9+ Unusual Things to Do in Lucerne Explained

Unearth the enigmatic allure of Museggmauer's ancient walls as we delve deep—what secrets await beyond their storied stones? Find out...
Date Published
March 8, 2024

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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to step inside a living postcard? Enter Lucerne, Switzerland's storybook city, where each cobblestone seems to whisper tales of knights and adventure. Think it's all just yodels and fondue? Think again. Nestled amongst the snow-capped peaks and glistening waters, this city is not only a feast for your eyes but a playground for the soul, beckoning with unique charm and enchanting experiences!

Whether you're seeking the thrill of a daring day-trip to breathtaking Mount Pilatus, looking to tickle your taste buds with tantalizing local Swiss cuisine, or yearning for the soothing melodies in the cozy jazz bars that light up Lucerne's nightlife, this magical city has your wishlist covered. And if you think you know walls, wait until you uncover the secrets of Museggmauer, an imposing reminder of medieval times that still stands guard over Lucerne with stoic grandeur.

Get ready to dive into a world where culture, nature, and history intertwine seamlessly, offering an escape you won't forget. Let's embark on an itinerary of the unmissable, the unforgettable, the absolute best things to do in Lucerne—the city that proves fairytales are real, and they are waiting for you.

Uncover the Secrets of Museggmauer

You're walking in Lucerne, the sun's beaming, and right there—a medieval marvel is calling your name. Say hello to Museggmauer, but around here, we just call it the secret gem of the city! So, what's so cool about this wall? Well, let me spill the secrets just for you.

Museggmauer is not just a wall; it's a fortress of nine towers with epic views that are a treat for the eyes, and it's definitely not your average tourist spot. Perfect for those Lucerne walking tours, where every stone whispers history. You've got to check out the towers—they're straight out of a fairy tale, and yes, you can actually climb some of them. Standing tall since the 14th century, it's like time travel, minus the science fiction!

Now listen up, history buffs and Instagrammers, this is your playground! For real, you want to snap that perfect shot of Lucerne? The towers offer a killer lookout over the city and the mountains. And for you, adventurers, each tower has its own vibe. Some you can peek into on special days, some are open like they’re your friend's backyard.

Let's talk about crowd control. This spot? It's like the VIP lounge for folks who want to dodge the usual throngs. Whether you’re flying solo, rocking a baby stroller, or with your squad, it's chill. It's also perfect for a leisurely afternoon; you won't need more than a couple hours to soak in the majesty and snap those postcard-perfect memories.

What's nearby? Only the heart of Lucerne! Stroll down from the wall, and bam! You’re back to cobbled streets and cozy cafes. It’s that sweet spot where you can do the time warp, and then be back in present day, espresso in hand, in no time.

So, lace up those walking shoes, charge your phone – you’ll need it for the 'grams – and get ready to uncover why Museggmauer is the jewel in Lucerne’s crown. Trust me, this hidden corner of the city is where the magic happens.

Set Sail on a Unique Boat Tour

Picture this: you're skimming across the shimmering waters of Lake Lucerne, surrounded by Switzerland's breathtaking mountain scenery. Trust me, the boat tours on Lake Lucerne are an absolute must-do for visitors like you. It's where the panoramic views meet the soothing rhythm of the waves. And really, what's cooler than feeling like a high-roller on a Swiss lake without dropping all your cash?

So, what makes a what makes a boat tour on Lake Lucerne one of a kind? For starters, you've got the Alpine vistas that look like they've been ripped straight out of a storybook. It's the perfect backdrop for that envy-inducing selfie, am I right? But it's not just about the 'gram. Whether you're a solo adventure seeker, locking in some romantic couple time, or corralling your family for a memory-making excursion, there's a cruise just for you.

These Lake Lucerne cruises are packed with options. You could be sipping on fine Swiss wine during a sunset dinner cruise or even catching a local folklore festival from the best seat in the house—that's right, on the water. You're not just sitting there watching the world go by; you're literally floating through a living postcard!

For all you curious cats, a boat tour can be as quick as an hour, but if you're up for soaking in more of that Swiss magic, half-day options will have you feeling like part of the scenery. Conveniently clustered near other Lucerne hotspots, once you're back on dry land, you're just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the heart of the city.

Bringing it all home, remember to plan for the weather and dress appropriately—lake breezes are no joke. Still, being on a boat comes with a freedom you don't get on solid ground, and if that’s not worth strapping on some non-slip shoes, I don’t know what is. So, check out what cruises are on offer. Here's a tip: book in advance because these tours are popular with locals and tourists alike. Ready to hit the water in style? Go ahead and set sail on a boat tour that's more Swiss than a chocolate bar in a bank vault!

Stroll Off the Beaten Path in Old Town

Picture this: You're weaving your way through the cobblestone alleys of Old Town Lucerne, where every corner whispers tales of the past and every nook is a possible hidden gem waiting to be discovered. It's not just a stroll; it's a vibrant journey through the heart of a historical treasure.

Old Town Lucerne is where you'll want to slow down and soak in the atmosphere. Here, time feels like it's standing still while you explore the medley of medieval architecture mixed with quaint boutiques. Tailor your adventure for a 1-2 hour magical wander or an entire afternoon escapade – trust me, you’ll want the extra time to unearth all those Lucerne hidden gems!

Now, while taking in the historic splendor, keep your eyes peeled. You might bump into a centuries-old fresco or catch the glint of sunlight off an ornate fountain. These aren't just details; they're stories etched in time, and guess what? You're now part of that narrative.

Old Town is perfect for everyone – it's a hit with families soaking in the culture, singles finding Instagram-worthy spots, and couples enjoying the romantic ambiance. It's a place where the spirit of Lucerne comes alive, and you, my friend, get to be a part of it.

Grab a local artisan coffee and let your curiosity guide you. Are you ready to stroll and discover what makes Old Town truly special? This isn't an ordinary walk; it's a ticket to becoming a living, breathing part of Lucerne's history. Ready to step off the beaten path and into the heartbeat of Old Town? Let’s go make some memories!

Savour Local Flavors with Lucerne Culinary Tours

Picture this: you're strolling through Lucerne, the scent of melted Swiss cheese wafting through the air, your taste buds tingling in anticipation. And what's the best way to dive deep into the heart of Lucerne's food scene? By embarking on Lucerne culinary tours, of course!

You might ask, "What can I expect from these tours?" Expect to be treated to the finest local Swiss cuisine, from piping hot fondue loaded with Gruyère to buttery Luzerner Chügelipastete, a luscious meat pie that's a local delight. These tours aren't just about eating your way through the city—they're an immersive journey into Lucerne's culture and history, flavored with anecdotes as rich as the food.

Now, let's break down why these tours are simply irresistible:

  • Local expertise: Tour guides are culinary aficionados who'll take you to spots beloved by locals, away from the typical tourist traps.
  • Swiss specialties: You'll sample a symphony of Swiss flavors that'll have you swooning for more.
  • Instagrammable moments: Between bites, you'll capture the charm of hidden alleys and historic buildings that make for picture-perfect memories.

It's not just about indulging in the decadence of cheese and chocolate; it's about the stories behind these iconic Swiss treats. These tours cater to food lovers, culture enthusiasts, and anyone who loves to explore a city through its flavors.

Whether you're a solo explorer seeking a taste of authenticity or a family craving an educational feast, Lucerne culinary tours are a treat for all ages. Plan to spend an afternoon reveling in this gastronomic adventure, ideally located near other must-visit spots, so you can walk off the indulgence while soaking in the sights.

So, get ready, foodie friends, for a culinary crusade where every morsel tells a story, and every sip takes you closer to the heart of Lucerne's vibrant culture. It's a palate-pleasing, heart-warming journey you won't forget!

Engage with Art at the Rosengart Collection

Picture this: You're standing amidst a treasure trove of modern masterpieces. No, you're not dreaming—you're at the Rosengart Collection in Lucerne! This isn't just any art gallery; it's a shimmering jewel among art galleries in Lucerne, offering an intimate encounter with works by artists like Picasso and Klee. What makes it unique? Well, just imagine the thrill of being up close with over 300 pieces of art by 23 different artists. And trust me, that's quite the spread for your hungry eyes.

Feeling fancy? Perfect, because a visit here is something of an artful high tea. Plan to spend a delightful 1-2 hours absorbing the creativity on display. As for who digs this spot? Whether you're a solo art aficionado, a curious couple, or a family with teens eager to snap some cultured selfies, the Rosengart Collection will fit the bill.

Now, let's talk location. Nestled comfortably near the heart of Lucerne, you can effortlessly swing by after a lakeside stroll or before a fancy Swiss dinner. It's like hitting the cultural jackpot, with the added bonus of being surrounded by the charm of Lucerne. Feel that? You're not just seeing the art; you're soaking in the spirit of the city.

Don't just take my word for it—sashay through these vibrant halls yourselves. Glide from one breathtaking canvas to another, engage with the sculptures, and who knows, maybe Picasso's genius will wink at you from the frames. Whether you're here to brighten up your day or spice up your Instagram, the Rosengart Collection adds that splash of color you didn't know you needed!

Explore the Rosengart Collection and let your heart beat to the rhythm of modern art—Lucerne's anticipation is only a palette of colors away!

Embark on a Day Trip to Mount Pilatus

Your day trip to Mount Pilatus? Picture this: you're soaring high on the world's steepest cogwheel railway, the Alpine winds are giving you that "I'm on top of the world" hairdo, and all-around are stunning views that look like they've been swiped from a Swiss postcard. Mount Pilatus isn't just a mountain; it's an Alpine adventure that screams "I did something epic today!"

Climbing more than 2,000 meters into the sky, Pilatus is your playground for a day loaded with adventure. Want to test your bravery? Strap on a helmet and take on the rope parks and zip lines. Prefer to chill? You can absolutely just kick back and soak in the panoramic glory of the Alps.

But wait! There's more! Nearby, you'll find cozy alpine restaurants for that cheesy (literally!) fondue indulgence, and the whole trip, round-trip, you're looking at about 4 to 6 hours of pure Swiss bliss.

This mountainous escapade is perfect for everyone – families can bond over the sights, adrenaline junkies can get their fix, and even solo explorers will find some peace among the peaks. How do you get there? Super easy. Whether you choo-choo by train or float up by aerial cableway, you're in for a treat.

Now, don't just take my word for it. People gush about their Pilatus trips like they've found the secret to happiness up there. Slip into your comfiest shoes, grab your camera, and don't forget to charge that phone – you'll need it to snap the barrage of beauty you're about to witness.

Oh, and one last tip: clear your schedule for the day. Once you're up there, sipping on hot cocoa with a view that slaps hard, you won't want to rush down. Take it from me; this is one day trip that's more than worth every second. Ready to start your alpine adventure? Click here and get all the deets for your Mount Pilatus day trip!

Indulge in a Spa Day at Bourbaki Panorama

Imagine peeling off the weight of the world like an oversized winter coat as you step into the sanctuary of relaxation at the Bourbaki Panorama. This isn't your run-of-the-mill spa day; it's an experience that mingles the tranquility of Lucerne day spas with a pinch of cultural flair.

First off, you're in for a fusion of art and repose like nowhere else. The Bourbaki Panorama experience is unique because it's not just about unwinding your body; it's about enchanting your mind. As you soothe your muscles, you get to feast your eyes on the gigantic circular painting that tells a gripping tale from history. And let's be real, who doesn't love a good story while they're getting pampered?

Now, you're probably wondering, "What's so special about this place?" Well, get this: The Bourbaki Panorama is one heck of a historic masterpiece! You'll find yourself wrapped up in comfort while surrounded by a 360-degree mural that's dripping with fascinating historical significance.

Bring your besties or embrace some much-needed 'me time'; this place is versatile. Whether it's quality bonding you're after or a solo sojourn into tranquility, you're covered. Families can find a slice of serenity too, but if the tots are too wiggly, they might be better off making sandcastles while you enjoy the serenity.

Here’s the game-plan: allocate at least half a day here—trust me, you'll want to. Slide into a comfy robe and let the spa therapists work their magic. After you're all loosey-goosey, spend time absorbing the art and significance of the panorama. It's like a cultural hug for your soul!

Located a hop, skip, and a jump away from the heart of Lucerne, the Bourbaki Panorama is a stone's throw from other local eateries and sights. So, once you're blissed out and buoyant, the rest of Lucerne is ready to welcome you back to reality – but let's face it, after a spa day like this, reality's not going to feel quite so daunting.

Enjoy Intimate Jazz at Lucerne Bars

Picture this: dim lights, a smooth saxophone playing, and the cozy vibe of a tucked-away bar in Lucerne where the nights come alive with the sultry sounds of jazz. Lucerne's nightlife offers intimate experiences for the music enthusiast in you, with several bars dedicated to the timeless style of jazz.

These Lucerne jazz bars aren't just any nightspots; they are a haven for those who appreciate the art of music. Here's what makes them stand apart:

  • Unique Ambiance: Each bar boasts its own flair, from speakeasy-style nooks to modern lounges. It's the perfect setting for a night out that's both laid-back and culturally rich.
  • Talented Musicians: Local and international artists grace these venues, bringing you a diversity of jazz styles—from the classics to contemporary—as they weave through melodies that evoke a spectrum of emotions.
  • Engagement with Culture: It's where the locals hang out, and you can brush shoulders with jazz aficionados and newcomers alike, sharing in the appreciation of a good live performance.

You won't need to spend hours here to soak in the atmosphere; just a set or two will leave you feeling like part of Lucerne's vibrant scene. So who's this scene for? It's for couples seeking romance, friends on a night out, and even solo travelers looking to immerse themselves in the local culture. And hey, if you've got an ear for rhythm and your feet love to tap, jazz nights in Lucerne are calling your name.

While your time here may be limited, the memories are not; how many people can say they've spent the evening in the charming city of Lucerne, listening to live jazz in an intimate setting? So go ahead, let the rhythm take you away and revel in the night—the Lucerne way. If you want to find out where the music is playing tonight, just click here and get ready to be captivated.

Delight in Handcrafted Swiss Watches

Imagine the tick and the tock of a finely crafted Swiss watch, the gold gleam, and the soft leather strap hugging your wrist—yeah, pretty snazzy, right? When in Lucerne, you must check out the local artisans whipping up those famed timepieces. This isn't just shopping, it's like stepping into a world where time itself is molded by skilled hands.

What's so special about Swiss watches and Lucerne's artisans? They're masters of their craft, combining tradition with tech to create watches that are, well, timeless. And when you meander through the city streets, every corner turned unfolds a new story of precision and passion. Here's where the magic happens:

  • Delve into boutiques where generational skills are showcased right before your eyes.
  • Chat with the makers, see their hands move like clockwork, and feel the essence of Lucerne's history in each piece.
  • Got a niche for the luxury pieces? You'll find that too—these artisans create both custom and signature designs that scream 'Swiss made.'

If you're aiming to snap up a Lucerne souvenir, why not go for something that echoes the city’s heartbeat? These watches are more than just a way to tell time; they’re wearable art, perfect for both the dapper gents and the chic ladies strutting down the street.

Expect to spend at least an afternoon getting swept up in the shops, and let's be honest, you'll likely want to earmark more time (unless you have a watch from here, then you can probably bend time to your will, right?). This experience is perfect for anyone who loves exclusivity and has an eye for detail—solo explorers, lovebirds on a romantic getaway, and yes, even your hard-to-impress teens will find it cool. Because who doesn't love a little wrist bling?

And remember, these watches aren't merely accessories; they’re stories, memories, and a little piece of Lucerne that will follow you around, ticking away, a companion for all your future adventures.

Share a Sunset at the Scenic Lake Lucerne

Picture this: the sky's ablaze with warm hues, the serene water mirrors the spectacle, and you're there, right at the heart of it all, soaking in the most picturesque sunset you've ever seen. That's not just a fantasy—it's a regular evening by Lake Lucerne.

Without a doubt, sunset gazing here isn't your average end-of-day routine; it's a top-notch experience. The panorama from Lake Lucerne's edge? Unbeatable. You've got the Swiss Alps playing silhouette in the background and the tranquil water in the foreground. It's like Mother Nature crafted this spot just for your Instagram feed.

If you're wondering how this experience can get any better, let me drop another hint: swimming. On those warm summer days, the lake's not just a feast for the eyes, but it's one of those prime swimming spots in Lucerne where you can dip your toes, or dive right in—the choice is yours. But hey, don't forget your swimmies for a sunset swim; safety first, always!

For those who want to stay dry, the panoramic viewpoints are where you should camp out. Bring a blanket, maybe some local snacks—I'm talking creamy Swiss chocolate or the crispiest rösti—and get ready to watch the sky's color palette shift.

Let's talk crowd—this place is perfect for everyone. Whether you're here for that solo reflective moment, with your bae for a romantic date, or with your kin for some quality family time—this place has vibes for all.

Now, you're probably thinking, "But how long? How long do I bask in this glory?" Trust me, you'll want to come early and leave only when the stars come out to play. Spend a good hour or two; let time slow down for a bit.

And remember, you're in Lucerne, so amazing eateries and cozy cafes are just a stroll away when you're done. Sunset to starlight, savory bites to sweet delights—Lake Lucerne's got it all. So hop on over and experience it for yourself!

Participate in a Historic Lucerne Ghost Walk

Ever wanted to walk the line between spooky and historical? Your adventurous spirit is about to get a thrilling treat on a Lucerne ghost walk. As you tiptoe through the shadowy streets, you'll be transported back in time, where the whispers of the past are just as real as the cobblestones under your feet.

Imagine wrapping yourself in the dark cloak of night, the only light coming from the flickering lanterns as a guide spins tales that will send shivers cascading down your spine. These ghost walks aren't just a stroll; they're cultural events wrapped in eerie legends, where you'll learn about the city's mysteries and unexplained happenings that have perplexed locals for centuries.

Now, who goes on such a chilling journey? It's fantastic for singles, families, or anyone ready to embrace the chills without the frills of broad daylight. And when the goosebumps finally settle, you'll find yourself a stone's throw from comforting local eateries where you can laugh off the spooks over some warm Swiss chocolate.

Each step of this tour is drenched in historical intrigue. Don't be surprised if you find yourself peering over your shoulder, half-expecting to catch a glimpse of a specter from the past. Dedicate at least an hour after sundown to experience the full atmosphere of these haunted happenings.

With stories that are as captivating as the city's landmarks, Lucerne ghost walks blend bone-chilling thrill with cultural depth, creating an experience that is as educational as it is entertaining. Forget about adrenaline; this is about full immersion into the mysteries that enshroud Lucerne like fog over a mountain. So grab your loved ones, or venture out solo if you dare, and open your mind to the spectral secrets Lucerne has to whisper in your ear.

Discover Alpineum Exhibit Hidden Wonders

Imagine strolling through a place where Alpine wonders come alive right before your eyes. Welcome to the Alpineum exhibit, a spot in Lucerne where the towering mountains and icy glaciers are yours to explore, without ever having to lace up hiking boots. It’s not just about the dioramas, although they're as close to the real thing as it gets — it's about immersion, about feeling the chill of high altitudes while being cozily tucked away inside.

What makes the Alpineum exhibit stand out? It’s the blend of artistry and storytelling that captures the heart of Alpine adventure. If you've ever dreamt of hiking near Lucerne but needed a more laid-back alternative, this is your hidden gem, friend. It's tucked away, inviting only those curious enough to discover its charms, and that's what makes it special — it's like an insider's secret, a whisper of the wild, right in the heart of Lucerne.

This unique showcase doesn't require a whole day; a couple of hours will do. But trust me, it's jam-packed with splendor that rivals the great outdoors, making it perfect for families, couples, or solo explorers seeking a dash of high-altitude drama. The exhibit provides an intimate setting, so whether you're bonding with your kids or holding hands with your better half, the Alpineum keeps things cozy and wondrous.

And when you step out, the magic of Lucerne is still at your fingertips. Nearby cafes will welcome you back to urban life with the aroma of coffee, and the lakeside, just a pebble's toss away, offers a tranquil spot to reflect on the Alpine beauty you've just witnessed. So, for those who adore the mountains but also cherish the comforts of civilization, the Alpineum is a must-visit. Get ready to experience the Alps, minus the actual climbing, and let your spirit soar.


Q: Unique things to do in Lucerne?

A: Check out the Bourbaki Panorama, ride the world's steepest cogwheel railway at Mount Pilatus, and admire the Lion Monument.

Q: Things to do in Lucerne in one day?

A: Tour the Chapel Bridge and Water Tower, visit the Swiss Transport Museum, and enjoy a Lake Lucerne boat cruise.

Q: Things to do in Lucerne in winter?

A: Go skiing at nearby resorts, explore the old town's Christmas markets, and try fondue in a cozy Swiss restaurant.

Q: Things to do in Lucerne at night?

A: Stroll the lakeside promenades, experience live music at the KKL Luzern, and sip cocktails at a local bar.

Q: Things to do in Lucerne Reddit?

A: Redditors recommend the Rosengart Collection for art lovers, a paddle steamer ride on the lake, and exploring the Museggmauer city walls.

Q: Things to do in Zurich?

A: Visit the Kunsthaus art museum, explore the Old Town (Altstadt), and shop along the Bahnhofstrasse.

Q: Is Lucerne Switzerland worth visiting?

A: Absolutely, Lucerne's stunning lake views, historic landmarks, and picturesque old town make it a must-visit.

Q: What is Lucerne famous for?

A: Lucerne is renowned for its preserved medieval architecture, the Chapel Bridge, and Lion Monument.

Q: Is Lucerne a walkable city?

A: Yes, Lucerne's city center is compact and pedestrian-friendly, making it easy to explore on foot.

Q: Why is Lucerne so famous?

A: Lucerne is famous for its scenic beauty, including Lake Lucerne and the surrounding mountains, as well as its cultural attractions.

Final Words

Phew, what a journey you've had, learning about all the wild and wonderful things to do in Lucerne! From strolling through the living history of Museggmauer to sailing the serene waters of Lake Lucerne, each step of the way has been nothing short of magical. You've tasted the local Swiss cuisine that whispers secrets of old Lucerne and danced to the intimate jazz rhythms of the night.

Let's not forget those breathtaking views from Mount Pilatus, where the mountains seem to touch the sky. And for that perfect end to the day, sharing a sunset by the scenic Lake Lucerne, where the sky paints pictures in colors you never knew existed. You went searching for adventure and what you found was a piece of heaven on Earth.

Remember, these streets and hidden valleys, they hold stories, they echo laughter, and they wait for you to make your own memories. Time spent in Lucerne is time spent in a dream—you just have to reach out and embrace it.

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