10+ Unique Things to Do in Saint Lucia

As whispers of the Latille Waterfalls beckon, delve into the enchantment veiled within Saint Lucia's wild heart – but beware, for secrets...
Date Published
March 8, 2024

Table of Contents

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Ever imagined what it's like to have your senses hijacked by the hypnotic allure of turquoise waters, the soft whispers of emerald palms, and the enchanting melodies of tropical birds? Saint Lucia isn't just another dot on the map—it's the treasure chest of the Caribbean, replete with jaw-dropping landscapes and the rhythmic sounds of Creole echoing through the breeze. As your eyes play tag with the luminous sunset painting the sky, you might just wonder—what makes Saint Lucia a medley of experiences unlike any other?

Whether you're meandering through the bustling avenues of the Castries Market, where vibrant colors and authentic handcrafts are as common as the infectious smiles of locals, or finding your heart's rhythm alongside the rolling Saint Lucia hiking trails, there's a slice of paradise with your name etched into it. Consider this your insider guide to the 'joie de vivre' of Saint Lucia—from tasting the soul of the island through a local fish fry to the adrenaline-fueled adventure of zipping through rainforest canopies, and uncovering the stories etched into every cobblestone in Soufriere Historic Town.

Strap in, because we're about to embark on a journey that twists and turns through Saint Lucia's most famed and hidden gems. Allow us to map out the extraordinary things you can do in a place where every moment is a postcard waiting to be captured. And believe us

Uncover the Enchantment of Latille Waterfalls

Imagine stepping into a hidden paradise that feels like it's straight out of a fairy tale. Got it? Now let me take you there for real. The Latille Waterfalls in Saint Lucia is your very own secret garden, just waiting to be explored.

This waterfall is not your average trickle-down-the-rock kind of deal, oh no. It is a majestic nature nook where the water dances feverishly before it plunges into an inviting, natural pool. What's more intriguing? Every inch around it whispers the mystery of Saint Lucia's vibrant ecosystem.

You're into hiking, aren't you? Of course, you are! Well, put on those sturdy boots because the journey to Latille is part of the adventure. Be ready to trek one of Saint Lucia's off-the-beaten-path hiking trails where every step brings a new surprise – from exotic plants to the symphony of tropical birds. It's nature's perfection.

Here's a pro tip: if you're planning to hang out around these parts, why not dip a toe in the local culture too? You could explore the Castries market before or after you soak in those enchanting falls. It's a festival of colors and scents with spices, fruits, and crafts galore!

And when you think you’ve had enough of water (as if that’s even possible), the St. Lucia Botanical Gardens are not too far away. It's like stepping from one vibrant painting into another.

Now, let's chat about who's gonna love this spot. While Latille Waterfalls is perfect for the solo adventurer thirsting for a quiet moment with Mother Nature, it’s also a dream for families, couples, or anyone who wants to press pause on the 'go, go, go.' So whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just looking to chill, Latille’s got you covered.

Take half a day at least, to let the magic of the place sink in, because why rush perfection, right? You’ll want to take your time wading in the pool, snapping the perfect photo, and just breathing in the freshness that's so unique to this Caribbean gem.

For more inspiration and amazing things to do in Saint Lucia, don't forget to check out Celebrity Cruises. Now, go get enchanted!

Indulge in Serenity at Anse Mamin Beach

You know that feeling when you sink your toes into soft sand, gaze at clear waters, and think, "This is paradise"? That's exactly what Anse Mamin Beach promises. Nestled away like a hidden treasure waiting for you to discover its quiet splendor, Anse Mamin is where you escape the hubbub for a slice of serenity.

Pigeon Island National Park is fabulous, yeah, but Anse Mamin Beach? It's like a secret you'll be tempted to keep all to yourself. Plus, it's not just any beach—it's up there with the top beaches in St. Lucia, so you know it's special. First things first, grab your sunscreen and get ready to enjoy the tranquility without the crowds elbowing you every five seconds.

Now, let's talk about Anse Chastanet Beach's cousin, Anse Mamin. It's a stretch of beachy goodness where you can actually hear your own thoughts. Imagine lounging with a good book (or let's be real, snoozing under the sun), then cooling off with a leisurely swim in the turquoise sea.

But wait, there's more. You're in for a treat if you fancy a bit of history with your beach day. Why? Because Anse Mamin used to be a plantation, and there are still remnants of its past dotted around. It's like getting a side of culture with your tan!

Spend a few hours, or the whole day—time here moves as slowly as the gentle waves. And whether you're a solo explorer, a lovebird on a romantic getaway, or a family with kids making sandcastles, Anse Mamin's got a spot just for you.

Picture this: You, chilling on one of St. Lucia's finest, drink in hand, no itinerary, just vibes. Now stop picturing it and get yourself to Anse Mamin—because this beach is for dreamers, doers, and everyone in between.

Imagine gliding over crystal-clear waters, flanked by lush green hills—this is Marigot Bay, and kayaking here is like entering a live-action postcard. Seriously, your Instagram won’t know what hit it. It’s a must-do for anyone who loves a splash of adventure with their scenery.

Why kayak in Marigot Bay? Well, for starters, it’s outrageously beautiful. You’ve got the palm trees whispering tales of the tropics, the soft rustle of the mangroves, and the gentle lap of the waves against the hull of your kayak as you uncover hidden corners of this St. Lucian paradise. Plus, the bay's calm waters are perfect for all levels of kayakers, from the “what’s a paddle?” stage to the seasoned pros.

You’ll want to hit up the water sports centers in Rodney Bay for gear if you don't have your own. They'll sort you out with everything you need to tackle the St. Lucia coastline by boat, and trust me, Marigot Bay’s seascapes are so postcard-worthy, they make other postcards jealous.

Expect to spend about half a day if you really want to drink in the vibe—and the views! Prefer solitude or a romantic paddle for two? Early morning or sunset are the ultimate times to find peace on the water. If you're more about that social spice, a midday jaunt means more kayakers and a chance to make some wave-riding buddies.

Families with older kids, couples, and solo explorers alike will find kayaking Marigot Bay an unforgettable part of their St. Lucia adventure. Whether you're in it for the tranquil waters, the stunning scenery, or a bit of a workout, you’re in for a treat.

And hey, if you’re scratching your head thinking, “But where do I start?” don’t fret. Check out some kayaking tips and routes to kick off your aquatic escapade right here. Take the plunge, because Marigot Bay by kayak? It’s paddling perfection.

Taste Authentic Creole Flavors at a Local Fish Fry

Imagine the sizzle and pop of fresh fish hitting the hot griddle right by the ocean. Can you smell it? That, my friend, is the aroma of authentic Creole cuisine wafting through the air at a local fish fry, and you've got a front-row ticket to flavor town. St. Lucia isn't just your average island—it's a culinary adventure, and hitting up a fish fry is a must-do!

Now, why, you might ask, should your taste buds embark on this island culture tour? Well, because this is where the heart of St. Lucia beats in a symphony of flavors and spices. Eating local Creole cuisine isn't just about filling up your belly; it's about dancing with St. Lucia's soul.

  • Mingle with the locals: You're not just here for the food; you're here for the stories, the laughter, and yes, the occasional impromptu dance sparked by the beat of the island music.
  • Discover island secrets: Did you know the secret ingredient isn't a spice but the passion of the cooks who've been perfecting their craft for generations?
  • Support sustainable traditions: By attending a St. Lucia fish fry, you're supporting local fishermen and farmers, keeping the island's culture alive and kicking!

Count on spending a few hours here; it's casual, it's lively, and it's certainly a place where memories are made. Let the kids run wild with new friends as you kick back, Creole-style, with a plate overflowing with the day's catch glazed in secret sauces.

Singles, families, toddlers in tow—it doesn't matter! Fish fries in St. Lucia are a celebration of community. They are a place to let your hair down and savor an island tradition that's as much a feast for the soul as it is for the palate. So buckle up, flavor chasers. When you're ready to dive into the real St. Lucia, make sure to check out the local fish fry schedule and become part of the island's savory symphony.

Venture Across the Tet Paul Nature Trail

Picture this: you're stepping onto the Tet Paul Nature Trail, where the lush greenery of St. Lucia wraps you like your favorite cozy blanket. You're hiking in St. Lucia, but it's more than just a walk; it's an embrace with nature that you didn't know you needed. This isn't just any trail; it's a staircase to some heavenly views that'll have your Instagram followers green with envy!

So what's so special about Tet Paul? Buckle up, folks, because this isn't your average "walk in the park." You're about to discover Saint Lucia nature like never before!

  • Views That'll Make Your Jaw Drop: From this vantage point, the famous Pitons peak at you like old friends, and the Caribbean Sea shimmers brighter than a diamond in the sun.
  • Snap the Perfect Photo: Between the 'Stairway to Heaven' and the numerous lookout points, your camera is about to go on overdrive. Say cheese!

Don't worry if you're not an Olympic hiker; Tet Paul is friendly for all levels. Go at your own pace – just remember to breathe in that fresh St. Lucia air. You might even learn a thing or two about the local plants and history from a guide, if you fancy.

Bring your family; bring your friends. Heck, bring that person you just met at the hotel lobby who seems up for an adventure! This trail is for everyone who loves a good treasure hunt through nature's best.

Spend an hour or two here, but it'll feel like mere moments when you're lost in the beauty. And keep those peepers peeled – the wildlife here loves to put on a show.

You'll leave feeling refreshed, a little breathless, and with a heart full of scenic memories. So lace up those shoes and climb the Tet Paul Nature Trail, because Saint Lucia's got a natural treasure waiting just for you. And trust me, your soul will thank you for it!

Experience Thrills Zip-lining Through the Rainforest

Imagine whooshing through the air, high above the lush canopy of Saint Lucia's vibrant rainforest—adventure pulses through your veins as you zip-line past verdant trees and maybe even spot a rare parrot or two! Fancy that exhilarating feel? You should absolutely carve out time for some heart-pumping zip-lining in the rainforest.

St. Lucia adventure tours offer a plethora of zip-line experiences that cater to adrenaline junkies and nature lovers alike. The whole shebang is safe (whew!), super fun (yay!), and let me tell you, it's the closest thing to flying without sprouting wings. You're not just zip-lining; you're exploring the St. Lucia rainforest reserve, which is a treasure trove of biodiversity. Go ahead and check out some tours right here!

Okay, so you're strapped in, helmet on, heart racing—ready for the ride of your life. As you zip from platform to platform, you'll be treated to sights that many only dream of. It's a blend of thrill and tranquility that's tough to beat.

Whether you're flying solo, with your partner, or are part of a thrill-seeking family, zip-lining is tailored for all. No previous experience? No problemo! The fabulous guides got your back, so even beginners will feel like pros.

Remember to pack your sense of adventure, definitely wear some comfy clothes (this is not a tiara and tux affair), and gear up for an unforgettable trip through the treetops. It's a mix of laughs, gasps, and 'oh wow' moments—ideal for creating those "remember when we" stories to share back home.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the green heart of Saint Lucia, scream a little (because why not?), and let the good times roll above the rainforest!

Discover Peace at the St. Lucia Botanical Gardens

Imagine you're walking in a tropical paradise, where the hustle and bustle of everyday life fades away with every step you take. Enter the St. Lucia Botanical Gardens, a slice of serenity amidst lush greenery, spraying waterfalls, and vibrant floral displays. This is where peace finds you, my friend.

Nestled in the embrace of St. Lucia's steep hills, these botanical gardens are absolutely a must-visit. Get this—created on the site of a former volcanic spa, these gardens are home to the Diamond Waterfall, often touted as one of the natural wonders of this gem of an island. The gardens also offer a fantastic backdrop for those in search of tranquility and a perfect spot for hiking in St. Lucia. Now, you may ask, what can you do at the St. Lucia Botanical Gardens? Well, here’s your answer as clear as the sparkling waterfall pools:

  • Stroll through the kaleidoscope of tropical flowers. We're talking heliconias and hibiscus that are more colorful than a box of crayons.
  • Unwind by the Diamond Waterfall and let the calming sounds of nature wash over you.
  • Take the opportunity to hike through the verdant paths that cradle the gardens, perfect for all you adventurers and selfie-seekers.

Need more? The gardens aren't just a feast for your eyes and soul, they're also educational. If you're into learning about exotic plants and their uses, bring a notepad because you'll want to jot down some notes. It's an explosion of sights, sounds, and scents that you won't find anywhere else.

So, who will love this place? Frankly, anybody with a pulse. But if you adore nature, photography, or just a good old-fashioned walk in paradise, then you’ll be especially smitten. Plan to spend at least a couple hours here—more if you're a botany buff or slower-paced explorer. And the best part? It's nestled within proximity to other hotspots, so your day of discovery is just beginning! Don't forget to slap on some sunscreen and maybe pack a picnic. Trust me, you won't want to leave.

Ready to get those feet walking and that heart racing (in a calm and serene way, of course)? Check out Sandals' blog on things to do in Saint Lucia and make sure the St. Lucia Botanical Gardens is on your itinerary. It's a breath of fresh air, literally, you'll love every second.

Relax in the Seclusion of Secret Sandy Coves

Picture this: You're lounging on a soft sandy beach, the sun's gentle touch on your skin, and the only sounds you hear are the rhythmic waves and your own contented sighs. Welcome to Saint Lucia's secret sandy coves—a true hideaway where serenity rules and the buzz of the outside world fades away.

In these tucked-away treasures, snorkeling and scuba diving offer a glance into an underwater kaleidoscope of corals and marine life. Imagine donning your mask, biting down on your snorkel, and plunging into waters that rival the colors in an artist's palette. That's the kind of snorkeling and scuba diving you get in Saint Lucia, with coves that hide beneath the cliffs like priceless gems waiting to be discovered.

These coves aren't just any spots; they're among the top beaches in Saint Lucia. You'll think you've stumbled upon undiscovered territory, and honestly, it feels like you have. Whether you're sprawling out for a solo sunbath or sharing a secluded picnic, these coves whisper the sweet nothing of "privacy" in your ear.

You won't need to spend all day to savor the essence of these hidden beaches (but you'll probably want to). Spend a few hours or the whole day—it's your secret spot to connect with nature, your loved ones, or just your own peaceful thoughts.

This serene escape is perfect for anyone who needs a break from their buzzing phone or the pushy crowds of popular beaches. It's ideal for couples looking for a romantic retreat or even solo travelers seeking a quiet place to read and reflect. If you're itching for some adrenaline-pumping activities, don't you worry. The coves might be serene, but they're just a heartbeat away from other island adventures.

Ready to find your perfect cove? Each has its own personality; some offer shade with whispering palm trees, others open wide with sunny expanses of sand. But they all share one thing—Saint Lucia's signature, unspoiled beauty. So go ahead, let your inner explorer loose, and find your sandy nirvana.

Click here for more celestial hideouts and let Saint Lucia's secret sandy coves capture your heart, just like they've held onto mine.

Conquer the Gros Piton Climb for Panoramic Views

Scrambling up a mountain may not be everyone's idea of a vacation, but in Saint Lucia, it's a full-on bragging-rights-earning adventure. The Gros Piton climb – picture this, you, conquering the rugged paths, muscles burning, sweat pouring, and then, the peak! The panoramic views are your reward; a 360-degree jaw-dropper that'll have your Instagram followers green with envy.

Take on the saint lucia hiking trails and join the club of those who've etched their triumphs on the mighty Gros Piton. The climb is strenuous, but oh-so worth it. You'll want to allocate a good half-day for this escapade because rushing through this natural spectacle would be a crime against your senses. You're climbing the Gros Piton, one of two volcanic spires that quite literally project Saint Lucia into the sky, and the view from the top? It's the kind that makes you remember why going outside is a brilliant idea.

The path wends its way through lush foliage, with birdsong as your playlist and occasional clearings as stations of enchantment, offering teasing glimpses of the summit. And once you've reached the top, it's not just a view – it's every view. The Caribbean Sea, the verdant hills, the distant towns, all laid out like a feast for the eyes.

Gros Piton is not picky – it welcomes the solo adventurer, the hand-holding lovebirds, families (with older kids, because, you know, it's a bit tough for the little ones), and anybody with a dash of stamina and a thirst for panoramic glory.

So, if you're ready to join the leagues of people who can say, "I climbed that," then pull up your socks and embark on the riveting Gros Piton climb. You don't just visit the pitons; you conquer them, remember? And for those moments when you feel like you can't take another step, just think of the story you'll tell when you get back home. Spoiler: It ends with "...and the view was unimaginable."

Pause, picture it – you're standing high above Saint Lucia, conquering not just a mountain, but the very idea of limitation. Now that's a holiday highlight you'll never forget. And when you're back at sea level, nursing those well-earned aches, every wince will be a testament to the day you rose above it all. Take a deep breath. Ready? Let's climb.

Engage with History at Soufriere Historic Town

Picture this: You're walking down cobblestone streets, feeling the soul of a town where every brick holds a story, and where history greets you at every corner. That's Soufriere Historic Town for you—a place where the past is so present, you can almost hear the echoes of colonial times.

What makes Soufriere Historic Town unique? It’s the authenticity, the unspoiled architecture that transports you to the days when Saint Lucia was a prized gem in the colonial crown. You don't just visit Soufriere; you experience it.

Here’s why you need to add this gem to your must-visit list:

  • Feel the heritage: Take a guided walk through the heart of the town. Heritage tours of Saint Lucia are not just educational—they're immersive. Your knowledgeable guides will unravel tales that will have you hanging on to every word.
  • Explore traditional life: Ever wonder what life was like in a traditional Caribbean village? This is where that curiosity gets satisfied. You'll see life unfold in the most picturesque of ways, offering a snapshot of a way of life that's both humble and beautiful.

In Soufriere, you can spend a full morning wandering, snapping photos of historical landmarks, and enjoying local cafés. It’s perfect for history buffs, photography enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates culture served with a side of stunning views.

Not just for solo explorers, Soufriere is great for families too. It's a space where kids can learn about history firsthand. For those into a bit of an adrenaline rush, trust me when I say, even the stories here have a way of quickening your pulse.

So, pack your curiosity, wear your comfiest shoes, and don’t forget to charge that camera. Soufriere Historic Town isn't just a place on a map; it's a journey back in time waiting to be explored. And for even more things to do in St. Lucia, make sure you check out the range of activities that can turn your trip from great to unforgettable!

Sail into the Sunset on a Romantic Cruise

Imagine this: you're on a boat, the sun's kissing the horizon goodbye, and the sky is a painting of fiery oranges and serene purples. That's just another evening when you're on a sunset cruise around the island of Saint Lucia. And let me tell you, it's not just any sunset—it's the kind of sunset that'll make your Instagram followers green with envy.

You'll hop on one of those sleek catamarans for a day sail that stretches into the evening. From the deck, the lush coastline of Saint Lucia is your backdrop and, oh boy, it's a marvel! You can’t help but feel like you're in some swoon-worthy movie scene. If your heart is racing, it's not just the beauty—it's the adventure!

  • Rodney Bay nightlife beckons as the stars come out to play.
  • The warm breeze, the soft swaying of the boat, it's all so...romantic.

But let's not forget, a ride on the Caribbean Sea is an experience packed with fun too!

You'll be mingling, maybe breaking out some dance moves (go on, nobody's judging), and sipping on some tropical concoctions. Is this real life? Yes, it is!

And here’s the best part, you don't need to be a sailor to enjoy this majestic cruise. Whether you're with your sweetheart or flying solo, there's room on that dance floor under the stars for you. Expect to spend a good portion of your evening engulfed in this serene ambiance—around two to three heartbeats-missing hours, I’d say.

Is it great for families? Sure! But let’s be honest, it’s prime time for couples. The kind of thing that makes you want to hold hands and stuff.

Hey, don't take my word for it—see it for yourself, feel the magic in the air, and let the Caribbean charm whisk you away. For the full rundown on what to expect on your Saint Lucian sea adventure, anchor yourself to this info-rich treasure map, folks: Celebrity Cruises. Now, raise your sails and let's capture that sunset—captain’s orders!

Wander Through the Rich Canopy on Barre de l'Isle Trail

Picture this: You're absorbed by the lush embrace of Saint Lucia's emerald forests, with the sweet whispers of exotic birds serenading you as you hike the Barre de l'Isle Trail. It's not just a walk in the woods – it's a gateway to the heart of the island's wild beauty where you'll feel like the intrepid explorer you were always meant to be!

Not sure what to expect? Think vibrant, verdant paths that seem to unfold just for you. This is not your run-of-the-mill nature walk. Here's why you'll love it:

  • Discover Saint Lucia Nature: The trail is a treasure chest of natural wonders. From rare orchids peering out beneath the towering trees to the occasional mongoose darting across your path, Saint Lucia rolls out a carpet of diverse flora and fauna.
  • Hike the Barre de l'Isle Trail: Whether you're laser-focused on conquering those switchbacks or you're in it for a peaceful meander, this trail caters to all. You don't have to be a hardcore hiker to enjoy its splendors. It's got that just-right blend of challenge and charm.
  • Connect with the Earth: It's your chance to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with Mother Nature. Take a deep breath of that clean, rainforest air. Let it out. Feel better? We thought so.

What makes Barre de l'Isle stand out? It's like stepping into another world where suddenly you're part of the panoramic views that stretch across the horizon. You've got mist-laden mountains one way, deep blue Caribbean Sea the other. It's totally immersive.

For those of you social butterflies, it's not just about solitude. Along the way, you might run into fellow adventurers or local guides who can't wait to share stories that'll make the forest come alive.

It’s a slice of paradise that’s a hit whether you're a solo traveler seeking serenity or you've got the whole family in tow looking for an adventure. The kiddos will love the thrill of discovery, and let's be honest, so will you.

Expect to spend a good half-day here if you want to truly embrace the journey. Pack some snacks, water, and your best walking shoes. Oh, and keep that camera ready – around every corner, there's a view begging for a little spot on your Instagram feed.

And the best part? You're just a visit away from turning these words into real, vivid memories. Ready to lace up those hiking boots? Check out the details here and dive headfirst into a nature experience you'll be talking about for years to come. Now go chase that adventure!


Q: What are 10 things to do in St. Lucia?

A: Chill on the sandy beaches, soak in volcanic mud baths, zipline through rainforests, visit the iconic Pitons, go snorkeling or diving, savor local creole cuisine, explore Pigeon Island National Park, take a catamaran cruise, wander Castries Market, and unwind at luxury spas.

Q: What are some unique things to do in St. Lucia?

A: Experience a cocoa plantation tour, swim in the Toraille Waterfall, attend a street party in Gros Islet, or try a fish fry in Anse La Raye.

Q: What are things to do in St. Lucia for adults?

A: Adults can enjoy rum tasting tours, jazz lounges, horseback riding on the beach, deep-sea fishing, and sophisticated dining experiences.

Q: What are things to do in St. Lucia for couples?

A: Couples love private sunset cruises, couples’ massages with ocean views, picnics at the Diamond Falls, and romantic dinners by the sea.

Q: What are free things to do in St. Lucia?

A: You can hike the Tet Paul Nature Trail, visit Sandy Beach, explore local street markets, or simply relax by the Rodney Bay Marina without spending a dime.

Q: What can you do in St. Lucia for a week?

A: Spend a week enjoying the beaches, touring the island’s natural attractions, indulging in water sports, and experiencing the vibrant local culture and nightlife.

Q: What is Saint Lucia best known for?

A: Saint Lucia is best known for its stunning Piton mountains, beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, drive-in volcano, and world-class luxury resorts.

Q: Is St. Lucia good for tourists?

A: Absolutely, St. Lucia is a top Caribbean destination with diverse activities ranging from relaxation to adventure for all types of travelers.

Q: Is St. Lucia cheap or expensive?

A: St. Lucia caters to different budgets, but it's generally considered a mid-range to expensive destination, especially with its luxury resorts and fine dining.

Q: Is there much to do on St. Lucia?

A: For sure, there's plenty to do, from outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, ensuring that every moment of your trip is action-packed or blissfully serene, as you like it.

Final Words

So, there you have it, a whirlwind tour of some of the most mesmerizing spots St. Lucia has to offer. From the serene Latille Waterfalls to the thrill of zip-lining through the rainforest, and not forgetting the historical insights and stunning views conquered at Gros Piton. You've gotten a taste of beaches tucked away in secret coves, kayaked Marigot Bay, and relaxed in botanical dreams.

Let's be real, your heart's probably racing thinking about all these adventures, and why wouldn't it be? Wandering through St. Lucia's rich canopy and savoring authentic Creole flavors is mighty tempting. Every experience promises a bevy of stories to tell. If this is your first time or a thrilling encore, these things to do in Saint Lucia await to enchant you with new memories!

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