9+ Things to Do in Grindelwald: Secret Spots

Discover Grindelwald's Gletscherschlucht: through misty ravines and secrets untold, but what hidden wonders await at the journey's end? Dare to explore...
Date Published
March 8, 2024

Table of Contents

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Ever questioned where fairy tales are born? Spoiler alert: it's not just the imagination of sleepy children. Nope. Nestled amid the snow-kissed peaks of the Bernese Alps, Grindelwald is a village straight out of a dreamy bedtime story, but with adventures that'll have your heart racing faster than a mountain hare on a caffeine buzz. Imagine slicing through the palms of mighty mountains on the Eiger Trail or popping into a gallery where the art is as touching as an old Swiss melody.

You, my friend, are staring down the rabbit hole to Grindelwald's avalanche of hidden gems and local experiences waiting to slide you into an enchanting world that locals whisper about and adventurers like you turn into lifelong tales. From sneaking into the secrets of the Gletscherschlucht to sipping nectar-like cheese – yes, cheese — Grindelwald is the wonderland where the usual things to do become unforgettable moments. Get ready to unlace the ordinary and tie up your hiking boots for a journey crammed with what the brochures don't tell you about.

Let's take your curiosity on a merry stroll as we uncover the true heartbeat of this Alpine paradise.

Uncover the Secrets of the Gletscherschlucht

Imagine walking into a world where water has carved its way through limestone, where you can almost hear the whispers of the Alps telling age-old tales. That's right, we're diving straight into the heart of the Gletscherschlucht, a hidden gem buried in the embrace of Grindelwald.

You want local experiences? Here's one dripping with authenticity. Ever wonder how it feels to meander through a gorge that glows with shades of blue and green, depending on how the sun decides to hit it? Well, the Gletscherschlucht isn't just another ravine; it's an artful sculpture crafted by none other than Mother Nature herself. And trust me, she outdid herself with this one!

This isn't your typical tourist spot—oh no. It's a place where locals go to reconnect with the landscape. This means you're in for an experience that's as real as the jagged rocks you'll find yourself surrounded by.

As for your amazement quota, it'll be fulfilled as soon as you step onto the walkway that clings to the cliffs. Here's what's cool:

  • The Waterfalls – They're not just there to look pretty. They're loud, they're proud, and they're what's shaping the gorge even as you gaze upon them.
  • The Spiderweb Net – Suspended above the abyss, it's your chance to feel like an Alpine spider (well, if spiders could appreciate stunning views).

What type of crowd is this good for? Anyone with a pulse! Whether you're a solo explorer, a couple laced up in love, or a family teaching the little ones the art of adventure, the Gletscherschlucht checks off the list. It's a yes for adrenaline seekers too—because let me tell you, peering down through that net is not for the faint of heart.

Want to know a secret? Spend at least half a day here. Just cross the traditional wooden footbridges, hunt down those water-carved caves, and let the magic of Grindelwald infuse some thrill into your vacation. And when you're done exploring, the town's cozy cafes are just a stone's throw away, begging you to come and savor a hot chocolate or a slice of Alpine cheese.

There you have it, my friends—a slice of Grindelwald that's both off the radar and brimming with local spirit. So, lace up those hiking boots and prepare to unravel the mysteries of the Gletscherschlucht. Trust me, it's the stuff memories are made of!

Embark on the Eiger Trail Adventure

Lace up your hiking boots and let's hit the Eiger Trail, the mother of all grindelwald hiking trails! Imagine you're set against the backdrop of the infamous Eiger North Face; yep, it’s THAT Eiger—the one that makes seasoned climbers weak at the knees. But you? You got this!

Starting from Alpiglen, you'll skirt the base of the Eiger, and guess what? You don't need to be a mountaineering wizard to enjoy this. On this trail, fresh Alpine air is your BFF, and those panoramic views are your Instagram jackpot. The Eiger Trail runs for about 6 kilometers, which should take about 2 to 3 hours, depending on how many times you stop to gawk at the sheer beauty around you—and trust me, you'll want to gawk. A lot.

This adventure is like a dose of nature's energy drink. It's perfect for groups of friends thirsting for that epic selfie, couples looking for that peaceful "us" moment, and, of course, families ready to conquer the wild (or mild—it’s not as scary as it sounds) together.

While you could try this trail solo, everything's better with a buddy, right? Plus, the path is well-marked and only moderately difficult, so if you’re moderately fit, you’ll be more than fine. But wait, there’s more! You'll pass by quaint little cows with their melodic bells. Give 'em a smile, but also, give ‘em space. Remember: Animals in selfies are cool only if all parties are literally happy campers.

So, whether you're seeking that heart-pumping adrenaline or just want a slice of serenity, the Eiger Trail has got you covered. Gear up for an adventure that’s part workout, part walk-in-the-park, and 100% eye candy.

Traverse the Grindelwald First Cliff Walk

Imagine yourself stepping out onto a dizzying pathway with the massive Swiss Alps playing peek-a-boo with the clouds around you. That's the Grindelwald First Cliff Walk for you, folks—a heart-thumping trek suspended in the heavens! Ready for an adventure that'll make your Instagram friends green with envy?

You know it's an experience not to be missed when the Grindelwald Adventure Guide rates it as one of the top thrills in town. Now, why is this walk so iconic? Well, it's not every day that you get to walk a cliffside path that clutches the side of a mountain like a barnacle with a view.

The walk, which starts from the First cable car station, is a metal path attached to the rock face. And the kicker? It includes a glass-floor observation platform. Your knees might wobble, but your heart will soar with the eagles. I promise.

This is no stroll through the park—it's for those who love a little adrenaline with their morning coffee. Whether you're a hardcore adventurer or a newbie looking for some brag-worthy photos, the cliff walk has you covered. And yes, it's also super family-friendly if your kids are the adventurous types.

You'll want to set aside a good hour to fully enjoy this cliff-hanging spectacle. Perfect for solo explorers, couples, or even a flock of thrill-seeking friends, the walk adds that dash of spice to the serene mountain landscape. Oh, and don't worry about food; there are plenty of spots nearby to carb-load after you conquer the heights.

Make sure to wear sturdy shoes, and maybe avoid looking down if you're easily woozy. But if you're all about that vertical life, look down all you want. There's nothing but pure beauty—and a hint of gut-tingling excitement—as you traverse this engineering marvel. Ready to walk the walk? Saddle up your adventure boots and check out the **Grindelwald First Cliff Walk**—where you literally hang out with the clouds!

Soothe Your Senses in Grindelwald's Private Spa Retreats

Imagine immersing yourself in pure relaxation while being surrounded by the Swiss Alps. Yes, in Grindelwald, this isn't just a dream—it's your very real ticket to serenity. Grindelwald spa retreats are not your average splash in the tub. They are havens where stress is forbidden, and bliss is served on a silver platter.

Grindelwald relaxation spots come with a dazzling backdrop of snow-capped peaks and the kind of quiet you just can’t find in the city. Breathe in, can you smell the mix of aromatherapy oils and alpine freshness? That’s your cue to let go. Say goodbye to your knots and hello to a lighter, brighter you.

Each retreat offers something unique, whether it's a traditional Swiss sauna, aromatherapy treatments, or infinity pools that make you feel you're swimming amongst the mountains. These are not just spas; they're sanctuaries where every massage stroke synchronizes with the beat of your heart, and warm waters embrace you like an old friend.

Are you the solo zen seeker, the romantic couple, or the group of friends hunting for a collective ahhh moment? It doesn't matter. You're all invited. From a sultry soak to getting your muscles kneaded by expert hands, plan to spend a couple of hours (or hey, even a day) to get the full recharge experience. You'll walk out with that mountain-top-fresh energy, ready to tackle the next adventure.

And don't worry, you're not gonna be left wondering where these magical places are. For a full rejuvenation experience, you can check out some recommended Grindelwald spa retreats to plan your alpine relaxation journey.

So, pack your coziest robe, because Grindelwald's very own tranquility treasure chests are ready to spoil you silly. This is your moment to embrace the art of unwinding, where the only thing freezing is the ice in your post-spa cocktail. Cheers to relaxation!

Engage in Alpine Cheese Tasting Experiences

Picture this: melt-in-your-mouth cheeses with flavors as rich as the history of the Swiss Alps themselves. Welcome to Grindelwald, where cheese tasting isn’t just snacking; it's a full-blown sensory excursion. So roll up your sleeves, because you're about to dive into the world of Grindelwald cheese tasting.

First off, know that when you say 'yes' to Swiss cheese, you're not just nibbling on dairy, you're savoring centuries-old traditions. Now, in Grindelwald, this isn't about grabbing pre-packaged slices from a store. Oh no. We're talking about artisanal cheese crafted with passion, using methods passed down through generations. Here's why you should make room in your itinerary for this curd-filled adventure:

  • Discover cheeses that are the creamy dreams of Swiss cuisine right in Grindelwald.
  • From tangy to nutty, each bite tells a story of the local pastures and the meticulous care of Swiss cheese-makers.
  • Indulge in pairings with local wines or spirits that'll make your taste buds sing hymns of happiness.
  • You can visit quaint dairies where the cheese is so fresh, it practically introduces itself.

Let's get real: eating cheese here is as crucial as skiing or hiking. It's not just for the taste—it's a cultural deep dive. You're rubbing elbows with the local way of life, sampling what's been a staple of the diet for longer than anyone can remember.

Spend an afternoon leisurely exploring the cheese havens of the village. Whether you're solo or with the family, it's a delight for all ages. And for the lovebirds out there? Nothing screams romance like sharing a fondue amid the serenity of the mountains.

Some cheese experiences in Grindelwald are so intimate and exclusive that they feel like you've been let in on a secret. Who doesn't want to feel special on vacation, right? Grab a spot by the fireplace, get your cheese knife ready, and let the flavors transport you. And trust me, after a day on the trails, nothing tastes better than a slice of the Alps.

Remember, this isn't just eating; it's connecting—with the land, the people, and the alpine way of life. So take your time, savor every mouthful, and let the cheese do the talking.

Discover the Charm of Grindelwald's Art Galleries

Imagine strolling through a world where the vibrant colors of paint blend with the crisp alpine air and the majestic backdrop of the Eiger—it's not just a dream, it's the Grindelwald art galleries experience! These cozy little havens are perfect for anyone who appreciates art enveloped in nature's best. So, if you're someone who marvels at inventive brushstrokes and picturesque mountain vistas all in one place, you've got to check this out.

While wandering the charming streets, you’ll find that culture thrives in every nook here. Grindelwald art galleries offer a unique mix of local and international works, perfect for cultivating a love for the visual arts. And when it's time for a cultural event? You're in for a treat! The galleries often host vibrant grindelwald cultural events, making it the perfect spot for the artsy crowd and the curious explorers alike. Spend an afternoon here, and you'll mix with like-minded art lovers, where every conversation is laced with insights and appreciation.

Each gallery has its own flavor. Whether it's a solo exhibition or a group showing, there's always something new and exciting to discover. And what if you're the type who likes souvenirs? Well, many pieces are for sale, which means you could bring home a slice of Grindelwald's art scene with you!

It's not just about casual perusing, though. These galleries are a starting point for connecting with the soul of the city, understanding its rhythms, and diving deep into a cultural fabric that's as rich as the Swiss chocolate they sell downtown. So, give yourself a couple of hours here, at the very least, to truly soak it in. And who knows, you just might stumble upon a piece that speaks to your heart.

Tailored for art enthusiasts, families looking for a cultural pit stop, or couples seeking inspiration in their mountain getaway, the art galleries of Grindelwald are universally irresistible. Between the brushstrokes and canvas, your journey through Grindelwald becomes a painted masterpiece itself.

Journey Through Grindelwald's Stargazing Spots

Imagine yourself wrapped in a cozy blanket, a warm mug of cocoa in your hands, gazing up as the sky dances with the brilliant lights of a million distant stars. In Grindelwald, night activities are not just about closing the curtains and calling it a night; it's about embracing the celestial spectacle that unfurls above you.

Grindelwald's stargazing spots are something out of a fairytale. They're not just your run-of-the-mill patches of darkness; oh no, they're canvases where the universe reveals its grandeur. Here's why you'll totally geek out about these dark havens:

  • The air is so clear, it's like looking through Mother Nature's own telescope.
  • The settings are so tranquil, even your heartbeat seems to whisper.
  • The mountains serve as an epic backdrop, framing the skies like a scene from an epic movie.

You don't need to be Galileo to appreciate these heavenly sights. Whether solo, with your honey, or the fam, it's the kind of experience that fans the flames of imagination in young and old alike. It's perfect for the adventurous souls thirsting for thrills or the romantics seeking a backdrop for whispering sweet nothings.

Now, I won't keep you guessing where to find these bewitching nocturnal locales. One of the prime spots, which stargazing aficionados and in-the-know locals might whisper about, is perched conveniently near the mountain's edge. Make sure to check out Pfingstegg, an area known for its lesser light pollution and an unbeatable night sky panorama. Spend a couple of hours or the whole night; the time will flit by as you traverse the cosmos from your cozy spot.

But don't worry about getting lost in space; you're still grounded in Grindelwald. Nearby are the comforts of tranquil chalets, and when you're ready to return from your astronomical journey, you can rest easy knowing that your bed isn't light-years away. These stargazing adventures are perfect for anyone who doesn't mind trading a bit of sleep for an otherworldly show!

So pack your telescope or binoculars, or just bring your starry-eyed self; it's an absolute must-do for the ultimate cosmic communion. Grindelwald stargazing is more than just a nighttime activity; it's a way to connect, reflect, and be utterly amazed by the vast universe we're a tiny part of.

Explore Grindelwald's Off-the-Beaten-Path Trails

Got a thirst for adventure and a desire to dodge the crowds? Picture this: you're lacing up your boots for some Grindelwald off-the-beaten-path trekking. Sure, everyone and their mom are hitting those famous routes, but you? You're different. You’re about to embark on a Grindelwald trek less traveled, where the only thing outnumbering the hidden paths are the stories just waiting to be told by your footsteps!

Let's navigate the raw beauty together, shall we? While others queue for the usual spots, these trails are where you'll befriend the local wildlife, get one-on-one time with Mother Nature, and maybe even have a profound conversation with an Alpine goat. And it’s totally cool to brag about it later!

Think of these trails as Grindelwald's whispering secrets. Imagine walking through serene valleys with only the sound of your breath and the distant echo of cowbells. Here, every twist and turn gifts you a new, stunning canvas - the Eiger looming silently, the Lauterbrunnen Valley peeking through a natural frame of towering pines. It’s where the word ‘picturesque’ feels like an understatement.

Ready to stretch those legs a bit more? You'll want to pack some extra granola bars for the journey. The trails range from ‘pleasant stroll’ to ‘my glutes will never forgive me’, so there's something for every level of explorer. And when it comes to who this kind of trip is perfect for, grab your solo-hiking hermit friends, your thrill-seeking buddies, and your teens who claim to be 'bored by nature'. They won’t be bored. They’ll be Instagramming every step and secretly loving it.

Get on these trails early, frolic in the wilderness, and inhale that crisp, soul-rebooting Alpine air. Whether you've got two hours or a full day, Grindelwald's secret trails are your ticket to blissful solitude and adventure. Trust me, they’re the trekking equivalent of finding an unopened bag of jelly beans in the couch - a sweet, unexpected surprise!

Trekking in Grindelwald isn’t just about going places. It’s about finding new aspects of yourself. And hey, if all else fails, you've got epic stories and some killer calf muscles on the way home. So let’s get trekking!

Savor Exquisite Dinners at Secluded Grindelwald Chalets

Imagine this: you're snuggled up in a cozy chalet, surrounded by nothing but the majestic Swiss Alps and the love of your life or a bunch of fun-loving friends. The fireplace crackles, the window frames a perfect snowy peak, and then there's the food—oh, the food! Experiencing Grindelwald means treating yourself to some exquisite dinners that are off the main strip and nestled in its charming chalets.

Now, these aren't your run-of-the-mill eateries; we're talking about hidden-away places that offer not just a meal but a legendary romantic getaway. If you're thinking candlelight, a personal welcome from the chef, and ambiance that feels like you're dining in a fairytale—yeah, you've got it!

  • Grindelwald dinner spots are ideal for those nights when you want intimacy with a side of gourmet cuisine.
  • For that Grindelwald romantic getaway, picture indulging in a fondue made from the finest local cheese or a steak so tender, you'd think it was whispered to before hitting the grill.

When you dine in these mountain hideaways, you might spend an entire evening because that's the kind of spell they cast—one that says, "Stay, relax, and savor." They're perfect for lovebirds or those looking to make new friends with the same exquisite palate for life and food.

What's near these chalets? Only the serene whispers of the forest, the occasional sighting of wildlife, and maybe a few other chalets twinkling like stars with satisfied diners inside. Whether you're a group of singles ready to mingle with like-minded adventurers or a family bonding over a shared love of cheese, these spots cater to everyone's taste for the divine.

So, if you're ready to treat yourself to a dining experience that's as much about the atmosphere as it is about the food, then make sure to reserve a table at one of these secluded spots. Trust me, with every bite and every breath of fresh mountain air, you're not just eating dinner; you're creating memories that linger like the everlasting scent of alpine roses.

Hold up, don't just take my word for it — dive into this secluded culinary escape and see why everyone leaves with their taste buds dancing and hearts full.

Engage with Locals at a Traditional Swiss Festival

Imagine yourself surrounded by jubilant music, vibrant costumes, and the enticing smell of fresh, local cuisine. That's the heart-pumping reality at a traditional Swiss festival in Grindelwald. This isn't just fun and games; it's a cultural deep-dive where you get to engage with locals and experience the Swiss way of life up close and personal.

What makes these festivals so unique, you ask? It's where you'll see traditions passed down for generations, with each event offering an authentic slice of Grindelwald's heritage. Expect folk music that gets your feet tapping, traditional dances that invite you to join in, and an electric atmosphere that celebrates the very essence of Swiss culture.

Planning your visit:

  • Ideal for: All ages! Bring your kids for a fun lesson in culture, or come with friends to soak in the festive vibe.
  • Time investment: Spare a few hours to a full day – you'll want to savor the variety of experiences each festival offers.
  • Nearby attractions: After the festival, take a leisurely stroll in the town center or plan a visit to the nearby cable cars for breathtaking Alpine views.

Festivals in Grindelwald cater to everyone, whether you're a solo adventurer with a penchant for photography or a family seeking interactive experiences. And let's talk about food – Oh, the cheese! Indulge in melt-in-your-mouth alpine cheese delights and pair it with some local wine. A festive day to remember!If you want to join in the revelry, don't miss out on grindelwald cultural events. They're not just fun; they're a way to connect, to learn, and to dance till you drop. So cinch up your lederhosen, swish your cowbells, and let's alp those blues away! Check out [Grindelwald's official events page](#) to catch the next festival dates and prepare for an unforgettable Alpine adventure!

Capture the Alpine Bloom on a Grindelwald Photography Tour

Imagine the crisp alpine air filling your lungs as you traipse through Grindelwald's lush valleys with a camera in hand. You're on a quest to capture the splendor of the Alpine bloom—a photographer's dream, right? Grindelwald is art in its rawest form, and you can frame its beauty best during those seasonal changes when nature decides to turn up the volume on the color palette.

Grindelwald photography spots are plenty, but finding that perfect angle where the light kisses the mountains just right can be like finding a needle in a, well, massive haystack of spectacular scenery.

  • In spring, prepare for the meadow marathons—fields of wildflowers bursting in purples and yellows that stretch to infinity.
  • Summer brings an emerald exuberance, as the hills are definitely alive, and not just with the sound of music.
  • As autumn rolls in, a golden glow wraps the landscape, and photographers scramble to capture the ephemeral amber and crimson tresses of the trees.

Getting the best shots calls for both timing and location, which is why Grindelwald seasonal activities are through the roof during these peak periods. Fancy a snapshot with the Eiger's North Face in the background, sunbeams piercing through its daunting peaks? We've got you covered.

Now, what makes Grindelwald really juicy for camera buffs are the secret spots. These aren't your run-of-the-mill tourist traps; we're talking about those hidden oases where you can savor the solitude, only accompanied by the click of your shutter.

Whether you're a lone wolf or enjoy the camaraderie of fellow snap-happy wanderers, you have to absolutely check out photography tours. These guided escapades lead you to mesmerizing vantage points, often bypassed by the casual visitor. The tours cater to all—from selfie-seekers to serious shutterbugs—and are a brilliant way to mingle with locals who might just spill on their secret Grindelwald photography spots.

So grab your gear and get ready to fill your feeds with shots so stunning, they’ll have your followers green with envy. And while you're at it, you might just make some like-minded friends. Who said art had to be a solitary pursuit?

Embark on a Grindelwald Culinary Tour with a Twist

Picture this: You're strolling through the charming streets of Grindelwald, surrounded by majestic mountains, and your senses are about to be tantalized like never before. This isn't your average munch-and-crunch. Oh no, you're about to dive fork-first into a Grindelwald culinary tour that's got more twists than a Swiss mountain road.

You've got to experience Grindelwald food exploration—it's a treat for your taste buds and a peek into Swiss culture. Now, let's talk cheese because, in Grindelwald, cheese is not just food; it's a way of life. Ever tried fondue or raclette? Imagine savoring a pot of gooey, melted goodness with a backdrop of the Eiger. Bet your cheese never came with a view like that before!

But wait, there's more to this culinary adventure than just cheese. You'll nibble on velvety chocolates and crusty bread that's fresh out of the oven—it practically sings a sweet tune as you break it open. From cozy mountain huts to chic alpine restaurants, you'll feast on traditional rosti potatoes, sausages sizzling with flavor, and, of course, wholesome, hearty soups that'll make you feel all warm inside.

Be sure to come hungry, because you'll want to linger over every bite, every sip of crisp Swiss wine. And the best part? You'll walk it off as you meander from one culinary hotspot to another. It's not merely a meal; it's a movable feast for the soul.

This tour is perfect for all you food-loving explorers, whether you're flying solo or with your fam. It's a must-do for everyone who appreciates the art of eating and the joy of discovering local flavors that tell the story of Grindelwald.

So get ready to tickle your palate, engage with local chefs, and maybe learn a secret recipe or two. Who knows, you might just find your new favorite dish hidden in these alpine kitchens. The true treat of Grindelwald isn't just in the sights—it's in the delightful bites that await you around every twist and turn!


Q: What are some things to do in Grindelwald during winter?

A: You've gotta hit the slopes for skiing, check out the snowboarding spots, and don't forget snowshoeing. It’s a winter wonderland!

Q: What are some free things to do in Grindelwald?

A: Get your fill of nature with hikes, walk around the charming village, and take in the epic mountain views. Your wallet can thank me later!

Q: What can you do in Grindelwald at night?

A: Cozy up in a mountain hut, catch some live music, or stroll under the stars. Nighttime in Grindelwald is just as fun!

Q: What are some things to do in Grindelwald during summer?

A: Summer's a blast with hiking, paragliding, and mountain biking. Plus, those cable car rides? A must!

Q: What activities are available at Grindelwald First?

A: Amp up your adventure with the First Flyer zipline, hike to Lake Bachalp, and snap a selfie on the Cliff Walk. Your IG will be on fire!

Q: What can you find outdoor at the Glacier Canyon in Grindelwald?

A: Explore the stunning canyon on walkways, be awed by the roaring river, and learn a thing or two at the adventure park.

Q: Is Grindelwald Village worth visiting?

A: Oh, absolutely! The village is super quaint with breathtaking scenery, and it's like something straight out of a fairy tale. Don't miss it.

Q: How much time do you need in Grindelwald?

A: To really soak it all in, give yourself at least a couple of days. Trust me, you won't want to leave!

Q: What is Grindelwald best known for?

A: Grindelwald is famous for its jaw-dropping scenery, primo skiing, and the Eiger mountain. It's the stuff postcards are made of!

Q: Is it better to stay in Interlaken or Grindelwald?

A: Grindelwald for the win if you're after that authentic alpine vibe. Interlaken's great, but it's more of a jumping-off point.

Final Words

Alright, so you've just sauntered through an epic journey around Grindelwald, right? We kicked things off by diving into the mysteries of the Gletscherschlucht and wrapped it up with a delicious twist on a culinary tour. Each stop showed off Grindelwald's lesser-known charms—from the pulse-pounding Eiger Trail to those serene, stargazing nights.

Now, look, Grindelwald isn't just another dot on the map; it's a treasure chest of experiences waiting for you to unlatch. Whether you're indulging in alpine cheese or catching the perfect photo of the alpine bloom, you're doing it in style—in a place that's all about those good vibes and stunning vistas.

And remember, if you're looking for things to do in Grindelwald that'll have you brimming with stories, just revisit these hidden gems. Trust me, it's all about making memories that'll stick harder than snow on a mountain peak. Get out there and make evergreen memories!

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