9+ Unusual Things to Do in Anaheim Now

Stroll down Anaheim's historic lanes—unearth secrets, whimsical charm, and... wait until you see what's hidden in plain sight! What's next?
Date Published
March 8, 2024

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Ready to explore what truly sets this city apart? I'm talking unique dives into local artistry, tasting the eclectic flavors at the bustling night markets, and serendipitous strolls through lush green gardens that feel like a well-kept secret. And don't even get me started on the indie music scene—you haven't lived until you've felt the pulse of Anaheim's underground rhythm. Buckle up, because you are about to embark on a journey peppered with the real treats of Anaheim, beyond the mouse ears—where the city's heart truly beats in the experiences that give it its character.

Uncover the Charm of Anaheim's Historic District

Ready for a time warp, folks? Anaheim's Historic District isn't your run-of-the-mill old town. Nope, you've hit the jackpot of preservation, beauty, and downright charm. It’s like stepping onto the set of a classic movie where every corner tells a story.

And hold up, what’s that? Feel the cobblestones under your feet? They're practically whispering secrets of the past. Historical sites in Anaheim are not just about buildings; they're about the tales they harbor. From houses that date back to the 1800s to shops that have seen the evolution of commerce, this district is a living museum, and trust me, it's rad.

You might want to block off a good chunk of your day to truly soak in the sights here. The historic district is perfect for anyone, whether you're a solo traveler with a knack for photography or a family looking to inject a little education into your vacay. Kiddos can run around and not even realize they're getting a history lesson, while the grown-ups appreciate the architectural beauty.

Now, let's talk proximity. All this old-timey goodness is smack dab in the middle of modern delights. After you've indulged in your historic meanderings, you can grab some grub or shop in contemporary Anaheim—it's all just a stone's throw away. Honestly, it's the ideal spot for a gentle, nostalgic day where you can sip on a latte and ponder the days of yore.

Oh, and for the lovebirds out there, take your sweetheart by the hand for an evening stroll. The district's ambient lighting and historic backdrops create the romantic vibe that'll get you those extra brownie points.

History, charm, and atmosphere? Anaheim's Historic District ticks all those boxes. Just remember to charge your phone, 'cause you're gonna want to Instagram the heck out of this place.

Engage with Local Artisans at Anaheim Craft Fairs

Picture this: You're strolling through rows of vibrant stalls, each overflowing with unique handcrafted goods that scream creativity. Welcome to Anaheim's craft fairs, an unsung treasure where local artisans showcase their masterpieces. It's not just shopping; it's a cultural immersion, folks!

Anaheim's craft fairs are like the city's best-kept secret when it comes to discovering the heart and soul of local talent. Whether it's jewelry that whispers stories of tradition or home decor that yells modern flair, you're sure to find something that tugs at your heartstrings.

Let's talk who you'll rub elbows with here: everyone from the solo adventurer to family squads (yes, even your toddler will be eyeing those hand-painted toys). Got a date? Trust me, nothing says romantic like picking out one-of-a-kind gifts for each other. And if you're flying solo, what's better than treating yourself to, well, yourself?

Between haggling for the best bargains and exchanging smiles with the folks who made your new favorite mug, you might wonder how much time to spend here. Give it a couple of hours, and you'll leave feeling more connected to this incredible city. Plus, you'll probably make some artisan friends along the way!

Hungry? Thirsty? Of course you are, you savvy shopper, you. Good news: these fairs are often a stone's throw from some of Anaheim's yummiest bites and sips. Food trucks and lemonade stands, anyone?

Bottom line: Anaheim's craft fairs are a must for anyone who loves things with a story. So, do yourself a favor and dive into the kaleidoscope of local creativity. It's more than a market; it's an Anaheim experience that taps into the pulse of the city's artisanal heart!

Ready to plan your visit? Check out the Anaheim Farmers Markets schedule and make sure you don't miss out on this authentic local experience.

Enjoy Serenity at Anaheim's Secret Gardens

Imagine stepping into a hidden sanctuary where the hustle and bustle of Anaheim fades away into gentle rustling leaves and bird songs. That's exactly what you find in Anaheim's secret gardens. Nestled in little-known spots, these gardens are the green retreats you didn't know you needed.

What makes these gardens so unique? First off, they're not your typical 'point and shoot' tourist spots. They are intimate spaces where one can truly connect with nature and oneself. Perfect for solo explorers, lovebirds seeking a quiet corner, or even families teaching the kiddos about the joys of flora and fauna, Anaheim's gardens offer a touch of tranquility everyone can appreciate.

You're probably already asking, "How long should I spend in these verdant hideaways?" Give yourself an hour or two, trust me. That's enough time to stroll, sniff, sit, and let the peacefulness seep in. As you wander through paths lined with blossoms and shade trees, you'll understand why locals treasure these spots.

Nearby these serene sanctuaries, you can often find charming cafes or little bistros where you can grab a refreshing drink or a light bite to enjoy amidst the garden's ambiance. It's not exactly an adrenaline pump, but what it lacks in thrill, it makes up for in soul-soothing vibes.

Friendly reminder: don't forget to bring your camera. The gardens may be a secret, but the memories you'll make among the petals and leaves are something you'll want to share. So next time you're in Anaheim, take a break from the typical tourist trail and let your inner explorer find solace in the secret gardens. Breathe in, breathe out, and let the magic of nature do the rest.

Discover Anaheim's Indie Music Scene

Get ready to rock out with Anaheim's indie music scene! Tucked away in this sun-soaked city, you'll stumble upon a vibrant underground vibe where the guitars wail and the drum beats feel like they're part of your own heartbeat. What's unique about Anaheim's live music venues? They're intimate, they're pulsing with talent waiting to burst onto the scene, and they're everywhere.

First things first, plant yourself at The Parish Room at House of Blues Anaheim. Here's where soul meets body. This spot isn't your run-of-the-mill concert hall; it's where you'll feel the rush of discovering music's next big thing. And let's be honest, isn't finding the next playlist superstar before anybody else just the best bragging right?

Then, let's talk about The Mercy Lounge. No bigger than your high school prom venue, but man, does it pack a punch. You'll rub elbows with locals who know every lyric and you might even snag a selfie with the band post-show.

  • Iconic Live Music Venues:
  • The Parish Room at House of Blues
  • The Mercy Lounge
  • Chain Reaction (for the punk-at-heart)

If you're all about the experience, you're looking at a solid three to four hours of head-nodding, foot-tapping good times. Plus, nearby you've got fuel for the night with quaint cafes and eateries that'll have you carbo-loading like a marathoner—cuz let's face it, dancing is serious business.

Now, who’s this scene perfect for? Picture this: You’ve got energy for days, you think a night out means losing your voice, and you secretly (or not so secretly) dream of being discovered as a band’s missing member. It's ideal for groups of friends, date nights that break the routine, or the solo adventurer hungry for some tunes with a side of new friends.

Remember, Anaheim’s indie music scene is not just a bunch of notes and chords—it’s a heartbeat. It’s energy. It’s raw and it's waiting for you. So, go on, dive headfirst into the exhilaration of live, indie anthems and let Anaheim’s rhythm become part of your story.

Take a Culinary Journey at Anaheim Packing District

Ready to tantalize your taste buds? Embark on a flavor adventure like no other at the Anaheim Packing District. This isn't just about food, folks—it's a full-blown dining experience that'll have your senses singing louder than a choir of Disneyland characters on parade day.

Picture this: you're casually meandering through a bustling marketplace, the air redolent with an array of intoxicating aromas. From zesty to sweet, from tangy to savory—it's all here, folks. It's like a foodie theme park with a ticket to every stand serving a taste of culinary magic. And let me tell you, the crowd? As diverse as the menu offerings. Whether you're flying solo, out on a date, or wrangling a pack of kiddos, there's something for everyone.

Forget the typical 'grab-and-go'—take your time here. Spend 2-4 glorious hours exploring from the vintage citrus packing house to the hip-packed Farmers Park. Oh, and while you're sipping on some artfully crafted coffee, or maybe a local brew, here's a pro tip: lounge in the sun-soaked communal areas; they're ripe for both relaxation and that tricky little thing we call "people-watching."

And hey, I get it—it's Anaheim, so you might be thinking, _"Can I score some wholesome family-friendly vibes?"* Bet your Mickey ears you can! _The Packing District is perfect for families, friends, or even sweet solo escapades.*

Need a break from the action? The nearby gardens offer a serene escape, just a short stroll away—because sometimes you need a moment with Mother Nature to complement that food coma looming on your horizon.

Now, don't just scroll past this – click over to Anaheim Packing District, check out the directory of food artisans, and craft your very own dine-around itinerary. Trust me, your culinary conquest deserves this level of strategy. So go ahead, get out there and nibble your way through one of Anaheim's tastiest treasures. Your foodie soul will thank you.

Experience an Eclectic Night Market in Anaheim

Picture this: twinkling lights overhead, the buzz of excitement as people chatter about their unique finds, and the intoxicating smells of sizzling street food tempting every taste bud. That's right, you've stumbled upon Anaheim's eclectic night market scene. It's a sensory overload in the best possible way!

At the heart of these pulsating evening bazaars, you'll find a treasure trove of goodies. We're talking handcrafted jewelry that's as unique as your Aunt Mable's holiday sweater, and vintage tees that scream 'I'm cooler than a cucumber in sunglasses'. And let's not even get started on the grub! Anaheim night market is your one-stop spot to chow down on everything from mouthwatering tacos to oh-so-sweet crepes that'll make your dessert dreams come true.

Got an ear for music? Good, because local bands bring the beat to these lively lanes. As you bob your head to the rhythm, you're also eyeing that quirky little plant stand because let's face it, who doesn't need a succulent shaped like a tiny dinosaur in their life?

Now, if you're thinking, "But how long should I bask in the glow of this night market?" Set aside a few hours, because trust me, between the shopping, the eating, and the sheer energy of the place, time flies faster than a gossip in a small town.

Whether you're a family out for some bonding, a group of friends searching for that Instagram-worthy moment, or flying solo on a quest for a chill evening, the night market in Anaheim caters to all.

Feeling adventurous? Squeeze in some haggling – it's all part of the fun. By the end of the night, you might just walk away with a handful of stories, a belly full of joy, and maybe even that dinosaur succulent. And let’s not forget—the memories. Those come free with every visit. So come down, explore, and embrace the vibrant culture of Anaheim after dark. It's not just a market, it's an experience that'll stick with you, long after the lights dim and the crowds disperse.

Savor a Romantic Stroll Along Secluded Anaheim Beaches

Who doesn't love a dash of romance and a pinch of sunset blended on a beach? Picture this: the sun is dipping low on the horizon, casting a warm glow over the water, and you and your special someone are hand-in-hand, letting the soft sand squish between your toes. Yeah, that's what romantic outings in Anaheim can be like, especially if you're savvy enough to discover the beaches close to Anaheim.

Now, let's talk secluded beaches because let's face it, a crowded beach can kill the vibe faster than a seagull swooping in on your picnic. Huntington Beach might ring a bell, but there's more to explore. Seal Beach, a cozy little coastal town, is just a stone's throw away and it's your go-to for that serene stroll. It's quaint, it's quiet, and it's just right for lovebirds looking for a little privacy.

So, what makes a beach stroll in Anaheim a thing for romantics? Imagine soft, muffled conversations as the ocean whispers back. You've got the breezy air, the smell of saltwater, the occasional dolphin doing flips because hey, they love love too. And if you've ever wanted to write your names inside a heart in the sand, now's your chance. This kind of outing is perfect for couples, but if you're flying solo, it's still a heck of a retreat to clear your head and maybe, just maybe, meet someone who's also looking for their Sandy to their Danny (Grease, anyone?).

Plan to linger for a few hours—you'll want to catch the sunset, and maybe even stay until the stars pop out to say "howdy." With a little bit of planning, a romantic stroll along a secluded Anaheim beach could be the highlight of your SoCal adventure. And hey, nothing's stopping you from kicking off those shoes and getting your dance on to the rhythm of the waves. It's sweet, it's fun, and it's oh-so-romantic.

Challenge Your Creativity at Pottery Workshops

Ready for a hands-on adventure that'll get your creative juices flowing and leave you with more than just memories? Anaheim's pottery workshops are your go-to. They're not just studios; they're wonderlands where clay and creativity marry to give life to your imagination. Whether you’ve got skills that would make Demi Moore in "Ghost" jealous, or you can barely fashion a Play-Doh snake, it doesn’t matter!

Now, I know what you're thinking, "I'm about as artistic as a thumbtack." Drop that doubt! These workshops are designed for all levels, from the 'I-can-barely-draw-a-stick-figure' novices to the 'I-might-actually-be-a-lost-Michelangelo-descendant' experts. Everyone walks in an amateur and glides out like Picasso on a pottery wheel.

Bring your friends, drag your partner along, or let the kiddos get their hands goopy. Trust me, everyone loos with a little dirt under the fingernails – it's character building! Spend an hour or two getting lost in the zen-like focus it takes to mold, trim, and glaze your creation. You're not just making pottery; you're making memories (and, let's be real, probably a bit of a mess too).

And hey, there's a bonus! If you've been on the hunt for that perfect, unique souvenir, what better way to remember your Anaheim trip than by bringing home a piece you've crafted with your own two hands? It doesn't get more personal than that. Perfect for families seeking an afternoon of bonding or a gaggle of pals looking to switch up their usual hangout routine. The younger ones find it a hoot, and it's equally entertaining for the young-at-heart. The vibe is just right for unleashing that inner artist, fueling laughter and maybe lightening up your competitive spirit.

Sip and Paint the Night Away in Anaheim

Picture this: a canvas in front of you, a palette full of vibrant colors to your side, and a glass of your favorite wine within arm's reach. Ah, you've just stepped into one of Anaheim's unforgettable paint and sip events. And let me tell you, folks, it's not your average night out. You're gonna blend creativity and libation like a pro—even if you're more of a stick figure specialist than a Picasso.

At these cozy gatherings, magic happens when a blank canvas and a bit of merlot mix. You get to create, giggle, and maybe even tilt your head back and cackle as you realize that yes, you did, in fact, paint a purple tree. But that's the charm! It's all about fun, relaxation, and a touch of self-expression that's bound to tickle your fancy.

Now, if you're wondering how to get in on this artful action, just tap or click here and dive right into the lineup of paint and sip events Anaheim is buzzing about. Whether you're a veteran painter or someone who hasn't touched a brush since grade school, you're in for a treat. These events are the perfect blend for singles, a girls' night out, or even a quirky date night that'll surely earn you some brownie points.

But hey, let's not just talk about painting! These enchanting evenings typically last a couple of hours, giving you plenty of time to unleash your inner artist and still hit up some nearby hotspots afterward. Imagine strolling down to a local eatery or cozying up at a nearby café to admire your masterpiece and continue the good vibes.

And don't worry about fitting in—paint and sip nights are a hit with everyone! From giggling groups of friends to lovebirds looking for a unique night out, the crowd's as diverse as your color palette. So grab a brush, a buddy, and a bottle—Anaheim's paint and sip scene is a creative escape that's sure to leave you smiling and slightly stained.

Embark on a Tranquil Anaheim Kayaking Adventure

Imagine gliding along a gentle waterway, where the only sounds are the lapping of the waves against your kayak and the distant call of shorebirds. In Anaheim, set off on a kayaking expedition that's an absolute treat for your senses and a paddle away from the ordinary. You'll be awash in serenity as you navigate the calm waters, a soothing escape from the thrill rides and character parades.

First questions first: How tranquil is this adventure? As tranquil as a lullaby, only better because, my friend, you're wide awake in the heart of nature! With the sun warming your face and the cool water beneath you, you're in for some prime 'me' time. But oh, it's so not just about floating aimlessly (although you could if you wanted to). See, this is your chance to spot local wildlife, maybe even a stately heron. And don't get me started on the views.

Now, for how long should you bask in this floating haven? Give it a couple of hours, at least. You want enough time to disconnect and soak in the peace. Got munchkins? Or a squad of friends? Brilliant! Kayaking is perfect for families and groups looking for a joint adventure that's not your average Anaheim fare.

For those with a heart filled with wanderlust and a love for the salt-scented breeze, steer your vessel close to the coast. Here's where you find that sailing near Anaheim doesn't always mean ships and sails. It's about freedom, nature, and getting those city kinks worked right out of your shoulders.

Before you return to land and life's calls, etch the memory of the sun playing peek-a-boo with the ripples into your mind. With every gentle stroke of your paddle, you're not just moving forward; you're unwinding, untangling, and unconventionally enjoying Anaheim's blue spaces. So, pick a day, grab a paddle, and set sail on an unexpected adventure—it's kayaking time!

Explore Yorba Regional Park's Hidden Corners

Imagine unwinding in the blissful oasis of Yorba Regional Park, a scenic stretch where the simplicity of nature meets the joy of exploration. With a lush landscape that beckons adventurers and zen-seekers alike, you're in for a treat as you uncover the hidden corners of this Anaheim gem. You, my friend, are about to embark on a delightful journey where butterflies flirt with wildflowers, and the rustle of leaves harmonizes with your heartbeat.

You can start your exploration at daybreak, as hues of amber paint a serene backdrop for the wandering trails. Trek off the beaten path and find your secret picnic spot by one of the park's picturesque lakes. Whether you're a solo traveler with a love for bird watching, or with your entourage yearning for a chill day, this park has a little sprinkle of magic for everyone.

Families? Oh, yes! Let the little ones frolic in playgrounds sprinkled across the park while you relax under a leafy gazebo. Adrenaline junkies here for the excitement? Well, ignite your thrill with a bike ride! Yorba Regional Park's network of trails connects to the Santa Ana River Trail, setting the perfect course for your two-wheeled adventure.

If you're the romantic type, winding down your evening under the cotton-candy skies by the water's edge is the perfect closing scene. Solo adventurers hunting for peace, this is where you reclaim your calm as ducks glide across the serene water—their ripples whispering stories only heard by those who seek.

Nearby, you can find charming eateries to replenish your energy, or if you've packed your own goodies, the BBQ pits are ready for your grilling delights. Plan to spend, I'd say, a good half-day here to fully soak in the tranquility and play like no one's watching.

So bring your spirit of discovery, a hearty picnic, and comfortable shoes because Yorba Regional Park is more than just a park—it's a playground for your soul! And remember, the best adventures in Anaheim are not always the most obvious ones; they're often tucked away, waiting for you to find them.

Laugh Out Loud at Anaheim Comedy Clubs

Anaheim is not just about that famous mouse and thrilling rides; the city holds a treasure trove of belly laughs waiting for you at local comedy clubs. Imagine sitting in a dimly lit room, sipping on your favorite drink, the spotlight hits the stage, and suddenly, you're snorting with laughter—that's the power of a great stand-up act!

These clubs are the local haunts for a good chuckle where comedy gladiators battle with their wits, armed with nothing but a microphone. Whether you're into sharp one-liners, goofy anecdotes, or taleteller humor, Anaheim's comedy scene offers an eclectic mix that caters to every comedic palate.

At these vibrant spots, you're likely to find:

  • Dynamic line-ups featuring both seasoned pros and fresh faces
  • An intimate setting, perfect for date nights or an outing with friends
  • A chance to unwind and laugh until your cheeks hurt

If you're flying solo or bringing your laugh-loving crew, expect an uproarious ambiance perfect for anyone who appreciates the lighter side of life. These clubs are typically a hit with adults craving a fun night out, though some venues offer family-friendly performances, so be sure to check in advance.

Tucked around the corner from buzzing dining spots, these comedy clubs promise a fully-rounded evening of entertainment. Drop in early for a bite, then saunter over to the club—most shows run about 90 minutes, but trust us, it'll fly by as you guffaw and giggle through the acts.

Now, you might be thinking, "Where do I sign up for this hilarity?" For your fix of laughter, make sure to swing by the improv club or a local stand-up venue. Here's to an evening where you can let loose and let laughter be the best part of your night in Anaheim!


Q: What are things to do in Anaheim with kids?

A: Head to Adventure City for kid-friendly rides, visit the Anaheim Zoo, or splash around at the local water parks—super fun for your little ones!

Q: What can you do in Anaheim that isn't Disneyland?

A: Stroll around the Anaheim Packing District, catch a game at Angel Stadium, or hit the local breweries—yes, that's right, no mouse ears required!

Q: What are things to do in Anaheim for adults?

A: Sip wine at the Anaheim GardenWalk, enjoy live music venues, or explore the vibrant arts scene—it's not all kid stuff here!

Q: What are some unusual things to do in Anaheim?

A: Explore the hidden speakeasies, take a haunted walking tour, or find the secret door at the Anaheim Packing House—get ready for some unique experiences!

Q: What are things to do in Anaheim at night?

A: Visit Downtown Disney for night shopping, dine at gourmet restaurants, or groove to live bands—Anaheim shines after dark!

Q: What are things to do in Anaheim today?

A: Check out local events at the convention center, visit an exhibit at MUZEO or catch an impromptu concert—there's always something happening!

Q: How do I spend a day in Anaheim?

A: Tour the historic district, relax at Yorba Regional Park, and finish with a show at the City National Grove—pack your day full of adventure!

Q: What is Anaheim most known for?

A: Anaheim is famous for Disneyland Resort, thrilling sports events, and its sunny California vibes—magic and more!

A: Thanks to Disneyland, top-notch conventions, and fantastic weather, Anaheim is a magnet for fun-seekers. It's like a party and everyone's invited!

Q: How far is Anaheim to the beach?

A: It's just a short, breezy 20-minute drive from Anaheim to the beach—sun, sand, and surf are calling your name!

Final Words

So, you've just gotten the inside scoop on Anaheim's hidden gems—from the historical streets brimming with charm, to the artisan buzz of local craft fairs. We've roamed through serene gardens, and discovered the indie beats of Anaheim's lively music scene. Your taste buds were tempted with the culinary wonders of the Packing District and we even explored the eclectic vibes of night markets.

You've learned about romantic beach strolls and how to get your hands dirty in pottery workshops, not to mention painting the night away, or paddling peacefully in a kayak. Yorba Regional Park's secrets await, and a good laugh at a comedy club is never far away here in Anaheim.

Bottom line? There are countless things to do in Anaheim that can fill your days with adventure and your nights with laughter. Go ahead, dive in and create those unforgettable memories!Ever thought Anaheim was just mouse ears and fairy tales? Think again, my friend! Anaheim is so much more than just its world-famous theme park. Why not uncover a slice of California's hidden charm without the long lines and overpriced churros? From the enchanting whispers of history echoing through its vibrant historic district to the melody of waves crashing on secluded beaches, Anaheim beckons with an allure far beyond the confines of any single attraction.

Meet the Author
Isabella Kai
Isabella Kai, the Instagram wordsmith, crafts tales that captivate hearts worldwide. A dedicated foodie, she whips up culinary delights and pairs them with stories that make your taste buds dance. Beyond the screen, she's on a mission to visit every artisan bakery in town.
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