9+ Unusual Things to Do in Medellin Now

Unearth El Poblado's clandestine art havens, where creativity dances in the shadows. Will you find the masterpiece that lurks...? Read on!
Date Published
March 8, 2024

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Ever wonder why Medellín, the city of eternal spring, keeps popping up on every traveler's must-visit list? Could it be the lush, mountain-hugged landscapes or the streets that hum with the energy of innovation and culture? Let's be real—you're about to dive headfirst into a city so vibrant, even the salsa dancing will feel like a quiet night in. This isn’t just about snagging a selfie with a Botero statue in Plaza Botero or munching on an arepa de choclo from a street vendor, folks. Oh no.

Medellín is a tapestry of the unique, woven with the threads of its local art scenes and steeped deeply in design and creativity that dares to rival the world’s most cosmopolitan hubs. From the moment you set foot in the trendy quarters of El Poblado to your last scenic paragliding descent overlooking this urban jewel, you're in for a whirlwind of unforgettable experiences.

Your senses will be forever grateful as you savor the unseen sides of Medellín's gastronomical offerings, embark on a historical journey that transcends time, and literally glide through the skies capturing panoramas that’ll have your Instagram followers green with envy. Buckle up, mi amigo, you're not in Kansas anymore—you're about to embark on the ultimate adventure in Medellín, and we're here to guide you through every pulsating moment of it!

Uncover the Secret Art Spaces in El Poblado

Picture this: you're wandering through the leafy streets of El Poblado, where every corner whispers a story of Medellin's burst of design and creativity. It's not just the air that's alive with innovation—oh no, my friend—it's the secret art spaces that truly capture the essence of Medellin's local art scenes. These hidden gems are the pulsating heart of the city's artistic soul, and guess what? You're about to get the VIP pass.

You'll stumble upon a vibrant mélange of art studios, galleries, and impromptu exhibitions that seemingly pop up out of nowhere. This isn't your run-of-the-mill gallery walk; it's an immersive dive into the minds of Medellin's most inventive creators. There's a sense of intimacy here, like you're part of a clandestine world where the next great masterpiece is always just around the corner.

Are you ready for an afternoon of exploration? Expect to spend a couple of hours mingling with the trailblazers of Medellin's art frontier. Whether you vibe with contemporary installations or prefer the enigmatic charm of abstract paintings, El Poblado has you taken care of. And who is this perfect for? Singles, couples, families...really, anyone who wants a taste of the city's unique flair.

Just steps away from the bustling cafés and shops, these art spaces provide a serene escape where your imagination can dance with the spirited brushstrokes of Medellin's story. So put on your walking shoes, charge that camera, and lose yourself in a world where every twist and turn is a new stroke on the canvas of this city's tale. Trust me, by the time you leave, you'll be brimming with inspiration, feeling like you've been part of something special—because, well, you have been. And isn't that just the most wonderful thing?

Feel the spirit? You can feel it, breathe it, live it. That's El Poblado. That's Medellin. Pure, undiluted artistry in its most exuberant form. Welcome to the hub of Medellin's cultural renaissance. Welcome to where you belong.

Embark on an Eclectic Botero Plaza Scavenger Hunt

Imagine a place where art and whimsy meet the open air, and you're smack in the middle of Medellin's beating heart. That's Botero Plaza for you, friend! Grab your walking shoes and get ready for a scavenger hunt like no other among the larger-than-life sculptures by the iconic artist Fernando Botero.

First on the list, see if you can find the famously voluptuous figures. Botero's signature style makes these sculptures pop—you can't miss them! They say there are 23 in total. Can you snap a picture with each one? Now that's a challenge you should totally tweet about!

Trust me, each bronze behemoth has its own story to tell, making them some of the most memorable historical landmarks in Medellin. Whether it’s the chubby cat that looks like it ate all the lasagna or a robust horse that seems to have jumped right out of a cartoon, you’re in for some giggles and gasps.

Strolling through Botero Plaza isn’t just about the big sculptures though. Look closer, and you’ll see the details that make each piece a treasure hunt in itself. Did you spot the button on that giant's shirt or the twinkle in the eye of a massive bird? It's these little surprises that make it a favorite for both locals and folks from all over the globe.

Expect to spend a good hour or two here, getting lost in the art and feeling like you've stepped into the quirky brain of Botero himself. Whether you're rolling solo, wrangling kiddos, or cruising with your crew, this spot is a win for all.

And hey, why not make a day of it? There’s a smorgasbord of cafes nearby to energize before or after your hunt. Who knows, you could even discover some local flavors as a bonus prize! Just follow your nose—or the sound of the hustle and bustle—to dive deeper into Medellin's vibrant culture.

When the sun starts to dip, and the plaza lights up, that's when the magic really happens. So go on, get out there and chase down some art. Botero Plaza is waiting to show you the playful side of Medellin.

Savor the Unseen Sides of Medellin Food Tours

Imagine munching on a crispy empanada, its steam floating up to entwine with the vivacious chatter of bustling streets. This is the essence of Medellin street food sampling. An experience where every bite is a symphony of flavors, revealing secrets of the vibrant city life not showcased in guidebooks.

Medellin's street fare is like a treasure hunt for your taste buds. The city's sidewalks are culinary corridors, where each vendor's grill tells a story. And you're in luck, 'cause these spots dish out the authentic Colombian zest!

To truly embrace Medellin's food scene, you've got to dig into the local favorites:

  • Arepa de choclo: A sweet corn cake grilled to perfection, often paired with a slice of quesito.
  • Bandeja Paisa: An adventurous platter not for the faint-hearted, brimming with beans, rice, chorizo, avocado, and more.

But hey, it's not all about street food here. Medellin houses authentic Colombian restaurants that offer an array of gastronomic experiences. Imagine sitting in an “homely” resto, sipping on a "tinto" (local coffee), as the buzz of the city fades into the background.

Whether you're hanging out in El Poblado or Laureles, you'll find a corner where locals gather, indulge, and celebrate life through food. Relishing in dishes passed down through generations, each bite tells a tale of history and heart.

So, how long should you bask in this edible joy? A couple of hours on a food tour will tantalize your palate and make you feel like a local, but the flavors will linger with you forever. Perfect for families, foodies, and adventurers alike, a Medellin food tour is your ticket to nibble through the hidden pages of the city's culinary book.

Still drooling for more? Medellin’s authentic bites are an absolute must for your itinerary. Now, let's eat our way through the unseen sides of Medellin's food tours, shall we?

Glide Through the Skies with Medellin Paragliding

Imagine soaring above the city, where the worries of the world shrink to the size of toy houses and cars. Picture catching thermals alongside birds over the Aburrá Valley—you can do all of this with Medellin paragliding. It's your chance to see the stunning panoramas from viewpoints you can't get to on foot. The best part? You don't need any experience to glide through the skies!

So, what makes paragliding over Medellin extra special? You're about to fly over a city nestled in the Andes mountains, dear thrill-seeker! This isn't just about the adrenaline rush; it's a peaceful communion with nature, offering you a fresh perspective of our vibrant city.

  • Feel Alive with Every Glide: Each flight gives you about 20 minutes of glorious airtime. Long enough to get epic selfies, short enough to keep your heart racing!
  • The Panoramas Are Unreal: From up high, the city spreads in a sprawling panorama of red brick and green hills—a view that'll tattoo itself onto your memory.
  • Everyone's Welcome: Whether you're a solo adventurer or with your crew, paragliding is a must-try for all. Moreover, it's a fantastic activity for families with older kids looking for a shared adrenaline spike!

While you're floating peacefully up there and getting those butterflies in your tummy, remember to peek at landmarks like the Pueblito Paisa and the giant Metropolitan Cathedral. You'll have the city's beauty in the palm of your hand, literally.

After landing, why not celebrate with some local street food? The nearby stalls are a great spot to recalibrate after defying gravity. Just a heads up: you'll want to set aside a few hours for this escapade, as some contests with the wind might extend your sky-time (not that you'd complain, right?).

Ready to take flight above one of Colombia's most picturesque cities? Secure your wings and let Medellin's landscapes take your breath away. Get ready, because Medellin Paragliding is waiting to help your spirit soar!

Discover the Charms of Laureles District by Night

Picture this: As the sun dips below the horizon, the bustling atmosphere of Medellin transforms, giving rise to the vibrant nightlife in the Laureles district. It's like the neighborhood has been holding its breath all day, only to let loose with laughter, music, and dancing as evening falls. Now you're a part of it, your heart tapping to the beat of salsa rhythms spilling from lively bars.

What makes Laureles a night owl's delight is its understated vibe, where locals and visitors mingle effortlessly. You feel it, right? The pulse in the air is magnetic.

In Laureles, each corner turns into a spot where friends gather, clinking glasses to celebrate the now. If live music is your jam, you're in for a treat. Top live music venues in Medellin are right here, echoing with the tunes of salsa, reggaeton, and some of the freshest beats the city offers. Imagine swaying to a lively band, the notes floating through the balmy Medellin night - it's nothing short of infectious.

You want to soak it all in, but where to go first? Start with a leisurely stroll under the streetlights, let the energy guide your way. Duck into a bar famed for its craft cocktails or one with a rooftop to gaze at the starry skies. It's all up your alley, whether you're flying solo or rolling with a crew.

And hey, don’t just stick to one spot. In Laureles, the night is whatever you make it. Hop from one venue to the next, each with its unique flair. It's like a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ where every choice is the right one.

Feel that tingle? That's Laureles beckoning you to dive headfirst into its nocturnal charm. Mingle with the crowd, laugh with new friends, and dance until your legs beg for a break. Let loose, live out loud, and savor every moment of Medellin’s night magic. Remember, in Laureles, the night is not just a time of day - it's a way of life.

Explore Medellin’s Green Heart at Arvi Park

Welcome to the lungs of Medellin—Arvi Park, an ecological reserve that's every nature lover's dream come true. Picture this: you're breathing in the pure, cool mountain air, surrounded by lush greenery and the sound of birds singing, totally disconnected from the city's hustle. Exciting? You bet!

Arvi Park is not your typical walk in the park. We're talking 16,000 hectares of flourishing forest, beckoning you with its nature trails that promise adventure with every step. And hey, this isn't just for the hardcore hikers; families love it here too. There's space for everyone to find their own serene spot.

What's the best part? You don't need to be Bear Grylls to enjoy ecotourism here. Dive into the heart of Medellin’s natural landscape where the trails range from leisurely walks to more vigorous hikes—you choose your own pace. No rush; you'll want to spend a few hours here soaking in the (literal) natural beauty.

And check this out: those Medellin nature trails aren't just dirt paths. They're your entryway to an enchanted forest, where every turn could reveal a new plant species or a hidden brook. It's the perfect distraction from the buzz of the city and a chance to reconnect with Mother Earth. Plus, for you photo fanatics, the selfies you'll post will make all your friends green with envy.

Whether you're a solo explorer, looking for a romantic walk, or in search of an educational adventure with the kids, Arvi Park is your go-to. It ticks all the boxes: fresh air, astounding scenery, and that inner peace vibe we all need.

Oh, and for the adventurers who reach the summit, the panoramic views are like straight out of a postcard! You'll see Medellin in a whole new light—literally. And after all the exploring, the nearby eateries will be calling your name, serving up local delicacies to refuel your engine.

So lace up those hiking boots, slap on some sunscreen, and let your spirit run wild at Arvi Park. Trust me, your Instagram won't know what hit it!

Immerse in Cultural Richness with Medellin Historical Walks

Picture this: you're wandering the vibrant streets of Medellin, every corner you turn tells another tale of its rich history. The sun caresses the ornate façades of ancient churches as their architecture whispers stories of a bygone era. That's right, you're on one of Medellin's historical walks and, trust me, it's as close to time travel as we mere mortals are likely to get.

Medellin's church architecture? Magnifique! It's like they threw a block party and invited every style from Gothic to Baroque. The sheer detail will make your Instagram feed look like a rookie. And the best part – you can soak it all in at your own pace. Grab a map, lace up your comfiest shoes, and you're all set for a self-guided tour of Medellin's historical gems.

You'll start off strong with the grandiose Metropolitan Cathedral – one of the most prominent landmarks. Built from over 1.1 million bricks, this behemoth of Medellin church architecture will make your jaw drop.

Good for who, you ask? Whether you're a solitude-seeking soul, an eager history buff, or just in for some culture-rich selfies, these walks are perfect for singles, families, and yes, even the little toddlers who enjoy a good frolic among historic wonders.

Spend a good half-day if you want to absorb the beauty without a rush, with plenty of pauses for that street vendor coffee (because, caffeine). And while you're at it, mingle with the locals—they're a friendly bunch who’ll make you feel like one of their own.

In a city that's pulsating with the hustle and bustle, taking the time to appreciate its tranquil historical walks is a must. It's where you'll find the soul of Medellin, cradled within the walls of its most storied structures. Enjoy every step, every discovery, and let Medellin’s past inspire your present.

Catch Serenity at Medellin's Riverside Walks

If finding peace was as easy as a walk in the park, well, in Medellin, it's a walk by the river that does the trick. Imagine strolling along the tranquil pathways lining the banks of Medellin's babbling brooks. The greenery from the Medellin Botanical Garden is spilling over, whispering a breeze-swept "hello" as you amble by.

Speaking of greenery, the riverside walks are absolutely a thing to do while you're visiting Medellin. Why? Because you can dive into a fresh, living anthology of flora and fauna without stepping foot in a museum. And, oh yes, it’s fit for every kind of walker – whether you're a soul-searcher flying solo or a happy-go-lucky family tribe, this experience has your name all over it.

Now, you might wonder how long you should spend here. Let’s just say, time has a habit of slipping by when you're wrapped up in the riverside wonders. Dedicate at least a couple of hours to soak up nature's playlist – from the river's perpetual gurgle to the symphony of birdsong. If you're arm-wrestling the sun’s schedule, sneak in a quick 30-minute jaunt to refresh the senses before dinner.

The crowd? Picture folks like you who appreciate a pause button in the city's lively mixtape. Couples linking arms, creatives sketching the scenery, joggers getting their green fix – it’s a snapshot of Medellin’s heartbeat.

Before you leave, sneak a peek at the Medellin Botanical Garden, which is just a stone's throw away. Trust me, seeing a tapestry of exotic plants and orchids intermingling with local loungers and picnic aficionados – it's like a living postcard, and you're invited to step right into it.

Serenity's already there, ready to greet you; all you have to do is take those riverside strides. And remember, the best part? This tranquil experience is just moments away from the city's vibrant hustle. Pretty cool, right? Now, go catch serenity by its whimsical tail and tell it I sent you!

Join the Festive Spirit at Medellin Cultural Festivals

Imagine yourself surrounded by vibrant colors, rhythmic beats, and the warm smiles of friendly locals. In Medellin, festivals are not just events; they are the heartbeat of the city, pulsating with life and tradition. Your experience in Medellin peaks when you dive into its cultural festivals.

First up, you can't miss the Medellin annual flower festival. It's a kaleidoscope of colors, where petals rule and the air is sweet with the scents of fresh blooms. As you wander through the streets, you'll be dazzled by the intricate flower displays, known as "silletas," hoisted with pride by locals in a parade that will make your Instagram followers swoon with envy. This event isn't just for the green-thumbed; it's a party for everyone! Spend a full day here – trust me, the time will fly by.

But the fun doesn't stop there. With a whirlwind of Medellin festivals and events year-round, there's always something to celebrate. Every corner throws its own fiesta, complete with music that'll make your hips move against your will. You’ll feel a buzz in the air that's contagious, electrifying – it's pure joy and it's everywhere.

The festivals are a chance to experience the heart and soul of Medellin's community. You'll be rubbing elbows with locals and travelers alike, all there to embrace the city's rich heritage. Whether you're a solo adventurer on the prowl for the next great story to tell or a family making memories, these festivals are where bonds are formed, and cultural bridges are crossed.

And the party goes beyond just music and flowers. Be ready to taste Medellin on a platter, with street food that will send your taste buds into overdrive and crafts that are a feast for the eyes. Each festival paints a unique stroke on the canvas that is Medellin, illustrating a story of resilience and rebirth told by its people.

So, are you ready to let loose and join the party? The festivals of Medellin aren't just events; they're an explosion of life, perfect for anyone willing to dance to the beat of this vibrant city. Join in, and create memories that will bring a rhythm to your heart for years to come. Your spirits will soar with every step, every beat, every encounter. This is Medellin in all its festive glory! 🎉

Experience the Thrill of Medellin Adventure Activities

Buckle up for some heart-pumping excitement, because Medellin isn't just about pretty views and salsa dancing – it's a hotbed for thrilling adventure activities that'll get your adrenaline going! Imagine zipping across lush valleys, the cool breeze slapping your face with pure joy as you whip past awe-inspiring panoramas on a zip-line. Oh yeah, we're talking about zip-lining in the Medellin outskirts—where adventure meets scenic beauty in the most epic way possible.

You're not one to shy away from excitement, right? Well, this kind of fun isn't just for those who eat extreme sports for breakfast. The Medellin adventure activities are meant for anyone who wants a slice of exhilaration. Whether you're with your gang of thrill-seekers or trying to infuse a bit of adventure into your family vacation, these activities are tailored for crowds of all kinds. So, if you’ve got kiddos, don't sweat it. They can join in on the fun, too.

But hey, don't think it's all just zipping and zooming. Your senses will have a field day here. Soak in the sweet smells of nature, the chirps, and tweets of exotic birds, and Scenes like this come straight out of a glossy travel magazine, but guess what? You get to live it.

Now, I know you're itching to jump right in, but let’s talk logistics. You’ll want to set aside at least a half-day for these adventures, because once you start, you won't want to stop. And the best part? You’re a hop and a skip away from other local hotspots. Once you’ve had your fill of thrills, there's plenty to explore nearby.

Whether you're solo, with your special someone, or chasing the fun with the little ones, don't miss Medellin's outdoor playground. It's ripe and ready for your next "Wow, did I really just do that?" moment. Trust me, your stories will be the kind that’ll have everyone eagerly waiting for what you’ll do next.

Relax in Medellin’s Meditation and Wellness Retreats

Imagine a place where you're surrounded by tranquil energy and the only sounds you hear are your deep breaths mingling with the soft rustling of leaves. This is no fantasy—it's what awaits you at meditation and wellness retreats in Medellin. Forget the hustle and bustle of the city, and let's dive into the serenity that these hidden gems offer.

You'll find these oases nestled in the lush landscape of the Aburrá Valley, each promising a journey of rejuvenation for your mind, body, and soul. Medellin's spas and relaxation centers are designed to melt away stress, crafted with a unique touch that infuses Colombian warmth into every therapy and meditation session.

From yoga retreats that harmonize your inner energy to spas where volcanic stones unlock your deep-seated knots, each experience is a chapter in self-discovery. Whether you're looking to center your chakra at a hilltop sanctuary or soak in a thermal bath as you gaze at the skyline, Medellin delivers.

  • Embrace Nature: Meditation sessions often come with a view of verdant mountains or tranquil gardens.
  • Personal Growth: Workshops and activities tailored to help you grow spiritually and emotionally.
  • Relax and Recharge: Indulge in massages and treatments that use local, natural ingredients.

Taking time out for these experiences is perfect for anyone and everyone—singles finding their peace, couples rekindling love through shared tranquility, or families bonding away from screens. Set aside at least a half-day for these activities, ensuring you can soak in the peace as deep as the Colombian coffee.

While there are plenty of options, one particular center has caught the city's admiration for its balance between modern amenities and mystical Colombian healing traditions. You can spend moments of quiet reflection here, truly connecting with the essence of Medellin's calm spirit. Make sure to visit these retreats to revitalize during your adventures in this vibrant city. Your journey to inner peace starts with just one breath. Breathe in, breathe out, and let the city's energy guide you to tranquility.

Invigorate your Senses on a Medellin Coffee Culture Journey

Picture this: you're wandering through the vibrant streets of Medellin, the aroma of fresh coffee calling your name like a caffeinated siren. But this isn't just any coffee—it's the rich, deeply flavorful brew that Medellin is world-renowned for. Ready for a jolt of joy? Dive into Medellin's coffee culture head-first!

Medellin coffee culture exploration isn't just about sipping on a cup of joe; it's an immersive experience. Kickstart your morning with a Medellin barista workshop, where you'll learn the secrets of what makes Colombian coffee one of the best. You'll get hands-on, frothing milk, and perfecting your pour with local experts who live and breathe coffee.

After mastering the art of espresso, take a stroll to local coffee shops that dot the city landscape. Each corner brings a new flavor, a new vibe. Medellin's baristas don't just make coffee; they craft stories in a cup, with beans harvested from the lush mountains encircling the city. You'll taste the dedication and history in every sip.

Spend a few hours—or, who are we kidding, the whole day! These baristas are your coffee spirit guides, bringing you into the fold of Medellin's rich coffee legacy. From delicate floral notes to robust chocolatey undertones, your palate will dance with the diverse profiles of the region's beans.

This journey isn't for the faint of heart. It's for those who appreciate the ritual, the art, and the community surrounding what may just be Colombia's most beloved export. The best part? You'll leave your coffee journey with a caffeinated pep in your step, ready to conquer the rest of Medellin's wonders.

Are you a solo explorer on a quest for the perfect brew? Or perhaps a group of friends looking for that rush of adrenaline only a perfect shot of espresso can provide? The coffee culture here is buzzing and welcoming to all. So, go ahead, become part of the lively heartbeat of Medellin through its favorite drink. You won't regret it, and your senses will thank you. And don't forget, these experiences are the perfect anecdote to share back home—because what's better than coffee? Coffee stories from Medellin, obviously.


Q: What are some things to do in Medellin at night?

A: Hit the vibrant dance clubs, explore dining at mouthwatering restaurants, or take in a show at the Teatro Metropolitano.

Q: What are some unusual things to do in Medellin?

A: Tour the surreal Casa de la Memoria museum, or get a unique view of the city from a paragliding adventure.

Q: How can I spend 3 days in Medellin?

A: Day 1: Explore El Poblado and the Museo de Antioquia. Day 2: Visit the Botanical Gardens and ride the Metrocable. Day 3: Enjoy Parque Explora and the local nightlife.

Q: What are some things to do in Medellin according to Reddit?

A: Reddit suggestions often include visiting Comuna 13, trying a coffee farm tour, or catching a soccer match at Estadio Atanasio Girardot.

Q: What are things to do in Medellin today?

A: Check out current cultural events, local food tours, or take a day trip to nearby nature reserves.

Q: What can I do in Medellin in December?

A: Join the festivities of El Alumbrado (Medellin's Christmas lights display), or attend local holiday markets and fairs.

Q: What is Medellín Colombia best known for?

A: Medellín is famous for its spring-like climate, beautiful flowers, lively culture, and innovative public transportation.

Q: Is 3 days in Medellín enough?

A: Three days is enough to see Medellín's highlights, but adding a day or two lets you explore more deeply or venture outside the city.

Q: Is Medellín or Bogota better?

A: Medellin boasts a milder climate and vibrant nightlife, while Bogota offers rich history and more diverse cultural experiences.

Q: What are the pros and cons of Medellín?

A: Pros: Friendly locals, moderate climate, innovative city design. Cons: Traffic congestion, noise levels, and air pollution at times.

Final Words

So, you've journeyed through Medellin's vibrant art spaces, hunted for Botero's larger-than-life sculptures, tasted the authentic flavors of local street food, and soared high with paragliding adventures. You've danced the night away in Laureles, trekked through the emerald expanse of Arvi Park, and strolled down historical pathways where stories of yesteryear stand etched in architecture. You've found tranquility along the riverside, reveled in cultural celebrations, and pushed your adrenaline levels to new heights with each thrilling activity. After all that, you've sought peace in serene retreats and immersed yourself in the heart of Colombia's coffee culture.

It's time to take a second and pat yourself on the back, your escapades in Medellin are nothing short of epic. And remember, your adventures here are as limitless as your imagination—there's always something new around every corner. So go ahead, keep exploring all the things to do in Medellin, and let this city's spirit infuse your travels with unforgettable experiences.

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