking a time machine back to the days of the early pioneers.

As you wander through the exhibits, your inner historian will geek out over the Native American artifacts and pioneer tools. Photo buffs will adore the vintage camera collection—it's like Instagram, but for the real old-school folks. And for those who appreciate the beauty of nature, there's a whole section dedicated to Sequim's unique natural environment.

Feel the excitement? Good, because here's the kicker: not only will you get a glimpse into the past, but you'll also be inspired by the present through the contemporary local art on display. Whether it's delicate pottery or bold paintings, the talents of Sequim's local artists shine bright here.

Here's what to expect when you walk through those doors:

  • A cozy small-town vibe that makes you feel part of the community

  • Fascinating historical collections that tell the town’s rich tale

  • Captivating exhibits that change regularly—so there's always something new to see

  • An intimate art experience that connects you with the heartbeat of the local art scene

Whether you're a history buff, art enthusiast, or simply in search of a quiet afternoon, Sequim Museum & Arts is a must-visit. You’ll leave with a deeper appreciation for the town’s cultural heritage and maybe even a few storytelling nuggets to share with friends.

Pro Tip: Set aside a solid hour or two for your visit—you won’t want to rush this experience. It's perfect for families, curious singles, and anyone with a penchant for the past melding with the present artistic flair.

And guess what? The museum is snuggled into the fabric of Sequim’s charm, making it just a hop, skip, and a jump from the area’s quaint cafes and unique shops. So, while you're here, why not make a day of it? Explore the museum, grab a bite, and relish the small-town atmosphere. The Sequim Museum & Arts awaits your discovery, so come ready to be surprised and delighted by this hidden gem!

Best Kept Secrets for Sequim Birdwatchers

Birdwatching in Sequim is not just a pastime; it's an expedition into a feathery wonderland. Imagine this: you're nestled in the lush, verdant outskirts of the Pacific Northwest, and as the golden rays of sunrise touch the treetops, the air fills with the music of winged serenaders. That's the addictive allure of Sequim's avian universe. And let's not keep it hush-hush—there's a spot where the magic happens, and you've got to check it out: the Railroad Bridge Park.

Alright, why should you flock there? Well, first off, you get a twofer: stunning scenery and diverse bird species. As you amble along the serene Dungeness River, keep your eyes peeled for the magnificent bald eagles and the elusive pileated woodpeckers. It's a symphony of feathers, and all you need is a keen eye to witness the concert.

Don't have a whole day? No problem! An hour or two at this captivating hideout is enough to spot a variety of winged wonders. Just a friendly tip: an early morning visit could score you a front-row seat to the best show in town—the mystical bird ballet amid the dewy dawn.

And who's welcome here? Honestly, everyone. Solitary strollers finding solace in nature's embrace, families looking to introduce the kiddos to the beauty of biodiversity, or even the seasoned birders seeking to tick off another rarity from their list—all find Railroad Bridge Park to be an actual treasure trove.

So, slip on your comfiest walking shoes, grab your binoculars, and maybe a bird guidebook—though not strictly necessary—and take a leisurely wander around. Feel the connection with nature, listen to the ripple of the river blending with the birdsongs, and savor a morning well spent. Just remember, when you're enveloped in the tranquil whispers of this park, you're not just passing through—you're part of the panorama.

Paddling Through Port Williams' Serenity

Imagine gliding on crystal-clear waters, feeling the gentle tug of your paddle against the surface, surrounded by lush greenery and the sounds of wildlife chirping in the background. Welcome to Port Williams, a paddle sports paradise where serenity isn't just a word—it's an experience.

Port Williams is the unsung hero of kayaking spots and your ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle. Whether you're a seasoned paddler or new to the game, you're in for quite the aquatic adventure. Ready your kayak and let's dive in!

First things first, you'll want to savor the calm. Here, the water is as peaceful as it gets, making it perfect for beginners or those seeking meditation in motion. Get ready to spot herons skimming the water's edge and perhaps even a playful seal curiously checking out your kayak.

Spend a couple of hours here and you're bound to feel like a part of the scenery. Avid kayakers often share their experiences of paddling at dawn or dusk—when the water catches the sky's colors, adding strokes of pinks and purples to your adventure.

And, oh, let's not forget the nearby attractions! Post-paddling, why not roll out a picnic on the shore? Or maybe explore the surrounding trails for a bit of terra firma exploration. It's this mix of solitude on the water and nearby conveniences that makes Port Williams a gem for every type of explorer, be it solo adventurers or families looking for a day of bonding.

Before you ask, yes, it's great for adrenaline seekers too! When you're there, feeling the slight current challenging your arms as you maneuver, it’s a thrill in the purest form—nature's very own roller coaster.

So pack your sunscreen, snacks, and a sense of wonder. Port Williams awaits to give you the serenade of paddles, wildlife, and whispering winds. And if you're up for more kayaking adventures, check out the local guided tours for a deeper dive into the beauty that Sequim has to offer! But don’t just take my word for it, feel the spectacle for yourself, and remember—to paddle is to live!

Anchor Down at John Wayne Marina

Picture this: You're gliding on the water, surrounded by a calm that reaches deep into your bones. Seagulls are chirping overhead, the sun's sparkling on the waves, and you, my friend, are at John Wayne Marina, caught in the embrace of the Pacific Northwest's secret charm. Trust me, your boat will thank you for bringing it to one of the best spots around.

If you haven't ventured out into the Salish Sea with your boat, are you even doing Sequim right? With 2-3 boat launches, this nook is designed for maritime lovers. And even if you're more of a ‘admire-from-afar’ kind of person, there's plenty to do. The marina is not just about boating; it's a lifestyle!

Start with a leisurely stroll down the docks, watch seasoned sailors maneuver their vessels with ease, or drop a line and see what bites. For seabirds and marine life lovers, you're in for a treat. This is the kind of place where you could spot otters playing hide and seek among the boats or a majestic bald eagle soaring high.

You're probably thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice to catch a sunset here?" And you're spot on! The marina's westward view delivers sunsets that could melt your Instagram followers' hearts (No filter necessary).

And hey, whether you're a solo sailor, with your family, or tagging along with friends, John Wayne Marina caters to all. Kids can frolic about safely, romantic walks can turn engagements (it happens!), and adrenaline junkies can wind down from their high.

Spend a couple of hours here or let the day gently drift away; it won't matter. Between the waterfront dining and the crisp sea air, you'll leave feeling like the captain of calm. So, if you've just tied off your boat or you're planning a visit, check out John Wayne Marina and see for yourself why this spot's making waves among those in the know.

Uncover Sequim's Culinary Adventures

Got an appetite for discovery? Sequim's culinary scene is your playground! We're talkin' farm-to-table freshness, seafood that practically leaps onto your plate, and flavors that are as down-to-earth as the welcoming locals who dish 'em out.

Farm-Fresh Feasts

Imagine sinking your teeth into just-picked produce. The kind that still whispers secrets of the Sequim soil. Find this at buzzing farmers' markets where the colorful bounty is yours for the taking. Sure, the charming downtown eateries with their homegrown menus are calling your name, too!

Seafood Extravaganza

You could practically cast a line from the shore and cook up your catch, but I'll let you in on a secret, head over to the Sequim Bay and let the pros show you how it's done. Whether it's a steaming bowl of local mussels or a plate of seared-to-perfection salmon you crave, Sequim's chefs serve it with a side of spectacular ocean views.

Sweet Tooth Satisfaction

Cherry on top? Sequim's dessert scene is a hidden gem. We're talking about homemade ice cream churned with love and pies filled with sunshine—seriously, the berries are that ripe.

So go ahead, spend the afternoon or the whole day—I guarantee your taste buds will thank you. Whether you're fueling up for a family adventure or fanning the flames of a foodie romance, Sequim's culinary experiences are a feast for all senses. Are you ready to take a bite out of Sequim? It's delicious, nutritious, and oh, so adventurous!

Unwind at the Hidden Sequim Hot Springs

Have you ever stumbled upon a hidden gem that feels like your own personal slice of paradise? That's the Sequim Hot Springs for you. Nestled away from the bustling crowds, it's a place where you can disconnect and let Mother Nature work her rejuvenating magic on you.

Imagine sinking into a natural pool, warm water caressing your skin, the sound of birdsong in the air, and not a care in the world. Just you, some friends, or maybe even a good book—don't forget to bring one! The Sequim Hot Springs are the ideal nook for relaxation seekers.

What makes Sequim Hot Springs stand out is their understated beauty. They're not the commercial, towel-service-and-a-smoothie kind of hot springs—oh no! We're talking rustic, untouched, back-to-nature experience which gives you a sense of discovery. It's a stark contrast to your overcrowded, over-chlorinated neighborhood pool, trust me.

Here's your insider tip: Set aside a couple of hours for the hot springs to really let the serenity soak in. This spot is perfect for couples looking for a romantic retreat, friends who’re chasing a chill hangout, or the solo traveler needing some quiet me-time. Remember, it’s all about unplugging and immersing yourself in tranquility.

With the Pacific Northwest's splendor as your backdrop, Sequim’s hidden hot springs offer an exclusive spa-like experience without the spa-like price tag. And when you’re all soaked out, the charming town of Sequim is just a stone’s throw away with its cozy cafés and eclectic local shops — the perfect end to a perfect chill-out session, wouldn’t you agree?

Just be sure to respect the pristine condition of the springs and the local wildlife. This spot is a secret for a reason—it’s unspoiled by the masses, and with your help, it can stay that way. Now, go ahead and dip those toes into the warm embrace of Sequim's best-kept secret.

Exploring the Blue Hole Skydiving Experience

Imagine stepping out of a plane and diving into the bright azure embrace of the Sequim sky. That's what you get with the Sequim Blue Hole Skydiving experience. This isn't your everyday jump; it's a thrilling drop through one of the Pacific Northwest's most extraordinary meteorological phenomena—the Olympic Rain Shadow, also known as Sequim's Blue Hole.

Dive in, and what do you find? A skydiving adventure with an incredibly scenic backdrop. Here, the sun smiles more often than not, giving you clear skies that are perfect for breathtaking views of the Olympic Peninsula. And if you're worried about wet weather ruining your sky-high fun, don't be. Sequim's Blue Hole has a knack for staying dry even when the rest of the area is pulling out the rain boots.

So, who's up for this adrenaline rush? Honestly, it's for anyone who's looking to add a dash of daring to their life. Whether you're a solo adrenaline junkie, a couple seeking adventure, or a group of friends ready to tick something epic off your bucket list, skydiving in Sequim is a must-do.

Locals will tell you, it's not just about the jump; it's about feeling the heartbeat of Sequim from a perspective few ever witness. While descending, you'll have the stunning vistas of the San Juan Islands off to one side, the imposing Olympic Mountains on the other, and the expanse of the lush Dungeness Valley sprawling below—what more could you ask for?

Expect to spend about half a day on this escapade, from gearing up, safety briefings, the flight up to altitude, the jump itself, and then coming back down to earth (literally and figuratively). There's nothing quite like floating down to a soft landing in Sequim's tranquil surroundings.

And the best part? You don't need any experience. There are tandem jumps available where you're clipped to an instructor who takes care of all the technicalities. All you need to do is show up ready to fly and leave the rest to the pros. So, slap on those goggles and prepare for a rush like no other with Sequim Blue Hole Skydiving. Escape the ordinary and soar.


Q: What unique activities can you find in Sequim?

A: Hit the trails at the enchanting Olympic Discovery Trail or check out the aromatic Lavender Farms for a sniff and awe moment.

Q: What are some things to do in Sequim for adults?

A: Sip some local vintages at award-winning wineries or challenge your pals to a round of golf with views for days.

Q: Looking for things to do in Sequim today?

A: Wander the Sequim Farmer's Market for fresh eats and sweet treats or spot some winged wonders at Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge.

Q: Got any tips for things to do in Sequim, WA this weekend?

A: Dive into the past at the Museum & Arts Center or catch a flick under the stars at the old-school drive-in movie theater.

Q: What's up for grabs in Sequim at night?

A: Groove to live music at local spots or stargaze in the clear night skies, thanks to that famous rain shadow situation.

Q: What can you do in Sequim in winter?

A: Witness the winter bird migration at the Railroad Bridge Park or snag some holiday gifts at the charming downtown boutiques.

Q: Is Sequim Washington worth visiting?

A: Oh, for sure! With natural beauty and unique local charm, it's a no-brainer for a memorable trip.

Q: Why is Sequim famous?

A: It's the Lavender Capital of North America, people! Plus, that sweet spot called the rain shadow gives it more sunny days.

Q: Does Sequim have a downtown?

A: You bet. It's cozy, walkable, and packed with shops, galleries, and that small-town magic vibe.

Q: What is the blue hole in Sequim WA?

A: It's not a swimming spot! It's the nickname for the area's sunny patch thanks to the Olympic Mountains playing defense against rain clouds.

Final Words

Alright, you've trekked the spit, smelled the lavender, biked the railway, and found fun for the whole family. You've biked, ogled art, and watched birds soar. You've kayaked serenely, boated like a celeb, and uncovered the tastes of Sequim. Let's not forget soaking away your worries and falling through the blue sky like a boss.

Clearly, there's a whole world out here in good ol' Sequim waiting just for you to explore. The things to do in Sequim are as diverse as they are delightful, tapping into the good vibes of nature, culture, and adventure. So slap on a smile, pack your bags, and see for yourself why Sequim might just be your new favorite escape!