9+ Unusual Things to Do in Saskatoon Now

Unravel the secrets of Riverdale while exploring the enchanting corners of Saskatoon. But nothing prepares you for what lies beneath...
Date Published
March 8, 2024

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So, you think you know boredom, huh? Well, let me tell you, in Saskatoon, that word's as out of place as a fiddle in a library. This Canadian gem is tucked away in the heart of the prairies, but don't let its quiet façade fool you. From the humming energy of the Riverdale area to the gentle current of the South Saskatchewan River, Saskatoon is the hidden playlist of your adventurous spirit just waiting on shuffle. Ready to challenge your inner voyager?

Imagine paddling down the river with the skyline painted in sunset hues behind you, or roaming through the Saskatoon Farmers Market with the freshest bites and sights. It's about the earthiness of Nutana, the vibrant burst of murals, and—oh, the serenade of flavors from its food trucks. You'll step back in history, yet walk side by side with modernity as you explore this cultural canvas.

If you're packing your enthusiasm alongside your curiosity, you're all set to dive in. Adventure is calling louder than a rooster at dawn, and we've got your blueprint right here. Saskatoon isn't just a stopover; it's the main attraction. Buckle up, buttercup—it's time to explore the heartbeat of the prairies and find out just how full of life a place can be.

Uncover the Charm of Riverdale Area

Listen up, friend, if you haven't strolled through the Riverdale Area yet, you're seriously missing out! Here's the scoop: Riverdale is like that hidden gem in a movie, full of quirky spots just waiting to be Instagrammed. So put on your explorer hat because it's time to dive into the heart of the city.

Waltzing around Riverdale, you can't help but notice it feels like you’re flipping through the coolest live-action storybook. The vibe here is eclectic – modern vibes mixed with old-school charm, y'know? People of all ages are ambling along, from excited kids to hip millennials to locals who've seen it all.

Guess what's a must-do? You should totally join the artsy crowd and check out the unique boutique shops sprinkled throughout the area. Each store is crammed with stuff you can't find just anywhere. Yeah, we’re talking about one-of-a-kind finds. You'll want to spend at least a couple of hours here to take it all in fully.

And, oh! The coffee scene. Coffee aficionados, listen up! Riverdale's cafes are where magic beans and real bean magic happens – your taste buds will tingle with the rich blends on offer. Sip your way through the neighborhood and go from “just awake” to “ready to conquer the world!”

Is this place family-friendly, you ask? Absolutely! There's something for everyone in the fam. The little ones can giggle away in the creative play areas, while teens will definitely find a perfect backdrop for their next viral post.

For all you adventurous souls, explore downtown Saskatoon and its Riverdale crown jewel until the sun dips low, with its easy access to the stunning riverbank trails. Trust me, Riverdale is an unforgettable chapter in your Saskatoon story. You've gotta experience its magic before you say sayonara!

Paddle the South Saskatchewan River

Can you actually paddle the South Saskatchewan River? You bet your waterproof boots you can! Imagine yourself on a paddleboard, the current gently urging you along, while the city skyline plays peek-a-boo with the trees.

Now, don't think you need to be a seasoned pro to enjoy paddleboarding on Saskatoon rivers. Whether you're a paddleboarding noob or basically grew up with a paddle in your hand, the river's got a sweet spot just for you. Launch yourself into a saskatoon river cruise without the need of a big boat, and trust me, it's gonna be awesome! And if you’re thinking, "I ain't got no paddleboard," worry not, my friend. Rentals are as easy to find as delicious Saskatoon berry pie!

So what's so special about taking to the waters here? Glad you asked. You'll slide right by epic views of Saskatoon's most gorgeous sights without having to jostle for space on a crowded sidewalk. Plus, there's nothing like the tranquility of the river—it's nature's version of pressing the mute button on the world.

You’ll wanna pack some water, maybe some snacks – okay, definitely snacks – and block out like half a day for this riverlicious adventure. It’s a crowd-pleaser for families and adventure-seekers alike, so bring your squad or just your fabulous solo self.

Oh, and if you're on the hunt for a killer sunset spot, just float on the river as the sky turns all shades of Instagram-worthy. Perfect for that “wish you were here” photo, right? Now go dip those paddles in the water and make some waves in your day!

Wander the Saskatoon Farmers Market

Imagine strolling through a lively gathering of local vendors, where the scent of freshly baked bread mingles with the vibrant colors of homegrown veggies. Yes, you're at the Saskatoon Farmers Market, a must-visit spot that transforms shopping into a delightful adventure.

Here's what makes this market the heartthrob of Saskatoon: It's not just a spot to grab your groceries—oh no—it's an experience. You'll meet the passionate folks who plant and pick your food. It's so fresh; you'll slap yourself to make sure you're not dreaming! Seriously, the tomatoes are so ripe they practically burst into applause when you walk by.

Now, if you're the type who gets excited at the word 'artisan,' get ready to do a happy dance. This market is like a treasure chest full of handcrafted cheeses, local meats that have never seen the inside of a freezer, and artisans who can explain the life story behind their creations.

Swing by on a Saturday morning, grab a coffee from a local roaster, find yourself a sweet treat (hey, you're on vacation, calories don't count), and soak up the vibe that only this kind of local love affair can offer.

This is the perfect hangout spot whether you are flying solo or wrangling a brood of kiddos. It's casual, it's friendly, and even if you're not shopping, just being there is a treat. Spend an hour or two, and don't forget to grab some local preserves—your future breakfast toast will thank you. The farmers market is where memories are made, hands down.

And when you're done, you're just a hop, skip, and a jump from some of the best downtown gems Saskatoon has to offer. So why wait? Lace up those walking shoes, grab that eco-friendly tote bag, and make your way to a place where every purchase supports a neighbor, a friend, a dream. What are you waiting for? Your Saskatoon farmers market adventure awaits!

Step Back in Time at Nutana

Feel the cobblestones under your feet? Smell that vintage charm in the air? Welcome to Nutana, Saskatoon's oldest neighborhood, where the streets whisper tales of yesteryears. Perfect for history buffs and anyone with a soft spot for bygone eras. Nutana isn't your usual block on the grid; it's a storybook scene come to life.

Could there be a better clash of yesterday and today? Doubt it! Picture this: century-old trees lining the streets like loyal old friends, heritage buildings that have seen more than we ever will, and the Broadway Bridge—it's not just a passage, but an invitation to time travel. Devote a couple of hours for Nutana; it deserves your unhurried pace and undivided attention. Whether you're solo or toting a clan of curious kiddos, this historic hug will wrap you up just right.

And, oh, the vibes! Nutana is where you chat up the locals, hear the legends, and grab some Instagram-envy snaps. Strolling through this quaint part of town, you realize it isn't just about sightseeing—it's about feeling connected. You sense the community pride here that's thicker than the thickest prairie sky.

While Nutana sits quietly, it's just a stone's throw away from the more bustling parts of Saskatoon. But within its embrace, with every step you feel...what's the word? Enraptured? Yeah, that's it! Whether you're dawdling through the historic sites or searching for quirky local boutiques, Nutana is a welcome breath of fresh, old air.

What's the verdict? Nutana's a hit for anyone from wide-eyed wanderers to history-loving families. But heads up, adrenaline junkies—it's more slow dance than rock concert. So, lace up your walking shoes and get ready to explore Saskatoon neighborhoods. Your heart’s about to grow three sizes, trust me!

Discover Saskatoon’s Murals

Imagine walking down a sunlit street, your eyes catching a cascade of colors that weren't there just a moment ago. You've stumbled upon one of Saskatoon's vibrant murals, a stunning piece of street art that turns a regular block into a jaw-dropping gallery.

These murals aren't just pretty pictures slapped on walls; they're stories painted in bold strokes by local and international artists. Every mural is a slice of the city's soul, showcasing Saskatoon’s history, culture, and the contemporary issues that shape it. You’ll see splashes that speak of heritage, community, and even good old-fashioned prairie humor.

What makes these murals unique? Well, honey, it's like every brushstroke is charged with the energy of the city, reflecting the creative spirit that thrives here. This is no stuffy museum experience; it's a living exhibit where you can feel the pulse of Saskatoon.

  • Savour the Scene: Spend an afternoon mural hunting and watch the city's stories unfold before you. It's like a treasure hunt, but better—no map required, just a keen eye and a curious heart.
  • Perfect for Everyone: Whether you're a solo art aficionado, a couple looking for a quirky date, or a family craving some color in your day, this art walk is a delight for all ages.
  • Nearby Delights: You're in the heart of the arts. Coffee shops, boutiques, and restaurants are just around the corner to punctuate your art odyssey with delicious sips and bites.

Plan to meander for a couple of hours—every mural is a new conversation, a fresh perspective. And who knows? Maybe you'll leave with inspiration to create your own masterpiece, or at least a camera roll full of Saskatoon’s finest street art to remind you of the beauty kindled on these spirited streets. Want to get started? Here's a guide to Saskatoon's murals and street art to point your artistic adventure in the right direction.

Savor Saskatoon’s Food Trucks

Picture this: You're strolling through the city, the air is buzzing with the chatter of locals, and the heavenly aroma of freshly cooked dishes envelopes you like a warm hug. Your stomach growls, demanding attention, and that's when you see it—a kaleidoscope of food trucks lined up, each offering a treasure trove of culinary delights. Welcome to the vibrant and ever-changing food truck scene in Saskatoon!

Eating at a food truck in Saskatoon is more than just a meal; it's an expedition into the heart of the city’s culinary scene. Here's the scoop on why you should make a beeline to these rolling restaurants:

  • Variety is the Spice of Life: From mouthwatering tacos to succulent pulled pork sandwiches, these trucks pack a flavorful punch. Veggie lover? Carnivore? Fear not, there's something to tickle everyone's palate.
  • Local Love: These trucks aren't just about serving food—they're about showcasing local ingredients and recipes. It's like a bite-size tour of Saskatoon's finest, no passport required!

Let's be honest, food trucks are the superheroes of the dining world—fast, efficient, and oh-so satisfying. But it's not just about the food. It's the buzz in the air, the communal tables (if you're lucky), and the chance to share your best 'mmm' and 'aah' with strangers who get it.

Now, who's got a crowd? Whether you're going solo, on a date, or wrangling a gaggle of kiddos, food trucks are the perfect pit stop. You'll rub elbows with a diverse mix, from lunch-breaking office warriors to curious tourists like yourself.

How long should you linger around these culinary wagons of wonder? As long as it takes to indulge your taste buds and maybe, just maybe, go back for seconds—or thirds (we're not judging). So, next time you're exploring the city, be sure to chow down on a dish from one of Saskatoon's iconic food trucks. Because frankly, discovering the explosion of flavors these trucks deliver is a must-do that truly captures the essence of local cuisine!

Remember to bring your appetite, folks—Saskatoon's food trucks are waiting to serve you a plate of adventure, no reservations needed.

Join a Historic City Walking Tour

Picture this: You're strolling through the heart of Saskatoon when suddenly, you're not just a tourist – you're a time traveler. That's exactly the vibe of the historic city walking tours where every step tells a tale. Don your walking shoes and get ready for a dash of the past, because Saskatoon's story is not your average history lesson.

With Saskatoon history tours, the city's secrets unfold like pages in a well-worn book. What's the oldest building, you ask? Step right this way, and see for yourself. Wrapped in architectural charm, the whispers of yesteryear echo off the brick and mortar of Saskatoon's heritage buildings.

Here's the bewitching part: As you amble, you'll realize Saskatoon isn't just about buildings; it's the saga of the river, the railroad, and the resolute spirits that shaped a metropolis. These tours will show you not just historical landmarks but the birthplaces of stories that helped craft the vibrant culture you see today.

If you're thinking this is only for history buffs, think again! Families with curious kiddos, couples looking for an engaging date, and even solo wanderers thirsting for hidden gems – there's something in it for everyone. And hey, your social media will thank you for the stunning backdrop of Saskatoon's storied streets!

Prepare yourself for an afternoon well spent, because these walks are leisurely yet enlightening, typically tipping just over an hour – a perfect slice of your day dedicated to unraveling the tales behind the town. And guess what? This is prime territory for striking up conversations with locals who love to share their city's lore.

Wrap up your tour with newfound knowledge and a sparkle in your eye, thanks to the charismatic guides who bring the beat of Saskatoon's heart to life. So lace up, step out, and drink in the history – one footstep at a time!

Relax at the Victoria Park Boathouse

Imagine you, reclining on the grass, the gentle hum of the South Saskatchewan River in your ears, the sun painting gold on your face. That's right, you're lounging in Victoria Park, and guess what? The Victoria Park Boathouse is your next chill spot.

But why visit the boathouse? Oh, you're in for a treat! This spot isn’t just a postcard scene; it's a slice of leisure heaven in Saskatoon. Think calm waters, maybe a duck or two gliding by, and you've got the perfect backdrop for a serene afternoon. No hullabaloo here, just the zen you've been craving.

Grab your favorite book, pack a picnic, or just laze on the banks—this spot is especially glorious on a sun-soaked day. If you're wondering about activities, why not rent a canoe and paddle around? The gentle current is friendly for beginners and seasoned paddlers alike. You don't need rippling biceps or a sailor's experience, just the desire to float and maybe splash a little.

Here's the kicker: you don’t have to hinge your visit on a specific activity. You could spend a few minutes or the better part of your day here. It rolls with your pace. Alone, with your partner, or with kids in tow—the Victoria Park Boathouse charms everyone. The open space welcomes frisbee flingers, the contemplative strollers, and the sheer sun soakers.

The crowd? It's mixed. You'll find fitness enthusiasts jogging past, families spreading out on blankets, and singles lost in the laid-back vibes. And adrenaline junkies, sorry, but this isn't your high-speed chase; it’s where you come to slow down.

So next time you're in Saskatoon, make your way to Victoria Park. Let your shoulders drop, take a slow breath, and just be. Trust me, by the time you leave, you'll carry the park's tranquility with you long after the day fades into dusk.

Experience Indigenous Culture at Wanuskewin

Ever heard of Wanuskewin Heritage Park? This gem is the beating heart of indigenous heritage in Saskatoon, and guess what, it's calling your name! If you've got a thirst for culture that a cup of joe just can't fix, head on over to this historical haven. You'll step right into a world where the sights, sounds, and stories of the Northern Plains Indigenous peoples come to vibrant life. And it's not just about gawking, you get to live the experience!

This is no everyday park stroll, my friend. At Wanuskewin, you can take part in traditional indigenous activities. Ever tried your hand at tipi raising? Or maybe felt the beat of a drum circle resonate through your soul? That's just a Tuesday here. Oh, and let's not even get started on the dance performances – they aren't just spectacular; they're a pulse-pounding, foot-stomping journey through traditions that have been around way longer than your Grandma's sourdough starter.

But wait, there's more! Imagine feasting on bannock and buffalo stew while surrounded by the breathtaking prairie landscape. It's good for your belly and your spirit.

And who's this place perfect for? Everyone! Whether you're a solo wanderer, a couple on the lookout for something out of the ordinary, or a family wanting to add a little 'wow' to their history lessons, Wanuskewin is your go-to spot. Figure on spending a half day here, because trust me, the stories and the land have a way of gripping you firmly by the hand and not letting go.

Nearby, the whispers of Saskatoon await, but in this sanctuary of history and culture, you'll find yourself in a different world, one where the past isn't behind glass—it's under your feet, in the air, and part of the colorful tapestry that is Canada's rich indigenous heritage. 🍁

Bring your curious soul, your love for learning, and a healthy appetite—not just for the authentic food but for an experience that you’ll reminisce about long after you've left. Don't just take my word for it; click here to dive deeper into the incredible stories and sights at Wanuskewin Heritage Park. After all, some tales need to be felt, not just told!

Connect with Nature at Beaver Creek

Imagine a what it must feel like to swap the city clatter with chatter of birds, to replace towering buildings with towering trees. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore, because Beaver Creek Conservation Area is the real deal! It's a slice of ecological paradise where you can slow down and sync up with Mother Nature’s heartbeat.

Beaver Creek is not just your typical stroll-in-the-park place. It's got trails that twist and turn through aspen groves, and over trickling creek bridges. Plus, you get this totally Instagrammable opportunity to hand-feed chickadees. Picture this: you, surrounded by a tiny, flittering flock of cuteness—total profile pic gold!

This gem is just a stone's throw from Saskatoon but feels worlds away from any hustle and bustle. Whether you’re someone who can tell a birch from a beech or you just really dig fresh air, this place is a must-visit. Adventurers, nature photographers, and families—all are in for a treat. Just pack a picnic and maybe some binoculars. You'll want to hang for at least a few hours, trust me.

And hey don’t sweat it if bird-watching and picnicking aren’t your jam. Beaver Creek’s got you covered with hands-on exhibits that are all about the local ecosystem. You’ll leave there with some serious nature trivia up your sleeve. Score one for cocktail party conversations!

All this talk about the conservation area and I bet you're wondering where to get more info, right? Look at you, all proactive and stuff! Just click right here to dive deeper into what Beaver Creek has to offer. Because honestly, connecting with nature? It's pure magic, and it's all waiting for you just outside Saskatoon.

Enjoy Craft Beer from Local Breweries

Oh boy, if you're into hoppy happiness and frothy fun, Saskatoon's local breweries are calling your name. Imagine sampling some of the finest craft beers around—yup, it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. And that somebody is you!

Kick off your beer adventure with the most hop-pening places in town. You'll wanna make room in your schedule, and your belly, for some craft beer tastings in Saskatoon. We're talking about unique, batch-brewed beauties that reflect the spirit of this city through every sip. Whether you're a stout-hearted hero or an IPA aficionado, there's a brew with your name on it.

Now, how about taking a behind-the-scenes look with a Saskatoon breweries tour? This is where magic happens, folks—the birthplace of pints that unite connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. Roll up your sleeves, ask all the questions, and discover the hops, the barley, and the local legends that turn them into liquid gold.

But who should tag along? Here's the rundown:

  • Solo sippers: Flying solo? Saddle up to the bar and make some new friends.
  • Groups and brew crews: Got a gang? The more the merrier for sharing flights and comparing notes.
  • Family fun: Believe it or not, some breweries in Saskatoon are super family-friendly, with comfy vibes and games that'll keep the kiddos engaged (while you engage with some adult beverages, of course).

Now, don't just stick to one spot. Spread those beer-tasting wings! With each stop, you'll find yourself enamored with the quirky stories and passionate people that form the beating heart of Saskatoon's craft beer community.

Ready to dive into liquid adventures? Be sure to check out some of the local favorites and maybe even find a few hidden gems along the way. Don't forget to say “Cheers!” or as locals prefer, “Here's to good friends and great beer!” So, grab your pals, and let's go grab some pints, shall we? 🍻

Embark on a Berry Farm Excursion

Ready to get your hands a little dirty and your taste buds dancing? Saskatoon berry farm tours aren't just a way to kill a couple of hours; they're an experience that immerses you in the sweet fragrance of berries as you pluck them right from the bush. And kids? They'll love it here just as much as the adults, trust me. Whether you're flying solo or dragging the fam along, berry picking turns everyone into a giggling gatherer.

These tours are not just about the berries. It's the full rural experience. You'll meet the farmers who love the land more than Sunday football, bid hello to the farm animals who might just pose for your next great Instagram shot, and learn about the intricate dance of sustainable farming. So, roll up your sleeves and dive into the rows of ripe, juicy berries that await you.

Wandering through a field flush with berries is like finding a real-life Candyland, only it's way better because, you know, it's real. And spoiler alert: nothing—I repeat, nothing—tastes as good as the berries you've picked yourself. Your taste buds will literally throw a party in your mouth. The farm may offer more—like homemade jams, pies, or even a berry-infused lunch.

Plan to spend a good part of your day here; there’s no rush in the fields of sweetness. It's perfect for the curious singles, the lovey-dovey couples, or the adventurous families. Adventure, you ask? Well, yes—because food is an adventure, right? And hey, after you've had your fill of berries, why not check out the nearby crafts and local goodies? It's farm to table, to your mouth, then straight to your heart!


What are some things to do in Saskatoon today?

Hey there! You can check out local events, take a stroll by the river, or visit a museum. Saskatoon's always got something cooking!

What activities are available in Saskatoon for adults?

Get ready to explore! Adults can enjoy the vibrant nightlife, local breweries, or unwind at lovely spas. There's a bit of everything!

What can couples do in Saskatoon?

Saskatoon is perfect for lovebirds! You guys can do romantic walks in the park, cozy dinners, or catch a show at a theater. Sweet, right?

How can families have fun in Saskatoon?

Family fun alert! Hit up the zoo, explore the children's museum, or go for a picnic. Saskatoon's all about those happy family vibes!

What's happening in Saskatoon this weekend?

Weekends in Saskatoon are a blast! From festivals to live music, or food markets - there's always an adventure waiting for ya.

What are some winter activities in Saskatoon?

Snowy fun time! Go ice skating, try cross-country skiing, or experience a winter festival. Don't forget your mittens!

What is Saskatoon best known for?

Saskatoon shines with its beautiful river, buzzing cultural scene, and the iconic Delta Bessborough hotel. Plus, those berries, yum!

Is Saskatoon worth a visit?

Absolutely! From the friendly folks to the plethora of activities year-round, Saskatoon's definitely worth your precious time.

What is Saskatoon good for?

Saskatoon is great for outdoor enthusiasts, foodies, and art lovers. There's a slice of heaven for everyone here!

Why do people visit Saskatoon?

People flock to Saskatoon for its gorgeous nature spots, artsy vibes, and killer events. Trust me, it's the place to be!

Final Words

So, you just skimmed through a treasure trove of the best activities Saskatoon's got to offer. From paddling down the South Saskatchewan River to munching on local goodies at the farmers market, and from stumbling upon vibrant murals to kicking back at Victoria Park. Each adventure is a chapter in the story of this beautiful city.

Your takeaways? There's a slice of Saskatoon for every taste — whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or a craft beer aficionado, Saskatoon rolls out the welcome mat just for you. And remember, when you're searching for things to do in Saskatoon, adventure is always just around the corner, with a cool new experience waiting to stamp your memory book.

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