11+ Unusual Things to Do in Bologna Now

Whispered tales of ancient books, Bologna's library holds secrets. Dare to uncover them? The answer lies within, but...
Date Published
March 8, 2024

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Bologna's heartbeat rhythms to an ancient drum, thrilling visitors with its university lore that's been alive since the 11th century. Expect to dive fork-first into traditional culinary arts with cooking classes unlike any you've experienced. And let's not gloss over the gelato—this isn't just any ice cream; it's a creamy concoction sent from heaven. Let's embark on a journey off the tourist trail to sip on an aperitivo in a cozy nook, to mingle with artisans over their organic masterpieces, and to meander under historic porticoes that tell tales as old as time itself. By the end of this, Bologna won't just be another pin on your map—it'll be a vibrant memory etched into your heart


Uncover the Secrets of Bologna’s Historic Library

Imagine stepping into a world where the whispers of the past are etched into every wall and bookshelf. That's the Archiginnasio, buddy! Bologna’s heartbeat of history, this isn't just your run-of-the-mill library—it's a treasure trove of historical insights. Here, you'll get to stride through the same halls that scholars from yesteryears did, soaking in knowledge and ambition.

So, what’s the scoop on this place? It's not only the former main building of the University of Bologna, but also home to one of the most breathtaking anatomical theaters of its time. You’ll want to hit the Anatomical Theatre, a marvel where once upon a time, medical students hovered over cadavers to discover the mysteries of the human body. Oh, and don't just take my word for it—this was the cradle of knowledge in the Western world, with nearly three centuries of academic excellence under its belt.

Situated in the heart of the city, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Piazza Maggiore, the Archiginnasio is a must-visit for history buffs and the curious traveler. Expect to spend a good hour here, maybe even two, if you're the kind to get lost in the rows of ancient manuscripts and the stunning frescoed walls. It's a hit with both locals who take pride in their rich cultural tapestry and outsiders eager to peek into Bologna’s intellectual soul.

Bring your friends or come solo—it's perfect for anyone who appreciates a deep dive into history. You don't need to be a scholar to fall in love with this spot. Just bring your sense of wonder, and let the Archiginnasio stir up the awe in you. Remember to keep your camera handy; snapshots here will be like none other, capturing the essence of Bologna's grand academic spirit.

And the best part? You’re right in the vicinity of quaint cafes and trattorias. So, after feeding your mind, you can indulge in some delectable Bolognese cuisine. Make sure to give yourself the whole morning or afternoon—you won't want to rush this visit. It’s an experience that’ll linger with you long after you’ve returned to the hubbub of the modern world.


Savor the Hidden Flavors of Quadrilatero Market

Picture yourself strolling through a bustling maze of vendors shouting their daily specials, the scent of fresh mortadella in the air, and pops of colorful fruits and vegetables surrounding you. This is the Quadrilatero Market, an off-the-grid feast for the senses where both locals and intrepid travelers go to get a real taste of Bologna.

The Quadrilatero has been the epicenter of Bologna's market shopping for centuries. You can almost hear the echoes of ancient merchants as you wander the tight cobblestone streets. It's not just a market; it's a living, breathing monument to Bologna's love for the freshest of everything culinary.

Here’s how you can make the most out of Quadrilatero Market:


  • Take in the historic charm of the narrow alleys, lined with family-run shops that predate your grandma’s pasta recipe.
  • Sample the finest local cheeses and meats, like sharp Parmigiano Reggiano and silky prosciutto, that will make your tastebuds do the tarantella.
  • Pick up unique spices and Bolognese ingredients to try your hand at some authentic cooking back home.


Plan to spend at least an hour or two here, because trust me, the sights, smells, and tastes deserve your unhurried attention. It's perfect for foodies, history buffs, and anyone who loves a lively atmosphere. Whether you're a solo explorer on the hunt for the perfect slice of salami to munch on while you meander or a family seeking to educate your kids’ palates with artisanal gelato, Quadrilatero Market delivers.

Still feeling peckish? You're in luck! Within minutes, you can go from savoring the samples to sitting down at one of the many nearby trattorias for a meal that'll transport you straight to food heaven.

So grab your shopping bag and dive into Bologna's favorite culinary treasure trove. Who knows what delicious secrets you'll discover!


Discover Bologna’s Ancient Medical History

Imagine stepping into a realm where the pulse of ancient medical wisdom still beats. That's right, Bologna's not just about smacking your lips over tagliatelle al ragù. Let’s delve into the heart of Bologna’s ancient medical history, where the whispers of the past echo through the halls of knowledge.

Once upon a time, Bologna was not just churning out mouthwatering mortadella, it was also home to the Western world's oldest university. And let me tell you, the history here is juicier than a ripe tomato in August. The University of Bologna has been schooling folks since 1088, and it's a place where gutsy discoveries were made—quite literally. Real human anatomy lessons with real, um, volunteers? Yep, that happened here!

You're walking in the footsteps of great minds who cut, snipped, and poked to discover what makes us tick. And if you're wondering where all these brilliant-yet-slightly-macabre breakthroughs took place, it's in the hallowed halls of the stunning Archiginnasio, a must-visit for any history buff.

So, what can you do here, aside from marveling at the eerily beautiful Anatomical Theatre, carved entirely from spruce wood? Ponder over the centuries-old scribbles on the desks, soak up the atmosphere in the Stabat Mater Lecture Hall, and feel the thrill of centuries of innovation humming through the air.

It's not just a step back in time; it's a leap into the genius minds that have shaped our world. And after unraveling Bologna's ancient medical secrets, you'll need a good stroll — good thing the labyrinthine streets are just crying out to be explored. Who knows what other secrets you'll uncover along the way?

Word to the wise, the Archiginnasio is a magnet for the curious. It's ideal for solo explorers wanting to nerd out, history-loving couples, and, sure, kids who aren’t too squeamish. Plan to spend a solid hour here to really absorb those scholarly vibes. Just try not to think too hard about those 'volunteers' I mentioned earlier.


Dive into Bologna's Traditional Culinary Arts

You're about to get a mouthful of Bologna - and I'm not talking about the sandwich meat. We're diving headfirst into the authentic culinary arts of this Italian food paradise. Listen up, foodies! Wanna know what makes Bologna's cooking classes so drool-worthy? Pow! They're immersed in centuries of gastronomic heritage, giving you the chance to craft dishes that scream 'made in Italy' louder than a Vespa in a narrow alley.

Before you know it, you'll be rolling out pasta like a pro, mixing, and matching ingredients the Bolognese way. Expect an explosion of flavors that'll have your palate singing in Italian. Whether you're whipping up tagliatelle or tossing tortellini, these classes cater to everyone from kitchen rookies to seasoned chefs.

Alright, here's the nitty-gritty:


  • What should you expect from cooking classes in Bologna? Bold, traditional flavors that are as rich as the city's culture—a hands-on experience learning to make classic Italian dishes.
  • Who will love this? Anyone looking to savor a slice of Bologna's culinary heart, from couples seeking romance in the kitchen to solo adventurers hungry for authentic experiences.

Here's what's cooking:


  • Dive into Dough: Start with fresh, top-quality ingredients and let the pasta maestros guide you through the sacred art of dough making.
  • Sauce It Up: From a simple, yet robust tomato to creamy, dreamy carbonara, learn the secrets behind the sauces that make Bologna the foodie mecca it is.
  • Bring the Family: These classes are ideal for families wanting to bond over a bubbling pot of Bolognese or groups of friends looking to spice up their culinary skills.


When the apron’s on, it’s all hands on deck. Your taste buds are about to embark on a delectable adventure, and by the time you've cooked up a storm, you'll savor not just a meal but a treasured memory. Get ready to channel your inner Italian chef and take home more than just a doggy bag—bag a heaping helping of culinary prowess instead!


Delight in the Lesser-Known Gelato Spots of Bologna

Imagine strolling down the cobblestone alleys, the Italian sun warming your face, and then you spy it—the cozy corner gelateria that only locals seem to know about. You're in for a treat. Bologna’s lesser-known gelato spots are a maze of creamy, dreamy, flavor-packed delights that'll make you forget every other ice cream cone you've ever had.

In Bologna, gelato isn’t just a dessert; it's a way of life. And guess what? You get to plunge into this frosty paradise without the long lines or the tourist traps. It's all about the hidden gems where gelato artisans churn magic using time-honored techniques and the freshest ingredients. So, where should you go to have the best gelato experience in Bologna?

Cremeria Santo Stefano is an absolute must. It's a little off the beaten path, but oh boy, is it worth it! Set in a quaint piazza, this spot lures you in with exotic flavors and classics alike. Dive into a scoop of their pistachio; it’s the real deal, with nuts sourced from Sicily, or get adventurous with a taste of their signature, whimsically named concoctions.

For families on the prowl for a sweet treat, Gelateria delle Moline doesn’t only serve delicious gelato but does so with a smile and the kind of friendly banter that makes for a perfect pit-stop as the kids argue over who gets to taste what first.

It's not just the gelato that's unique—it's the whole vibe. These spots are often nestled in lively neighborhoods, so why not take your cone on a walk? Feel the buzz, watch locals breeze by on their Vespas, and savour the unhurried Bologna pace. Each luscious lick is an intimate serenade to the city’s love affair with artisanal craftsmanship.

And for those who believe variety is the spice of life, prepare your taste buds for a rollercoaster of local favorites. A scoop of Gelato Gianni’s zabaione, perhaps, close to the iconic Two Towers? Or some outlandish flavor that just today sprang from the gelato maestro's imagination?

Remember, in Bologna, chasing down the ultimate gelato isn't just about indulging your sweet tooth—it's an exploration into the heart of the city. Each tiny gelato store is a hidden canvass, painting a picture of Bologna's history, culture, and devotion to deliciousness. So, come ready to taste, explore, and fall in love scoop by scoop with the true spirit of Bologna.


Embrace Bologna’s Aperitivo Culture Off the Beaten Path

Pssst, want to know what the locals love just as much as their historic towers and porticoes? It's the aperitivo tradition in Bologna, and lemme tell ya, it's a ritual that you'll want to adopt faster than you can say "salute"! Here in Bologna, when the clock ticks to aperitivo o'clock, you're in for a treat that's as savory as Prosciutto di Parma and as rich in culture as a Renaissance painting.

Imagine this: you're winding down the cobblestone streets, and there it is—a bustling, unassuming bar, brimming with locals. It's not on the tourist map, and that's the beauty of it. You're about to experience an authentic Italian evening. Order a glass of local Sangiovese and watch as a treasure trove of munchies land on your table. It's not just about the drink; it's a pre-dinner social experience that magically turns into a feast!

Now, you're no mere spectator here; you're part of the scene. Sip, savor, and chat—it's the Bolognese way. It's where you'll find the joyous cacophony of friends catching up, the clinking of glasses echoing the city's heartbeat, and plates of mouth-watering nibbles that seem endless.

What makes it special? Aperitivo in Bologna isn't just a pit-stop; it's an exclamation point at the end of your day! And hey, while families enjoy a laid-back early evening and the singles revel in the vibrant atmosphere, you're soaking in a tradition that's perfect for anyone who appreciates good food, great wine, and even better company.

If you've got an hour or two to spare before dinner, this is where you'll want to be; aperitivo time is where memories are made and your love affair with this deliciously warm city begins. Go on, step off the main tourist trail, and raise your glass to the life-altering aperitivo culture of Bologna. Just be sure to leave some room for dinner—this is Italy, after all!


Enjoy Bologna’s Organic and Artisanal Delicacies

Imagine sinking your teeth into fresh, organic delights that make your taste buds dance a tarantella. That’s not just an idle daydream! In the heart of the city, local delicacies await to give you an authentic taste of Bologna that you can brag about back home.

When you wander through the vibrant streets, you'll understand why Bologna is nicknamed “La Grassa” or “the fat one.” Each corner is bursting with artisanal shops where you can indulge in hand-crafted tortellini or savor a slice of mortadella so delicate, it almost melts on your tongue. It's your cheat day going historic!

Swing by a family-owned pasticceria and let the aroma of freshly baked goods lead you to pastries filled with seasonal jams and rich, creamy custards. You'll swear nonna is in the back, whisking away with love. Trust me, it's not just the sugar hitting you – this city’s treats are steeped in centuries of perfected recipes.


  • Sample a chunk of Parmigiano Reggiano, which has been aged to perfection, and let its nutty, crystalline texture make you swoon.
  • Don't miss out on the balsamic vinegar; this isn't your average salad dressing, but a sweet, syrupy nectar that's been aged for years, if not decades.
  • Join in on an olive oil tasting, and learn why this liquid gold is a staple in any Italian kitchen worth its salt (or olive, in this case).


These experiences aren't just meals; they're edible stories of the city's rich culinary heritage. Whether you're a passionate foodie or just looking to nibble your way through history, Bologna’s local offerings are perfect for you. On your culinary expedition, give yourself a couple of hours - the flavors are worth every second.

From solo explorers to families with kids eager for a taste adventure, diving into the organic artisanal scene is a must. And it's not just about feeding your belly; it's about enriching your soul with a slice (or sip) of Bologna life. This isn't typical tourist fare; it’s a gastro-journey that'll make your inner food critic sing praises.

Buon appetito!


Trace the Bologna Museum Trail Less Traveled

So you think you've seen every museum that Bologna has to offer? Think again! There is a whole world of hidden gems just waiting for culture vultures like you to unearth.

Experience the thrill of discovery as you step off the beaten track and meander through Bologna's lesser-known museum trail. Here, the whisper of history is not drowned out by the roar of crowds, but shared in intimate galleries and eclectic collections that many tourists never find. Trust me, you will want to spend an entire afternoon getting lost in history.

For those with a keen eye for the arts, the MAMbo – Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna beckons. It's a treasure trove of modern masterpieces that play a spectacular game of hide and seek with your emotions. Not as overrun as the more famous spots, this museum lets you take your time with the art—no jostling elbows or rushing through exhibits.

But, oh, there's more! This trail isn't just a feast for your eyes—it's a buffet for your brain. Each museum along the path is a chapter of Bologna's story, telling tales of ancient times with relics and artifacts that spark the imagination. Dive into the eerie beauty of medical antiquities at the Museo di Palazzo Poggi, or trace the finesse of classical music at the International museum and library of music. Bologna's history is your playground!

If you're the kind who gets giddy over a well-curated collection, you've hit the jackpot. Perfect for groups of friends who love a deep dive into culture, or solo explorers looking for a quiet corner of Bologna to call their own for an hour or two.

Whether you're a dedicated follower of fine arts or a history buff in the making, this trail is your secret handshake into a world where Bologna's heart beats strongest. And, remember to wear comfy shoes—there's a lot of awe-inspiring ground to cover!


Experience the Underground Art Scene of Bologna

Imagine sauntering through a modern paradise of creativity tucked away in the storied streets of Bologna. Your senses tingle as you're about to dive into the underground art scene, a place where contemporary canvases meet centuries-old walls. It's not your typical Italian sightseeing tour – it's an immersive journey into the heart of Bologna's current art heartbeat.

The Bologna contemporary art scene is vibrant and thriving. You'll find this cutting-edge vibe pulsating in clandestine galleries and in the back alleys adorned with murals that tell tales beyond words. Mutable, dynamic, and ever so secretive, the art here is for those who yearn for the pulse of modern expression amidst the ancient grandeur Bologna is famous for.

So how do you tap into this artistic labyrinth? Start with a visit to one of the converted spaces—perhaps an old warehouse or a former church—where you’ll find exhibitions that challenge the norms and ignite discussions. Spend an afternoon here; let the art challenge you, change you, inspire you.

Who’s this for, you ask? Well, if you're a lover of the avant-garde, or if the same old sightseeing routine has you yawning, then Bologna’s art underworld is your oyster. It’s perfect for both the solo adventurer looking to muse over new trends and ideas and groups of friends on a quest for inspiration. The scene is a treasure trove for the young and the young at heart, for families who love to nurture an appreciation for the contemporary in their kids, and for the couples seeking an offbeat date.

Nearby, grab a coffee at one of the hip local cafés where you can often overhear artists discussing their latest projects. You’ve not just visited a place; you've experienced it, felt it, lived it. And remember, in Bologna’s contemporary art scene, not everything that glitters is old; some shine with the sheen of new ideas waiting for you to discover them.


Roam Along the Lesser-Known Porticoes of Bologna

Picture this: you're strolling under a cascade of arched ceilings, the whispers of history echoing with each step you take. Nope, it's not a dream. You're just meandering through the lesser-known porticoes of Bologna. These hidden gems stretch for miles, shading your path and making your heart skip a beat with their ancient charm.

The city is famous for its porticoes, with over 38 kilometers to explore, but today, I'm letting you in on a secret. Skip the crowded main drags and slip into the tranquil backstreets where beauty and peace go hand in hand. Each portico tells a story of a time long past, and you, my friend, get to read every page.

Here's a quick bite of what to expect:


  • Architectural marvels: With styles ranging from the medieval to the 19th century, each portico has a unique flair.
  • Stroll-hopper's paradise: The interconnected walkways mean you can weave an adventure as long or as short as you want.
  • Photo ops galore: Snap that perfect shot without the tourist hordes. The lighting is nothing short of magical.


Now, who'll love this? Art lovers, history buffs, and romantic souls, for sure. But honestly, if you just love a good wander, this is your scene. Take a morning, an afternoon, or a twilight hour; time stands still under these arches.

If you're antsy about missing out, don't be. The porticoes wrap around Bologna like a snug blanket, so they're hard to miss. Start from the outskirts and wander towards the center. You’ll discover pockets of tranquility and a rhythm all their own, perfect for solo explorers or lovebirds looking for a quiet escape.

Whether you're after solitude, inspiration, or a breath of history-infused air, Bologna's lesser-known porticoes are calling. Put on those walking shoes, and let's set the pace for a delightful dance through one of Italy's finest urban secrets.


Journey to Hidden Vineyards Around Bologna


Pitch your adventure mode to full-throttle because we're heading out of the city and straight into the delightful embrace of Bologna's hidden vineyards! Surround yourself with rows of lush, ripe grapevines. The air's got a kick of fresh earth and a whisper of oak barrels, reminiscing of times when life was just... grapes.

Now, what's the big deal about sneaking away to a vineyard when Bologna's already brimming with cozy wine bars? I'll tell you: it's the experience, my friend! Sure, cozying up in a wine bar downtown has its perks, but nothing beats the rustic charm of a vineyard.

Here's the plan: you've got to spend at least half a day if you wanna do it justice. Bring your best pals, your loving family, or that special someone who appreciates a hint of adventure with their merlot. Oh, and for you singles, what's better than a story about that time you got blissfully lost among Italian vines? There's something magical for every type of crowd here.

What's nearby? Well, the rolling hillsides are your backdrop, and there's usually some quaint little cantina or osteria within arm's reach – perfect for when you've taken enough photos to make your Instagram spurt with jealousy.

And, let's not forget, you're there to taste the wine. Feel the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, and the exquisite thrill of discovery as you sip on the finest local wines that Bologna's countryside has to offer. It's like they say, life's too short to drink bad wine, so get yourself to the good stuff – straight from the source!

To make it all happen, and I mean seamlessly, check out the wineries that throw their doors open for visitors like you. They're just a short jaunt from the city – a small distance for a remarkable change in scenery and taste. Trust me, a visit to these hidden vineyards is the stuff of legends, the kind of day out that will have you bragging for years.

So why wait? Dive into Bologna’s eno-treasures and treat yourself to an authentic Italian wine experience! And yes, like all good things in Italy, come for the vino but stay for the vista. Cin cin!


Relish Authentic Moments in Bologna’s Cozy Trattorias


Picture this: tucked away from the bustling streets, there's a warm, inviting glow from a small window. You step inside and are immediately enveloped by the heavenly aroma of simmering ragĂą and fresh pasta. Welcome to one of Bologna's best trattorias, where the pasta is hand-rolled and the Parmigiano-Reggiano is liberally grated.

Bologna's trattorias are the heart and soul of the city's dining scene. These family-run gems are where you'll dive fork-first into some authentic Italian cuisine. And trust me, it's not just about the food—it's the whole atmosphere that makes dining in these trattorias akin to being invited over for dinner by your long-lost Italian relatives.

Expect to be surrounded by locals, all who seem to know each other, creating a buzz that's as delicious as the dishes. While some trattorias pride themselves on centuries-old recipes, others might surprise you with a twist on the traditional. Either way, your taste buds are in for a treat.

Now, don't go thinking you'll only be in and out within an hour. Oh, no. Dining here is a lingering affair. You should plan to spend a good part of your evening savoring every bite, from the antipasti to the dolci. It's a real, how do you say, dolce vita experience.

Whether you're a solo foodie in pursuit of the perfect tagliatelle al ragĂą, a couple looking for a romantic night out, or a family wanting to sip on some local Lambrusco wine while the kids twirl spaghetti, these trattorias have got you covered.

One more thing—always, and I mean always, save room for dessert. The tiramisu isn't just a menu item; it's a grand finale. So catch that tram, walk that cobblestone, find that trattoria nestled in the heart of Bologna, and get ready to eat like royalty, even if just for a night. Buon appetito!



What to do in Bologna for a day?

A: Start with Piazza Maggiore, then hit the historic markets. Don't miss the Asinelli Tower before you grab some authentic Bolognese pasta!

Unusual things to do in Bologna

A: Check out the hidden canals, explore the anatomical theater at the university, and end your day with a spooky ghost tour.

What to do in Bologna for 3 days?

A: Day one, tackle the city's sights. Day two, dive into the food scene. Day three, take a trip to the nearby beautiful hills of Bologna.

Things to do in Bologna Reddit

A: Reddit users swear by the food tours, the San Luca Sanctuary, and catching an event at the Teatro Duse for culture buffs.

Free things to do in Bologna

A: Roam the medieval Quadrilatero area, marvel at the historic churches, and lounge in the multiple public parks like Giardini Margherita.

Things to do in Bologna in winter

A: Indulge in rich Italian hot chocolate, visit cozy libraries like Archiginnasio, and relish the less crowded museums.

Is Bologna worth visiting?

A: Totally! It's a culinary haven with rich history, stunning architecture, and it's less touristy than other Italian cities.

What is Bologna Italy best known for?

A: Bologna is famous for its divine cuisine (hello, Bolognese sauce!), the oldest university in the Western world, and its vibrant red buildings.

Is one day enough to see Bologna?

A: One day is tight but can work. You'll get a taste, but trust me, you'll be planning your next trip back before you leave!

How do you spend time in Bologna?

A: Eat, walk, eat, revel in art, eat some more, climb towers, and make friends at a local wine bar. Did I mention eating?


Final Words

All right, let's double back for a sec. We strolled through Bologna's historic book nooks, nibbled our way around the Quadrilatero Market, and got a taste of the old-timey doctor vibes at Bologna University, didn't we? And let's not forget the amazing cooking classes, the under-the-radar gelato joints, and living it up with an aperitivo in one hand and some artisanal goodies in the other.

From taking artsy turns down museum trails to uncovering the city's contemporary art scene and marching down those iconic porticoes, we've had quite the adventure. Oh, and sneaking peeks at hidden vineyards? Check. Cozying up in trattorias with the heartiest meals? Double-check.

So what's the upshot here? Bologna is bursting with corners to explore, flavors to savor, and moments to cherish. And if your wanderlust is itching for authenticity with a side of the unexpected, jot down these things to do in Bologna. Seriously, your Insta followers won't know what hit 'em.So, you think you've seen all of Italy's charming cities, huh? Well, let me tell you, if you haven't wandered through the labyrinthine streets of Bologna, you've barely scratched the surface of la dolce vita. We're talking about a city where every corner whispers a millennia of stories, where the scent of rich ragù and freshly baked piadina hangs in the air, and where the locals know a thing or two about living the good life—slow and with gusto. It's where historical marvels like the Archiginnasio hold secrets of the past, and where the Quadrilatero market bursts with irresistible shopping temptations like it's been doing since medieval times.

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