9+ Unusual Things to Do in Annecy Now

Step into the cobblestone alleys of Annecy Old Town; secrets whisper, but one echo holds a mystery unsolved. Will you...?
Date Published
March 8, 2024

Table of Contents

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Ever daydreamed about a fairy-tale town, tucked away with storybook canals and a crystal-clear lake, where every cobblestone whispers a thousand tales? Welcome to Annecy, a hidden gem nestled in the French Alps—so breathtakingly scenic it'll make your Instagram followers greener than the rolling hills surrounding the city. What makes Annecy the stuff of legends, you wonder? Oh, let's start with the Annecy Old Town, or as the locals call it "vieille ville", a maze of narrow lanes flanked by pastel-colored buildings and blooming flower baskets that could easily double as the setting for the next big fantasy blockbuster.

But don't you just stand there gawking! Annecy is a living canvas of activities, each hue more vibrant than the last. Whether it's paddling serenely across Lake Annecy, feeling like royalty with a stroll around the Château d'Annecy, or getting that adrenaline rush from paragliding high above the city—there's a shade of adventure here for every shade of traveler. Some people come for the postcard views, but you? You're here to dive headfirst into the experience. So go ahead, tie up those walking shoes, let's explore Annecy like the adventurers we are—starting with its old town secrets and ending with some paddle boarding antics. Are you in? Because Annecy is not


Uncover the Secrets of Annecy Old Town

Imagine stepping into a postcard-perfect scene, where cobblestone streets whisper tales from centuries ago, and charming canals reflect the quaint old-world architecture with such grace that you'll pinch yourself to believe it's real. You’re in Annecy Old Town, a labyrinth of history waiting to be discovered.

Let's get started with the secrets you're itching to unveil. Explore Annecy Old Town and its hidden nooks, brimming with stories of its storied past. Meandering through the old streets, you'll come across the Palais de l'Isle, the iconic 12th-century prison that looks as if it’s floating in the canal. Absolutely Instagram-worthy, so keep your camera ready!

And who can forget the famous Annecy Old Town market? Held three times a week, it’s not just a market; it’s a festival of colors, scents, and flavors. Browse through freshly baked goods, fine cheeses, and local crafts. Pro tip: you’ve got to taste the local cheese—trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

If you're a fan of seeking out the unusual, keep your eyes peeled for the hidden gardens and courtyards that are often overlooked. These serene spots are great for taking a breath away from the buzz of the main streets.

Spend a good half-day here; there's enough to fill every moment. Whether you're all about the solo travel life or you've got the whole family in tow, Annecy Old Town is a must-see that strikes a chord with everyone. The mix of boutiques, cafes, and jaw-dropping views around every bend will keep you captivated.

Before you leave, make sure you've explored every ancient archway and glimpsed the lake from the many vantage points. These are the views that fuel the stories you’ll share when you get back home. Ready to unravel the secrets? Annecy Old Town is not just a checklist destination; it’s an experience that imprints on your heart. And hey, if you miss anything, that’s just another excuse to come back, right?


Embark on a Lake Annecy Boating Adventure

Imagine the gentle lapping of crystal-clear waters against your private boat as you glide effortlessly across Lake Annecy, the picturesque sceneries of the French Alps enveloping you in their majesty. Sounds dreamy? Because it is—and it's an adventure you can’t miss.

Lake Annecy boating isn't just an activity; it's your chance to become the captain of your own voyage. Here’s the deal: there are a plethora of Annecy boat rental options to choose from. Whether you fancy a cozy little electric boat that lets you sneak up on the swans or a chic sailing boat that has you zipping with the wind, there's something for your mood and style.

Boating on Lake Annecy isn't just for the nautical experts. Nope! It's perfect for families looking for a splash of excitement, for couples seeking that Instagram-worthy sunset sail, and yes, even for you solo explorers keen on finding that tranquil corner of the lake where you can just be.

How much time should you carve out for this? A leisurely half-day should do the trick. But hey, if you find yourself not wanting to return to land, who's stopping you from renting that boat for the whole day? Dive into the freedom of exploring hidden coves, picnicking on secluded banks, or simply lounging on deck absorbed in the serenity around you.

Be sure to browse the boat rental offerings available around the lake—each providing you with a unique way to tailor your adventure on the water. So go ahead, pick a boat that sings to your soul, and embark on this not-so-ordinary escapade.

Remember, the lake is as versatile as your imagination, catering effortlessly to energetic outdoor lovers and laid-back leisure seekers alike. Just don't forget to wave at the fellow boaters—you’re all part of the Lake Annecy captain’s club now!


Soar Above the City with Annecy Paragliding

Imagine the wind whipping through your hair, the sun kissing your face, and a view that knocks the breath clean out of you. That's exactly what paragliding over Annecy offers. Suspended between the pristine blue of the lake and the lush green mountains, it's an experience that catapults you straight into a panoramic paradise.

Paragliding over Annecy isn't just a chance to see the city from a bird's perspective—it's the ultimate freedom flight without growing wings. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or someone who just wants to glide through the sky like an eagle, this adrenaline-pumping adventure is tailored for you. Scoop on updrafts over the lake, swirl above the ancient castles, and eye the pearls of the Old Town from an angle most can only dream of.

While you're floating up there, with the whole of Annecy stretched out beneath you, you'll notice that this isn’t like any other city fly-by. The French Alps stand guard in the distance, and the water below mirrors the sky. If you can peel your eyes away from the view, you'll spy on the quaint, bustling streets, the hidden gardens, and terraces locals love.

So, who's ready to take flight? Whether you're solo, paired up for a romantic gesture, or steering your family towards an unforgettable memory, this aerial adventure is a fit for you. Spend anywhere from 10 glorious minutes to a blissful half-hour in the air and expect the smile to stick around long after you've landed.

Grab your chance to be the ruler of the skies and book a slot with Annecy Paragliding. They’re the pros who can make your Loire Valley fantasies come true. Swing by in the morning when the thermals are gentle, or catch an evening glide for a sunset spectacle. Either way, this is the story you’ll be telling for years to come.


Journey to the Bout de Lac Nature Reserve

Picture it: you're wrapped in nature's embrace, where the only soundtrack is the rustling of leaves and distant birdcalls. That's the Bout de Lac Nature Reserve for you—a serene haven tucked away at the edge of Lake Annecy. This spot is for the soul seekers, the quiet adventurers, and yes, it's utterly perfect for families looking for a slice of tranquil wilderness.

So, what makes Bout de Lac a must-visit? Imagine wandering through marshes adorned with rare flowers, spotting dragonflies zigzagging over crystal clear water, and the occasional glimpse of shy creatures in their natural habitat. It's not just a stroll; it's a full-on sensory hug from Mother Nature.

Take a digital leap into the heart of Bout de Lac and see for yourself why this reserve is a cherished gem!

Ready for some insider tips? Don your comfy shoes because the trails here beg to be explored. And while you're lost in the beauty of it all, don't forget to snap some photos. But hey, respect the home of the wildlife; keep a safe distance, alright?

Whether you've got a thing for botany or you're just in need of fresh air, this reserve's got you covered. Spend a good half-day here; trust me, you'll want to soak in every bit of this peaceful paradise.

Now, ask me - is this a playground for adrenaline junkies? Nah! But for those who revel in nature's calm, Bout de Lac Nature Reserve is your spot. It's a gentle reminder that sometimes the unusual thing to do is simply to be still and let nature do the impressing. So take a break from the hustle and immerse yourself in the serene wonder that Annecy so proudly offers.


Stroll Through the Jardin de l'Europe

Imagine wandering through lush green paths, with the fresh, alpine air filling your lungs and the melodic chatter of local birds providing the perfect soundtrack. That's exactly the treat you're in for at the Jardin de l'Europe in Annecy. It's not just a walk in the park; it's a blissful escape into nature's embrace.

As you meander along the winding trails, you're brushed by the delicate shadows of ancient trees, some telling tales from centuries past. And here's the kicker: you're strolling right alongside the enchanting Lake Annecy, offering views that'll make you want to whip out your camera—or maybe just sit and savor the scenery.

The park is perfect for every soul; whether you're a dreamy solo traveler, a couple lost in romance, or a bustling family, there's a piece of serenity for you here. You won't find any heart-racing thrills, but you'll definitely get your fill of tranquil vibes.

You can easily spend anything from a sweet half-hour to a full afternoon here, letting the kids run free or sharing a picnic with your better half. It's the kind of spot where time slows down, and you can too.

And let's not forget, you're mere steps away from the historical whispers of Annecy Old Town. So, after your heart and soul are fully recharged, take your relaxed self to explore the cobbled streets and hidden corners. It's all just waiting for you to stroll on through!


Cycle the Scenic Routes Around Lake Annecy

Imagine yourself pedaling peacefully with the calming blue waters of Lake Annecy on one side and the majestic French Alps on the other. It doesn't get much better than this, right? Cycling around Lake Annecy is not just an activity; it's a must-do for anyone who wants to truly experience the area's natural splendor.

Lake Annecy offers a spectacular 42-kilometer (about 26 miles) bike path known as the "tour du lac" that runs right along the edge of the lake. This is the perfect chance for you, your friends, and family to pump those legs and absorb the serene vibes. What’s great is that this track suits everyone - whether you're a solo explorer, a couple looking for a romantic ride or have kiddos tagging along, everyone’s in for a treat.

The cycling route is flat for the most part, which means you can take it easy and make pit stops for picnic lunches or to just gaze out over the water. You're looking at about half a day's journey if you're leisurely riding and soaking in the sights, which trust me, you’ll want to do! And if you didn't bring your bike with you – no problemo! There are plenty of rental options to get you wheeling in no time.

But that's not all. The route brims with spots for a quick dip in the lake or to engage with fellow cyclers and friendly locals. You could extend your adventure by meandering into the quaint villages nearby, grabbing a scoop of gelato or a steamy cup of coffee. And let’s not forget - the photo ops are endless along this scenic route, so make sure your phone's charged!

So, what are you waiting for? There's no time like now to cycle around Lake Annecy. Grab a bike, bring your sense of wonder, and let the path lead you to an unforgettable day.


Discover Château d'Annecy’s Hidden Tales

Picture yourself stepping into a fairy tale where ancient stones whisper secrets of the past. That's precisely what you're in for when you visit Château d'Annecy. This isn't just your regular old castle tour; it's a journey through time!


  • How long should you plan to spend here? You'll want to block out a good 2-4 hours to fully immerse in this historical gem.
  • Who would love this place? If you're a history buff, or you get excited about untold stories from centuries ago, this is your paradise. But hey, even if you're just looking to snap some epic photos, this castle is totally Instagram-worthy.


So what makes Château d’Annecy stand out? Besides the stunning panoramic views of the city, which will have you feeling like royalty, it's the hidden tales. Each room, every corridor, it's all brimming with stories waiting to be uncovered. Imagine walking through the same halls as the Counts of Geneva and the Dukes of Nemours. Talk about an exclusive sneak peek into grandeur living, am I right?

Nestled right in the heart of Annecy, it's super easy to get to and you'll find yourself surrounded by other attractions once you step outside its ancient walls. Comfy shoes are a must (those cobblestones can be tricky), and make sure to have that camera ready — you're going to want to remember this.

And if you're thinking, "Surely, it can't just be old rooms and pretty views?" Well, think again. The castle is also home to a museum brimming with art, regional artefacts, and Lake Annecy's natural history. It's a treasure trove that appeals to families, singles, and couples alike. Whether you're seeking adrenaline or tranquility, the castle's stories are sure to add some magic to your day.

Feel it? That's the lure of history and mystery calling you to Château d'Annecy. Go ahead, answer the call and create tales of your own!


Revel in a Local Wine Tasting Experience

Picture yourself sipping fine French wine, surrounded by the enchanting scenery that can only be Annecy. Got it? Good, because wine tasting here isn't just some humdrum affair, it's an adventure for your palate amidst glorious landscapes! In fact, engaging in a wine tasting is one of the top activities in town that visitors just can't stop raving about.

Start by swirling a glass of the region's best rouge or blanc. These aren't your standard grocery store wines, pal—they're exquisite, locally-sourced treasures that echo the rich viticultural history of the region. And the best part? You'll learn the tales behind each bottle, making every sip feel like a journey through time and taste.

Here's a tip for you: pop by a cozy cellar or a sun-kissed vineyard. Whether you're a sommelier in spirit or a casual enthusiast, you'll find the hosts pride themselves on providing an authentic experience. So, don't just stand there, dive into the world of wine tasting in Annecy!

What makes it special for all types of visitors? You've got the romance in the air for lovebirds, a touch of class for the solo connoisseur, and a hearty cheers for groups of friends. Spend an hour or an afternoon—it's flexible to your pace and thirst for knowledge (or wine).

And here’s a bonus: you'll often find local cheeses and charcuterie competing for your affection against the backdrop of a majestic alpine vista. Now, isn't that better than your usual Friday night vino on the couch? So, swirl, sniff, sip, and smile. You're in Annecy, where every glass tells a story and every view warrants a toast. Cheers to that!


Delight in Annecy's Lesser-Known Eateries

You're wandering the cobblestone streets, your tummy's rumbling louder than the church bells, and your nose is leading the way. Trust that mighty sniffer because tucked away in the nooks and crannies of Annecy are eateries that will blow your taste buds on a flavor trip like no other! Locals know these spots. They're the champions of Annecy local cuisine that don't always make the pages of travel guides—but boy, do they deserve a spotlight.

Imagine sinking your teeth into a cheesy reblochon tart while the local jazz musician fills the air with smooth tunes. That's the kind of authentic experience you're in for. Here’s what’s on your must-eat list:


  • La Ciboulette: Hiding in plain sight, this spot serves up French gastronomy that's both inventive and comforting. You'd need a keen eye to spot it, but once you do, oh lĂ  lĂ , you're in for a treat!
  • CafĂ© Brunet: Established in 1875, this quaint bistro in Annecy-le-Vieux marries history with a plate of the finest regional dishes. Each bite tells a story, each sip of wine sings of the terroir.


These lesser-known eateries have something for everyone. They're perfect for foodie singles on a quest for culinary gems, families craving a taste of real France, and couples looking for that intimate dinner with a side of local charm. Whether you're a thrill-seeker needing to refuel after a day of paragliding or someone who enjoys a leisurely day, these eateries provide the perfect backdrop.

Set aside a couple of hours to fully relish the experience because this isn't fast food; it's slow food done the right way. And while you're there, chat with the chefs or the locals at the next table—you're bound to leave with a full stomach and maybe a new friend.

So, why settle for the same-old when Annecy’s hidden culinary treasures are waiting to be discovered? Trust us; you'll want to write home about it—or better yet, bring some of those flavors back with you!


Visit the Authentic Street Markets of Annecy

Picture this: you're sauntering through vibrant stalls, each bursting with local cheeses, handcrafted goods, and oh, the smell of fresh baguettes filling the air. Welcome to the street markets Annecy is famed for, a place where you can dive deep into the city's heartbeat and come out with a basket full of souvenirs and a heart full of joy.

Imagine baskets overflowing with ripe fruit, vendors calling out their special offers, and the colorful displays that beg for a photo op. These markets aren't just a shopping excursion; they're a cultural experience. Want to mix it up with the locals? This is where you lace up your most comfortable walking shoes and step into the daily life of an Annecy resident.

Here's the scoop:


  • Le P'tit MarchĂ© in Annecy-le-Vieux: Nestled away from the city center, this market is perfect if you want a slice of local life minus the heavy tourist traffic. It's like a secret gem where you can snag the best produce.
  • Old Town Market: Talk about iconic! Amidst winding streets and flowing canals, this bustling market is a sensory overload in the best possible way. It's more than your usual flea market – it's where history meets hearty deals.


Now, you don't just walk into these street markets; you embrace them, you become one with the banter and barter. Sip on that robust French coffee as you haggle for a hand-painted vase or a chunk of the creamiest Reblochon cheese - yeah, that's right, you're practically a local now.

And while everyone else is just waking up, you've already mapped out the best stalls for those oh-so-French finds. Whether you're a solo adventurist, here with your better half, or corralling the kiddos, there's something for every soul.

Spend a couple of hours, or why not, make a day of it! Grab snacks, pick up gifts, and if your feet get tired, just plop down at a nearby café. The markets usually wrap up by early afternoon, so plan to get there early. You won't just leave with bags; you'll leave with stories.

You don't need a map to find these treasures; just follow the locals or, better yet, click on some tips on finding the best markets in town. Whether it's high-energy bartering or the calming lull of locals going about their day, the street markets in Annecy are an adventure just waiting to happen.


Paddle Boarding Escapades on Lake Annecy


Imagine standing up, balancing on a board as the gentle waters of Lake Annecy carry you across the shimmering expanse. Yes, paddle boarding on Annecy Lake is a must-do, and here's why: it's the perfect mix of serenity and workout, and it gives you a unique view of the surrounding Alpine scenery that you just can't get from the shore.

Dip your paddle into the crystal-clear waters and let each stroke guide you into a rhythm that feels like a dance with nature. It's an activity that's ideal for:


  • Solo adventurers craving tranquility
  • Families looking to bond over an easy-to-learn sport
  • Friends aiming to snap that flawless Instagram shot with a backdrop of majestic mountains


Don't worry if you've never tried it before; learning paddle boarding on Annecy Lake is as breezy as the Alpine wind. There are spots around the lake where you can take lessons or rent equipment. You could easily spend an entire afternoon gliding through the reflections of the French Alps.

Nearby, there are cafes where you can grab a gelato or a sandwich while you're still in your board shorts. We're talking about living the lakeside dream here.

This escapade is ideal for those seeking a dash of adventure without the adrenal jolt of extreme sports. Best of all, it fits a whole range of folks — whether you're a peace-seeking yogi or a gaggle of thrill-seekers.

Just think about it: you, your board, that Alpine horizon — it's pure poetry in motion. If you're up for a splash and some laughs, paddle boarding on Lake Annecy is your jam. And hey, once you're out there, feeling the sun and the soft roll of water beneath you, you'll know this is where you were meant to be — trust me!


Enchant Your Senses at Annecy Castle Museum


Imagine stepping into a scene straight out of a medieval fairytale, with stone walls whispering age-old secrets. That's what you get at the Annecy Castle Museum, a place that's not just a feast for the eyes, but a banquet for your imagination.

This towering fortress, a blend of architectural styles from the 12th to the 16th centuries, doesn't just sit there looking pretty – it beckons you to explore every nook and cranny, promising tales of yesteryear at every turn. And let's be real, who doesn't love a good ol' story with their history?

The museum is perfectly perched to give you sweeping views of the town and lake, so don't forget your camera! It's like the old lords of the manor knew we'd be into that Instagram life centuries later. And what's inside, you ask?

Well, you'll find a rich collection of art and history that'll make you feel smarter just by being there. From regional Alpine artifacts to contemporary art, every exhibit is a conversation starter. Solo adventurers, families, art lovers, and history buffs – everyone's in for a treat.

Just imagine strolling through halls that have seen the rise and fall of dynasties, and artworks that might just inspire your next creative endeavor. Plan to spend a solid hour or two here because there's plenty to soak in.

The museum isn't just about the past, though. It hosts temporary exhibitions that are as lively and potent as the espresso you had this morning, so each visit can offer something new. Check out the latest on their website to see what's on.

Okay, are you ready to add a dash of noble to your day? Slip on some comfy shoes and prepare to scale the hill to Annecy Castle Museum – your senses will thank you for the royal treatment!



Q: What are some things to do in Annecy with kids?

A: You'll have a blast with paddle boating on the lake, visiting the Gardens of Europe, and exploring Château d'Annecy's museum.

Q: What are some things to do in Annecy in winter?

A: Get cozy in Annecy by ice skating at Le Paquier, enjoying a hot chocolate at a café, or hitting nearby ski slopes.

Q: What are some unusual things to do in Annecy?

A: Shake things up with a visit to the intriguing Palais de l'Isle prison, or take a mysterious night-time guided tour.

Q: What are some free things to do in Annecy?

A: Keep your wallet happy with a stroll around the old town, relax by the lake, or hike up to the Annecy Castle.

Q: What can you do in Annecy in one day?

A: Pack your day with a morning market visit, a lakeside picnic, a spin around the old town, and a sunset at the lake.

Q: What are some things to do in Annecy in December?

A: Feel the holiday spirit with Annecy's Christmas markets, festive lights, and warm savoyard dinners.

Q: Is Annecy worth visiting?

A: Heck yeah, Annecy's stunning lake, charming canals, and vibrant old town are absolutely bucket list-worthy.

Q: How many days is enough for Annecy?

A: Aim for at least 2 days to soak in Annecy's beauty and explore its main attractions without rushing.

Q: What is special about Annecy, France?

A: Annecy wows with crystal-clear Lake Annecy, the Venice-like charm of its canals, and a picture-perfect old town.

Q: Is Annecy a walkable city?

A: Totally, Annecy's compact, pedestrian-friendly streets make it a delight to explore on foot.


Final Words

Whew, we sure went on a whirlwind tour together! From the cobblestone charm of the Old Town to the serene waters, Annecy is a treasure trove of experiences. We've seen the historic Château d'Annecy, felt the rush of paragliding, and savored the local cuisine in those hidden spots that only the luckiest find. This place, dear friend, is a kaleidoscope of adventures waiting to happen.

Remember, there are endless things to do in Annecy, and each moment spent here stitches a patchwork of lasting memories. So pack your bags, dust off your explorer hat, and step into the storybook setting of Annecy. It's your time to shine in this magical French escapade!

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