So you think you’ve seen all that Napa Valley has to offer, with its world-renowned wines and picturesque vineyards, huh? Well, buckle up, buttercup, because this gem of California’s Wine Country is brimming with secrets that are just begging to be spilled like a fine Cabernet! Napa isn't just about teasing your palate with a robust red or a crisp chardonnay – oh no, it's a playground for the curious and adventurous. Imagine the silent awe as you wander through Napa’s Petrified Forest, with its centuries-old, stone-hard trees standing as stoic witnesses to the relentless march of time—talk about a change of scenery from the usual grapevines!

Now, I know you must be itching to rise above the ordinary, so how about we float this idea: gliding across the sky in a Napa hot air balloon, where the horizon stretches out like a painter's canvas at dawn? Or perhaps you’re more inclined to keep your feet on the ground and your taste buds in heaven with artisan olive oil and cheese tastings that'll have you rethinking everything you thought you knew about ‘dipping’.

Feeling the love? Drift down the river in a romantic gondola ride that could make even Venice a tad envious, or hop aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train for a journey that's equal parts history lesson and gastronomic delight. Let's not forget

Uncover the Secrets of Napa's Petrified Forest

Imagine stepping into a world where time stands still, and nature has been meticulously preserved for thousands of years. That's exactly what you'll experience at one of Napa Valley's hidden gems: the Petrified Forest. This historic landmark isn't just a field of stones; it's a naturally occurring gallery of ancient redwood giants that have turned to stone!

Not your average forest stroll—you're literally walking among prehistoric artifacts. Who needs a time machine when you have these silent, stony sentinels telling tales of the earth's volcanic past? It's like stepping into a chapter of Earth's history book that you can touch, feel, and even snap a selfie with. Thanks to a volcanic eruption from Mt. St. Helena centuries ago, these trees have been transformed into stone and stand as a natural monument to the powerful forces of nature.

  • Jaw-Dropping Sights: Gaze upon the largest petrified trees in the world and feel like an absolute ant in comparison.
  • Nature's History Lesson: Learn how these giants were preserved and why they're so unique to Napa's landscape.
  • Trail Treks for All: Whether you're a leisurely walker or an eager hiker, there's a trail that's just right for you.

Bring good walking shoes and spend about an hour here to truly soak in the prehistoric ambiance. Bring your family, friends, or enjoy a reflective moment of solitude among the trees. It's not a loud, adrenaline-pumping attraction, but it's a rare opportunity to connect with the past—perfect for both nature lovers and history buffs. Also, the forest is refreshingly cool on a hot Napa day, thanks to the shade from the stone trees. So, chill out and enjoy the serenity!

It's not every day you get to see a redwood in stone—that's a selfie moment if I ever heard one. And when you're done being mesmerized by ancient arbors, the Napa Valley still has plenty more serene spots and historic landmarks just waiting to be discovered. The Petrified Forest is a treasure trove for photographers, families looking for educational outings, or couples seeking a quiet escape from the wine-centric hustle.

So, grab your camera and your curiosity, and prepare to be awestruck by one of Napa's most extraordinary natural wonders!

Glide Across the Skies in a Napa Hot Air Balloon

Imagine floating on air, the world quiet below you, the vineyards of Napa Valley sprawling like a gorgeous natural carpet. Grab your camera, your sense of adventure, and buckle in for a hot air balloon ride in Napa that is anything but typical. From way up high, the frantic pace of everyday life melts away, leaving you with a bird's eye view of one of the most breathtaking landscapes in America.

Why should you go ballooning in Napa Valley? Well, for starters, you're not just getting a ride; you're creating a lifetime memory. Up here, you can see the entire valley unfold before you. It's perfect for those who appreciate a good thrill but like their adventures serene and scenic. Plus, it's a killer date idea if you're looking to impress!

Your awe-inspiring Napa Valley ballooning journey will last about an hour, but you'll want to soak in every moment. It's recommended to schedule these flights for the early morning when the winds are calm and the valley is waking up. Sure, you may have to set an early alarm, but watching the sunrise from the silence of the skies is worth every second of missed sleep.

Adrenaline junkies, romantic couples, and tranquil solo flyers alike find their bliss here. Whether you're planning to pop the question or just pop a bottle of bubbly when you safely land, the balloon ride is versatile.

Feeling a bit nervous? Don't worry, balloon pilots are experts at both navigation and making you feel secure. Before you know it, you'll be too captivated by the tapestry of vineyards and rolling hills below to think about anything else.

So go ahead, float among the clouds, and when you touch back down to earth, make sure to explore the local wineries to toast your airborne adventure. Just keep in mind that these coveted tickets to the sky need to be booked in advance – this hidden gem is no longer quite so secret.

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Discover the Art of Olive Oil Tasting in Napa

Picture this: You're surrounded by sun-drenched vineyards and rustic charm, and then you find out that Napa has more liquid gold to offer than just wine! Yep, it's olive oil tasting time—Napa style—and it's just as delightfully sophisticated and flavorful as sipping on a Cabernet.

Napa Valley is also a hotspot for artisan cheese tasting. Imagine pairing a robust, peppery olive oil with a creamy slice of local brie. Heaven, right? Here's the insider scoop on what makes olive oil tasting an unforgettable Napa Valley gem:

  • Sophistication in Every Sample: Each olive oil offers a unique flavor profile. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned palate, there’s always something new to discover.

  • Sensory Overload (in a good way): The colors, the smells, and oh, the tastes! Olive oil tasting is a true feast for the senses.

  • Pairings That Wow: Often, these tastings include exquisite cheeses, so you can find the perfect olive oil-cheese duo.

  • Knowledgeable Guides: Learn about olive varietals, the pressing process, and what notes to look for from passionate locals who love to share their craft.

Spending a leisurely hour or two swirling, sniffing, and savoring these golden drops can turn into one of your favorite memories. And guess what? This activity is perfect whether you're living it up with your friends, on a romantic getaway, or even flying solo.

Napa's olive oil artisans take pride in their craft, offering a down-to-earth, yet refined experience that's fantastic for enthusiasts of all things deliciously edible. Bring your curiosity and leave with your senses tantalized and perhaps a bottle (or two) of the finest oils to drizzle on...well, everything.

So, grab your palate and get ready to indulge in an olive oil odyssey! And when you're done, you're right in the heart of Napa, so why not explore some more? Trust me; it's the kind of richness that will have you coming back for more—no bread-dipping guilt here!

Revel in a Romantic Gondola Ride

Picture this: You and your loved one snuggled together as the gentle currents of the Napa River glide you along in your private gondola. It's like a slice of Venice has been served up right in Napa, and it's just about as dreamy as it sounds. You'll get that all-the-feels moment from this utterly romantic Napa itinerary highlight.

Romantic? Check. Insta-worthy? Double-check. The gondola ride checks all the boxes for a perfect Napa riverfront activity. With the sun setting, casting golden hues on the water, you'll feel a world away, and things can't get more romantic than this.

Whether you're there to pop the question, celebrate an anniversary, or just because you're all about that romance, a gondola ride will set the tone for an unforgettable evening. Plus, with knowledgeable gondoliers who double as excellent tour guides, you'll learn about Napa's riverfront history and landmarks without having to crack open a guidebook.

Suitable for lovebirds, obviously, but even if you're riding solo or with friends, don't fret. This experience is a serene way to see Napa from a different perspective. Budget around an hour for this experience; it's a little escape that feels like a timeout from the real world.

Rolling solo or with your squad, you'll still appreciate the serenity of the river and the thoughtful details that make this experience a cut above the rest. So what's perfect perfect for? From singles seeking a peaceful retreat to couples craving a touch of romance, it's a universal crowd-pleaser.

The evening will whisper promises of more adventures to come, and as the gondola rounds the bend, you’re already mentally bookmarking this as a must-do for every Napa visit.

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Relish the Napa Valley Wine Train Adventure

Choo-choo! All aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train for an adventure that'll shake up your average vineyard visit. You're not just sipping on the finest grapes California has to offer; you're rolling through some breathtaking scenery on a train that oozes old-world charm.

Picture cruising in a beautifully restored vintage railcar, winding through the heart of wine country. It's a whopping three-hour round trip loaded with panoramic views, where every turn looks like it's been painted by a master artist.

But what's a train ride without a fine dining experience, right? Your palate is in for a major treat. Multicourse gourmet meals paired with local wines? Yes, please! Feast like royalty, because you are royalty – Napa style!

This isn’t your typical hurry-up-and-wait tour. Spend about half a day immersed in a leisurely glide through the valley. Your Instagram will never look better with snapshots of the vast vineyards and historical estates passing by. Want to take it even further? Opt for the full-day winery tours that include stops at some of Napa's treasured historical estates; it's a deep dive into the wine world you won't get elsewhere.

Got a special someone to impress? The Wine Train is perfect for couples looking for a dash of romance. And don't worry if you're flying solo or with your crew – there's a wine adventure waiting for everybody.

Nearby, you’ll find other Napa gems to explore, so make sure you carve out enough time in your visit to dive into everything the region has to offer. Whether you're a hardcore wine enthusiast or just in it for the ride, the Napa Valley Wine Train is a must-do that'll be the highlight of your trip – guaranteed.

All set to book your ticket to wine paradise? Make sure you check out the Napa Valley Wine Train adventure details to get the full scoop on tickets, tour options, and those not-to-be-missed winery stops. Here's to your next unforgettable journey – cheers!

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Embark on a Kayaking Journey on Napa Waters

You're in for a treat! Napa isn't just about wine; it's also about getting those arms working and those spirits high with a thrilling kayaking trip. Now, let's be real, nothing quite compares to the sensation of gliding through the serene waters of Napa Valley. And when you throw in the sun sparkling off the river and the gentle breeze whispering through the vines, you've got yourself a picture-perfect adventure.

Outdoor enthusiasts, you've hit the jackpot with Napa's kayaking excursions. The trips range from chill floats that even kayaking newbies would be comfy with, to slightly more challenging routes that'll give your muscles a friendly hello. Either way, it's a downright fabulous way to soak in the stunning landscapes you usually only see on postcards.

So what makes kayaking in Napa extra special? One word: picnics! As you paddle your way through the calm waters, keep your eyes peeled for those coveted outdoor picnic spots. They're snuggled on banks throughout Napa and they're the perfect place to dock your kayak, stretch out on the soft grass, and dig into some local artisanal snacks. Is there a better way to relax than with a mouthful of Napa cheese and your legs kicked up under the sky? I think not.

Kayaking trips here can last from a leisurely hour to a full-on half-day adventure. And guess what? You don't need a bulky kayak on your car roof. There are plenty of spots where you can rent everything you need. Just show up, suit up, and paddle out.

Whether you're wooing a significant other with a chill paddle or taking the whole family for a splashy day out, kayaking in Napa is a crowd-pleaser. Trust me, it's an adrenaline-buzz with a side of tranquility that you just can't miss. And you’ve got your pick of the company you keep – it's as good for a peaceful solo jaunt as it is for a laughter-filled group outing.

Spend a few hours on the Napa waters, and I promise, you'll get why this is a gem that sparkles just as brightly as any bottle of Cabernet. Now, go dip that paddle and make some waves!

Immerse in the Serenity of Napa's Lavender Fields

Picture this: you're cruising down a scenic drive, windows down, the warm Napa sun lightly kissing your skin. As you turn a corner, your senses are engulfed by the enchanting aroma of lavender. You've stumbled upon one of the most breathtaking Napa Valley photography spots – the sprawling lavender fields, a sensory delight that's not just for the bees.

Why should you park the car and frolic among the purple blooms? For starters, it’s the ultimate stress-buster. Imagine lounging in a sea of lavender, the hum of nature's little workers in the background, and the soft rustle of the lavender in the breeze – it's pure magic! Plus, it's a feast for your Instagram feed. Want drama? The Napa Valley scenic drives leading to and from the fields are a photographer's dream with that perfect golden hour glow.

Now, you might be thinking, "Sure, but what else?" Here's the thing – lavender fields are not just a feast for your eyes and nose. These fields are often part of farms that offer all sorts of treasures: organic products, essential oils, and sometimes even little cafes to grab a bite filled with locally-sourced ingredients. Lavender lemonade, anyone?

As you wander through the fields, you feel a connection to the earth that's toe-curlingly good. It’s a vibe that's hard to find anywhere else, perfect for a pause on a solo journey or capturing memories with that special someone. It's ideal for families too. Kids can run wild while you... well, relax wild?

You don't need a whole day here, a couple of hours should do it. Soak up the serenity before you bounce onto the next Napa adventure. Whether you’re a local looking for a new nook or a traveler eager to uncover Napa’s unique gifts, the lavender fields beckon. Don't forget that camera, and keep your senses ready.

Cycle Along the Napa Valley Vine Trail

Imagine the gentle breeze brushing against your face as you glide past rows upon rows of lush grapevines. That's the thrill of pedaling your way down the Napa Valley Vine Trail. A must-do for anyone who's into biking tours in Napa Valley, and frankly, a non-negotiable for those who haven't even thought about it—until now.

On this trail, folks of all ages and biking levels can join in on the fun. It's a family-friendly outing and a super cool date idea for couples looking to do more than just the typical dine-and-wine. Picture this: you, your significant other, or your energetic kiddos hopping on bikes, soaking up scenic views that scream 'Napa Valley' without saying a word. Vineyard cycling tours in Napa are the secret sauce to a day you'll never stop bragging about.

Here's the thing about the Vine Trail; it's not just a path, it's an adventure. You'll cut through the heart of wine country, and with pit stops at welcoming wineries, you might just find yourself sipping a glass of the good stuff and thinking, "This, right here, is peak living." Plan on spending a good half-day here because you'll want to bask in the incredible landscapes and maybe, just maybe, challenge yourself to that 'one last hill' before calling it a day.

And let's get real, whether you're a solo adventurer gunning for some peaceful 'me time', a giddy bunch of friends on the hunt for Instagramable moments, or a clan with tots in tow, the Napa Valley Vine Trail is where tires meet terroir in a symphony of outdoor bliss.

So grab that helmet and join the ranks of happy cyclists basking in the glory of Napa's natural splendor. IndexPath some amazing memories as you explore one of Napa's true gems—a path less traveled but loved by all who do.

Explore the Napa Valley Museum

Picture this: you're walking through a vibrant display of Napa's heart and soul, the Napa Valley Museum. Who would’ve thought that tucked among the lush vineyards lies a treasure trove of art and culture that captures the essence of the region? Not just grapes and wine, my friends – it’s a cultural hotspot that's perfect for anyone eager to sprinkle a little knowledge on their Napa adventure.

First things first. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill museum. Nope, it's a celebration of Napa art and culture with exhibits that go pop, sizzle, and tell tales of local history that you won't hear anywhere else. You’re bound to find something that will make you go, “Whoa, that’s awesome!” Whether it's a quirky art installation or an insight into the area's past, your Instagram story just leveled up.

Why should you carve out time for Napa Valley Museum visits? I’ll tell you. It's like a grapevine of creativity; every twist and turn shows you a new perspective of the Valley. A place where you can dig deeper into the stories behind the panoramic views and world-renowned wineries you've been toasting to.

Here's the insider scoop:

  • Enjoy a mix of permanent and rotating exhibits, giving you a fresh experience every time.

  • It’s a hit for all ages, so bring your kiddos or your grandma – they’ll all find something to rave about.

  • Plan for at least an hour or two to soak it all in. Trust me, you'll want to take your time.

  • A visit here is ideal for couples, families, art enthusiasts, and history buffs. In short, it's for everybody.

So whether you're looking to shift gears from the wine-tasting spree or you're hungry for some intellectual noshing, the Napa Valley Museum gifts you with a slice of the cultural pie. And with it being right in the heart of Napa, you can easily swing by after a leisurely brunch or before a sumptuous dinner in town.

Remember, Napa’s got layers, like a fine wine. Peel them back at the museum and find another reason to fall in love with the Valley. 🎨🍇

Stroll Through Napa's Oxbow Public Market

Imagine you're wandering through a lively plaza, the hum of chatter fills the air, and your senses are tickled with the scents of fresh artisan bread, fragrant spices, and sweet, ripe fruit. Welcome to the Oxbow Public Market in Napa, a haven for your foodie soul.

This bustling market is the beating heart of Napa's culinary scene. With over 40 vendors, including local farmers, artisan producers, and organic purveyors, Oxbow Public Market offers an authentic slice of the Napa Valley. People from all walks of life come here, so you'll find a vibrant, diverse crowd. Families with kids tasting handmade ice cream, couples clinking wine glasses, and friends laughing over a shared charcuterie board. It's a place where you can truly mingle with the locals.

What makes it one of Napa Valley's gems? Aside from the top-notch selection of foods, the market hosts an array of unique shops where you can grab locally made crafts or that perfect, quirky souvenir. It's a paradise for photographers too, with every corner presenting a new, colorful scene begging to be captured.

Budget a couple of hours here; there's so much to taste, see, and savor. Embark on an impromptu foodie tour starting with an artisan coffee, followed by a stroll through the stalls bursting with fresh produce, then maybe tuck into some street-style tacos, and finally, conclude with an indulgent pasty (or two).

This spot isn't just for the adults; it's a hit with the tiny tots too. Kids will be enthralled by the sweet treats and the lively atmosphere. And hey, if you're flying solo or with your special someone, this spot is a no-brainer. It's casual, it's chic, and it sure is tasty.

Oxbow Public Market is not just a place to eat; it's a place to live the Napa lifestyle. So grab a tote, slip on comfortable shoes, and get ready to explore one of Napa's most delightful experiences. Indulge your senses – after all, this is what Napa's all about!

Cultural Pursuits at di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art

Imagine a place where every corner is bursting with creativity, colors dance across canvases, and sculptures rise from the ground like whispers of an artist's dream. Welcome to the di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art, where the vibrant spirit of Napa Valley art comes to life!

If you're a seeker of beauty and a lover of the quirks that make art pulse with energy, this is your haven. You're about to embark on one of the most inspiring Napa Valley art walks you'll ever experience. With over 1 to 3 acres of exhibits, di Rosa is a constant swirl of artistic expression that mesmerizes the eyes and captivates the soul.

But it's not just about looking, it's about feeling. Let the exhibits, featuring works from 2 to 4 art galleries and studios in Napa, engulf you. Each curated piece tells a story of Napa’s cultural vibrancy and the creative minds that thrive here. It's a slice of local life served on a painter's palette. And guess what? There’s more than just visual art – performances, talks, and tours will have you experiencing culture with every one of your senses.

And what's a visit to di Rosa without swinging by the sculpture meadow? This isn't your typical quiet, grassy knoll. No, this meadow bursts with eclectic art pieces that pop against the greenery, all under that big, beautiful California sky.

So, what crowd does di Rosa cater to? Everyone from hip singles to culture-hungry families, and let's not forget the art students eager to soak up every drop of inspiration. Spend an hour or two, or make it a day affair!

And when hunger strikes after exploring, remember you're in Napa! The area is brimming with ambient eateries just waiting to satisfy your cravings with a side of local wine, of course.

There you have it – whether you're an art enthusiast or just looking to sprinkle a little creativity into your Napa adventure, di Rosa is your go-to spot. Don't forget to check out their calendar for upcoming events and make your Napa Valley journey one for the books. So, bring your curiosity and leave with a heart full of art!

Soothe the Soul at Calistoga Hot Springs

There's nothing like the tranquility that wraps around you at the Calistoga Hot Springs. This is where you leave all that stress behind and just ahh – soak it all in. Literally. Devote a full day here, because you deserve it, and let the mineral-rich waters work their magic on your weary muscles.

Why is Calistoga Hot Springs a must-visit for both relaxation-seekers and health enthusiasts? It's the luxurious spa retreats, my friend! With options ranging from mud baths to geothermal pools, Calistoga's reputation as a spa haven isn't just hot air—it's volcanic, healing hot water. You wanna know what's cool about these hot springs? They're nestled at the top of Napa Valley, right in the middle of all that wine country splendor.

  • Luxury Spa Retreats: Treat yourself to a VIP spa day because you're worth it.

  • Calistoga Spa Experiences: Slip into a mud bath or float in a pool of bliss.

Families, couples, even the solo travelers find joy here. It's not just about the dipping though. The surrounding area beckons with charming cafes and boutiques, and when you're totally blissed out, you can meander through the historic town of Calistoga, where more unique Napa Valley gems await.

Plan to linger; these waters are famed for their restorative properties, leaving you rejuvenated and just maybe a little younger-looking. It's perfect for anyone who loves to marinate in nature's spa but also for any shutterbug looking for those steamy, atmospheric shots. The Calistoga Hot Springs is an absolute gem tucked away from the buzzing wine-tasting rooms but oh-so-close to the heart of Napa's enchanting valleys.

Immerse yourself in the slow life, savor the serenity, and float away from the hustle and bustle. This isn't your average dip in the pool; it's an embrace from Mother Earth herself, and she's got quite the healing hug.

Glide Across the Skies in a Napa Hot Air Balloon

There's something magical about watching the sunrise from a hot air balloon. And doing it over Napa Valley? Unreal! Let's get you up in the air. You're floating above the lush vineyards, taking in 360-degree views that ground tours just can't match.

When talking hot air balloon rides in Napa, how long should you set aside? Book a morning (that's when winds are calmest) and plan for a few hours. You'll be back on terra firma in time for brunch, with plenty of Insta-worthy photos and a head full of clouds.

Perfect for any occasion, but if you're looking to score some serious brownie points, this is romance sky-high. Picture it: you and your boo, snuggled up, serene as can be, sipping on pre-flight coffee as the balloon inflates. Then, you're whisked away, watching the world wake up, whispering sweet nothings or whatever it is lovebirds do.

And if you worry about your zen getting zapped by a zany group, fear not. Balloon baskets come in different sizes. So whether it's a voguish VIP vibe you want or a genial group gathering, they've got you covered.

Now, the cherry on top? Most balloon experiences come with post-flight toasts. We're talking Napa wine, folks—because nothing says "I'm on vacation!" like a glass of bubbly after floating in the stratosphere.

Whether it's a solo spirit-lift, a family affair (yes, kids love it too!), or a love story written in the stars, Napa Valley ballooning will fill your journey journal with memories. Just make sure to pack layers (it can be chilly up there) and a camera (did we mention the views?).

Pro tip: Check the weather, and book in advance. Spots are as coveted as a fine bottle of Napa Cabernet. And you wouldn't want to miss out on this bucket-list balloon brigade, would you?


Q: What can I do in Napa Valley besides wineries?

A: Besides sipping wine, you can take a hot air balloon ride, explore art at di Rosa, hike at Skyline Wilderness Park, or unwind at a spa.

Q: What are some unique activities in Napa?

A: Unique Napa activities include cooking classes at Culinary Institute of America, Napa Valley Paddle's kayaking, and riding the Napa Valley Wine Train.

Q: What is there to do in Napa Valley with family?

A: Take your family on the Napa Valley Wine Trolley, visit the Safari West Wildlife Preserve, or enjoy boating at Lake Berryessa.

Q: What's happening in Napa today?

A: Check local event calendars for daily happenings like live music, community events, farmer's markets, or special winery-hosted activities.

Q: Are there any free activities in Napa?

A: Absolutely! Enjoy nature trails, visit public art installations, or have a picnic in one of the beautiful local parks at no charge.

Q: What can I do in Napa this weekend?

A: This weekend, you could check out local festivals, indulge in food truck fare, try a new tasting room, or enjoy a jazz performance.

Q: Can you do Napa in 3 days?

A: You bet! Three days is enough to hit the highlights: vineyards, downtown Napa, and at least one unique local attraction or event.

Q: Is downtown Napa worth visiting?

A: Oh, yes! Downtown Napa is full of shops, diverse restaurants, and galleries—all perfect for a leisurely stroll or a foodie adventure.

Q: Is Napa or Sonoma more fun?

A: It's all about your vibe! Napa has a posh feel with high-end experiences, while Sonoma offers a laid-back, rustic charm.

Q: Is Napa Valley fun if you don't drink?

A: It sure is! Enjoy culinary experiences, arts, outdoor activities, and wellness retreats that don't involve wine tasting.

Final Words

So, you've just taken a whirlwind tour of all the delightful things to do in Napa. From soaring in a hot air balloon to kayaking down serene waters, and savoring the local flavors of olive oils and cheeses, you've got the inside scoop on how to make your Napa adventure truly special. You've learned about romantic gondola rides, the charm of the Napa Valley Wine Train, and the tranquil beauty of lavender fields. We've even pedaled through vineyards and dived into the local art scene.

With each activity, we've uncovered another layer of Napa's allure, reminding us why it's a jewel in the crown of wine country. As you plot your course for Napa, remember it's places like these that make memories that stick longer than a Napa cabernet on the palate. So, grab your map, pick your experiences, and savor the moment. Your 'things to do in Napa' list is beckoning you to come and explore.