10+ Things to Do in Peterborough [Hidden Gems]

Unearth the mysteries of Flag Fen—Peterborough’s ancient wonder. Will you decode secrets hidden for millennia? Discover how…
Date Published
March 8, 2024

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Ever wondered what Peterborough has up its sleeve besides the hush-hush murmur of its historical Cathedral whispering tales as old as time itself? If you think it's just a sleepy town in the East of England, you're in for a treat! Peterborough, peppered with an array of hidden gems and bustling with activities, is a veritable playground for explorers and culture enthusiasts alike.

From the neolithic echos at Flag Fen, where the past reaches out to touch you, to the leafy whispers of Barnack Hills that beckon nature lovers for a green embrace, this city knows how to surprise you. Dive into the vibrant art scene at Peterborough Artists' Open Studios, find solitude amongst the curious sculptures at Thorpe Meadows, or get a thrilling slice of history at Longthorpe Tower.

But wait, there's more—a theatrical spectacle at Key Theatre, eclectic flavors at local hotspots like Bees in the Brickworks, and Sunday Sessions that make your heart skip a beat. Peterborough isn’t just about sightseeing; it's about experiential storytelling where every corner holds a tale, and each path leads to a new adventure. All set to uncover what this enigmatic city has in store for you? Buckle up as we journey through Peterborough's best-kept secrets and beloved attractions—with a local's hint of flair and a touch of Peterborough lingo to guide you.

Unearth Hidden Gems at Flag Fen Archaeology Park

Imagine stepping back in time, way back, to a place where whispers of ancient civilizations are as tangible as the cool breeze brushing past your skin. You've just entered Flag Fen Archaeology Park, a breathtaking slice of history nestled right in the heart of Peterborough. If you're craving a glimpse into the distant past, this is where you'll satisfy your historical hunger.

Flag Fen is where history buffs and curious kids alike come alive with excitement. You're not just looking at historical sites in Peterborough; you're walking through them. It's a massive outdoor museum, showcasing an ancient causeway built around 1350BC. Yes, you read that right, it's that old!

When you're there, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore. There's so much to see—from the preserved prehistoric timbers that seem to hold secrets of millennia to the replicas of Bronze Age houses that make you feel like you could bump into a local from 3000 years ago.

This isn't just a treat for those who adore ancient tales; it's also a gold mine for families looking for a pinch of education with their outdoor adventures. Dive into a Peterborough sightseeing tour that's unlike any other, where each step tells a story of life before we knew it.

And get this, you don't need an advanced degree in archeology to appreciate this wonder. With interactive exhibits and enthusiastic guides, you'll feel more like Indiana Jones and less like someone snoozing through history class. Whether you're a solo explorer, here with a friend, or herding your own family of fledgling historians, Flag Fen is a hit.

What's nearby, you wonder? Well, after you've had your fill of ancient mysteries, you can pop over to the buzzing city center, just a short drive away, for a lovely meal or to continue your sightseeing escapade. So go ahead, dive into the past, and add a story or two to your journey.

Relish the Greenery at Barnack Hills and Holes National Nature Reserve

You're not just walking through any old patch of grass here, oh no! At Barnack Hills and Holes National Nature Reserve, you're strutting through a nature lover's paradise, a real-life fairy tale landscape. So grab your walking shoes, nature enthusiasts, because nature walks in Peterborough don't get much better than this!

Barnack Hills and Holes, which is, believe it or not, one of the most important wildlife sites in Europe, is quite the spectacle with its remarkable variety of orchids and other rare plants. Nature walks in Peterborough? This is the cream of the crop, the gem of the greenery, the tiara atop Mother Nature's head. As you weave through the knolls and dips, you'll find yourself in awe of the colorful quilt of wildflowers during the warmer months.

The Reserve is a haven for butterflies and insects, so all you Peterborough nature lovers, don't forget to bring your cameras! It's like an all-you-can-see buffet of natural beauty — no charge. And pro tip: Allocate around two hours to meander through the trails. You're going to want to soak in those tranquil moments like a sponge.

Are you more of the solo, meditative walker type, or a laugh-out-loud-with-friends adventurer? Doesn't matter! This place suits singles, families, and everyone in between. Fancy a picnic? There're spots aplenty to sprawl out a blanket and munch on some sandwiches. Just imagine, the breeze is your personal DJ, playing nature’s own top hits, while the grass tickles your toes.

Oh, and before you dash off to your next Peterborough escapade, glance at the history beneath your feet — these ‘hills and holes’ are actually medieval limestone quarries. Imagine that, walking on the very spots where history was literally dug up!

Ready to bask in the bounty of Barnack? Lace up, step out, and breathe in that fresh, fresh air. Just don't get too comfy on the grass, or you might become a permanent exhibit!

Discover Artistic Talent at Peterborough Artists' Open Studios

If you're seeking a splash of culture and a peek into the creative soul of this place, look no further than Peterborough Artists' Open Studios. Here's what's in store: a vibrant scene bursting with originality, colors weaving through canvases, and the thrill of meeting the magicians behind the masterpieces. Clear your schedule for an afternoon; you're about to be dazzled!

Art galleries in Peterborough? They're cool, yeah, but imagine an experience where the gallery comes alive, and you get to play a part! This event lets you waltz right into the studios of local artists and see where the magic happens – where strokes of genius leap onto canvases and sculptures rise from clay.

It's like stepping into a living art piece – the air is thick with creativity. You chat with the artists, and they're all passion and fire as they explain their epic journeys of making the mundane into something that makes your heart beat faster. It’s a cultural joyride, and guess what? You're invited to this exclusive peek behind the curtain.

Whether you're alone on a quest for inspiration, with your significant other looking for that perfect piece to add to your collection, or with a posse of art lovers, this open studio tour fits the bill. It's chill yet exhilarating, and here's a juicy bit: you might just snag a one-of-a-kind work of art before it's fame-bound. Sidestep the mainstream galleries and touch the heart of Peterborough's art beat.

Art aficionados and the plain curious, from near or far, all find something mesmerizing here. You stroll from studio to studio – take in an abstract piece here, a touch of realism there – and each step is a new story. Don't forget to ask the artists about their techniques or their favorite pizza topping – seriously, it's all about connection!

Your cultural expedition in Peterborough won't get any more authentic than this. Swap silent gallery walks for a deep dive into the swirling cosmos of creativity. And when your soul's full, and your day's wrapped up, you'll walk away feeling like you've found friends and masterpieces alike. Check out their lineup and start your artistic journey!

Indulge in Tranquility at Thorpe Meadows Sculpture Park

Imagine meandering through an oasis of creativity where every turn surprises you with a masterpiece. That's Thorpe Meadows Sculpture Park for you! It stands out as one of the best parks in Peterborough, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and public artistry that you can bask in.

Now goes your chance to invigorate your soul amidst an array of arresting sculptures at this haven of calmness, and trust me, you won't find a shortage of Instagram-worthy shots here. With artworks that effortlessly complement the landscape, this park is not just a stroll in the green; it's a cultural experience.

Set aside a solid hour or more, because you’ll want to take your time. Stroll from one piece to the next – it’s as if Mother Earth herself decided to open an art gallery! Whether you're a curious wanderer or a bonafide art aficionado, the sculptures here, set against the placid lake and lush greenery, will have you awestruck.

This isn't just any walk in the park. No, sir. It's a rendezvous with creativity, where each sculpture tells a story while the whispering trees hum a soothing tune. It’s perfect for everyone – families out for an inspiring day, couples seeking a romantic backdrop for a quiet moment, or even solo flyers craving a peaceful timeout. There's something about the blend of public art in Peterborough and the tranquility of nature that just hits different, right?

After your fill of art, why not picnic by the water? Or simply lie back on the grass and watch the clouds play peekaboo with the sun. With the hustle and bustle tucked away just beyond the park's embrace, this spot is a cherished bubble of serenity where you can truly unwind.

So, next time you're planning your Peterborough exploration, pencil in Thorpe Meadows Sculpture Park. Your senses will thank you. And hey, don’t just take my word for it – visiting Thorpe Meadows Sculpture Park is a chance to write your chapter in the grand book of delightful days out!

Delve into History at Longthorpe Tower

Prepare to step back in time and soak up the historical splendor of Longthorpe Tower. This cozy, stone-built fortification isn't just a tower; it's a portal to the 14th century. Whether you're a history buff or a curious explorer, this place is a treasure trove of stories from a bygone era. If you're asking yourself, "What makes Longthorpe Tower stand out among educational spots in Peterborough?" Well, let me tell you, it's the exceptionally preserved medieval wall paintings that are touted as some of the best in Western Europe.

Longthorpe Tower was originally built as a status symbol by the Thorpe family around 1300 and was later adorned with those iconic paintings that illustrate religious and secular themes. These illustrations give us a peek into the mindset and worldviews of people from the medieval period. They're as educational as they're fascinating, kind of like reading a medieval comic strip – but way more historic and without the cheesy punchlines.

Don't just gawk at the walls, though! The Tower is nestled in the quiet residential outskirts of Peterborough, promising an escape from city noise and a historical walk that feels like time travel. When you're done with the past, why not take a stroll through present-day Peterborough? Right nearby, you'll find charming cafes where you can muse over the day's discoveries or perhaps plot your next adventure.

Suggested for those who love immersing themselves in the history and dreaming about knights and nobles, Longthorpe Tower is where you can unleash your inner historian. It's ideal for families who want to combine education with entertainment, and for solo travelers ready to meander through the mists of time. Plan to spend a leisurely hour or two here—you won't be watching the clock when there’s much to discover.

But wait, there’s more! Longthorpe is also a starting point for those eager to absorb all the historical walks in Peterborough. The tower's magnetic charm attracts folks who appreciate the quieter, more thoughtful attractions. Don't forget your camera, because those medieval murals? Yeah, they deserve their own spotlight on your social feed. And if you're into getting the full scoop on Longthorpe's marvels, catch one of the guided tours and prepare to have your socks knocked off with knowledge!

So there you have it, Longthorpe Tower, where history isn't just told, it’s vividly lived. Turn the page from your history book and leap into its reality—after all, some tales are best experienced in stone and paint.

Embrace Local Theatre at Key Theatre

Imagine the spotlight beaming down, the orchestra's first note striking through the air, and that magical hush as the curtain rises—you're at the Key Theatre, the heart of theatre in Peterborough. Seats fill with eager locals and tourists alike, all craving a dash of drama and a sprinkle of song. And trust me, this venues got charm in spades!

As you settle in, you feel the buzz; after all, this isn't just any old theatre. This is a cornerstone for riveting performances and cultural vibes right along the riverside. It's intimate enough to feel each actor's emotion, yet grand enough to host a full-scale musical masterpiece. You'll want to be there for every act, from the tear-jerking soliloquies to the bellyache-inducing comedies.

And it's not just for night owls! There's something for everyone, making it a prime spot whether you're all about the dynamic dance numbers or the thought-provoking dramas. Going solo or with your drama club buddies? Perfect. Bringing the family for a matinee? They'll love it, too! And for those seeking a little adrenaline, well, let's just say you haven't felt a thriller until you've seen it live.

After the final bow, pop outside and you're right there at the River Nene; why not take a tranquil walk to reflect on the night's revelations? You’ve earned it after all that edge-of-your-seat action. And how long to spend here at the Key Theatre? Whether it’s a quick show or a full evening including intermission reflections and post-show lobby discussions, make it a highlight of your Peterborough experience.

So, are you ready to be part of the action? Dive headfirst into the best local performance venues in Peterborough and leave with stories to tell and memories that echo long after the curtain falls. Check out the Key Theatre and get your cultural fix in a place where every show is more than just a performance—it’s a community gathering, wrapped up in a bow of artistic flair. Get those tickets, and get ready for a show-stopping night!

Savour Flavours at Bees in the Brickworks

Picture yourself in a place where the air is buzzing with conversation, the clink of glasses, and the irresistible scent of fresh local cuisine. Got it? That's Bees in the Brickworks, a culinary treasured trove that's more than your average Peterborough local market. Whether you're here to snag some artisanal cheese or dive into a steaming plate of homemade delicacies, you're in for a delight.

This is where Peterborough's foodies and families come to feast and forage. The beauty? You get to interact directly with the smiling folks who grew the veggies and crafted the tangy sauces that'll have you begging for the recipe. Here, the best restaurants in Peterborough aren't always under a roof. They're right here, under the open sky, steaming in pots, and served with a garnish of local charm.

Don't just grab and go. Stick around for a live cooking demo, because, trust me, you'll want to replicate that symphony of flavors back home. Plus, after all that eating (or ahem, tasting for the sophisticated bunch), you can trundle around the nearby boutiques, full belly and all.

The Brickwork's al fresco dining is casual, yes, but every bite screams gourmet. It's the darling spot for singles in search of artisan eats, families looking for an easy Saturday lunch, or couples that just want to wander hand in hand, ice creams in tow.

How long should you spend here? As long as it takes to sample every corner's offerings and maybe a tad bit longer, cause there's always room for one more handmade truffle or craft cider, wouldn't you say?

Whether you're here for the food, the atmosphere, or both, Bees in the Brickworks knows how to serve up a dish of joy with a side of community spirit. Don't leave Peterborough without letting your taste buds dance at this vibrant market. It's where every flavor tells a story, and trust me, you'll wanna hear them all.

Experience the Charters Sunday Sessions

Picture this: you're lounging by the river, a crisp drink in hand, and the air carries the thrum of live music right to your happy ears. That, my friend, is a Charters Sunday Session for you - the jewel in Peterborough's nightlife crown and a perfect concert setting that locals simply can't get enough of.

But what exactly are the Charters Sunday Sessions? These are weekly doses of musical euphoria, set aboard a majestic converted barge that's anchored sentimentally on the River Nene. The place promises a blend of rhythm and relaxation, perfect for unwinding after a bustling week. Who needs a Sunday rest when you can get the best gigs in town!

You might wonder, is this just a haunt for the night owls? Heck no! These Sunday sessions are a hit for anyone looking to tap their feet to some live tunes - singles, couples, families with teens, and even your cool Uncle Joe. Spend an afternoon here, and let the eclectic beats transport you to cloud nine, without even leaving Peterborough.

As the sun dips low, watch the sky paint itself with sunset hues—now tell me that isn't the Instagram moment of a lifetime. You've got heart-stirring music, a picturesque backdrop, and a vibe that's chilled out yet buzzing with energy. It's the kind of place where memories latch on, and you find yourself coming back for more.

What's nearby? Once you've soaked in the tunes, take a leisurely stroll along the River Nene, or hop into one of the nearby pubs to carry on with the night. Dedicate a good few hours here; there's no rushing this experience, you'll want every blissful note to last.

Go ahead, mark your calendar for next Sunday and be ready to be part of the vibe that is Charters Sunday Sessions. One visit and you're not just listening to music; you're living it. And really, when it's all about the where and the now, there's no better place in Peterborough to be.

Check out the Charters Bar - where Sunday is never the end, but just another kind of beginning.

Glide Through Ferry Meadows via Canoe Trail

Imagine paddling gently through the serene waters of Ferry Meadows, surrounded by lush greenery and the soft sounds of nature. Outdoor adventures near Peterborough just got a whole lot more exciting with kayaking being the highlight.

The Canoe Trail is about as close to a magical escape as you can get without actually sprouting wings and taking flight. It's the kind of place where you can disconnect from the buzzing of your phone and reconnect with the great outdoors. Whether you're a seasoned kayaker or someone who can barely tell the difference between an oar and a paddle, this trail is a must-do.

So, what's in store for you at Ferry Meadows? You're in for a treat:

  • Paddle your way through breathtaking scenery; it's like a green-hued therapy session, minus the couch.
  • Bask in the peace and quiet, which is rarer in your daily life than an honest politician.
  • Spot wildlife that normally steer clear of humans – yes, you're now part of an exclusive club!
  • Picnic spots galore! Refuel with some sandwiches and you just might spot a swan doing a graceful fly-by.

This is not just for the lone wolves; it's also the perfect spot for families, couples, and yes, even your dog will love it (just make sure they've got a life jacket on – safety first!). You could easily spend a half-day here because time flies when you're watching dragonflies zip around and not staring at a screen.

And speaking of nearby, once you're done being captain of your canoe, wander over to the nearby visitor center for a well-earned snack, or stretch those legs on a neighboring trail.

So, pull on those water shoes, slather on some sunscreen, and prepare to feel the kind of joy only found on the water. After all, when was the last time you told a story about a great day you had online? Exactly. Adventure is waiting at Ferry Meadows, and it's a paddling good time for everyone who's up for a splash of fun!

Captivate Your Senses at Railworld Wildlife Haven

Imagine wandering through a green sanctuary where every step brings a new discovery, and you're sharing the path with fluttering butterflies, not to mention the occasional rabbit hopping by. Welcome to Railworld Wildlife Haven, a hidden treasure that's all about family fun in Peterborough and one of those Peterborough attractions that truly brings out the kid in everyone.

This whimsical place has perfected the blend of education and relaxation. It's where eco-warriors meet train enthusiasts. Did someone just say trains? You bet! They have model railways that'll make you hark back to yesteryear – choo-choo! The kids? Oh, they'll be all eyes and giggles, their curious minds soaking up every detail.

Now, let's talk wildlife. There are little oases dotted all over where you can spot all kinds of plants and critters. Are you an Instagram aficionado or a family looking to snap that perfect outing picture? This is your spot. The whole ambiance is alive with the buzz of insects and the rustle of leaves. Truly, Railworld Wildlife Haven is not just another walk in the park. It's an immersive experience that tickles all five senses.

And guess what? While you're bonding with Mother Nature, there's a whole lot more of Peterborough waiting for you nearby – from historic landmarks to scrumptious eateries for when you work up an appetite. Spend a couple of hours here; it's ample time to explore without the little ones getting too tuckered out.

Whether you're solo, with your better half, or herding a flock of energized children, Railworld Wildlife Haven is a surefire hit for a family fun day in Peterborough. It's different. It's vibrant. It's an undisturbed piece of serenity (with a side of locomotive love!) nestled right in the heart of a bustling city. Don't miss out on the Railworld Wildlife Haven; it's where the memories of your Peterborough journey will be as vivid as the peacock's feathers you'll find strutting around.

Ready to take a sneak peek? Check out Railworld Wildlife Haven and let the magic begin!

Find One-of-a-Kind Treasures at Peterborough Antiques Fair

Get ready to unleash your inner treasure hunter at the Peterborough Antiques Fair. Picture this: rows upon rows of unique, vintage items that tell a myriad of stories from generations past. It's not just about what you find; it's about the excitement of the hunt!

Now, you're probably wondering if this is the place for impromptu weekend getaways, right? Absolutely! In fact, Peterborough Antiques Fair could be the highlight of your spontaneous escape, especially if you're into antiquing in Peterborough. It's like walking through a museum where you can actually buy the exhibits.

Imagine strolling between stalls, each vendor presenting you with objects that have their own secrets and history. You might discover a Victorian-era brooch, a rare set of antique books, or even a piece of furniture that could become the centerpiece of your living room. It's the perfect spot for anyone looking to add a dash of nostalgia to their life or for the seasoned collector on the hunt for their next great piece.

So, how long should you spend here? Devote at least a half-day to really soak in the atmosphere and explore the myriad of items on offer. It's like a festival of history, and you're the guest of honor.

Do bring your friends, your family, or just your good old self. The fair is a match for anyone with a love for the past or a penchant for the unique—not to mention, it's a photographer's paradise. Antiques here have a way of speaking to your soul, and you're bound to find something that feels like it's been waiting for you all along.

You can drift from booth to booth, unearthing relics you won't find anywhere else. The fair is less about 'stuff' and more about stories; each item is a conversation waiting to happen. And who knows? You might just leave with a piece of Peterborough that will become part of your story too.

Master Your Swing at Thorpe Wood Golf Course

Imagine standing on the manicured green, the fresh scent of the lush grass tickling your nose, with nothing but the gentle whisper of trees swaying in the breeze. That's exactly what awaits you at Thorpe Wood Golf Course. Designed by the acclaimed Peter Alliss and Dave Thomas, this course isn't just a whack-a-ball field; it's the place where you get to strut your stuff on the golfing stage.

Not a golf pro yet? No worries! Thorpe Wood has got your back, with a driving range where you can hammer out the kinks in your technique. Swing, miss, repeat – until that beautiful moment when you hear the perfect thwack of the ball as it sails down the fairway.

If you're a fan of Peterborough outdoor activities, this golf course is your dream come true. You can spend a whole afternoon here, but if you're pressed for time, at least give it a solid hour. It's an ideal spot whether you're bonding with business clients or challenging your buddies to see who's buying drinks at the 19th hole.

Thorpe Wood is not just for the lone wolf; it's fantastic for families, too. While you're mastering your swing, your kids will be making their own memories at the mini-golf course.

So, what makes this slice of golfing paradise unique? It's the combo of accessibility for all skill levels, the attentive staff who treat you like golfing royalty, and that oh-so-satisfying experience of watching your ball disappear into the hole after a pitch-perfect putt.

Ready to breathe in that crisp country air and add some style to your stroke? Swing by Thorpe Wood Golf Course and watch as your love for golf blossoms into an epic romance. It's not just a game; it's where you'll make those shots that'll be the highlight of your Peterborough adventure.


Q: Things to do in Peterborough for couples?

A: Take a romantic stroll through Millennium Park, have a couples' spa day, or dine at a cozy bistro downtown.

Q: Things to do in Peterborough for adults?

A: Try local craft beers at a brewery, catch a show at the Showplace Performance Centre, or explore the Art Gallery of Peterborough.

Q: Things to do in Peterborough today?

A: Visit the Peterborough Farmers' Market, tour the Canadian Canoe Museum, or hike in Jackson Park.

Q: Things to do in Peterborough this weekend?

A: Check out special weekend events at Del Crary Park, shop at Lansdowne Place, or enjoy live music in local venues. Always preview the local calendar for current happenings!

Q: Things to do in Peterborough at night?

A: Savor the nightlife at bars and pubs, see a movie at Galaxy Cinemas, or take a ghost tour if you dare.

Q: Free things to do in Peterborough Ontario?

A: Explore the Rotary Greenway Trail, wander around the historic Lift Lock, or relax by Little Lake without spending a dime.

Q: How do I spend a day in Peterborough?

A: Start with an energetic breakfast, visit Riverview Park and Zoo, enjoy lunch downtown, tour the museum, and end with dinner at a local eatery.

Q: Is Peterborough worth a visit?

A: Absolutely! Peterborough offers a delightful mix of cultural attractions, outdoor activities, and unique local cuisine.

Q: What is Peterborough most known for?

A: Peterborough is famed for the world's highest hydraulic Lift Lock and a rich cultural heritage reflected in its museums and galleries.

Q: Is Peterborough Ontario worth visiting?

A: For sure! With its beautiful parks, vibrant arts scene, and the Trent-Severn Waterway, it's a great destination for all traveler types.

Final Words

So, there you have it: a treasure trove of experiences just waiting for you in Peterborough. From Flag Fen's ancient whispers to the vibrant creativity at Artists' Open Studios, we've covered a serious span of spots. Not to mention, the peaceful green realms of Barnack Hills and the artistic oasis at Thorpe Meadows resourcefully mixed with Longthorpe's historical tales.

You've got the scoop on where to catch a show, satisfy your foodie cravings, and how to round out the weekend with some funky antiques or a spot of golf. But hey, the real adventure starts when you step out the door. Go make some memories and find even more things to do in Peterborough. The city's got layers, and it's all yours to explore!

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Isabella Kai, the Instagram wordsmith, crafts tales that captivate hearts worldwide. A dedicated foodie, she whips up culinary delights and pairs them with stories that make your taste buds dance. Beyond the screen, she's on a mission to visit every artisan bakery in town.
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