9+ Things to Do in Kingston [Unique Finds]

Dive into Kingston's craft scene—where hidden gems and artisanal treasures await. But, there's one spot that's a guarded secret...
Date Published
March 8, 2024

Table of Contents

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Now, you might be nodding off, thinking, "Just another city tour guide," but hold on to your double, half-caff, no-foam latte! This ain't about just pointing and looking; it's about diving in deep. Whether you’re a craft connoisseur sniffing out the most intricate artisanal wonders in one of Kingston's shopping districts, or a sea dog aching to catch that fiery sunset on a Kingston cruise, buckle up, because we're about to cover the local lingo, drop names of must-see spots, and yes, let you in on those famous attractions that make Kingston, well, Kingston. Ready for an adventure? Let's ride!

Uncover Kingston's Artisanal Craft Scene

Picture this: You're meandering through Kingston's vibrant shopping districts, sun-kissed skin, feeling every bit the savvy explorer. Suddenly, you stumble upon the heart and soul of local creativity - the artisanal craft markets. Kingston's craft scene isn't just a market - it's a full-blown sensory overload.

With every step, you're surrounded by handcrafted treasure troves, where the air buzzes with the energy of local artisans proudly showcasing their creations. From the intricate weavings of a hand-knotted hammock begging you to laze under Kingston's sunny sky, to hand-thrown pottery pieces that whisper tales of the earth they were born from, it's an immersive dance of culture and craftsmanship.

Each vendor is a story, each piece a conversation of Kingston's kaleidoscopic identity, so expect to spend a good chunk of your day chatting and exploring. This isn't your everyday shopping trip; it's a treasure hunt for the soul.

Are you a sucker for souvenirs that scream originality? Or maybe you’re hunting for that one-of-a-kind gift? Either way, the local craft markets of Kingston have your back. And with clusters artfully spread throughout the city, you're never too far from snagging that perfect handcrafted gem.

Don't just take my word for it; dive into the richness of these markets yourself! Whether you're a solo traveler thirsty for stories or you're herding your little munchkins on a family adventure, Kingston’s artisanal flair caters to all. This isn't merely shopping; this is where memories get woven into the fabric of every purchase.

Remember to grab that hand-painted mug that practically screams ‘Kingston’ from a humble stall that might just be the city's best-kept secret. After all, Kingston's craft markets are less about the transactions and more about the authentic threads that connect you to the beating heart of this city.

Set Sail on a Kingston Sunset Cruise

Imagine the perfect end to a day in Kingston: the sun kissing the horizon, splashing the sky with colors that artists dream of, and you're there—on a boat, feeling the gentle sway of Lake Ontario, the breeze just cool enough to make you snuggle into your jacket. That's the magic of a Kingston sunset cruise, folks, and it's exactly the kind of unique find that adds sparkle to your travel story.

Kingston boat tours are quintessential to experiencing the city's charm, and there's no better time to hop on one than when the sun is putting on a show. Wondering about the crowd? Well, whether you're a dreamy couple looking to clink glasses or a solo traveler devouring picturesque views, this leisurely float checks all the boxes. And if you're worried about a jam-packed itinerary, fear not; a typical sunset cruise lasts about 90 minutes — just enough time to unwind, but not too much that you're racing against the night.

The waterfront activities are like Kingston's heartbeat, and they're not just about the sail; they're an invitation to see the city from a different perspective. As landmarks glide past, you get a front-row seat to Kingston's skyline, twirling with history and modernity in an enchanting dance. Nearby, you'll find an array of eateries eager to treat your taste buds after your nautical excursion.

So, grab your squad or fly solo and let the waters lead the way. Whether you're a water sign longing for a connection with the waves or just someone ready to soak in the serenity, a sunset cruise is undeniably a must-do. Wear your comfiest shoes, bring a camera, and be ready to let the views steal your breath away—just like that, Kingston, you've done it again!

Embark on a Haunted Historic Tour

Who said history can't give you the chills? I bet you're itching to explore Kingston's shadier side. Kick-off your spirited adventure with one of the Kingston ghost tours. They're not just spooky—they're jam-packed with eerie tales that bring the city's past to life... or should I say, afterlife?

As the sun dips, the lanterns glow, your courage rallies, and, yup, that's goosebumps creeping up your arms. This is the time to delve into the legends woven into the very fabric of Kingston. Want to know what makes it unique? How about a backstory so haunting, it's like stepping into another world, one where the line between the living and the departed blurs at the edges.

Imagine walking the same grounds that once echoed with the footsteps of souls from a bygone era, each landmark telling a tale that's a blend of historical fact and whispered myth. Trust me, whether you're a ghost-hunting enthusiast or a history buff with a taste for the macabre, these tours are a must-do.

Time? Block out an evening. You'll need a solid hour or two, because this isn't your quick in-and-out kind of tour. It's immersive, and it plants you right into the story. Perfect for date nights or a gripping outing with friends—not so much for the kiddos or pooches, though.

Pack your bravado and get ready to see Kingston's landmarks in a whole new light, or lack thereof. It's both a chilling and enlightening way to peel back the layers of this historic town. You've got past residents waiting to recount their tales, and guess what? You're on their guest list.

Remember to tread lightly—ghosts or not—these stories stick with you, leaving you to wonder just who's been tagging along on your tour.

Indulge in a Secret Foodie Experience

Kingston's culinary scene is an underrated gem, and if you fancy yourself a person who swoons over extraordinary bites, you're in for a treat. Trying to decide where to have a romantic outing in Kingston? Your taste buds and loved one will thank you after this.

You meander through the maze of Kingston's backstreets, only to stumble upon quaint little bistros that feel like they've been kept secret for just this moment. Imagine sitting under a canopy of twinkling lights, sipping on a glass of velvety red wine, and treating your palate to the burst of flavors from a locally-sourced charcuterie board. Yeah, this is where the magic happens.

This experience isn't just for the lovebirds, though. It's also a paradise for the serious food enthusiasts who can discern the notes of fresh basil in that homemade pasta. The eateries here know how to whip up dishes that can make even the most discerning food critic nod in approval.

So, what makes this experience unique? It's the seamless blend of intimacy and flavor. The chefs in Kingston take pride in their craft, curating experiences that are not just about the food, but also about the ambience and the conversation. It's about sharing a moment, whether with a significant other or with friends, that feels personal and special.

Plan to spend a couple of hours here, because you'll want to linger over every course. This is an experience that's best enjoyed unrushed. The mood is perfect for couples seeking a quiet retreat or for small groups who appreciate fine dining without the stuffiness.

And for those of you wondering if this sophisticated affair is up your alley, trust me, there's nothing more enticing than the allure of Kingston's gourmet secrets whispering for you to take a bite. So, savor the experience, let the world fade away, and let Kingston’s culinary treasures be the backdrop to an unforgettable evening.

Wander through Hidden Alleyway Galleries

Imagine tucking yourself away from bustling streets and finding a treasure trove of creativity in Kingston — welcome to the hidden alleyway galleries. This isn't your typical gallery experience; it's an artistic adventure waiting for you to discover. With Kingston’s artistic events peppering the calendar, there's always something new to see as you stroll.

Now, imagine walls pulsating with vibrant paintings and sculptures that tells stories of local legends and contemporary muses. These galleries are nestled between the familiar and the unknown, urging you to explore and find inspiration at every turn. Not just a hit with the artsy crowd, these hidden gems provide an intimate escapade for anyone looking to soak in Kingston’s rich tapestry of art.

Here's the scoop:

  • Kingston art galleries feature a dynamic array that changes frequently, ensuring every visit is unique.
  • Expect to spend a leisurely hour or so soaking in the eclectic mix of art — perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in local culture.
  • These spots aren't just for silent contemplation; they're social hubs during artistic events, where creators and admirers converge.

Best for the solo explorer or the date-night duo, these alleyways manage to be both serene and stimulating. They're an off-the-beaten-path find that locals love and visitors cherish as a true Kingston memory. And when your feet start aching from all that exploration, nearby cafes offer the perfect pit stop to muse over the art you've seen.

Whether art is your passion or you're just looking for something out of the ordinary, make sure not to gloss over these mesmerizing galleries. They're little oases of emotion and thought, affirming that the heartbeat of Kingston's culture is alive and well in every brushstroke and carved detail you encounter here.

Discover Underground Music Venues

Are you ready to let loose and dive into Kingston's electrifying live music scene? Here's where nights come alive—underground music venues scattered throughout the city pulse with the beats of new, undiscovered talent and seasoned musicians alike. These spots aren't just venues; they're vibrant communities where the bass shakes, the beat reverberates, and every night feels like a private concert for the cool and the eclectic.

Kingston's nightlife spots have this uncanny ability to transform an ordinary evening into a spontaneous adventure. Whether you favor indie rock or soothing jazz, these live music havens cater to every vibe. So, what makes these places magnetic for both locals and tourists? It’s the intimate ambiance, the heady mix of local brews, and the shared thrill of experiencing a live performance mere steps away from the pulse-driving artist.

Now, picture yourself there. You've stumbled on a dimly-lit entrance, a muffled bassline beckoning you in. As you push past the door, you're not just opening to a room, but to a new realm where each note tells a story. And if you feel like you're seeing the real Kingston, it's because you are. These underground venues capture the city's soul—one chord at a time.

Here's the scoop for making the most out of these musical sanctuaries:

  • Block off your night; these experiences demand your full attention.
  • It’s a paradise for singles and groups seeking the raw edge of Kingston after dark.
  • Nearby, the buzz of the city waits, perfect for continuing the night's escapade.

Time there? Expect the hours to slip away. And as for the crowd—well, let's just say that if the rhythm moves you, you’re in the right company. These music venues are not just a treat for the ears but a feast for the heart, best enjoyed with friends or going solo when you feel like being part of the city’s hidden heartbeat.

Enjoy Serene Nature at Kingston's Secluded Parks

Picture yourself ambling through the vibrant greenery, where the hum of the city fades into the gentle rustle of leaves and the sweet chirping of birds. Kingston's nature parks are the perfect escape for your soul to soak in pure relaxation. And you know what? The best part is, they're your secret little spots to unwind – away from the bustling crowd!

Talk about hidden gems! These lush, secluded parks are the ideal spots for when you want to:

  • Take a deep breath of fresh, crisp air
  • Lay back with a good book under the shade of towering trees
  • Picnic with your family on wide-open grassy knolls
  • Capture stunning nature photos without a photobomb in sight

Got kids with energy to burn? These parks have got you covered with space to run free. Singles seeking a tranquil corner to reflect or couples looking for a romantic backdrop will find these serene escapes just perfect. Time seems to slow down here, and whether you spare an hour or an entire afternoon, you're in for a treat.

The vibe? It's like stepping into a warm hug from Mother Nature herself. And get this – Kingston's secluded parks aren't just for lazy summer days. Each season wraps them in a different cloak of splendor, making every visit a unique experience. So, come fall in love with the tranquil havens where nature whispers its timeless tales. Trust me, your Instagram feed will thank you.

What's near? You're in luck! Once refreshed, civilization is just a stone's throw away with cozy cafes and quaint bookstores to continue your laid-back adventure. And here's a scoop for the treasure hunters: infuse your day with history and heritage at the nearby Kingston landmarks. Because, let's face it, who doesn't love a good story to go with their scenery?

Now, go ahead, bask in the quiet oasis of Kingston's nature parks – where each visit feels like a well-kept secret just between you and the rustling leaves.

Experience Kingston's Riverfront Theater

Imagine this: you're walking by the water, the breeze is playful, and the sun begins its graceful descent painting the sky in streaks of orange and pink. Then, just as the evening starts to settle, the lights flick on at Kingston's Riverfront Theater. It's showtime!

Indeed, the Riverfront Theater is the place to be for top-notch theatre performances and cultural events that'll have you applauding for an encore. Whether you’re a fan of drama, comedy, or musicals, there’s always something on stage to captivate your heart and tickle your fancy. But what makes this theater truly unique? Well, it's not just about the performances, which are stellar by themselves, but the whole vibe of the place. It's a blend of historic charm and modern sophistication, the kind of place that whispers tales of past performances as soon as you step inside.

You, my friend, definitely won't want to miss what's on their marquee. So, check out their latest shows and get ready to be enthralled by the local talent and visiting troupes. Just a heads up though, these shows often reflect Kingston's rich cultural tapestry, so expect a dash of local flavor in every production.

You’ll want to carve out an evening here, it’s perfect for both the solo adventurer on a quest for artistic nourishment, or for those wanting to impress on a date night—with the glistening waterfront as your backdrop, you've got ambiance in spades.

Are you swinging by with the kiddos? No drama (except on stage). Family-friendly productions are a staple here, and the collective 'oooohs' and 'aaaahs' from the little ones are a testimony to the theater's universal charm.

So let’s get right to the point: You gotta visit the Riverfront Theater. It’s less about what you watch and more about the memories you’ll make — the laughter, the applause, and hey, maybe even a few tears. Don’t just take my word for it, though. Slip into the arts scene, embrace the drama of live performance, and let a visit to this theater be the standout scene in your Kingston adventure!

Join a Local Artist Workshop

Fact: Kingston is a goldmine of creativity, and its interactive experiences are sure to bring out your inner artist. How about rolling up your sleeves and getting those hands dirty in the best possible way? Yep, I'm talking about joining a local artist workshop, where the vibes are creative, the skills are transferable, and the fun? Well, that’s just a given.

Why should you join a local artist workshop in Kingston? It’s simple: You get to weave your way into the fabric of the local art scene, come away with a nifty new skill, and there's a fair chance you'll leave with an actual piece of art made by, guess who? You!

Let's dive in:

  • Kingston community classes: Expect to feel welcomed, because these are not your run-of-the-mill, listen-and-nod-off kind of classes. Nah, they're pure engagement. We’re talking hands-on pottery throwing, whimsical watercoloring, or maybe even metal smithery. And the best part? It's all curated for any and every skill level – from "what's a paintbrush?" to "I’m practically Picasso."
  • Interactive experiences Kingston: Remember, it's not just about picking up a new hobby; it's about the stories, the people, and the unforgettable memories. Paint and sip nights, anyone? Or how about a crash course in crafting stained glass that captures that gorgeous Kingston sunshine?
  • What makes it unique: The true beauty? It’s in the personal touch. These workshops are often run by local artists eager to share their passion and knowledge. This is a side of Kingston that’ll give you bragging rights because you’ve not just seen the culture, you’ve LIVED it.

Let's set the scene: Imagine you’re mid-brushstroke, surrounded by fellow creatives, in a studio that's just bursting with inspiring Kingston vibes – it's the kind of immersive experience that might just spark a lifelong passion. Or at the very least, give you the coolest handmade souvenir around.

And hey, whether you’re flying solo, planning a nifty date, or rounding up the fam, an artist workshop is a stellar choice. Most sessions last just a few hours, perfect for fitting into a jam-packed Kingston adventure itinerary.

So, ready to unleash that creative beast? Come on, it’ll be a masterpiece of a day. Don't forget to check out the local listings for the latest workshop scoop and make a little time to sprinkle some extra art into your life. 🎨🖌️

Explore Kingston's Antique Bookstores

Dive headfirst into a world where the scent of aging paper wafts through the air and the sound of rustling pages is music to your ears. Kingston's antique bookstores are a treasure trove for bibliophiles and history buffs alike. Picture yourself meandering through aisles lined with leather-bound classics, dog-eared novels, and forgotten manuscripts – it's less like shopping and more like time traveling.

The crux of the charm is the essence of Kingston itself. The shopping districts are as diverse as the pages of a multi-genre novel, offering everything from quaint shops brimming with rare collections to lively local events that celebrate the city's rich culture.

Not just for the lone wanderer, these antique havens are like a group adventure for families, the perfect setting for stories to be told and memories made. Solo or with company, you might want to spare a good chunk of your day here because time has a way of slipping through your fingers when you're lost among the shelves.

Are you itching for an even deeper dive? Local events often align with the passions of the collectors and readers, serving up engaging readings, signings, and themed celebrations. Check the local lineup; you might just align your visit with a literary festival or an author's talk that adds an extra layer of intellect to your antique hunt.

Whether you're on the prowl for a first edition or seeking a dose of nostalgia, Kingston's antique bookstores are not mere shops – they are sanctuaries for the curious mind. They beckon singles looking for solitude, families needing an out-of-the-box outing, and couples craving a narrative backdrop for romance.

So tap into the spirit of discovery and creativity that Kingston's nooks and crannies offer. Explore, engage, and maybe even exit with a story that extends beyond the bounds of its freshly acquired leather covers.

Trek Hidden Trails with Panoramic Views

Imagine standing on a rugged bluff, the wind in your hair, and the promise of adventure in your heart. You're about to trek some hidden trails around Kingston, and folks, you're in for some killer views that'll zap your breath away quicker than a squirrel snagging your last peanut.

The outdoor adventures near Kingston happen to be a wild playground just waiting for you. Grab your most comfortable sneakers—or hey, those fancy hiking boots gathering dust—and let's hit those winding paths. Kingston walking trails are like secret passageways to panoramic wonderlands. You’ll find yourself traversing through quiet forests, stumbling upon open meadows, and let's be real, every once in a while gasping at the sheer beauty of it all.

Scale that hill! Because up there, nature's symphony is in full swing: birds singing backup for rustling trees, with the wind conducting the whole concert. Now picture catching a glimpse of Kingston, its majestic spread stretching beneath you while the setting sun splashes colors you didn't even know existed across the sky. Yeah, this is the 'gram goldmine, and the best part? It’s your own two feet taking you there.

What's the crowd vibe? Here’s the fun part: it's anything you want it to be. Solo adventure to find yourself? Check. Romantic stroll with heart-fluttering viewpoints? Oh, you betcha. Or maybe a good ol' trek with your buddies or the fam? Perfect. It's Kingston's choose-your-own-adventure trail edition, right on your doorstep.

A little birdie told us you should spare about two to three hours if you really want to soak up the scenes, especially around the pristine Lake Ontario waterfront. And, hey, after you've conquered those trails and your social feed is bursting with nature's swagger, why not keep the exploration high rolling? You could dive into the city's vibes or sail away into the sunset.

Partake in a Kingston Themed Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to spice up your family fun with a themed scavenger hunt around Kingston! This isn't your run-of-the-mill game of hide and seek; it's an adventure that weaves through the city, unlocking clues and challenges that’ll have you feeling like Sherlock Holmes meets Indiana Jones.

Scavenger hunts in Kingston are tailored for all ages, making them perfect for family entertainment. From riddles that tickle your brain to finding hidden gems scattered around town, each clue solved is a high-five moment. Here's why you should get in on the action:

  • Family Bonding: Treasure hunts create teamwork and memories that’ll have you all chuckling about for years.
  • Explore Like a Local: You'll get to know Kingston's nooks and crannies—places that typically don't make the guidebooks but are oozing with character.
  • Exercise That's Actually Fun: Who said exercise has to be boring? You'll be walking (or running!) to the next checkpoint without even realizing you're clocking in those steps.

Imagine the rush of discovering a clue nestled near an historic building or the satisfaction of cracking a code that leads to an overlooked mural. You're not just passing by; you're interacting with Kingston's landscape in a uniquely engaging way.

So, slap on your detective hat and grab the fam, because this experience is perfect for those who love a good quest. The length of your scavenger hunt escapade can flex to fit your schedule, but plan for at least a couple of adventurous hours. Solo trailblazers, teams of friends, or seekers riding a wave of family adrenaline are all welcome.

For a city bursting with quirks and tales, what better way to dive deep into the heart of Kingston than a themed scavenger hunt? It's family entertainment that turns into a joyful journey—full of laughs, discovery, and just the right amount of competition. Grab your clue list and start an unforgettable pursuit full of Kingston flair!


Q: What things can you do in Kingston this weekend?

A: Check out local events, concerts, historical tours, or hit the farmers' market. There's always something lively going on!

Q: What are some kid-friendly activities in Kingston?

A: Take the kiddos to the Maritime Museum, Forsyth Nature Center or enjoy family fun at Kingston's playgrounds and parks.

Q: What are the best activities for adults in Kingston?

A: Explore the art galleries, do a brewery tour, or catch a live performance at the historic Ulster Performing Arts Center.

Q: What's happening in Kingston today?

A: For the scoop on today's events, check the local Kingston event calendar—there's always something exciting!

Q: Are there any free activities in Kingston?

A: Absolutely! Enjoy the scenic walks along the Hudson River, visit free exhibitions, or tour the Kingston Uptown Historic District.

Q: What should you see in the Kingston Uptown Historic District?

A: Don't miss the old stone houses, Senate House State Historic Site, or the bustling farmers' market.

Q: Is Kingston New York worth visiting?

A: You bet! With its rich history, vibrant arts scene, and beautiful scenery, Kingston is a total gem.

A: Kingston's known for its historic sites, cultural events, and being a gateway to the Catskill Mountains.

A: Kingston charms visitors with its historic architecture, lively arts community, and proximity to outdoor adventures.

Q: How do you spend a day in Kingston Jamaica?

A: Hit the Bob Marley Museum, shop at the crafts market, then groove to some reggae at a local club!

Final Words

Alright, you've just been given the lowdown on the coolest things to do in Kingston, and let's be real, it's a pretty snazzy list. From the raw creativity of Kingston's artisanal craft scene to jamming in underground music venues, there’s no shortage of adventures in this town. Kingston's got everything to charm your socks off—haunted tours for the thrill-seekers and serene nature spots for peace-lovers.

Your final takeaway? Kingston isn't just a blip on the map; it's a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. Go ahead, set sail on that sunset cruise or munch your way through a secret foodie hotspot. There’s an unforgettable story at every corner, and all these incredible things to do in Kingston are your ticket to write the next chapter of your travel diary. Live it up!Hey, you ever wonder if there's a place that's got the soul of a bustling metropolis but feels like your cozy neighborhood corner? Yup, that's Kingston for ya— a city where every street corner has its own story, and each cobblestone is a breadcrumb leading you to its vibrant, beating heart. So, what makes this gem tick? I’ll tell you: It's a place where history isn't just found in textbooks but is whispered by the ghostly shadows lingering in the alleyways; where secret foodie spots will have you swearing off chain restaurants for good; and where the melodies from underground music joints blend with the rustle of the ancient trees in its secluded parks.

Meet the Author
Isabella Kai
Isabella Kai, the Instagram wordsmith, crafts tales that captivate hearts worldwide. A dedicated foodie, she whips up culinary delights and pairs them with stories that make your taste buds dance. Beyond the screen, she's on a mission to visit every artisan bakery in town.
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