9+ Unique Things to Do in Reims Today

Dive into the Les Crayères District, Reims' secret maze of hidden gems. What ancient delights await beneath the cobblestone paths? Discover...
Date Published
March 8, 2024

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Ever wondered what magical charm lies hidden amidst the historic city lanes of Reims? Ah, just uttering the words 'Les Crayères District' can make any history buff's heart skip a beat. But what's the real deal with this vintage jewel of France? Is it just carafes of bubbly and a towering cathedral that gets all the spotlight, or is there more to Reims than the bubbly that tickles your nose? Spoiler alert: it's bursting with surprises beyond your wine glass!

From gourmet picnics in lush parks where the air whispers secrets of romance, to a journey back in medieval times with each cobblestoned step, let's embark on a rendezvous with Reims that far exceeds the customary. Prepare to be lured into discovering Reims' most exquisite but often overlooked spots that you won't find splattered across every travel brochure. Yes, we're talking hidden gems, secluded sweet spots, and activities that'll make you feel like a local whispering, "C'est la vie" in pure contentment. Let's dive into a world where the authentic French vibe is served neat, just like their world-renowned spirits. Here's why the City of Kings will have you royally smitten and reaching for your très chic hat – join us on this beguiling jaunt, where every moment feels like you've stepped straight into a postcard.

Uncover the Authentic Les Crayères District

You've just gotta check out Les Crayères District while you're in Reims. Imagine roaming through streets dripping with charm and history, where every corner whispers a story rooted deep in the heart of Reims. This place isn't just a dot on the map; it's the secret scribble that locals cherish and one of those reims hidden gems you'd kick yourself for missing.

Picture it: you're strolling past quaint houses, feeling like you've time-traveled to a serene escape from the hustle and bustle. That’s discovering reims for you, with every little exploration opening up a world of enchantment. And Les Crayères? It’s the kind of neighborhood where you bump into friendly faces, maybe exchange bonjours, and truly vibe with the city’s heartbeat.

What’s even cooler about this district? You can:

  • Marvel at the architecture that’s as rich in details as it is in stories.
  • Snap the kind of photos that need no filter because, let’s face it, pure history is already insta-gold!
  • Chill at a local café, embracing that oh-so-delicious French pastry smell while observing the vibrant local life.
  • And, if you're wondering how much time you should spend here, give it a good half-day at least, because trust me, the district has enough allure to keep you captivated.

This little slice of Reims is not just great for singles or families, but it's an all-rounder; whether you're an adrenaline lover, a history buff, or just down for some chill time, Les Crayères welcomes you with open arms.

So, lace up those walking shoes, charge that phone (you’re gonna need it for pictures), and dive right into the delightful embrace of Les Crayères District. It's the soulful journey through a Reims not many get to see, but you? You're the explorer uncovering the real magic.

Delight in a Gourmet Picnic at Parc de Champagne

Imagine lounging on a sun-dappled lawn, the clink of champagne glasses filling the air, and the gentle rustle of leaves in the breeze. You're unwrapping a spread of mouthwatering cheeses, fresh baguettes, and delicate pastries. Welcome to the Parc de Champagne, the quintessential spot for leisure activities in Reims and the perfect setting for romantic outings.

At Parc de Champagne, you've got 22 hectares of lush greenery beckoning you to lay down your picnic blanket. This isn't just any old patch of grass—it's a historic park with vineyards in the horizon—yeah, those grapevines are not just there to look pretty; they're the source of the bubbly magic that is Champagne. Here's what's fabulous about this spot:

  • It's massive. You can find your little slice of paradise without bumping elbows with other picnickers.
  • It's versatile. Whether you're swooning on a date or laughing with family, this park's vibes cater to all sorts of groups.
  • It's got views. Want a killer backdrop for your Instagram stories? Say no more!

Spend an hour or the whole afternoon—there's no rush. The Parc de Champagne invites you to relax, take a leisurely stroll, or just enjoy the moment. Maybe you'll even catch an impromptu game of frisbee or a remote-controlled boat zipping across the pond. It's an experience that delights locals and tourists alike.

And if you're wondering what's nearby—well, you're just a stone's throw away from the rest of Reims's treasures. Once you've had your fill of good eats and leisure, the city awaits with open arms, ready to throw at you its magnificent cathedral, adorable boutiques, and yes, more champagne.

So grab your wicker basket and come join the revelry under the leafy canopies. You've found your happy place in the Parc de Champagne, where every picnic is a fancy affair!

Visit the Artisanal Pâtisserie Hubert

Picture this: you're walking down a charming street in Reims, and the sweet scent of freshly-baked pastries beckons you closer. You follow your nose and find yourself standing in front of the famous Artisanal Pâtisserie Hubert—a true haven for anyone with a sweet tooth. If you're piecing together your Reims shopping guide or on the hunt for unique buys in Reims, this is your jackpot.

Pâtisserie Hubert isn't just any bakery; it's a canvas where edible masterpieces come to life. Delicate eclairs, buttery croissants, and decadent cakes—oh my! Each treat more tempting than the last, whispering seductively, "Eat me!" And trust me, you'll want to eat ALL of them.

Now, don't just gawk at the pastries like they're museum pieces—although they're equally worthy of admiration. Dive into that flaky, buttery, creamy goodness! Each bite is a symphony of flavors that makes your taste buds dance the cha-cha. Best part? You're dancing along with locals and travelers alike, people who know that this isn't just food; it's a cultural experience.

Grab a box of assorted goodies, but don't rush away. Take time to chat with the bakers, masters of their craft, who are delighted to share their passion. They'll wrap your selections with the care of a jeweler, making it the perfect gift—if you can resist the temptation to peek inside.

Whether you're solo, with your significant other, or wrangling a gaggle of sugared-up toddlers, Pâtisserie Hubert welcomes you. It's great for a quick pop-in or a lazy afternoon high on sugar and caffeine. Plus, with the central location, you're just a hop and a skip away from other Reims marvels, like the majestic cathedral.

So, be sure to carve out a chunk of your day—perhaps an hour, capped by a walk to burn off those delightful calories. As they say, when in Reims, do as the Reimsians do: embrace tradition and treat yourself to the city's sweet side at Artisanal Pâtisserie Hubert. It's not just food; it's love folded into layers of pastry. Bon appétit!

Encounter Medieval History at Porte de Mars

Imagine stepping back in time as you come face-to-face with the grandeur of medieval Reims. The Porte de Mars, an ancient Roman arch so packed with history that you can almost hear the clinking of the legionnaires' armor. This majestic structure isn't just old; it's ancient. Like, over 2,000-years-old ancient, and it stands proud as one of the oldest and most significant Reims cultural landmarks.

So, what's so special about this historic site, you ask? First off, the precision! Standing tall with intricate carvings that have withstood the test of time, these stones tell stories of a past that helped shape the city. As you gaze upon it, try to picture the chariots that once rolled triumphantly through its arches. And just so you know, it's the only arch of its kind this massive in all of Northern Gaul—talk about instagrammable!

You'll find this relic of the past nestled comfortably among modernity, a reminder that Reims has layers—like a fine pastry, only less flaky and way more durable. It's the kind of place that speaks equally to history buffs and selfie queens. And get this: it's totally free to explore. So go ahead, make everyone back home jealous with your medieval #throwback posts.

Why should you spend time here? Because where else can you touch the same stones that Roman soldiers from millennia ago might have leaned against, daydreaming of their own vine-covered villas back home?

And if you're pondering the perfect time budget for this adventure, an hour here is plenty. That leaves you with enough time to walk around, soak in the vibe, and maybe even sketch a few of those carvings—you'll want to remember them. Porte de Mars is a definite must for those who want to connect with the historic roots of Reims, whether you're a solo traveler, a romantic couple looking for that charming backdrop, or a family keen on showing the kids what 'real old' looks like.

So grab your imaginary sword, wear your best explorer boots, and prepare to be awed by this magnificent witness to history. The Porte de Mars is not just an arch; it's a portal to a bygone era, standing tirelessly as the sun sets and rises around it, just like it did when real knights called Reims home.

Explore Reims's Vibrant Place du Forum

Imagine stepping into a lively square where the heartbeats of Reims's past and present merge. Welcome to Place du Forum, a bustling plaza that's a jigsaw puzzle of history, local shopping, and eavesdropping on tales told by cobblestones under your feet.

This isn't just any old square. You're treading in a space that's been social for centuries! Once the backdrop for a Roman forum, now serves up the same chatty, communal vibes but with updated amenities—talk about a glow-up. Place du Forum isn't simply about standing and staring; it's an experiential dive into Reims city attractions.

Picture this: Local merchants beckoning you to take a piece of Reims home with you. Maybe it's a bottle of local bubbly or a quirky keepsake, the possibilities are endless. Ah, local shopping in Reims, a real treat for those of you who salivate at unique finds.

You'll want to carve out a good part of your day here, folks. And hey, who are we to tell you to resist the charm of an outdoor café where you can sip on coffee—or Champagne, because, when in Reims! All the while, watching life, with its smiles and haggles, swirl around you.

It's perfect for solo explorers eager to blend in with the locals, couples looking for that Insta-worthy backdrop, or families wanting to add a dash of culture to their travel scrapbooks. You could say Place du Forum is like the most versatile jacket you've ever owned, fitting just right into everyone's style.

And let's not forget, after you've shopped, sipped, and selfie-d, take a stroll. Stretch those legs and eye-peel for the history tucked in the nooks and crannies. There's a narrative at every street corner, just waiting for you to discover it. So, come on, what are you waiting for? Let Place du Forum be today's tale in your grand adventure.

Discover the Intrigue of Cryptoportique

Dive into the heart of history with a visit to the Cryptoportique in Reims! Imagine walking through an ancient Roman gallery right beneath your feet as you explore one of Reims' most mysterious underground chambers.

The Cryptoportique, a reims sightseeing highlight, isn't your typical tourist stop. It's an archaeological crypt dating back to the 3rd century, folks! You're literally stepping into history. Bring your camera and snap some unique photos to show off to your history buff pals. This place whispers the tales of ancient markets and gatherings, and you can almost hear the echoes of Roman toga parties from way back when.

You might wonder, "Is this a must-see spot in Reims?" Absolutely, mark it on your map! It's one of those reims tourism musts that you shouldn't miss. Wander through the stone arches and let your imagination run wild. What was it like here 2,000 years ago? The aura of ancient times is palpable, and it's super refreshing on a hot day because, guess what, it stays cool down there!

Perfect for solo explorers, couples on a romantic getaway, or families with eager-to-learn kids, the Cryptoportique offers a captivating experience. You don't need hours; just a quick stop will transport you back in time. Plus, it's smack-dab in the center of town, making it an easy pitstop between your indulgent French pastry sampling and shopping for unique finds.

So who's ready to uncover some secrets of old? The Cryptoportique awaits your adventurous spirit! Just make sure you check the opening hours before you head over, so you don't miss out on this hidden treasure of Reims. Get ready to add some epic tales to your travel diary!

Indulge in Reims's Renowned Chocolatiers

Oh boy, get ready for your taste buds to go on a joyride 'cause we're diving into the sinfully delicious world of Reims's chocolatiers. If you're strolling through the gourmet food markets of Reims with your heart set on a sweet treat, search no more. Picture this: shelves lined with the richest, most ornate chocolates you've ever seen. And the smell? It's like Willy Wonka's fancy French cousin decided to throw the party of the year — and you're on the VIP list!

At these traditional markets, every bite reveals why Reims is the go-to spot for chocolate lovers. You'll find master chocolate makers, hunched over their creations with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker, crafting each piece to be a miniature work of art. So, whether you're out for a solo treat yo' self day or need a romantic gift that's shouting "I love you more than chocolate" (which is a lot, let's be honest), these chocolatiers have got you covered.

But here's the scoop, make sure to leave room for more than one shop:

  • They say, "life is like a box of chocolates," and in Reims, you’ll want to try them all to get the full experience.
  • Plan to spend a good hour or two because this isn't just shopping; it's a chocolate-tasting adventure.
  • The vibe here? Total crowd-pleaser. When it comes to families, couples, or even your sweet-toothed toddler, happiness is just a chocolate truffle away.

What's nearby? Oh, you've got cafes, boutiques, and maybe you'll catch a whiff of fresh pastries in the air — making it the perfect spot to take a leisurely break between your chocolate escapades. Now, go ahead and let those endorphins run wild because today, chocolate isn't just a treat, it's an experience! 🍫✨

Relish the Local Flavors at Marché Boulingrin

Craving fresh, local produce straight from the heart of Reims? Look no further than Marché Boulingrin! This place isn't just a market; it's a lively festival for your senses. Imagine rows upon rows of the freshest fruits, veggies, cheeses, and oh-my-goodness pastries that are begging to be tasted. Whether you're into the best Reims sights or iconic Reims marketplaces, this gem has got you covered.

You'll rub elbows with friendly locals, while vendors flaunt their mouth-watering displays. It's the perfect spot for foodies or anyone who's up for a little culinary adventure. Here's what makes Marché Boulingrin the go-to spot:

  • Local charm: It's not for window shoppers! Get ready to sample some goodies, chat with producers, and maybe even pick up a recipe or two.
  • Diversity: From rare cheeses to hand-crafted charcuterie, this market has variety galore.
  • Buzzing atmosphere: The vibrant vibe is perfect for families looking to keep everyone entertained, or for couples seeking a slice of authentic Reims life.

Nestled smack-dab in the center of town, it’s an easy stroll from many other top sights, leaving you with ample time to explore further. Give yourself a couple of hours here; this isn't a grab-and-go kinda place – it's an experience. And the crowd? Well, let's just say if you're looking for a true taste of Reims, this is where you'll find it – from enthusiastic food connoisseurs to giggling bunches of friends and families basking in the joy of a Saturday morning spree.

Just when you think it can't get better, remember, you're in the champagne capital. What pairs best with farm-fresh products and artisan treats? A lovely bottle of bubbly, of course! Don't miss out on this explosion of tastes, textures, and true French market culture. It's the real deal!

Experience the Serenity of Saint-Remi Basilica

Picture this: You're walking through the heart of Reims, and then, like a scene from a movie, the majestic Saint-Remi Basilica comes into view. It's not just any old church; it's a must-visit Reims attraction filled with centuries of history and buckets of serenity.

The Basilica of Saint-Remi is one of those exquisite sights in Reims that you can't just breeze through. The intricate architecture whispers tales of the past—it's been standing proud since the 11th century, can you believe it? Now, don't just stand outside with your jaw hanging open. Step inside and let the ambiance wrap around you like a warm blanket. Those stained-glass windows aren't just pieces of colored glass; they're storytelling masterpieces that bathe the basilica in rainbow hues when the sun hits just right.

And who's it for? Well, if you're a history buff, architecture enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates quiet moments, this basilica is your happy place. Families, singles, and even your little kiddos in awe of giant buildings will find something to love. It's a place of peace, so maybe save the adrenaline rush for elsewhere (yes, we're looking at you, sky-diving enthusiasts).

Give yourself a solid hour here. Trust me, you'll want time to soak up the silence, marvel at the architecture, and maybe light a candle or two. Oh, and don't miss the abbey next door. The combo of basilica and abbey makes for a splendid afternoon full of culture and calm.

Nearby, you've got other Reims jewels waiting to be discovered. But for now, in the Saint-Remi Basilica, you're in a bubble of historical bliss. So take a deep breath, feel the connection to the centuries of feet that have wandered these very floors, and savor the spirit of Reims right here in these hallowed halls.

Delight in a Gourmet Picnic at Parc de Champagne

Imagine lounging on a velvet green canvas, a patchwork quilt beneath you, and nibbling on gourmet goodness while the sun dips behind a horizon dotted with majestic trees. Welcome to your dream picnic at Parc de Champagne. It's not just a park; it's a gourmet getaway in the heart of Reims.

Here, the grass seems greener, and the sky bluer. Perfect for leisure activities, Reims' very own Parc de Champagne invites you for an afternoon steeped in charm. For those looking to impress their date or yearning for a touch of romance, this is the spot where lovebirds flock and the air tingles with possibility.

  • Spread out your picnic blanket and bask in the ambiance.
  • Cherish a flute of the local sparkler amidst the whisper of leaves.
  • Savor cheese that melts on your tongue partnered with a crusty baguette.

This picturesque haven is not just about the view—it's also about the taste. If what you're after is romantic outings in Reims, rest assured, Parc de Champagne checks all the boxes. It's a place where couples whisper sweet nothings and families laugh under the canopy of ancient trees.

So, why not take a breather from the bustling cityscape and indulge in the tranquil lap of nature? You can easily spend a couple of hours or even the entire day here. And it's not just for the lovebirds; families adore the space for a fun day out, and the kiddos? They've got room to sprint like tomorrow’s never coming.

Whether you're wooing, reconnecting, or simply enjoying some quality me-time, let Parc de Champagne seduce your senses. Trust me, it's the perfect backdrop for making memories that sparkle as much as the champagne you'll be toasting with!

And don't forget, as the sun sets, you're treated to one of the best views in Reims—the kind that no camera could ever do justice, but hey, you'll snap away anyway because it's utterly snap-worthy. Cheers to that!

Embark on a Biking Adventure Around Reims

Picture this: the wind in your hair, the sun peeking through the trees, and a landscape so breathtakingly beautiful that every pedal feels like a snapshot for the memory album. That's right, I'm painting the scene of you, cruising on two wheels, soaking up the essence of Reims. This isn't just any ride; it's an adventure waiting to be explored by families, couples, and yes, even solo riders!

Reims offers an array of biking trails that cater to everyone from the casual rider to the avid cyclist. Family activities in Reims just got more exciting with these trails that take you through picturesque wineries, historical landmarks, and lush forests. Planning a little adventure outside of the town's buzz is as easy as renting a bike and setting off on the open road.

If you're looking for activities around Reims, biking is the way to go. Why not turn it into a day-long quest for fun? Combine your ride with picnic breaks in scenic spots, or cycle your way from one sightseeing marvel to another. You could spend a couple of hours, or the whole day, pressing the pause button on life's fast-forward.

Are the trails family-friendly, you ask? Absolutely! The flat paths and safe routes ensure that even the littlest riders can join in on the fun without worry. And for you adrenaline junkies – there are spots where you can raise the bar and get that heart racing.

Let's talk about the social scene. A biking adventure is a chance to bond, share laughter, and create stories along the way – ideal for families and friends making those precious connections.

Don't just take my word for it—grab those handlebars and become the story as you fall in love with every turn and trail in captivating Reims. Adventure awaits, are you ready to ride?

Join a Local Crafting Workshop

When in Reims, dive hands-on into the local culture by joining a crafting workshop. It's not just any kind of workshop—imagine sitting among a group of like-minded creatives, learning the fine art of champagne cork crafting or delicately piecing together handcrafted jewelry, all while soaking in the effervescent atmosphere that only this iconic region can provide. That's right, a sip here, a stitch there, and you've pretty much nailed the Reims crafting scene.

If you've always fancied yourself a bit of an artisan or if you just adore the thought of bringing home a souvenir that's got your own personal flair, then these workshops are spot on for you. And hey, it's totally fine if your crafting skills are more like, "Oops, did I just glue my fingers together?" The local pros are there to guide your sticky hands to crafting glory.

Why should you spend a day crafting? Well, it's simple:

  • You'll get that authentic connection to Reims beyond the usual tourist stops.
  • It's a fantastic way to interact with locals, and maybe even make a new friend or two! (Who doesn't want a crafting buddy?)
  • You walk away with a unique creation—way better than any fridge magnet.

How long should you stay? Most workshops will last a half-day or so, giving you plenty of time to explore more top Reims attractions after. Plus, whether you're the solo adventure sort, looking for some quality time with your significant other, or you've got the kiddos in tow, these workshops are fabulous for all ages and types.

Be prepared to laugh, create, and maybe spill a little bit of champagne (whoops!). It's all part of the experience that adds up to those "Remember when we were in Reims, and I made this?" moments. So, grab your creative spirit by the corks, and let's get crafting!


Q: What are some unusual things to do in Reims?

A: You can explore the Foujita Chapel, visit the Cryptoporticus, or check out the quirky Automobile Museum.

Q: What are some things to do in Reims today?

A: Today in Reims, you can tour the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral, enjoy local wineries, or visit a museum.

Q: What are some activities for couples to do in Reims?

A: Couples can relish a romantic champagne tasting, stroll through the Place Royale, or have a picnic at Parc de la Patte d'Oie.

Q: What can families do in Reims?

A: Families will love the Planetarium, the many parks, and interactive workshops at the local museums.

Q: Are there any free activities to do in Reims?

A: Absolutely, you can visit the stunning Reims Cathedral, hike in the Montagne de Reims, or explore the local markets—all for free!

Q: What's there to do in Reims at night?

A: At night, catch a show at the Opera, enjoy the bar scene, or see the cathedral light show.

Q: Is Reims worth visiting?

A: Totally, Reims is packed with historic sites, stunning architecture, and is the heart of Champagne country.

Q: What is Reims best known for?

A: Reims is famous for its magnificent cathedral, royal coronations, and of course, Champagne!

Q: How many days do you need in Reims?

A: To soak it all in, you'll want at least two to three days in Reims for the highlights.

Q: Can you walk between Champagne houses in Reims?

A: Yep, many Champagne houses are within walking distance of each other in Reims, making for a delightful stroll.

Final Words

Wow, you've just journeyed through the unmissable splendor of Reims, from the quaint Les Crayères district to the historic Porte de Mars and beyond. Whether picnicking at Parc de Champagne or delving into the delectable treats from local chocolatiers, you’re now well-versed in the marvels that lace this city.

These gems truly capture the essence of Reims, blending culture, history, and gastronomy. Just imagine the stories you'll share after visiting these spots! Remember, the wonders of Reims don't end here; they continue with each step you take and every local you meet.

Go ahead, pack your curiosity and excitement for all the things to do in Reims, and let this city's charm lead the way to your next grand adventure!

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