9+ Secret Things to Do in Mont Tremblant

Nestled away in Mont Tremblant lies a spa sanctuary so serene it whispers secrets—but what happens within its walls? Discover...
Date Published
March 8, 2024

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Ever wonder if there's a place where the air smells like fresh pine and the mountains whisper tales of ancient magic? Well, buckle up, buttercup, because Mont Tremblant is not just your run-of-the-mill resort town—it's a canvas painted with the broad strokes of nature's best hues and the intricate details of quaint village life. This little slice of paradise tucked away in the Laurentians is not only a spectacle to behold but also a treasure trove of "Oh my gosh" moments just waiting for you to experience.

And let's get real—this isn't about just strapping boards to your feet and hurtling down a snow-capped mountain (although that's totally on the table). No, it's about the soul soothing whisper of a hidden spa sanctuary, the artistic heartbeat echoing from the village's artisan shops, and the humbling embrace of the towering Laurentians during that guided nature walk you've always dreamed about. Bet you didn't know you could paddleboard your way to peace on serene waters or cycle around scenic trails that look like they've been plucked right out of a storybook, did you?

So, here’s the scoop: we're about to deep dive into the crème de la crème of things to do in Mont Tremblant. Buckle up for an epic ride through a place where adventure cuddles up with relaxation, taste buds tingle with Quebécois delights,

Unwind at the Hidden Spa Sanctuary

Picture this: You're nestled among nature, the only sounds are the gentle trickle of mountain streams and the soft whispers of the wind through the trees. Welcome to the hidden spa sanctuary, where tranquility is not just a word, but an entire experience.

Retreat to Wellness

At this secluded spot, spa retreats and wellness are more than just a pampering session; they're a journey to rejuvenation. Whether you're a solo adventurer needing some me-time or a couple looking for a romantic escape, this sanctuary delivers.

Your stresses melt away as expert hands work through the knots in your muscles. You're not just at any spa—you're at a retreat woven into the fabric of Mont Tremblant, meant to harmonize with the serenity of its setting.

Tailored for Your Peace

It's not a one-size-fits-all kind of place. Oh, no! The treatments here are tailored to your needs, ensuring that your body, mind, and spirit are nurtured in unison. If you're daring, try a hot stone massage as you breathe in the pine-scented air, or relax in a thermal pool as you gaze at the clear blue sky. It's wellness personalized, just for you.

And, when you step out, invigorated and calm, remember the little details—the herbal tea, the soft robes, the earthy decor—that made your visit uniquely blissful.

Perfect for Everyone

Who is this spot perfect for? Absolutely everyone needing a pinch of peace in their lives. Whether you're a thrill-seeker from the slopes needing to unwind, a busy bee from the city craving quiet, or a local looking for a luxurious getaway, this spa sanctuary welcomes you with open arms.

So, what are you waiting for? Let go of the world's hustle and bustle and unwind at this hidden spa sanctuary. It's your secret haven amidst the beauty of Mont Tremblant—just a stone's throw from adrenaline but a whole different universe of calm. Don't just visit Mont Tremblant; come live its most serene secret.

Visit the Charming Village Artisan Shops

Imagine you're strolling down a cobblestone street, the fresh mountain air kissing your cheeks, and a kaleidoscope of quaint shops beckoning. Welcome to the artisan's realm in Mont Tremblant Village, where shopping isn't just a transaction, it's a treasure hunt of handcrafted gems and local flair!

Here's the skinny: the village is the spot where you trade those digital shopping carts for the real deal. We're talking ceramics singing with personality, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, and décor items whispering the sweet saga of Quebec. And guess what? The shop owners are usually the artisans themselves! So, you're not just snagging a souvenir; you're taking home a slice of someone's heart and craft.

With vibrant storefronts and buzzing activity, these artisans showcase the essence of Mont Tremblant's culture. And you can bet your bottom dollar, it's a family-friendly zone. Whether you're a solo explorer hunting for that perfect keepsake or a squad rolling deep with kiddos, there's something for every taste and age.

Now, don't just zip through; take your sweet time. Savor the ambiance, chat up the locals, and maybe even catch an impromptu show of Quebecois craftsmanship in action. And hey, if you're feeling peckish, hearty treats and warm sips are just around the corner, courtesy of the village vibe.

Feeling the buzz yet? There's no standard rack here. Each product has its backstory, and every shop is a window into the artisan's soul. Visit once, and you're part of the fabric of Mont Tremblant village shopping. These aren't just shops; they're storybooks with open pages inviting you to be part of their narrative.

So, lace up for a walkabout that's part retail therapy, part cultural immersion, and all kinds of enchanting. Your shopping bag will weigh a tad bit more, but so will your heart with memories to last a lifetime.

Embark on a Guided Forest Exploration

Imagine breathing in that fresh, pine-scented air while wandering through a forest that seems like it sprung straight out of a storybook—that's exactly what you'll experience on a guided nature walk in Mont Tremblant. These walks are not your average stroll in the woods; they're an infusion of nature, knowledge, and a touch of whimsy.

Led by experts who know every hidden nook and cranny of the forest, you'll discover secret spots that only locals are privy to. Think ancient trees with stories to tell, and little clearings where wildlife tiptoes silently. Your guide is also there to spot the tiny details you might miss, like the delicate patterns on a leaf or the camouflaged creatures lurking just out of sight.

Don't worry about getting lost or missing the forest for the trees—literally. You're in good hands. Guides are like living GPS systems who pack a punch of fun facts, so every step becomes an education on the rich ecosystem around you. Whether you're a serious birder or a casual nature appreciator, these walks are tailored to show you the best of Mont Tremblant's flora and fauna.

Families will love the adventure and the chance to burn off some energy in the great outdoors. Couples can find a romantic moment in the tranquility of nature, while solo explorers will appreciate the safety that comes with a guided experience. Expect to spend a couple of hours immersed in the natural beauty, but be prepared – time flies when you're having fun!

So, lace up your hiking boots, grab a water bottle, and hit the trail for a forest exploration that goes beyond the ordinary path. You'll leave with a deeper appreciation for Mont Tremblant's wilderness and, maybe, a new friend in your knowledgeable guide. Plus, there's nothing like the promise of a warm cup of cocoa or a cold beer at one of the local spots once you've worked up a thirst!

Paddle Through Serene Waters

Imagine gliding on glistening waters with a backdrop of lush green mountains—quite the serene picture, right? You can live this scene in Mont Tremblant by getting your paddles ready for some kayaking and paddleboarding. Whether you’re a rookie or an expert, the calm lakes here are perfect for everyone.

Paddleboarding and kayaking are not just about the workout; they're your ticket to observing Mont Tremblant's natural beauty from a unique perspective. You might be asking, how long should this water escapade last? I'd say, because it's so easy to lose track of time in such a picture-perfect setting, allot a couple of hours. You’ll want to savor every moment.

Solo adventure seekers will love the peace and quiet, but it's equally great for groups and families looking to bond. Oh, and don't worry about bringing gear. You can rent everything you need right at the lake, making it easy to just show up and start enjoying the day.

After you're done paddling to your heart's content, why not picnic by the shore? Or maybe take a leisurely stroll nearby to round out your water-filled adventure. Mont Tremblant isn’t just about hitting the slopes; it’s a place to make a splash and create ripples of fun memories!

Ready to paddle your way through serene waters and soak in the tranquility? Just remember, it's not just a sport here, it's a way to connect with the beauty of nature, so take your time and let the rhythm of the paddle set the pace.

Taste Quebécois Delights at Local Eateries

Picture yourself strolling down a picturesque lane, the scent of fresh poutine wafting in the air and cozy eateries beckoning with the promise of authentic Quebécois cuisine. You're not just walking – you're about to embark on a mouthwatering journey through Mont Tremblant's local dining experiences.

Oh, and let me tell you, these aren't your everyday diners. These spots are bursting with character, each offering a dance for your taste buds with dishes like tourtière and maple-flavored treats. Whether you're craving savory or sweet, you'll discover hidden gems sprinkled throughout the village serving up soul-warming food that's both rustic and refined.

Expect to spend a good hour or two tucked into a quaint Bistro, where the view might be just as scrumptious as the meal. It's perfect for food adventurers, date nights, or even a solo escape where you can savor the flavors in peace. And, hey, if you're into chatting with locals, these eateries are buzzing with stories.

Here's what seals the deal: you wander out full and happy, the memory of a flaky, buttery croissant or a steaming pot of fondue imprinted on your taste buds, the energy of vibrant Mont Tremblant humming in the background. Whether you're someone who snaps pics of every course or you're just there to feast, these places will give you the warm fuzzies, as if you've been hugged by Montreal itself.

And the best part? Most of these foodie retreats are just steps away from the hustle of the ski slopes or the quiet of a mountain trail. A feast for the senses awaits at every corner, where each bite tells a story, and every meal feels like a best-kept secret you've luckily stumbled upon. So, pull up a chair, friend. Welcome to foodie heaven.

Ready to plan your tastebud tour? Check out local dining options and get those reservations in; these spots are too good to miss!

Cycle Around Scenic Mountain Trails

Get your pedals ready! Mont Tremblant's cycling routes are the secret paths to unlocking this spectacular region's natural beauty. You won't just be exercising, you're in for an immersive experience that will have your eyes widened and your heart pumping with joy.

As you zip along, take in breathtaking views of sprawling forests and majestic mountains that command the landscape. On these well-maintained trails, whether you're a casual cyclist looking for a leisurely ride or an adrenaline junkie craving challenging climbs, Mont Tremblant has routes tailored just for you. And don't worry about bringing your bike; rentals are available throughout the area!

Now, you're probably wondering, "Who can join in on this two-wheeled adventure?" Well, picture this: Couples sharing picturesque moments, families giggling as they roll through the trails, and solo explorers finding their zen in the motion - this place is a winner for everyone. Think of the trails as ribbons winding through paradise, accessible enough for toddlers on their training wheels and exhilarating for teens looking to explore.

Want to hear a pro tip? Spend at least half a day soaking up the scenery on your bike. And when you're ready for a break, the charming cafes and restaurants near the trails are perfect for a pit stop. Grab a snack, a refreshing drink, and share stories with locals who might just reveal more hidden gems in Mont Tremblant.

So, whether you're a lone wolf or traveling with your fun-loving pack, these scenic mountain trails promise experiences that will echo in your memories. And just think, when you share those jaw-dropping photos, your friends will be wishing they were right there, pedaling alongside you. This isn't just cycling, folks. It's a slice of the Mont Tremblant magic, waiting for you to jump in and ride! 🚴🏔️🌲

Find Solace in Laurentian Mountain Hikes

You lace up your boots, take a deep breath of that crisp, mountain air and step into the lush, green embrace of the Laurentian Mountains. Your adventure begins! The hiking trails here are not just pathways, they're an escape, an invitation to unplug from the world and connect with nature.

These trails are perfect for every level of experience, from the casual walker to the seasoned trekker looking for a challenge. Expect nothing less than panoramic views as a reward for every uphill struggle. And speaking of rewards, they are plentiful—with plenty of spots to feel like you're the only person in the world.

Around you, the soundtrack of the forest - bird songs, whispering trees, and perhaps the distant rumble of a waterfall. You might wonder, "How long should I spend on these mountain trails?" Let's be honest, you could spend a lifetime here and not get bored, but aim for a solid half-day hike to really soak in the views and the serenity. And it doesn't matter if you're flying solo or if you're herding a family of adventurers, these trails are a hit for everyone.

Want to make sure you hit the best spots? Consider finding a guide or checking out some of the popular trails online. Since you're in the know, make a beeline for those lesser-traveled paths where the only footprints you're likely to find are from the local wildlife.

So, whether you're looking to challenge yourself or just need some time to reflect, the Laurentian Mountains are calling. Pack a sandwich, grab your water bottle, and don't forget your camera – these are moments you’ll want to relive. The anecdotes you'll share won't just be about endorphin highs but about the tranquility that embraced you amidst the towering trees and the vast, open skies. After all, isn't life about finding those moments of peace and breathtaking beauty?

Engage in an Eco-conscious Farm Visit

You're strolling through the thriving green pastures, and you find yourself amidst the charm and simplicity of agritourism. Welcome to Mont Tremblant's local farms, where learning about sustainable farming and enjoying fresh produce is not just an activity, but an experience.

What makes an eco-conscious farm visit in Mont Tremblant unique? It's the fusion of learning and leisure. You get a hands-on experience that enlightens you about organic farming practices while basking in the tranquility of the countryside. You connect with the earth, its caretakers, and the honest-to-goodness food that comes from it.

Now, if you're wondering what to expect, think along the lines of picking sun-ripened berries right off the vine, and perhaps even feeding some of the friendliest farm animals you'll ever meet. These farms typically offer tours that educate visitors on the importance of sustainable agriculture and the impact of farm-to-table practices.

Whether you're a solo explorer with a penchant for the environment or a family that seeks to instill eco-values in the kids, these farms cater to all. It's a wholesome outing for anyone and everyone. Grab a straw hat and let the country air fill your lungs.

And the time you'll spend? Well, it's all about how you feel. Some visitors love to pack a day with the fresh tastes and sunlight of the farm, while others might just drop by for a couple of hours of peace away from the bustle.

Nearby, the local artisans' pride shines through their craft. As you leave the echoes of the city behind, these farms promise a serene retreat into nature's own sanctuary. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie looking to slow down or a curious traveler hungry for authenticity, eco-conscious farm visits are a slice of Mont Tremblant paradise.

So slip on some comfy boots and immerse yourself in the down-to-earth wonders of agri-tourism and local farms. You'll carry the serene vibes and maybe a jar of fresh honey or two with you long after you've left the fields.

Enjoy a Tranquil Golfing Afternoon

Picture this: You're standing in the middle of the greens, club in hand, the mountain breeze softly caressing your face. One clean swing and... bam! Your ball takes a glorious flight over the perfect Mont Tremblant landscape. Welcome to the golfer's paradise, friends!

Mont Tremblant offers several golfing options that cater to both beginners and pros looking for that sweet spot between challenge and fun. You've got rolling fairways framed by spectacular forested vistas. Each course at Mont Tremblant is designed to give you an experience that goes beyond a normal round of golf. It's not just about the game; it's about embracing the peace and majesty of nature!

While you're indulging in a blissful afternoon of golfing, here's what makes it a secret jewel:

  • The Scenery: It's like you've been teleported to a postcard. The mountain views are unbeatable, and on a clear day, you might even spot a deer prancing in the distance.
  • The Courses: Each one comes with its own personality. Expect a mix of challenging holes and forgiving fairways that keep things interesting.
  • The Vibe: It's all about relaxation here. No rush, no buzzing mobile phones—just you, the ball, and the endless sky.

Courses like Le Diable and Le Géant are right here waiting for you with arms wide open. We're talking about top-notch, meticulously maintained greens that make you feel like a PGA tour pro, even if your swing says otherwise.

How long should you spend here? At least half a day to ensure you get the full experience. It's perfect for everyone – families bonding, friends challenging each other, or if you're flying solo and just looking to unwind. And hey, if you're feeling peckish after the game, the clubhouse has some amazing grub to round off your day.

So, grab those clubs and make tracks to the fantastic Mont Tremblant golf courses. And remember, it's not just about the scorecard; it's about the stories you'll tell later! Now, let's tee off and make some memories that will last way longer than that inevitable sand trap on the eighth hole.

Discover Quebec's Majestic Wildlife

Sure, you've seen wildlife before. But the majestic creatures roaming through Quebec? They're a whole different ballgame, my friend. Picture this: You're enveloped in the lush greenery of a vast forest, the air scented with pine, and suddenly, you lock eyes with a regal moose. Heart-pounding stuff, right? Well, get ready to rev up that excitement because Quebec's wildlife tours offer these awe-inspiring moments in spades.

On these guided expeditions—oh, and you definitely want a guide (your Instagram will thank you)—you'll tiptoe into the habitats of bears, beavers, and even those charming alpine creatures, the white-tailed deer. And if your boots are ready for some action, some tours even usher you safely into wolf territory. Hold your gasps; these pros know how to keep you secure and sneaky.

And here's the thing: wildlife tours in Quebec aren't just about the big guys. Your eagle-eyed guide will point out the little critters too, the ones that make the ecosystem tick. You'll be whispering "hello" to the delicate ecology from frogs to foxes, all the while learning trivia that'll make you a hit at your next trivia night.

Wondering how to get in on this? Here's your golden ticket: check out these remarkable wildlife tours. They're tailored to all levels of adventure-seekers, from the chill photo-snapper to the enthusiastic hiker. And if you're worried about time—don't. You can typically wrap up a tour in a few thrilling hours, leaving plenty of daylight for your next Mont Tremblant escapade.

Ideal for families? You bet! Or a solo venture to reconnect with nature? Absolutely. Even if you're on a romantic getaway, nothing says "I love you" quite like spotting a beaver together. So, lace-up, charge your camera, and prepare for an encounter with Quebec's wildlife that you'll be yapping about for years to come.

Stargaze at an Undiscovered Astronomy Haven

Craving a cosmic experience? You're in luck. Mont Tremblant is not just a skier's paradise; it's also an unexpectedly perfect spot for astronomy sessions and stargazing. With minimal light pollution and clear skies, you're in for a galactic treat that's second to none.

Before you settle into that Adirondack chair with a blanket, let me paint you a starry picture. As the sun dips below the horizon, the sky transitions to a canvas of deep purples and inky blues. The first stars start to twinkle, and that's your cue. You're not just looking up at the night sky; you're diving headfirst into the Milky Way's glowing band.

Whether you've got a telescope or you're going au naturel with your naked eyes, this is where shooting stars slice through the sky with regularity. You can catch constellations like the Big Dipper and if you're lucky, the ethereal dance of the Northern Lights. Grab a hot cocoa, cozy up, and let the celestial show begin.

For you serious stargazers, Mont Tremblant also offers organized astronomy sessions led by experts. They're ready to guide your gaze as you unravel the mysteries of our universe. It's both enlightening and humbling—a reminder of our little spot in the cosmos.

Here's a pro tip: plan to spend at least an evening or two for this out-of-this-world experience. It's equally perfect for the romantics seeking a night under the stars or a family adventure that turns into a learning escapade for the kiddos. Just be sure to check the weather for clear night skies to ensure the best visibility.

Now, you might be wondering how to find this astronomical haven. Don't worry; it's closer than you think. Just a stone's throw from the bustling village, you can embrace tranquility and wonder unter the vastness of the night sky. So, are you ready to add a sprinkle of starlight to your Mont Tremblant escape? You won't regret it—it'll be the highlight of your trip, a memory that will shine as bright as Orion's Belt for years to come.

Experience Autumn Colors on a Scenic Drive

Ah, the vibrant palette of reds, oranges, and yellows. It's like Mother Nature herself tossed confetti all over Mont Tremblant just for you. Imagine cruising down a winding road, a blur of autumn hues on either side, a sigh-inducing view that's pure Instagram gold.

Buckle up, and let's take a scenic drive through the fiery foliage - a true spectacle of the season that will leave your heart aflutter. You're not just looking at leaves; you're witnessing the grand finale of the great outdoors before winter hits the stage. And it's not about the destination; it's the journey that'll whisper tales of enchantment into your memory bank.

Here's the scoop:

  • You want to soak in this colorful canvas? Mid-September to late October, that’s your golden ticket time frame.
  • Whether you're with your sweetheart, flying solo, or corralling the fam-jam, this is for everyone. It's nature's art exhibit, no age restrictions applied!
  • Carve out a good couple of hours for this experience. There’s no rush, the trees aren't going anywhere.
  • You'll love what's nearby: cozy cafes, inviting inns, and photo ops that'll make your social media followers swoon!

Listen, the road’s calling, and it's saying, "come and get your fall fix!" Whether your ride is a killer convertible or a family van bursting with snacks, there's room on the road for your autumn adventure. So why not experience the autumn colors on a scenic drive? Painted skies, golden sunlight, and a world ablaze with color—Mont Tremblant in the fall is more than a sight to see, it's a warm hug from nature. And who couldn't use a good hug, right?


Q: Unique things to do in Mont Tremblant?

A: Take a gondola ride, try the Scandinavian baths, and explore the Via Ferrata du Diable.

Q: Things to do in Mont-Tremblant winter?

A: Hit the ski slopes, go on a dog sledding adventure, and ice skate on Lake Mercier.

Q: Things to do in Mont Tremblant summer?

A: Enjoy hiking, biking, and water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding.

Q: Free things to do in Mont Tremblant?

A: Hike the Mont Tremblant National Park trails, visit the beach at Lac Tremblant, and catch free concerts.

Q: Things to do in Mont Tremblant this weekend?

A: Check local listings for festivals, take a zipline tour, or relax in a spa.

Q: Things to do in Mont Tremblant fall?

A: Admire fall foliage from the top of the mountain, taste local ciders, and visit the farmers market.

Q: How do you spend a day in Mont-Tremblant?

A: Start with a coffee in the village, take a hike or bike ride, dine at a local bistro, and end with a sunset lake walk.

Q: Is Mont-Tremblant worth a visit?

A: Absolutely, with its stunning scenery, year-round activities, and charming village, it's a must-see destination.

Q: What is Tremblant known for?

A: Tremblant is known for its world-class skiing, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant pedestrian village.

Q: Do I need a car in Mont-Tremblant?

A: Not necessarily, the village is walkable, and there are shuttles, but a car is useful for exploring the wider region.

Final Words

So, you just got the lowdown on the fabulous things to do in Mont Tremblant, right? From chilling out at a secluded spa to strolling through quaint artisan shops, you've got choices galore. We explored the lively trails, paddled on peaceful waters, and tasted the local flavors that Québec has to offer. And we didn't stop there! We biked, hiked, visited farms, played a round of golf, spotted some wildlife, looked up at the stars, and drove through breathtaking autumn landscapes.

If you're itching to make your social media followers green with envy, this place is like a goldmine for content. Mont Tremblant is more than just a pretty face; it's an experience that'll stick with you. So, grab your camera and your sense of adventure, and watch that engagement soar when you share your journey. It's all waiting for you!

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