9+ Unusual Things to Do in Colmar

Dawn whispers over Colmar's Old Town, unveiling a world where every cobbled street tells a story. What secrets await discovery?
Date Published
March 8, 2024

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Ever wondered if fairytales were real? Well, pack your bags and don't forget your sense of wonder because you're about to stumble into the pages of a storybook as you visit Colmar. Nestled in the heart of Alsace, this little town is where the cobblestone streets whisper legends of yore, half-timbered houses lean in to tell secrets, and the aroma of fresh tarte flambée beckons from quaint, artisan shops. You might be asking yourself, amid this spellbinding setting, what unique things does Colmar have up its sleeve? Oh, just wait 'til you hear!

Picture strolling through the Old Town at dawn, the golden sunlight casting a magical glow over ancient buildings, or uncovering one-of-a-kind trinkets in its many artisan shops, each with a tale to tell. Colmar isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it's an adventure for the taste buds, with local markets offering everything from ooey-gooey Munster cheese to the robust wines that sing the region's praises. But that's not all. From serene spots that promise a tranquil escape to the foot-tapping rhythm of its live music scene, Colmar is ready to dance its way into your heart.

Fasten your seatbelt, folks, because we're about to dive headfirst into the must-do activities that make Colmar a top-tier, bucket-list-worthy destination. Grab


Stroll Through Old Town at Dawn

Imagine the sweet morning air of Colmar Old Town gently waking up the cobblestone streets. You're stepping out at dawn, the golden hour of photographers and dreamers alike, where the awakening sun casts a gentle glow over the historic architecture.

Why, though, should you visit Colmar Old Town so early? The simple answer is peace. As the day hasn’t started for many, you'll have the kind of quiet that lets you hear your own footsteps and the birds serenading the sunrise.

Take your time meandering through the maze of streets. Each corner you turn offers a new visual delight, from timber-framed houses that look like they’re etched out of a fairytale to flowering balconies that make you want to pick up painting. It's no wonder photographers flock here—every shot is postcard-perfect!

Let yourself be charmed by the details—a door handle here, an ornate lamp post there. Before the cafes open and locals start their day, you’ll feel like you have the town to yourself.

This stroll isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it’s a journey back in time. The Old Town is like a living museum, showcasing over eight centuries of European history. Think about it – where else can you literally walk in the footsteps of medieval merchants at the break of dawn?

You won't need a whole day here, but if you're looking for a magical moment, give yourself at least an early hour or two. Watch as the town slowly comes to life; it's like being part of Colmar's secret morning ritual.

And hey, whether you're a couple looking for romance, a solo traveler craving quiet contemplation, or a family eager to beat the crowds, this dawn patrol is just the ticket. There's an understated thrill in catching a place off-guard, in its most natural state. It's a slice of tranquility that's as refreshing as your morning coffee.

After you had your fill of morning beauty, stop by one of the local bakeries. Trust me, the early bird gets the best croissant!


Uncover the Charms of Artisan Shops

Imagine strolling down cozy cobblestone streets. Your eyes catch the gentle sway of a hand-painted sign reading "Artisan Shop" — you're in for a treat. The artisan shops in Colmar are the heartbeats of creativity, each one brimming with handcrafted goods that tell a story. And let me tell you, they are as charming as they are unique.

Now, you're not just buying a trinket; you're taking home a piece of Colmar. These shops are quaint, intimate, giving you a real taste of local craftsmanship. You'll meet artisans who pour their love and skill into every creation. Whether it’s a delicately woven scarf, a handcrafted piece of jewelry that seems to whisper your name, or a quirky, porcelain figurine that gleams with personality, it's more than a purchase—it's a connection.

Take your time here, folks. Savour the way the shop owner describes her grandmother’s secret pottery technique. Revel in the woodworker’s pride as he shows off the intricate carvings. These experiences are made for cherished memories.

And if you’re looking to sprinkle your travel with a splash of authenticity or find that one-of-a-kind gift, these shops are your go-to spots. Perfect for solo explorers seeking a treasure, families hunting for meaningful souvenirs, or couples collecting unique mementos to mark their journey.

Surrounded by the vibrant streets of Colmar, you won't have to walk far to find a cozy café or a tasty bistro where you can recount your finds with friends. Spend an hour or maybe two here; these shops deserve your unhurried attention.

Just remember, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill stores. This is where art comes alive, where tradition meets the tips of artisan fingers. Every piece has a story, waiting for you to be a part of it. Come, uncover the irresistible charm of Colmar's artisan shops, and let the magic of handcrafted wonders fill your wanderlust soul.


Sample Alsatian Delicacies at Local Markets

Get ready, because you're about to dive into the heart of Alsatian culture with your taste buds leading the way! Colmar's local markets aren't just markets; they're a rainbow of flavors and aromas where every stand is a new chapter in the story of traditional Alsatian cuisine. You know you're in for a treat when the air's rich with the scent of fresh kugelhopf and spice-laden charcuterie. It's not just a meal; it's a festival on a plate!

What makes these markets a must-visit? They're a smorgasbord of the freshest local produce and artisanal finds that you won't get at just any ol' supermarket. Picture yourself sandwiched between locals, all happily chattering away, while you nibble on a chunk of munster cheese that's so creamy, you'll think you've hit the dairy jackpot.

For a real taste of Colmar, you've got to sink your teeth into the local specialties:


  • Tarte flambĂ©e, a crispy delight that makes pizza green with envy.
  • Choucroute garnie, where sauerkraut meets a meat-lover's dream.
  • Baeckeoffe will have you swooning over its slow-cooked goodness.


And let's not forget the pastries! As you wander through the vibrant stalls, keep an eye out for:


  • The sweet sprinkle of cinnamon over apple-stuffed strudels.
  • The golden crust of bretzels that crunch oh-so-satisfyingly.
  • The delicate layers of pain d'Ă©pices, a gingerbread that's all grown up.


Spend a generous hour (or two!) at the market, and you're all set for a picnic by the Lauch River. It's perfect for families who love bonding over good food and for singles ready to mingle with locals. Want a little guidance to navigate the multitude of choices? Check out these markets with the help of friendly local vendors always eager to share a story or two behind their craft.

The buzzing atmosphere is an experience itself, set amongst the timbered houses and cobblestone charms this historic town offers. Just remember, come hungry, leave happy, and with a basket full of memories (and maybe a jar of homemade jam or two!).


Capture the Tranquility of Colmar Serene Spots

Looking for a place to escape the buzz and immerse yourself in peace? Colmar's serene spots are your go-to havens. Picture this: you're wandering through lush greenery, the sound of rustling leaves and chirping birds is all that fills the air, and every breath you take is a sigh of relaxation—welcome to the tranquil corners of Colmar.

First off, the Colmar serene spots offer a refreshing retreat for anyone who appreciates a moment of quiet. These spots are ideal for:


  • Singles seeking a quiet corner to read a good book
  • Couples on the hunt for a romantic spot to whisper sweet nothings
  • Families who want a gentle space for their toddlers to play


Imagine settling on a bench by a whispering stream in the Parc du Champ de Mars. It's not just a park; it's a slice of tranquility where you feel the stress melt away as you watch the reflection of the sky dance on the water. And hey, bring a picnic, you’ll want to stay for the show!

Now, you might be thinking, "But what about something truly unique?" Gotcha covered! Slip away to the hidden garden of the Unterlinden Museum. While everyone else is inside gazing at the art, you'll be outside, soaking up the Zen vibes among medieval cloister ruins and contemporary sculptures. Trust me, it's a secret garden that locals love, and it whispers stories from centuries past.

And let’s sprinkle in a little local secret, shall we? The Quai de la Poissonnerie. At dusk, the real magic of Colmar's serene spots comes alive—golden lights reflect on the water, traditional Alsatian houses frame your view, and the world feels like it’s hugging you.

Spend a couple of hours, or let the whole day drift by—it's your sanctuary. Whether you're solo or with loved ones, make sure to breathe deeply. Colmar's serene spots are not just places; they're experiences that nestle into your memory, promising you'll return again and again.


Enjoy Colmar's Live Music Scene

Picture this: After a day exploring, you find a cozy spot under twinkling lights where the strum of a guitar starts to fill the air. Welcome to Colmar's live music scene! It’s vibrant, bubbling with energy, and waiting just for you. And guess what? The venues, they're each a swirl of local charm and rhythms.

First up, you want to separate a night (or two!) just to soak it all in. Why? Because live music in Colmar isn't a background playlist—it's the main act! With 1-2 must-visit spots, you'll be tapping your toes to everything from jazz riffs bouncing off old stone walls to indie tunes serenading canal-side tables.

But who's it for? Listen up, whether you're flying solo, dragging your better half for a romantic dance, or here with your crew, the music scene’s like a good pie: it has a slice for everyone. Got kids? Get them to feel the beat! Even the toddlers get jiggy with it, trust me.

And while you're moving to the beat, don't forget to mix in with the locals. They're the ones who can guide you to the most happening acts in town or that secret underground venue! You're in for a heartbeat-matching experience, where the pulse of Colmar is set to music.

As you groove through the evening, let the music take you on a journey right through the heart of Colmar. Who knew a simple night out could turn into one of your greatest travel symphonies, right? The whole scene is joyous, it's spontaneous, and it’s got that 'lose yourself in the moment' kind of vibe.

So there you have it—your perfect soundtrack in the most picturesque of settings. Because in Colmar, when the day’s adventures wind down, the night’s melody is just beginning. Ready to explore some tunes and make memories? Get your groove on and let the music guide you.


Indulge in a Unique Colmar Wine Tasting Experience

Picture yourself sipping the perfect Pinot Blanc, a backdrop of medieval timber-framed homes just out of a fairy tale. Got that image in your head? Good, because that's exactly what a Colmar wine tasting experience is like!

In Colmar, their wine game is seriously next level. Here's why you need to get in on this vino action:


  • Unique Alsatian varieties: You'll taste wines you can't find just anywhere, like the aromatic GewĂĽrztraminer or the refreshing Riesling.
  • Historic wineries: Some wineries have been perfecting their craft since the Middle Ages, so you're sipping on centuries of expertise.
  • Gorgeous settings: You're not just stuck in a bar; these tasting rooms boast views of rolling vineyards and quaint city streets.


Now, you're probably thinking, "How do I get this fabulous experience?" Well, dear wine enthusiast, Colmar is packed with cozy wine bars and historic wineries. You should totally stop by spots like the Maison Martin Jund or the Domaine Weinbach, where the wine flows as richly as the history.

Don't know much about wine? Fear not! The local wine pros are super friendly and love sharing their knowledge. Expect to learn a ton while tasting some of the best wines your tastebuds have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Whether you're a wine snob or just enjoy a good glass, this is the kind of place where everyone will find something to love. It's ideal for a romantic date, a chill hangout with friends, or even solo travelers looking to mingle with fellow wine lovers.

Spend an hour or two (or let's be real, probably more) journeying through the flavors of Colmar. It's not just a drink—it's an experience, people! And when you're all vino-ed out, there's no shortage of breathtaking spots to walk it off. So raise a glass, toast to the good life, and let Colmar charm you, one sip at a time. Cheers! 🍷


Take a Guided Walk Through Historical Landmarks

Picturing yourself immersed in a history-rich atmosphere with every step? Colmar’s storied streets are calling your name! Why just glance at historical places in Colmar when you can live them? Join a guided walking tour and let those cobblestone roads whisper centuries-old tales to you. Perfect for history buffs and the culturally curious!

You’ll want to carve out a solid half-day for this adventure because, trust me, Colmar doesn't skimp on the history. This walk isn’t just a stroll through the past; it's a full-on step back in time – minus any actual time travel, unfortunately. But with the detailed stories from your guide, who needs a DeLorean?

Here's the thing – this isn't just about getting your steps in while snapping a few photos. Nope, you'll be soaking in the richness of Colmar's historical fabric, from buildings that stood firm through world-changing events to secret gems that even some locals pass by without a second glance. Ah, but not you! With your guide’s insider info, you'll be in on every secret.

Families, singles, romantics – whoever you are, there's a tale waiting for you here. While the kids marvel at the medieval architecture, maybe trying to spot a knight in shining armor, couples can find plenty of quiet corners for that perfect, charming selfie. And for all you solo adventurers, there's no better companion than the immersive narratives of history, am I right?

So tie up those comfortable shoes and clear your camera storage – it’s gonna be an epic walk through time. And hey, it’s not just about the names and dates; it’s the laughter in the air, the soft touch of the past's lingering presence, and the shared smiles with strangers over stories you’ll remember far beyond your visit. Get ready to make some memories that are, truly, quite legendary.


Explore Alsatian Culture in Colmar Art Galleries

Picture this: You're wandering through the cobblestone streets, with the sound of French café music dancing in the air, and then, boom, you stumble upon an art gallery that seems to whisper your name. Let me tell you, the Colmar art galleries are like hidden gems sparkling amidst the picturesque town.

These galleries are intimate and charming, bursting with the heart and soul of Alsatian culture. They're not your run-of-the-mill spaces; they're intimate spots where you can get cozy with the art — like you're getting a personal introduction to the artist's inner world.

Grab a coffee to go, and let’s get artsy! You should spend at least an afternoon soaking in the talent here; these places are brimming with paintings, sculptures, and maybe the occasional avant-garde performance piece.

I'm talking splashes of color that tell vibrant stories of Alsace and whispers of history in each brushstroke. If you're into art that gives you a cultural punch, these galleries are where it's at. They're perfect for anyone who loves to dive headfirst into the local scene — families, singles, and even your artsy Aunt Gertrude will find something to adore.

From the moment you step in, the air is different — it's creative, it's inspiring, it's Colmar. You’ll find galleries tucked away next to bakeries where the scent of fresh pastries is just as intoxicating as the art. It’s easy to lose track of time as you move from one gallery to the next, each with its own unique flair.

And hey, while you’re wandering through Colmar's art scene, why not pick up a piece that speaks to you? This way, you get to carry a slice of Colmar's art soul back home, reminding you of the quiet beauty and roaring inspiration the town gifted you.

Be sure to stop by Unterlinden Museum, an absolute jewel where medieval meets modern. Trust me, it’s an artistic journey you won't want to miss, and it’s perfect for snapping a few pics to make your friends green with envy.

So, let your inner art critic loose and savor the cultural feast that is Colmar's galleries. This is your chance to touch the artistic heartbeat of Alsace. Ready to be dazzled?


Embark on a Biking Adventure Through the Vineyards

Picture this: the gentle breeze in your hair, the sun kissing your cheeks, and rows upon rows of lush vineyards stretching to the horizon. Got that image in your head? That's your reality when you hop on a bike in Colmar. Now, don't just sit there; let's turn those handlebars and dive into a world of greenery and grapes!

Colmar is not just any old stop on the wine trail; it's a biking enthusiast's paradise with trails that meander through the heart of Alsace's wine country. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just want to feel like one for a day, the biking trails in Colmar are tailored for beginners and pros alike.

Here's what you're in for: an unforgettable ride through vineyards that caress charming villages. What makes it exceptional for you, whether you're rolling solo or with your gang, is the freedom to pause, breathe in the earthy scent of the vineyards, and snap a photo or two without a tour bus in sight.

You could spend an entire afternoon or just a few hours here; it's all up to how fast you pedal and how often you stop to admire the view. Families, couples, or your fun-loving self – anyone with a taste for adventure will find this refreshing ride through nature exhilarating.

Now, maybe you're thinking, "But what if I didn't pack a bike?" Fret not, my friend! Bike rental spots are as easy to find as a delicious glass of Riesling in these parts. So, grab a helmet and explore the countryside on two wheels. Just make sure to save some energy for all the other surprises Colmar has tucked away in its scenic pockets.

Ready to cruise through some of the most beautiful landscapes your eyes will ever devour? Here's a hot tip: click right here to discover the perfect route to kickstart your biking quest through the picturesque Alsatian vineyards. Now get out there and pedal your heart out! 🚴‍♂️🍇


Unearth the Stories of Colmar Museums

Get ready to dive deep into the heart of Colmar's history! Tuck away that travel guide, because the real treasures are waiting for you behind the majestic doors of Colmar's museums. Each museum is a puzzle piece of the rich tapestry that is this city's past and present, and boy, are you in for a treat!

First things first, the Unterlinden Museum is a must-visit. What's so cool about it? Well, it's housed in a 13th-century convent—a historical masterpiece in itself—and packs a punch with its Renaissance art. You'll wander through centuries as you gaze upon the famed Isenheim Altarpiece, and trust me, it's even more breathtaking in person.

Now, you're probably thinking, "Where to next?" Easy! Just a hop, skip, and a jump away is the Bartholdi Museum. Ever heard of the Statue of Liberty? Yea, that beauty was made by a Colmar native, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. When you step into this museum, it's like you're walking right into the mind of a creative genius. You'll feel all the feels—inspiration, pride, and a dash of awe.

Oh, and if quirky and unusual tickle your fancy, you cannot skip the Toy Museum. It's not just for kiddos; adults have a blast discovering vintage toys that make you want to turn back the clock. It's a walk down memory lane, or maybe a lane you never knew, filled with the playful spirit of yesteryear.

And let's talk about fitting these into your itinerary. Each museum invites you to linger, but an hour or two per stop should satiate your hunger for history. But don't worry, the city's compact, so you're never too far from the next slice of Colmar culture.

What type of crowd digs these spots? Anyone with a curiosity for culture, history buffs, art aficionados, and, frankly, anyone who loves a good story. Colmar's museums aren't just buildings; they're gateways to other times and places.

Yet, amidst all these everlasting stories, the city outside waits—beautiful and alive. So, soak in the history, but remember to step back out and let the city's current chapter sweep you off your feet too!


Discover Colmar Photography Spots off the Beaten Path


Oh, strap on your walking shoes and charge your camera, because you're about to discover some of Colmar's hidden photography gems! Picture this: winding cobblestone alleys, hidden courtyards bursting with vibrant flowers, and quaint corners that look plucked straight from a fairytale. Yep, Colmar's off-the-beaten-path spots are a shutterbug's paradise.

First thing's first: wander away from the tourist crunch. You’ll find the real magic when you dare to stray a little. Picture a cozy little nook with a vine-covered doorway that just screams "Take a photo of me!" or a serene, deserted bridge early in the morning with the perfect play of light and shadow—these are the moments and places that will take your Colmar photography portfolio from “Nice pics!” to “Wow, where is that?”

What makes these lesser-known spots so great for photography? Well, besides the serendipity of stumbling upon a visual treasure, you’ll capture the unguarded beauty of Colmar—the kind that isn’t jostling for space on countless Instagram feeds. And let's be real, everyone loves to be the first in their group to discover something cool, right?

Now, how about mingling with some locals? You'll often find that they're the gatekeepers of Colmar's best-kept secrets. A friendly chat could lead you to a quaint square adorned with medieval timber-framed houses, not yet immortalized on every postcard in town.

And the best part? These unique photography spots in Colmar will give your pictures that authentic, local vibe that screams "I'm not a tourist; I'm an explorer." Your followers won't just double-tap; they'll feel like they're there with you, smelling the fresh pastries and hearing the distant melody of a street musician. So, ready to scout out these locations and make some photo magic? Your unique snapshot of Colmar awaits!


Experience the Magic of Christmas in Colmar


Christmas in Colmar is like stepping into a holiday-themed snow globe, shaken up just enough to let the festive vibes and fairy lights twinkle with pure joy. Twinkling lights? Oh, they've got them by the sleigh-load. If you're all about that Christmas spirit, Colmar turns it up to eleven!

Now, imagine this: wooden huts lined up like gingerbread houses, each one bursting with handmade treasures, the air perfumed with cinnamon and the warm scent of mulled wine... That's what the Christmas markets in Colmar feel like. They're not just markets; they're chestnut-roasting, hot-chocolate-toasting, scarf-snuggling parties, where every little shop is Santa's workshop in disguise. Go ahead, indulge in that second glass of eggnog – no one's judging.

Here's the scoop on what makes these markets a winter wonderland dream:


  • Local goodies: You'll want to nibble on everything. Alsatian cookies? Check. Sugared pretzels? Double-check.
  • Handicrafts: We're talking about wood carvings that look like they were crafted by elves. You'll find perfect gifts – or, let's be honest, personal "gifts" to take home.
  • Festivities: It's not just shopping; it's an experience. Choirs singing carols, brass bands, and maybe you'll even catch Santa taking a break from his busy schedule.


Feel the cobbles under your feet and the chilly air nipping at your nose while the warmth from a nearby stall selling roasted chestnuts keeps you toasty. You're here, right in the heart of the magic, bundled up in layers and feeling all kinds of merry.

And who does this jolly place suit the best? It's perfect for families making memories, couples in mittened-hand walks, and even the solo adventurer seeking the Yuletide buzz. Plan to spend a few hours here; time seems to fly by when you're caught up in the holiday spirit. Just a stone's throw away from some traditional Alsatian eateries, you can slip in for a meal that feels like a big family Christmas dinner.

Trust me, Christmas in Colmar? It's like living in your very own cheerful and festive holiday card. And if that doesn't jingle your bells, I don't know what will!



Q: What to do in Colmar for a day?

A: Hit the highlights! Tour the old town, float along the Little Venice canals, and munch on local treats.

Q: Unusual things to do in Colmar

A: Get quirky! Visit the Toy Museum, explore the Bartholdi Museum, or hunt for the hidden statues around town.

Q: Things to do in Colmar in winter

A: Embrace the cold! Wander the Christmas markets, sip on vin chaud, and marvel at the festive lights and decorations.

Q: Things to do in Colmar at Christmas

A: Get festive! Dive into Christmas markets, marvel at the illuminated town, and don't miss the Nativity scenes.

Q: Places to visit near Colmar, France

A: Go exploring! Check out the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, the Ecomuseum of Alsace, or take a wine tour in the region.

Q: Colmar Christmas market

A: Shop and eat! The Colmar Christmas market is a winter wonderland of crafts, Alsatian specialties, and holiday cheer.

Q: Is Colmar France worth visiting?

A: Absolutely! It’s a picture-perfect town with charming streets, colorful buildings, and rich history to soak up.

Q: Which is nicer Strasbourg or Colmar?

A: That’s tough! Strasbourg is grand and Gothic, while Colmar is intimate with a fairytale vibe. Your pick!

Q: What is Colmar famous for?

A: Colmar is famed for its well-preserved old town, enchanting canals, and half-timbered houses. It's also the wine capital of Alsace!

Q: Is 1 day enough for Colmar?

A: You can see the basics in a day, but to really get the feel of Colmar's charm, a little more time wouldn't hurt!


Final Words

Alright, you've just breezed through the enchanting cobblestone streets of Old Town and peeked into those charming artisan shops that are *so* Colmar. And hey, weren't those Alsatian delicacies at the local markets just mouthwatering? Hope you snapped some peaceful moments in those serene spots, swayed to some live tunes, and oh, that wine tasting experience—pure bliss. Tackling the historical landmarks was like hopping in a time machine, while the cultural deep dive in art galleries and museums added layers to your Colmar story.

Whether you were biking through vineyards or hunting down those quirky photography spots, each turn brought something new. And yes, the festive cheer of Christmas in Colmar is something you can't help but get wrapped up in. There's one thing that's crystal clear as we wrap this up: with all these things to do in Colmar, your camera roll is probably bursting, and your heart's likely full to the brim. What an adventure, right?

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