11+ Unusual Things to Do in Buenos Aires

Uncover the vibrant hues of Palermo's street art scene, where every spray-painted corner tells a story—but whose story? Discover...
Date Published
March 8, 2024

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But wait, there's more — way more. Swap the clinking of wine glasses for the sultry beats emanating from a tucked-away milonga, where Buenos Aires dances to a rhythm all its own. And when the thrill of the dance leaves you breathless, escape to an oasis of calm in the city’s lush botanical gardens. Whether you’re a starry-eyed flâneur or a voracious culture vulture, Buenos Aires is brimming with hidden gems that reveal themselves only to those willing to look beyond the guidebook.

So, pack your bags—we're about to take you on a whirlwind tour of a city that's as famous for its boisterous spirit as it is for its dulce de leche. Get ready to go from buzzing antique shops to Evita's historic footsteps, and from secret vineyards to the seductive

Uncover the Secrets of Palermo's Street Art

You're strutting through Palermo, and BAM! A wild explosion of color hits you. Yup, you've just stumbled upon Buenos Aires' street art epicenter. The walls here tell more stories than a telenovela cast reunion! It's not just graffiti, nope – it's a canvas for rebels, dreamers, and bona fide artists.

This is where local legends and international spray-can maestros leave their mark. Imagine murals that stretch stories high and alleys where every inch is splashed with creative genius. Buenos Aires street art locations in Palermo aren't just a backdrop for your next profile pic – they're whispers of the city's soul waiting to be heard.

What's the vibe here? Think of it as an open-air gallery that's as vibrant as the city's heartbeat. And the best part? It's totally, unapologetically, (hold your empanadas) FREE. Wander around and let the art guide you – no two visits are the same, with new pieces popping up like surprises at an Argentine birthday party.

Not just a feast for your eyes, this neighborhood packs a punch for your other senses too. Duck into a nearby café, the caffeine kick will jolt your creativity to new heights. Got a couple of hours to spare? That's all you'll need to soak in the urban gallery, but trust me, your soul might want to linger longer.

Who's the crowd? Solo wanderers, love-struck duos, families, and that pack of friends who insta everything (yes, we all know one). And adrenaline? It's rush hour for your artistic spirit.

So, slap on some comfy shoes, charge the phone, and get ready to fill your feed with color. Palermo, show us what you got!

Indulge in Culinary Delights at a Non-Touristy Parrilla

Picture this: You're nestled at a cozy table, the scent of grilled meats wafting through the air, a bustling atmosphere where the clinking of wine glasses sets the rhythm, and locals deep in laughter and conversation. Welcome to a non-touristy parrilla in Buenos Aires, where the steak isn't just a meal—it’s a mouthwatering experience!

In Buenos Aires, culinary adventures await around every corner, but the real magic? That lies in the parrillas, the steakhouses favored by porteños (that's what locals are called, by the way). So, step away from the tourist traps and dive fork-first into authenticity!

A non-touristy parrilla isn't just about eating—it's about watching the asado master wield their grilling prowess. Here's what's really cooking:

  • Tira de asado: These are the delectable beef ribs that'll make you doubt every barbecue you've ever had.
  • Choripán: It’s a simple sausage sandwich that’s a flavor bomb with chimichurri.
  • Mollejas: If you’ve got a daring palate, these grilled sweetbreads will be your jam.

Hang on, about that chimichurri – it's the unsung hero of the Argentine table. This herby, garlicky condiment is the Robin to your grilled Batman, making every bite a dynamic duo of deliciousness.

A parrilla visit is also a crash course in Argentine culture. It's where families and friends unwind, so expect a leisurely meal, possibly spanning a few hours, punctuated by hearty laughter and shared stories. The ambiance is just right for everyone—families relishing the day off, friends catching up, or an adventurous solo traveler like yourself befriending locals.

Stick around for dessert, okay? A bite of 'dulce de leche' laden dessert paired with 'mate', a traditional Argentine tea, and you'll be living like a true porteño. And trust us, each parrilla has its own flair, so you're in for a unique experience wherever you go.

Ready to loosen that belt a notch? Let’s dig in!

Experience Buenos Aires Beyond Tango in a Milonga for Locals

Buenos Aires is not just about tango shows for tourists; it's got a pulsing local scene where passionate dancers gather in milongas, hidden tango socials where the true heartbeat of the city lives. Picture a dimly lit, vibrant dance hall. There's the clinking of glasses, whispers of worn leather slipping across the floor, and, of course, the intimate embrace of the dancers. You got it—this is the real deal.

Milongas are where porteños (Buenos Aires locals) go to strut their tango stuff, and you're invited to join in. You might be thinking, "But I don't know how to tango!" Don't stress it; milongas welcome everyone, from tango novices to pros. Just bring your best pair of dancing shoes and a willingness to learn. It's not unusual to find a friendly local who will help guide your two left feet. And trust me, there's nothing more exhilarating than swaying to the rhythm of authentic Argentine tango with someone who lives and breathes this dance.

Forget the tourist hot spots, the best milongas are where the locals go. One such place that captures the essence of Buenos Aires' tango culture is La Viruta. This isn't just some dance club; it's an institution in the heart of the vibrant neighborhood of Palermo. Here's a pro tip for you: visit during the week when it’s less crowded, and you can really soak in the atmosphere. Spend a good two hours there—you’ll need it to truly appreciate the woven tapestry of music, movement, and local flavor.

Milongas aren't just about the dance; they're a social affair. Expect to see couples of all ages, groups of friends, and even individuals who are simply there to bask in the music. This makes milongas perfect for anyone—whether you're solo, with your partner, or rolling with your squad. And if you find yourself falling in love with the passion of the dance, you can always sign up for on-the-spot lessons offered at many of these venues.

Think you’re ready to embark on a tango adventure? Then dive into a milonga and witness the heart of Argentine culture that extends far beyond a simple tango show. NavLinkHere to find a milonga near you where you can step into the night and dance until dawn—or at least until your feet give out.

Relax in the Unexplored Respite of the Botanical Garden

Imagine this: you're wandering through a lush oasis, the city's hustle and bustle just a whisper behind tall gates. You're at the Botanical Garden in Buenos Aires, enveloped in a serene emerald embrace that seems miles away from the urban grind. Birds are chirping, and every breath you take is a mix of blooming jasmine and fresh-cut grass.

On the pathways, amid the garden's greenery, is where you truly connect with the essence of relaxation. No chaotic crowds here—just the kind of peace that appeals to every kind of soul, whether you're a solo traveler carving out a moment of calm or a family seeking a gentle adventure. Even locals love this spot for a weekend respite!

With art-nouveau glasshouses that glint under the sun and rare plant species that provoke the curiosity of the most seasoned plant aficionados, this botanical garden isn't just a pit-stop; it's a destination in its own right. And guess what? It's entirely possible to lose track of time here, so give yourself at least half a day to meander and muse.

This isn't about adrenaline-pumping activities or ticking off tourist must-sees. It's about the thrum of nature in a city that never sleeps. Singles find solace on quiet benches with a good book, while toddlers marvel at koi fish in the ponds. It's got that relaxed vibe that's perfect for everyone—families, friends, or just you and your thoughts.

Nearby, the overtones of city life hum softly, beckoning you back when you're ready. But for now, you're content with the botanical splendor, snapping pictures that'll make your friends wish they were right there, strolling alongside you. You can almost hear them now, "You were right where? Oh, you've got to send me that pic!"

Boldly break from the ordinary and explore the paths less traveled within the city. The botanical garden in Buenos Aires awaits, a tranquil refuge that promises to stay with you long after you leave its gates.

Discover the Untold Stories at Historical Cafes

Step into the historical cafes of Buenos Aires and you're walking through a portal to the past. Now, we’re not just talking any old cafes where you grab a quick espresso and bolt. Nah, these are grand, ornate lounges where the ghosts of poets, revolutionaries, and tango dancers still linger over the clinking of coffee cups.

Picture this: towering ceilings, antique furniture that’s seen more gossip than a tabloid journalist, and walls that hum with whispers of intellectual debates from decades past. These cafes aren't just cafes; they're institutions, time capsules of a bygone era. We're talking shady figures plotting political schemes and artists fueling their creativity with potent café con leche.

One spot you must sashay into is Café Tortoni, the oldest café in the city, opening its doors way back in 1858. This ain't your average coffee joint, this is a place where you soak in Argentina's bohemian spirit, surrounded by marble-topped tables and Tiffany glass ceilings.

Whether you're flying solo or with your squad, a visit here is like a crash course in Argentine history without the snooze-inducing lectures. And let's not forget about the chocolate con churros – you haven't lived until you've dipped these sugary sticks of heaven into a cup of thick hot chocolate. Your taste buds will thank you, trust me.

And how long should you linger? Well, darling, as long as it takes to sense the stories and maybe pen a poem of your own. Just remember, these cafes are not just about the caffeine hit; they're about savoring the soul of Buenos Aires itself. They're perfect for history buffs, romantic souls, and anyone who appreciates the finer things in life without the rush.

So, pull up a chair, order something delicious, and let the spirit of yesteryear wash over you. Trust me, your Instagram can wait – these tales are timeless.

Find Unique Treasures at Off-the-Beaten-Path Antique Shops

Trust me, you haven't truly experienced Buenos Aires until you've scoured a few antique shops that are gems just waiting to be discovered. These aren't your run-of-the-mill tourist traps; they're the secret spots where you can unearth an array of eclectic and one-of-a-kind treasures that whisper stories of Argentina's past.

Imagine pushing open the door to a shop where each item has a tale to tell, from vintage ornaments to old-school records that might've soundtracked a local's Sunday family gatherings. While the city churns around you, you’ll find these hideaways offer a delightful pause in time. They're the perfect backdrop for those Instagram shots that scream, "Look at this amazing find!"

San Telmo is a neighborhood that might just have what you're looking for. Wander off into the cobblestone alleys and you’re bound to bump into a handful of quaint shops, each more inviting than the last. You’ll see local collectors and curious travelers alike, all searching for that perfect piece that screams "Buenos Aires."

But what kind of crowd does this activity suit? Anyone with a love for history, crafting a unique story through objects, or simply seeking a quiet afternoon revering beautiful, bygone artifacts will be right at home here. It's chill for singles, inspiring for creative souls, and downright fascinating for history buffs.

And guess what? These shops are nestled in among cafes and local eateries, so you can take a break and chat with shop owners over an aromatic cup of coffee. What better way to make your souvenir stories even richer?

Plan to spend at least an afternoon riffling through these historical treasures. And who knows? You might just find that perfect piece that not only embellishes your living room but also carries the indelible spirit of Buenos Aires into your home. For a true slice of the shopping scene, make sure to check out the neighborhood's vibrant antique markets where history is always for sale.

Join an Authentic Argentine Cooking Class

Picture yourself tying an apron, hands dusted with flour, the savory scents of garlic and herbs wafting through the air. That's what you get when you dive into an authentic Argentine cooking class. Yes, your taste buds will thank you, and so will your inner chef, eager to whip up some local cuisine magic right in the heart of Buenos Aires.

What's on the menu, you ask? You'll master the art of empanadas, those delightful pockets of heaven, and of course, steak – this is Argentina, after all! Don't forget the chimichurri sauce to slap on there; it's the zesty, herby backbone of Argentine barbecue!

Cooking classes here aren't just about quietly following a recipe; they're a social mixer. Meet fellow food enthusiasts, locals who know a thing or two about combining flavors, and travelers with epic tales you'll want to hear over a shared bottle of Malbec. Plus, these classes are perfect for anyone – single adventurers, couples looking for romance, or families ready to get their hands dirty together.

Just around the corner, you might catch street performers serenading passersby, adding to the charming ambiance that makes Buenos Aires so unique. Set aside a couple of hours for this experience; it's not to be rushed.

But wait, there's more! Each class will set you up with recipes to bring home. Imagine the next dinner party you throw – your friends will be gobsmacked when you serve up dishes with authentic Argentine flair. Imagine their faces when you nonchalantly say, "Oh, this old recipe? Picked it up in Buenos Aires, no big deal."

Don't just read about it; make it happen. Book your spot in a bona fide Argentine kitchen and stir up unforgettable memories. It's not just cooking; it's connecting with a culture rich in flavor and warmth, all waiting for you to delve in, hands first.

Enjoy a Tranquil Afternoon at Lesser-Known Nature Parks

Buenos Aires is not all about tango and bustling city streets; sometimes you need a little nature to soothe your soul. Picture this: a serene escape into nature parks sprinkled around the city, each a secret garden away from the urban rush. Oh yes, even in this city that never seems to sleep, you can find your haven of peace and greenery.

One gem that's guaranteed to replenish your senses is the Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur. Why just read about it when you can explore every lush inch? Prepare to meet a variety of wildlife, from butterflies to birds you've never even heard of. This Eco Reserve isn't just a green space; it's a green space with a purpose. Protecting numerous indigenous plant species and providing a refuge for wildlife, it's a magical place where humans can wander but nature truly rules.

Bring your best walking shoes and a camera, because this is not your average city park walk. The trails are well-marked, so getting lost is not on the agenda, but losing yourself in the beauty of it all? Highly likely. It's an ideal spot for families seeking a breath of fresh air, couples looking for a romantic stroll, or solo wanderers itching to connect with nature.

If solitude is what your heart desires, Parque de los Niños is another less frequented locale offering views that'll lock your phone in your pocket and your gaze on the horizon. It's perfect for kicking back with a book or just watching the waves roll in from the Rio de la Plata. Trust me, spending an afternoon here is like hitting the refresh button on life.

So, how about making your next 'nature call' a literal one? Swap the busy cafés for bird calls, exchange the honking horns for rustling leaves, and let nature's symphony in Buenos Aires play just for you.

Explore Evita’s Legacy with a Specialized Historical Tour

Picture this: you're stepping into the past, following the footsteps of Argentina's most iconic first lady, Eva Perón, known affectionately as Evita. A specialized historical tour isn't just a walk; it's an experience that transports you into the golden days of Argentine history.

Evita's impact on Argentine culture and politics is unmissable, and you can feel her powerful presence as you explore the landmarks tied to her remarkable life. The tour is an absolute must for history buffs and those fascinated by the echoes of the past that continue to shape the present.

During the tour, you'll uncover stories of Evita's rise from humble beginnings to becoming a champion for the working class and women's rights in Argentina. It's not just a history lesson—it's a tale of love, power, and legacy. The passionate guides bring Evita's story to life, making it ideal for:

  • History enthusiasts: You'll get an in-depth understanding of Evita's influence on Argentine society.
  • Cultural explorers: Understand the deep-seated admiration and complex sentiments towards Evita among locals.
  • Inspiration seekers: Evita's relentless spirit is sure to spark a sense of empowerment.

Did you know Evita's embalmed body was once displayed at the CGT building? It's just one of the compelling facts you'll learn. Nearby, sites like the Museo Evita let you dive deeper into her life, with a trove of memorabilia and personal effects telling the tale of her lasting impact.

Spend around two hours on this tour, and you'll come away with stories that few hear and insights that will make you view Buenos Aires in a whole new light. So grab your walking shoes and prepare for an emotional journey—one that beautifully interweaves the threads of the past into the vibrant tapestry of modern-day Buenos Aires.

Sip Local Wines at Hidden Vineyards in the City

Picture yourself in a charming hidden vineyard, right smack in the middle of bustling Buenos Aires—yes, it exists! Local Buenos Aires vineyards are these delightful little secrets where you can sip on exquisite wines. There's no need to trek to the countryside; the city's got its own tucked-away gems where the Malbec is just as flavorful.

What makes these city vineyards unique? Well, they aren't just about tasting wines; they're about immersive experiences. Imagine savoring a glass of the finest Torrontes as you learn about the wine-making process from passionate local experts. Whether you're a seasoned sommelier or a curious newbie, you're bound to appreciate the craft poured into every bottle.

And let me tell you, these spots are perfect for all sorts of crowds. Solo travelers can mingle with local connoisseurs, couple can clink glasses in intimate corners, and groups will find these vineyards ideal spots for a collective cheer.

Here's what's even more fantastic: you can make a day of it. Many of these vineyards are nestled in neighborhoods brimming with culture. You could start your day with a leisurely stroll through local art galleries, pause for a sip and tour at the vineyard, and still have plenty of time to hit a nearby cafe as the evening sets in.

To get the full experience, consider allocating at least a couple of hours. Sink into the atmosphere, chat with the locals, and let the city surprise you with its wine-producing prowess. After all, it's not every day you find a vineyard in the heart of a metropolis. Trust me, your taste buds and Instagram feed will thank you for this delightful detour.

Capture the Essence of Buenos Aires Through Night Photography

You've never truly seen Buenos Aires until you've seen it glittering under the night sky. Lucky for you, there's no better way to cling onto those twinkling memories than night photography! With your camera in hand, weave through the sleepless streets, from chic Soho-style neighborhoods to grand, historical avenues, capturing the city's glow like never before.

Start your nocturnal adventure at the iconic Puerto Madero Waterfront. It's a mesmerizing hotspot where the reflections of modern skyscrapers dance on the water, and the Puente de la Mujer (Woman's Bridge) reaches across like a lit ribbon in the night. You're not just taking photos; you're capturing the heartbeat of the city, freezing moments that tell tales of elegance and energy.

Slide over to the vibrant neighborhood of Palermo. Amidst its trendy bars and energetic nightlife, you'll find street art that comes to life under the spotlight of the moon, giving your night photography that punch of urban culture. This part of the night owl's journey whispers stories through your lens—finger on the trigger, ready for the perfect shot.

Remember to pace yourself; there's an art to catching the city's best angle! You might spend a good hour or two here—it's that enthralling. Whether you're a sharp-shooting pro or an enthusiastic beginner, these locales are friendly to all levels of photographers—and if you're flying solo or rolling with your shutterbug squad, the experiences are as rich as they are visually stunning.

For those who are craving to know the city more intimately, consider joining a Buenos Aires night photography tour for an unforgettable journey alongside local experts. They'll guide you through hidden gems, whisper photo-taking secrets, and share tales that deepen the connection to each shot you take.

So, charge those batteries, clear those memory cards, and let the pulsing energy of Buenos Aires at night become a part of your story. Your heart will race with every click; these streets are alive, and your photos will be too. Buenos Aires is waiting for you, so let's make this night and your gallery unforgettable!

Embark on a Literary Journey Through Iconic Bookshops

Buenos Aires isn't just about tango and mouthwatering asados—it's a city that whispers narratives from the worn pages of treasured books to anyone keen to listen. Dive headfirst into a literary escapade, and trust me, the bookshops here aren't your run-of-the-mill, fluorescent-lit snoozefests.

Imagine sipping on a velvety latte while your eyes dance across the spines of ancient classics and modern masterpieces. Yes, that's exactly what you'll be doing as you explore the city's literary havens, each with its unique charisma and history. In these temples to the written word, you'll rub shoulders with Buenos Aires' brainiest bibliophiles, and everybody's got a tale to tell—if you're willing to listen.

You'll want to start at the splendid El Ateneo Grand Splendid, a glamorously repurposed theater that now hosts silent audiences of avid readers. It's not just a bookshop; it's a historical monument, dripping with early 20th-century elegance. Here, you can spend hours, and with good reason—stunning frescoed ceilings, plush theater boxes turned reading nooks, and the intoxicating aroma of books old and new beckon both locals and tourists alike. Who needs a time machine, right? Just stepping into one of these grand locales propels you into the past. Whether you're a solo wanderer or herding your gaggle of culture-hungry kids, these bookshops are perfect for anyone with a hunger for discovery and a passion for tangible pages.

And what's even better? Many of these literary jewels also have quaint cafes. That's right, pair your page-turner with a robust Argentine café or a sweet medialuna. So indulge, let your literary spirits roam free and be sure to chat up the locals. They might point you towards a hidden gem that whispers your name. But make sure to leave enough time to leisurely cruise through this vibrant bookish labyrinth—you wouldn't want to rush this chapter of your journey.


Q: What to do in Buenos Aires in 3 days?

A: You can explore the vibrant neighborhoods like Palermo and La Boca, visit the iconic Casa Rosada, and enjoy a tango show.

Q: Adventurous things to do in Buenos Aires

A: Go for a hot air balloon ride over the city, take a horseback riding tour, or try paragliding for some adrenaline-pumping fun.

Q: Things to do in Buenos Aires Reddit

A: Redditors suggest visiting local markets, attending a football match, and exploring the city's diverse culinary scene.

Q: Free things to do in Buenos Aires

A: You can stroll through the Recoleta Cemetery, enjoy the street art in Palermo, or relax in the Bosques de Palermo parks for free.

Q: Things to do in Buenos Aires in October

A: October is perfect for checking out outdoor festivals, visiting the Madero Tango show, and enjoying spring weather in the parks.

Q: What to see in Buenos Aires in 1 day?

A: Make sure to see the Obelisco, walk around Plaza de Mayo, and visit the Teatro Colón if you've only got a day.

Q: What is Buenos Aires best known for?

A: Buenos Aires is famous for its tango dance, delicious steaks, and vibrant cultural life.

Q: What is a famous thing from Buenos Aires?

A: The most famous things include tango music, leather goods, and the historical neighborhood of San Telmo.

Q: Is 3 days in Buenos Aires enough?

A: Three days is just right to see the highlights, but you'll probably want to come back for the full Buenos Aires experience.

Q: Is Buenos Aires cheap or expensive?

A: The cost can vary, but generally, Buenos Aires offers a good value for travelers, with options for every budget.

Final Words

So, we've just strolled through the vibrant streets of Palermo, savoring the explosion of street art, and followed our taste buds to a cozy Yet twice getBack duty (Parrilla where only the locals go to feast on mouthwatering Argentine cuisine. We've embraced the rhythm of Buenos Aires beyond Tango by stepping into a genuine Milonga, found peace among the lush greens of the city's Botanical Garden, and soaked up stories in historical cafes that practically hum with bygone eras. On top of that, we've rummaged for treasures in quirky antique shops, spiced up our cooking skills, lazed in under-the-radar nature parks, and uncorked the flavors of local wines.

Look, there's a load of off-the-grid gems hiding in plain sight in this city, each one pulsing with the heartbeat of Buenos Aires. If you're up for things to do in Buenos Aires that dip below the surface, dive in, the city's waiting for you to discover its untold stories and secret spots. Go make some memories, and let this vibrant metropolis surprise you every step of the way!Hey you, yes you! Have you ever craved adventure so electric that it pulses through the cobblestone streets and ricochets off kaleidoscopic walls? Buenos Aires is not just a city; it's a fiery tango of passion, art, and culinary genius waiting to sweep you off your feet. Imagine sipping on a robust Malbec as you embark on a scandalous love affair with the city’s street art in Palermo, or tearing into the juiciest steak at a local parrilla where tourists are as rare as a well-done bife.

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