9+ Unusual Things to Do in Liverpool Now

Embark on a Beatles Hidden Tracks Tour and uncover the secrets behind each melody... What undiscovered tales await your discovery?
Date Published
March 8, 2024

Table of Contents

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Hey you, yeah you! Have you ever found yourself dreaming of a city that's just brimming with culture, where every cobblestone whispers a story of musical legends and artistic innovation? What if I told you that Liverpool offers more than just an average stroll down Penny Lane, it's a place where you can literally walk in the footsteps of the Beatles, soak in avant-garde art scenes, and get lost in enchanting green spaces? Hold on to your hats, my friends, because Liverpool isn't just any port city; it's a treasure map bursting with secrets that only the savviest of explorers dare to unfold.

You're about to embark on a whirlwind tour through Liverpool's hidden gems and iconic spots—from rock 'n' roll's hallowed grounds to the tranquil trails of Sefton Park's Fairy Glen. Get ready to:


  • Discover the magic behind the Fab Four's tunes with a Beatles hidden tracks tour
  • Unveil the vibrant strokes of independent art galleries in the beating heart of Liverpool
  • Sip on bespoke brews while the city's nightlife serenades you

So, slip on your most comfortable shoes and let's hit the streets of Liverpool where every moment promises to be a mixtape of historical delights, cultural feasts, and a generous dose of Scouse charm!


Embark on a Beatles Hidden Tracks Tour

Picture yourself in a tour van, zipping through legendary lanes where the Beatlemania started. Now, aren't you already tapping your feet to a classic Beatles tune? That's because you're on the trail of the Beatles Hidden Tracks Tour. Let's answer the big question: What's so special about this tour?

First off, it isn't your run-of-the-mill Beatles tour. You’re going deep—into the fab four's most intimate haunts—and you're uncovering salient stories that even some die-hards haven't heard.

If you've got 1-2 hours to spare, this jaunt's just right for you. You'll feel the pulse of the past as you amble through spots where John, Paul, George, and Ringo laughed, played, and composed songs that would take over the world. And bonus points if you're a photo buff—this tour offers some candid snap-worthy scenes.

From the eclectic local expert doubling as your guide to the hidden alleys and unseen memorabilia, it’s a fan’s golden ticket. It's like time travel but cooler because you won't mess up any space-time continuum here. Whether you're a solo explorer or with your fab family, this experience molds to fit, offering a chart-topping outing for all ages.

Think about it. You’re tracing the steps of legends, and each stop whisks you away to a time of vinyl records and timeless anthems. Everyone around is buzzing with Beatles brilliance, making it a magnet for kindred spirits. Pro Tip: Grab some memorabilia to take a piece of music history home with you.

Doesn’t matter if this is your day one as a Beatles buff or if you've been a superfan since you could crawl, there's always something new and electrifying waiting on a Beatles Hidden Tracks Tour. I mean, it's The Beatles we're talking about. So come on—twist and shout your way through Liverpool's best-kept secrets.


Discover the Local Art Scene at Independent Liverpool Galleries

Imagine you're strolling through the vibrant streets of Liverpool, color splashed around every corner, the air buzzing with the energy of creativity. You're on the hunt for something refreshingly different, and guess what? Liverpool's independent art galleries are the treasure at the end of this rainbow! Whether you've got the eye of an art critic or just love a good splash of paint, these galleries are your go-to for an artsy escapade.

Now, if you're looking where to start your artsy adventure, you've got options, my friend. A bunch are sprinkled throughout the city and definitely deserve a spot on your Liverpool must-see list. Walk into spaces like the Bluecoat, where local art intertwines with historical architecture, creating a one-of-a-kind visual conversation. Folks rave about how this gallery is not just a feast for the eyes, but a total vibe with its quirky exhibits and a warm community feel.

And you won't want to miss out on galleries like the Corke Art Gallery, where the artworks are as vibrant and inviting as a fresh cup of morning tea. It's not just about looking at pretty pictures; it's about feeling something, and between you and me, these galleries have got emotion in spades. They say art speaks to the soul, and here, the chatter is all kinds of beautiful and thought-provoking.

So, what can you expect at these little hubs of imagination?


  • Original pieces by local and regional artists that'll have you wanting to deck out your entire house.
  • A friendly, chatty atmosphere where talking to strangers is not only encouraged but practically a must-do.
  • Charm that can't be bottled up and sold, no matter how hard big, fancy galleries might try.


Spend a couple of hours or even a whole day—there's no rush when you're soaking up the culture. Whether you're a lone wanderer, hand-in-hand with your better half, or herding a group of art-thirsty pals, Liverpool's art galleries will have you all talking, laughing, and maybe even contemplating the meaning of life as you bounce from one gallery to the next.

Ready to get lost in the local art scene? Visit the independent galleries in Liverpool and let your heart sing with every brush stroke and sculpted curve you find.


Unwind in the Tranquil Settings of Sefton Park's Fairy Glen

Imagine a place where the whimsical meets the natural, where fairies might wink at you from behind leaves splashed with sunlight. Yes, you're in the heart of Liverpool's green splendor: Sefton Park's Fairy Glen. It's not your ordinary park bench kind of day. It's a step into a natural nook so enchanting, it whispers stories of folklore into the ears of anyone who visits.

Sefton Park is a celebrated haven within Liverpool, stretching over a massive 235 acres. But nestled within, Fairy Glen beckons visitors with a promise of serenity. This isn't just for the kiddos or the nature photographers; it's a soulful reprieve for anyone and everyone. It's where the city's buzz fades into the gentle rustling of leaves and the lilting songs of robins and finches.

Let's break down your soon-to-be escapade. You'll be wandering through a Victorian landscape, replete with historic bandstands and poetic statues. And just when your feet need a break, find a grassy nook and partake in the age-old tradition of picnicking. If you've got mini-adventurers in tow, they'll tumble into the magic of the playgrounds.

Allocate at least an hour or two for this enchanting spot; though if you're a true nature savant, you might never want to leave. Those seeking a touch of adrenaline might find the tranquility mellows their thrill-seeking heartbeats, but worry not, the serenity is just as rewarding.

This verdant gem pulses with life, catering to solitary wanderers, lovebirds seeking a quaint backdrop, and families craving a splash of outdoor joy. So tie up those comfy shoes, because Sefton Park's Fairy Glen isn't just a walk in the park. It's a twirl into nature's embrace, a pause in time, a breath of fresh air—literally.

Ready to spiral into the enchanting world of this Liverpool jewel? Your fairy tale is just a park away.


Stroll Through Liverpool's Historic Woolton Village

Imagine strolling down quaint, cobbled streets, surrounded by buildings that whisper stories of the past. Woolton Village, one of Liverpool’s treasured historic sites, welcomes you with arms wide open, wrapping you up in its old-world charm.

Bold and beautiful, Woolton Village isn’t just a pretty face. It's chock-full of history—think picture-postcard architecture, cozy little nooks that invite you in for a warm sip of tea, and a community vibe that makes you feel like one of the locals. You need to set aside at least half a day here because there's just so much to soak in; from the age-old Woolton Picture House to the legendary Eleanor Rigby's grave, which Beatles fans will recognize with a shiver of excitement.

Perfect for family outings or a solo expedition, Woolton Village caters to all. Little ones can run around and play hide-and-seek behind historic stone walls, while history buffs will be on cloud nine, decoding the stories etched into the very fabric of the village.

Nearby, among the green expanses, you've got Camp Hill and Reynolds Park calling your name for a spontaneous picnic or a leisurely walk. And adrenaline? Oh, the thrill is all in the discovery, my friend. Unearth the hidden treasures tucked away in the cozy antique shops, or simply let the serene ambiance of Woolton Village set your heart racing with delight.

And for the social butterflies? Don't worry; Woolton Village thrums with a community heartbeat that's infectious. Strike up a conversation with the local shopkeeper and you'll find yourself swept up in tales you couldn't find in any guidebook.

Remember to check out Woolton Village's historic sites and mark your map—you won't want to miss a thing. This little slice of Liverpool is a must-visit, genuinely a unique nook in the city that entices, charms, and envelopes all who wander through its story-filled streets.


Savor Handcrafted Ales on a Liverpool Microbrewery Crawl

Picture this: You're ambling through Liverpool's vibrant streets as the sun dips low, the air is buzzing with anticipation for the night ahead. Your mission? To embark on a legendary crawl through some of the city’s most eccentric little microbreweries where the aroma of hops and barley fills the air, and every pint tells a story of local craftsmanship.

Your first stop? A hidden gem tucked away in an alley, where the chalkboard boasts a rotating selection of small-batch wonders. This cozy joint invites you with its indie vibe and the promise of an ale you've never tasted before. It's the type of place where everyone soon knows your name, and the bartenders serve up not just beers, but also tales of Liverpool's lively ale scene.

Wandering to the next microbrewery, you'll notice how each spot has its own personality, from trendy industrial-style spaces to snug, traditional pubs. Explore the variety of flavors, from crisp lagers to bold stouts, each brewed with a passion that's palpable in the atmosphere. Be sure to chat with the locals – Liverpudlians are renowned for their friendliness and will likely share their insights on which brew is the evening's winner.

As you weave from one locale to the next, take a moment to appreciate the unique settings. From locations boasting views of the iconic skyline to intimate spots filled with candlelight and conversation, these venues offer much more than a simple pint. They provide a glimpse into Liverpool's heart and soul through their dedication to craft and community.

This microbrewery crawl isn’t just for the craft beer aficionados; it's tailor-made for folks looking for a slice of Liverpool’s nightlife with a side of authenticity. So grab your pals (singles, couples, or groups all welcome), and plan to spend an evening discovering what makes this city's beer scene as dynamic and spirited as the Beatles' tunes.

What’s that you’re asking? Which crowd suits this beer-venture perfectly? Everyone from your craft-connoisseur buddies to your “I'll just have a cider, thanks” friends will find something to rave about—because in Liverpool, a love for good brews knows no bounds! But don’t just take my word for it; pull up a stool, order a round, and let the golden hops do the talking. Cheers!


Join a Creative Workshop at the Baltic Clay Pottery Studio

Roll up your sleeves because it's time to get your hands dirty! At the Baltic Clay Pottery Studio, creativity is the name of the game. Whether you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned potter, this studio invites you to dive into the therapeutic world of clay and ceramics. This is not your average pottery class; this is a unique workshop where you can shape, sculpt, and paint your way to a personal masterpiece.

So why should you drop by Baltic Clay? Imagine stepping into a space where the air is thick with the scent of wet clay and the sound of spinning pottery wheels. You're surrounded by splashes of vibrant glazes, each pot a work of art waiting to happen. It’s like a grown-up playground for artistic souls.


  • Perfect for groups, solo explorers, and even a quirky date idea.
  • Located in the uber-cool Baltic Triangle area, chock-full of cafes and art spaces for you to explore before or after your workshop.
  • Spend around 2-3 hours here to truly immerse yourself and maybe make more than one pottery piece.


From delicate vases to robust mugs, let the tactile experience free your inner artist. And hey, don’t worry about perfection; it's all about the fun and freedom of creating something with your own two hands. There’s a sense of pride in that, trust me.

Whether you're looking for a chill solo outing, fun activity with friends, or a unique spot to take the kiddos for an afternoon, Baltic Clay fits the bill. Plus, there's that satisfaction of not just buying a souvenir, but making one yourself. How cool is that?

And for all you social butterflies, check this: they often host events and you'll get a chance to mingle with locals and other pottery enthusiasts. Remember, the worst thing you can make is no friends, but that’s nearly impossible here! You can hit up their website to book a workshop and witness your creativity take solid form.


Enjoy a Classic Film at The Woolton Picture House

Imagine stepping into a time machine, only your destination is a cozy, nostalgic cinema right in the heart of Liverpool. You got it. The Woolton Picture House isn't your typical multiplex. Nope, it's Liverpool's oldest and last standing independent cinema dating back to 1927—think red velvet seats and an intermission during the movie for some good ol' ice cream.

Now, who is this gem for? If you're thinking about a quirky date night or a unique hang out with your buddies, look no further. It's perfect for film buffs and nostalgia-seekers alike. Trust me, it's not just about watching a movie; it's an experience. And for the curious souls wondering if families can tag along, absolutely! It’s like jumping into a storybook of the past that everyone can enjoy.

Here's a pro tip: mingle with the locals. They love this place and are a treasure trove of stories about the Picture House's history. It can really make your night extra special. Sit back in the auditorium and you’re likely to run into someone who’s been coming there since the age of ten. If walls could talk, right?

You’re smack-dab in the picturesque Woolton Village, so take a pre-movie stroll around. The village vibe will set the perfect mood before you dip into the cinematic world of The Woolton Picture House. Planning your visit? Give yourself the whole evening. There's lots to see in the village and you’ll want to soak in every moment at the cinema without a rush.

Alright, you get the drift. You go for the movie but stay for the warm, fuzzy feels. And when you're there, sinking into your seat as the lights dim, remember: it's theaters like this that keep the magic of classic cinema alive. I mean, where else can you find that blend of charm and celluloid? So, grab your popcorn (and maybe an ice cream at intermission) and enjoy the show!


Encounter Local Wildlife at the Merseyside's Hidden Nature Reserves

Fancy a breath of fresh air? Let's flock to Merseyside's hidden nature reserves, where you can encounter some of the UK's best-kept wildlife secrets. Pull on your boots, grab your binoculars, and don't forget your sense of adventure!

These reserves are a paradise for bird-watchers and nature lovers alike. With rich biodiversity, each visit feels like sneaking into a secret garden where only the best of us get to tread. Whether you're brushing past wildflowers or spotting rare butterflies, you're in for serene doses of the great outdoors.

Why visit these hidden gems? For starters, they're a peaceful retreat from the buzz of the city. Think of it as nature's spa – less about the mud masks and more about muddy trails – but utterly rejuvenating. Plus, you never know what feathered or furry friend might cross your path. It's a lottery, and every ticket wins something wild!


  • Experience tranquility among thriving ecosystems.
  • Indulge in the sight of migratory birds.
  • Be at one with the habitat of the most fascinating UK wildlife.


Allow yourself a good chunk of the day here. These reserves are perfect for when you're longing to disconnect and immerse yourself in the green, lush arms of Mother Nature. Pack a picnic, because frankly, once you're there, you won't want to leave until the sun dips low.

Bring the kiddos, or channel your inner child – it's a blast for any age. The wildlife doesn't discriminate, and neither does the fun to be had. These sites are not the adrenaline-pumping kind but rest assured, they quicken your heartbeat with every rustle and chirp.

And when you're back in the urban jungle, refreshed by your wild escapade, you'll find that Liverpool's vibe is just a little bit warmer with the memory of your nature reserve encounter. Don't just take my word for it; go on, get your wildlife fix!


Find Antique Treasures at Penny Lane Emporium

Imagine yourself surrounded by the nostalgic ambience of the past, where every item has a tale to tell. You've just stepped into Penny Lane Emporium, a treasure trove for antique hunters looking to snatch up a unique piece of Liverpool's heritage. Whether you're an avid collector or just a curious passerby, you can't help but be charmed by the eclectic mix of vintage goodies sprawled across this quirky shop.


Where is Penny Lane Emporium located?

Penny Lane Emporium is nestled in the heart of Liverpool's iconic Penny Lane area, a place forever etched in music history.

Think retro trinkets, vinyl records that are practically begging to be played, and furniture that will transform your living space into a talking piece. You could spend an entire afternoon here, and trust me, you'd want to. The shop oozes character and is a matchless pitstop for anyone seeking an unconventional shopping experience.

And who's this Emporium perfect for? Literally anyone with a taste for the past. The young ones will discover the charm of old-school toys, while the older crowd gets a kick out of rediscovering artifacts from their youth. Soak in the ambiance that's ripe for nostalgia, and maybe you'll meet a few local antique enthusiasts who are always more than happy to share their stories about Liverpool's yesteryears.

Located within walking distance of other cultural hotspots, you won't have a hard time making a day of it here. So grab a pal, drag your family, or embark on a solo adventure—there's a find for every kind of seeker. Whether you walk away with armfuls or simply memories of authentic Merseyside history, your time at Penny Lane Emporium will be anything but ordinary.

Cue a Beatles soundtrack in your head because as you exit, with your new-old trinket in hand, you'll truly understand the magic that is Liverpool, a city where the echoes of the past meet the beat of the present. Happy treasure hunting!


Experience Intimate Live Jazz at the Parr Street Studios

Imagine this: you're cozying up in a dimly lit room, a soft hum of anticipation in the air. Then, a hush. The first clear tone of a saxophone cuts through the silence, and the room is alive with the soulful vibes of live jazz. That's what awaits you at Parr Street Studios, a creative hub that isn't just one of Liverpool’s premier recording spots but also an intimate venue for some of the best live jazz you'll find in the city.

Here's the scoop: Parr Street Studios isn’t just for musicians to lay down tracks; it’s for you to get up close and personal with the music. Why settle for canned music when you can dive into the real thing? Grab a drink, find a spot, and let the rhythms take you away. It’s the perfect nightcap to a day in Liverpool, mixing with a crowd that’s as eclectic as the tunes.

People who’ve been here can’t stop talking about the unique atmosphere. It's cozy enough for a date night yet buzzing enough for solo jazz enthusiasts looking to mingle with like-minded aficionados. And it's not just for night owls! Earlier shows mean you can sway to the beat and still get a good night's sleep.

Just a hop, skip, and a jump from Liverpool’s bustling city center, you get a slice of world-class entertainment without the elbow-to-elbow crowd. Spend a couple of hours here – it's ample time to immerse yourself in the music and unwind from the day. Whether you're a solo adventurer with a taste for the sultry sounds of jazz or looking for a unique evening with your special someone, Parr Street Studios strikes the right chord.

Put on your best outfit, polish those dancing shoes, and get ready to be part of Liverpool's grand live music tradition. Your soul will thank you, and that's no jazz.


Relax at the Secret Gardens of South Liverpool


Imagine you're wandering through the whimsical pathways of a garden, a hidden paradise tucked away in bustling Liverpool. That's exactly what the Secret Gardens of South Liverpool are all about. It's a hush-hush haven for when you want to escape the city noise and just breathe in the perfumed air of blooming flowers.

This spot is one of Liverpool's best-kept hidden gems. A little slice of Eden that even some locals haven't stumbled upon yet. You'll want to set aside a good hour or two, just to meander and soak in the serene atmosphere. And, of course, to snap a few pics for the 'Gram, where this green paradise deserves a prime spot on your feed.

Families, solo adventurers, couples — everyone's welcome in this emerald sanctuary. It's especially loved by folks who dig quiet moments or need a pause button on life's hustle. There's a calm here that's tough to find anywhere else, and it puts those pricey spa retreats to shame.

Nearby, you'll find charming cafés to grab a snack and continue your unplugged day. If you're into more activity, there's plenty to see once you've recharged your batteries. The Secret Gardens are close to some of the trendiest spots in South Liverpool, just a whisper away from the dynamic energy of the city.

So, what type of crowd is this for? Well, if you're all about those peaceful vibes and maybe need a serene spot to flip through the pages of your latest book purchase or just ponder life, this is your jam. It's less about adrenaline and more about that inner zen. Trust me, you'll leave feeling like a well-rested yoga guru — or at least, as refreshed as one.

If you're itching to experience this lush, green escape, mark down the Secret Gardens of South Liverpool on your must-visit list. Your soul (and your social media) will thank you. Now, go ahead and breathe in that fresh oxygen, my friend. You're in a living, breathing storybook.


Explore the Eerie Beauty of Liverpool's Victorian Cemeteries


Picture this: You're wandering amidst gothic angels frozen in stone, ancient trees guard the eternal slumber of generations, and every headstone tells a story of the ages past. That, my friend, is the eerie grandeur you step into at Liverpool's Victorian cemeteries. This isn't your run-of-the-mill tourist spot; it's a place where the past meets the present in the most tranquil of settings.

Liverpool historic sites like these are not just about the chills and thrills. They are outdoor museums of sorts, quietly showcasing the city's socio-cultural heritage. Spend an hour or two—it's enough to soak up the atmosphere without a cemetery becoming your whole day. Trust me, the stillness is spellbinding.

For who does this haunt suit best, you wonder? It's a perfect contemplative escape for history buffs, photography enthusiasts, and those after a touch of tranquility amidst the city buzz. Families, too, can find it a teachable moment about history and heritage, while couples often discover a unique solitude in these spaces.

Nestled alongside the city’s heartbeat, the cemeteries are easily accessible, offering you a respite that’s just a stone’s throw from the city center. And if you're thinking of what else is around, let's just say, the cemeteries can be a surprisingly refreshing start or end to a day spent exploring nearby local haunts or grabbing a bite at one of Liverpool's cozy cafes.

These cemeteries are more than just a quick stop; they're where every whisper of the wind tells a different tale, every pathway a journey through time. So, pull on your comfy shoes and step into this serene yet striking part of Liverpool's tapestry. Who knows what stories await you among the whispering graves of Victorian times?



Q: What are some things to do in Liverpool for couples?

A: Check out the romantic waterfront, have a date at the Royal Albert Dock, and visit the Beatles Story for some nostalgic fun.

Q: What activities can I do in Liverpool with kids?

A: Take them to the World Museum, let them explore the Merseyside Maritime Museum, or catch a show at the Liverpool Empire Theatre.

Q: What are the best things to do in Liverpool city centre?

A: Stroll around Liverpool ONE shopping area, see the historic Cavern Club, and don't miss the iconic Liverpool Cathedral.

Q: What are some things to do in Liverpool today?

A: Hit up the Museum of Liverpool, join a city tour, or grab tickets for a football match if you're lucky!

Q: What can you do in Liverpool for a day?

A: Visit the Walker Art Gallery, munch at Bold Street's food spots, and cap it off with a night at the Philharmonic Hall.

Q: What are things to do in Liverpool ONE?

A: Shop 'til you drop, devour food in the terrace dining area, and catch a movie at the ODEON Cinema.

Q: What is a must to see in Liverpool?

A: Don't skip the Liverpool Waterfront, UNESCO-listed as a World Heritage Site, and get a snap with The Beatles statues.

Q: Is Liverpool a city worth visiting?

A: Absolutely, with its rich musical heritage, vibrant art scene, and stunning architecture, it's a UK gem.

Q: Is two days enough in Liverpool?

A: It's tight, but you can cover the highlights: the Beatles story, a ferry ride on the Mersey, and Liverpool's historic libraries.

Q: Can you see Liverpool in one day?

A: Sure can! Prioritize top spots like The Beatles Story, Liverpool Cathedral, and finish with a live gig at the Cavern Club.


Final Words

So you've just soaked in the scoop on Liverpool's top spots, from sneaky Beatles jams and artsy nooks to nature's hideaways and sipping on local brews. And let's not forget about the pottery making, movie watching, wildlife spotting, antique shopping, jazz appreciating, secret garden lounging, and even ghostly graveyard wandering. Yeah, it's been quite the virtual trek!

Look, you could read a million guides, but nothing beats the thrill of discovering things to do in Liverpool yourself. This city is like a treasure chest, ready to show you a good time. So go ahead, grab life by the Mersey and dive into these adventures. Trust me, Liverpool is waiting to surprise you around every corner.

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Aria Ohlsson, the Instagram storyteller extraordinaire, takes you on adventures through her enchanting narratives. An avid hiker, she scales peaks and weaves tales of mountaintop triumphs. When she's not conquering trails, you'll find her immersed in classic novels, finding inspiration for her next tale.
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