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Ever wondered if a city could whisper secrets of ancient history while pulsing with modern vibrancy? Amman, Jordan isn't just a city; it's a mosaic of stories etched in stone and echoed in the bustling souks. But what activities make Amman's heart beat loudest for visitors like you? Sure, you've heard of Petra, the floating bliss of the Dead Sea, but wait until you dive into the real rhythm of Amman—the art, the secret delicious bites, the treasures tucked away in markets, and those quiet corners where nature blooms amidst the urban sprawl.

Whether it’s exploring the creative sanctuaries like Darat al Funun, or meandering through the storied paths of Jabal Al Lweibdeh, we're venturing beyond the brochure to unearth the soul of this proud Jordanian gem. Imagine tucking into clandestine street food that dances on your tongue, or finding that artisan-crafted keepsake that whispers tales of tradition. Yes, you're about to connect with the artisans, sip coffee on historic Rainbow Street, and catch sunset views that Instagram could only dream of.

So, clear your itinerary and make room for memory-making because we're about to guide you through the best 'things to do' in a city that's anything but ordinary. Ready to live the stories waiting for you in Amman? Let's get started.

Explore the Artistry at Darat al Funun

Imagine stepping into a secret garden where every stone pathway, every blooming flower, whispers stories of creativity and tradition. Welcome to Darat al Funun, not just any of Amman's art galleries, but the cradle of contemporary art that will teleport you right into the heart of Jordan’s vibrant culture. While immersed in this serene haven, the buzz of the city feels like a world away, yet here you are in the center of it all.

Why is Darat al Funun unique? It’s a kaleidoscope where past and present collide. This complex isn’t just a gallery—it's a historical site and an educational hub. Nestled within three traditional houses overlooking downtown Amman, this art sanctuary features rotating exhibitions from the Middle East's leading artists.

As you stroll through the exhibits, you'll notice something unique at every turn. Maybe it's an intricately painted canvas that catches your eye, or perhaps it's a thought-provoking installation that draws you in. Spend an afternoon here; let your curiosity guide you from room to room. Each one tells a different story, a fragment of the Jordanian soul captured in paint, stone, or film.

Now, who will love this place? If you're thirsting for culture or if you consider yourself an art aficionado, this is your mecca. But it’s also perfect for the wanderer looking to dive into Amman's creative pulse. The tranquil gardens are a paradise for those needing a moment to pause and reflect.

Pro tip: don't miss the chance to gaze out from the hilltop, where the panoramic vistas of Amman work their magic. It's also an idyllic spot for photographs that will make your memories of Jordan tangible.

Got a few hours to spare? That's all you need. Although, don't be surprised if the whispering galleries convince you to linger just a little while longer. As for the crowd, it’s diverse—families, singles, art students, and tourists all find common ground in the love for art.

And when you're done, step out and find yourself back in the heartbeat of Amman, energized, inspired, and connected to the artistic soul of the city. Honestly, it's like you've been part of the most elegant, hush-hush gathering of art lovers. Do not forget to check out their upcoming events and workshops, which might just serendipitously coincide with your visit.

Savor the Flavor of Secret Street Foods

Alright, let's talk street food because Amman's got secret flavors up every alley and around every corner that you just can't miss. You're gonna want to dive into these delicious bites that locals swear by and travelers dream about!

Sampling street food in Amman isn't just a feast for your tastebuds; it's an all-out adventure for all your senses. There's a smorgasbord of dishes that'll have you munching non-stop, from the toasty falafels that practically hum with spices, to piping-hot shawarmas that defy gravity with their layers. And let's not forget the mana'eesh, those addictive flatbreads topped with za'atar or cheese that leaves you craving for more with every bite.

But where, you ask, should you plant your taste-test flag first? Hit up the bustling streets of downtown, where the smell of grilling meats hooks you by the nose and guides you to foodie bliss. Keep your eyes peeled for carts that locals flock to and fall in line. Trust me, the longer the line, the better the find.

Here's the game plan: roll up your sleeves and hop from one spot to the next. You'll want to carve out a solid hour or two (minimum) to savor this culinary expedition properly. And who's it for? Well, whether you're a solo flavor hunter or shepherding your food-curious tribe, street food sampling is perfect for all ages seeking authentic local cuisine.

If you're leaning towards something sweet to balance out the savory, knafeh will win your heart. Imagine a gooey cheese pastry soaked in syrup and sprinkled with pistachios – yeah, it's as good as it sounds.

So there you have it. Embrace the chaotic dance of Amman's streets, and let your palate lead the way through a tapestry of hidden gastronomic gems. You'll treasure these authentic bites that give you a juicy slice of local life. Just remember to leave some room for dessert – Amman's sweet treats won't disappoint!

Unearth Treasures at Amman's Flea Markets

Imagine yourself haggling over vibrant fabrics, intricately designed pottery, and unique antiques, with the murmur of a bustling crowd all around. Welcome to Amman's flea markets, where each stall and corner is pulsating with stories and history. And let me tell you, handicraft shopping in Amman is not just a shopper's paradise, it's a treasure trove for anyone hungry for authentic, local culture.

These markets are a playground for anyone who adores one-of-a-kind pieces; they're perfect for families seeking a fun afternoon out, or for single travelers aiming to find a keepsake with a tale. Spend a couple of hours getting lost among rows of second-hand books, traditional Middle Eastern artifacts, and handcrafted jewelry that gleam under the warm Jordanian sun.

  • Vintage Finds: Seek out the finely-crafted mosaics that Amman is known for. Can you imagine how they'll sparkle on your wall back home?

  • Fashion Statement: How about a hand-woven scarf? It's a piece of Jordanian craft you can flaunt back in your hometown.

  • Memorable Souvenirs: Pick up a set of hand-painted tiles—each one telling a fragment of Jordan's rich history.

You'll find the markets are as much a feast for the senses as they are for your shopping desires. Listen to the spirited bargaining, inhale the scent of fresh herbs, and let your fingers trail over carved woodwork, each piece begging to add its narrative to your home.

The flea markets in Amman cater to all tastes and are absolutely fantastic for adrenaline lovers who relish the thrill of a good find. And guess what? You're mixing with the locals, seeing the city through their eyes, which is an adventure in itself!

Once you're done shopping, the flea markets are typically surrounded by cozy eateries and coffee houses where you can rest those tired feet. Whether you're snagging a vintage lamp that whispers stories of yesteryear or finding the perfect Jordanian tablecloth, you're in for an experience that's quintessentially Amman. So, grab a tote, and let’s dive into the organized chaos.

Relax in the Quiet Gardens of Dar al-Anda

Imagine stepping away from the bustling streets and into an oasis of calm; think birds chirping, leaves rustling, and your own thoughts coming into a peaceful alignment. Dar al-Anda isn't just a spot—it's your escape into tranquility right in the heart of Amman. Whether you're solo, with a special someone, or wrangling a little tribe, this is the place where you can let the city's vibe recharge your inner batteries.

So, what makes this garden unique? It's the blend, folks. It's where the serenity of nature meets the creativity of art. After a peaceful stroll, cross over to their gallery, and who knows? You might just find that piece of art that speaks directly to you, telling a story you didn't even know you wanted to hear. You'll want to mark this spot for a good hour—trust me, time flies when you're in a state of utter peace.

Now, the gardens are perfect for everyone—romantic enough for couples, quiet enough for reflective souls, and open enough for the young ones to explore without wreaking havoc. It's a slice of paradise for artists, nature lovers, and anyone needing a break from the city's hustle.

And if you're thinking, "What about me? I love a little adrenaline!" Hold on to your hats because the beauty might just take your breath away. That counts as an adrenaline rush, right?

Remember, this hidden gem is more than just a garden—it's a little piece of harmony carved out just for you in bustling Amman. So go ahead, plan your visit to Dar al-Anda, and immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance that caters to your soul's every need. Who said gardens were just about flora and fauna? Dar al-Anda is where culture cultivates and serenity soars.

Meander Through Jabal Al Lweibdeh Historic Quarter

Picture this: You're strolling down the quaint, cobblestone streets of Jabal Al Lweibdeh, it's like you've been whisked back in time. This charming area is the beating heart of Amman's cultural life, teeming with artists and intellectuals. It's one of those places locals love and travelers cherish for an authentic glimpse into Jordan's rich history.

The streets are lined with historic buildings, each with its own story. Notice the Ottoman-inspired architecture? It's like a real-life history book. But don't just look up—there are galleries, cafes, and boutiques at every turn. Your stroll here isn't complete without popping into a tiny shop filled to the brim with trinkets that whisper secrets of the past.

You might need a good 1-2 hours to soak it all in properly. And who's it for? Literally, anyone who appreciates history and culture—it's a hit with both singles and families. If you've got toddlers, maybe steer clear of the fragile artsy stuff, unless you're in for an adrenaline rush trying to keep them from touching everything.

As you wander, you'll probably bump into a local artisan, a cup of strong Arabic coffee in hand, ready to share stories that make this district alive. Soak up those conversations; they’re the free souvenirs you carry home in your heart.

Oh, and if your steps take you here during the early evening, brace yourself for a treat. The amber glow of the setting sun paints the historic buildings in a light so magical, you’ll feel wrapped in the warm embrace of history. Jabal Al Lweibdeh is not just about sightseeing; it's about connecting with the soul of Amman. So, take your time, breathe it in, and let the historic quarter reveal its age-old secrets to you, one enchanting step at a time.

Engage with Artisans at Bazarat Amman Workshop

You're in for a real treat at the Bazarat Amman Workshop. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Amman's artisan workshops, where the hum of creativity is as palpable as the scent of wood shavings and fresh paint. The magic that happens here isn't just a show, it's the heartbeat of the city's treasured handicraft scene! Imagine, you get to meet the maestros themselves, watch as they turn plain materials into captivating works of art, and maybe pick up a skill or two!

This isn't your run-of-the-mill souvenir stop. At Bazarat Amman, you'll witness firsthand how traditional crafts are kept alive by passionate individuals. Think hand-carved ornaments, rich textiles, and intricate jewelry – each piece has a story, whispered to you through the meticulous craftsmanship. Spend a good hour or two here; there's so much to see and learn!

So, who's this artisanal hub for? Well, if you get a kick out of unique, homemade beauties and love the thought of seeing how your keepsakes are made, then Bazarat Amman Workshop is your kind of place. It's perfect for families seeking to inspire the next generation of makers, or for the solo traveler hungry for authentic experiences.

Picture it: You're strolling from stall to stall, the cacophony of artisanal brilliance filling the air, and you can't help but feel connected to every chisel, brush, and stitch. It's intimate. It's inspiring. And it's oh-so Amman.

And hey, when you need a breather from all that excitement, you'll find cozy little nooks nearby for a quick caffeine recharge or a bite to satisfy those craft-watching-induced cravings. Bazarat Amman isn't just a workshop; it's an ecosystem where culture, community, and creativity thrive. Buckle up, my friend, because this is an authentic slice of Amman life you won't want to miss!

Discover Contemporary Culture at The Studio

Alright, let's dive headfirst into modern creativity at The Studio! There, amidst the bustling streets of Amman, you'll stumble upon this contemporary gem that offers a resounding yes to the question, "Is Amman's art scene alive and kicking?" The answer is a vibrant, paint-splattered yes!

Now why is this place so special, you ask? Picture yourself weaving through a space that's alive with innovation, where every nook and cranny bursts with the talent of local and international artists. You'll experience Amman's art galleries, but it's not just about observing here; it's about feeling the pulse of contemporary culture under your fingertips.

You should plan to spend a good hour or two here—not just to admire the art, but to really soak it in. Every piece tells a story, sparking conversation, and you're here for it.

The Studio is where both the curious tourist and the discerning local converge, so expect a rich mix of audiences. And if you think, "Well, I'm not much of an art connoisseur," fret not—this place has a magical way of turning skeptics into aficionados, just by the sheer force of its inspirational atmosphere.

And hey, when you're done, why not amble around? The Studio is snuggled in a neighborhood brimming with character, where every alley promises more discoveries. Cafes and petite eateries dot the area, so there's always the chance to reflect on the artistic journey with a good cup of joe or a bite of something scrumptious.

It's ideal for solo explorers who like a side of contemplation with their culture or families looking to spark a love for art in the kiddos. Whether you're seeking adrenaline or serenity, The Studio sets the scene. So come on down and let the contemporary whispers of Amman dance around you.

Enjoy a Pause at Cafe Jara on Rainbow Street

You've been wandering the vibrant Rainbow Street, right? Now, let your feet take a break and your senses perk up at Cafe Jara. It's not just a coffee house; it's where local cafe culture comes alive! Imagine yourself sinking into a plush chair with the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee inviting you in.

But let's talk about what makes Cafe Jara stand out from any old coffee spot:

  • Authentic Atmosphere: If you're hunting for that authentic Amman vibe, Cafe Jara's got it. This place mirrors the heart and soul of the city.

  • Cultural Hub: It's more than a spot to grab a latte; it's a place buzzing with chatty locals and curious travelers alike.

  • Location, Location!: Smack dab on Rainbow Street, you're steps away from boutiques, bookshops, and that Amman charm.

So, who loves Cafe Jara? Well, anyone who's up for a taste of the city while they sip on their joe. Families, solo explorers, couples - you're all invited. And if you're the type who loves a side of people-watching with your espresso, congratulations, you've hit the jackpot!

Spend an hour or two here. Point is, there's no rush. Absorb the ambience, listen to the melody of local life, and when you're ready to bounce, you’ll feel refreshed. Just like that fresh cup of coffee you just had.

Feeling like you're already cozied up in Cafe Jara, gazing out at Rainbow Street? Making friends with a local or a fellow wanderluster? That's the magic of this place. So, next time you’re trotting down Rainbow Street, Cafe Jara awaits to give you the warmest, frothiest welcome. It's your Amman adventure after all, and every explorer needs their coffee sanctuary.

Catch an Indie Film at The Royal Film Commission

Picture this: a balmy Amman evening and you, a silver screen enthusiast, are strolling through the cool, cosmopolitan streets seeking something offbeat and captivating. Eureka! The Royal Film Commission beckons.

Nestled in an urban nook, this cultural gem is no ordinary movie theater. It's where film buffs gather under a blanket of stars and immerse themselves in independent films from Jordan and around the world. You're not just watching a movie here, you're part of Amman's pulsing heart of contemporary art and conversation.

Bring your sense of adventure because, at The Royal Film Commission, there's always something unexpected on the roster. From heart-tugging dramas to quirky documentaries, you'll leave with stories that stick to your ribs, not just popcorn kernels. And hey, let's not forget the live music that occasionally jazzes up the night—it's like finding an extra fry at the bottom of the bag!

Thinking of who to drag along? This cultural haven is perfect for that friend who wears "movie connoisseur" as a badge of honor or a date who loves "thinking" with their movies. Honestly, it's a hit for anyone who enjoys a dollop of "artsy" with their entertainment.

Don't just take my word for it, come cozy up on a beanbag or claim a seat on the terrace. You'll need to dedicate around a couple of hours (screening time included) to fully sink into the cinematic experience. Stick around for the post-film discussions; it's where the magic happens—ideas clashing, conversations sparking, and the occasional director Q&A!

Spoiler alert: After a night here, your regular movie theatre might just feel like streaming at home in comparison! Make sure to check out the upcoming screenings and events online before you swing by, so you won't miss out on the next indie treasure.

Delight in a Sunset View from Amman's Hilltops

Imagine yourself perched on a hilltop as Amman's landscape stretches out like a vast, living tapestry below you. The sun, a fiery orb, makes its grand descent, painting the sky with streaks of orange, pink, and purple. Few experiences in Amman can rival the peaceful serenity and the kaleidoscope of colors offered by its hilltops at sunset.

Let's be real, you're here to witness a gift that keeps on giving, every single day—Amman's sunsets. Whether you are a solo explorer with a thirst for quiet contemplation or a love-struck couple seeking the perfect backdrop for a romantic moment, this is the place to be. You don't have to be a photography enthusiast to appreciate the sheer beauty of this scene, but if you are, get ready to capture some frame-worthy shots!

It's not just about the visual spectacle though. You also get to breathe in the cooler, fresher air as the bustling city sounds of Amman fade into a gentle hum in the background. And after you've soaked in the sights, nearby you'll find little pockets of local life waiting to be discovered—charming cafés where you can continue your evening with a traditional Jordanian mint tea or a strong Arabic coffee.

This isn't just a quick "snap and go" type of deal; set aside a good hour or two. Let yourself be fully present and immersed in the moment. You'll understand why both locals and wanderlusters come here to let their worries melt away with the departing day. It's the kind of experience that resonates with anyone—parents who've corralled their energetic kids for a family outing, friends sharing heartfelt stories or even digital nomads closing their laptops to admire nature's display.

Do yourself a favor: before you plan a night out in the buzzing city, take some time to pause at one of Amman's panoramic viewpoints. Trust me, witnessing this splendid transformation of the sky from the comfort of a hilltop is an unmissable, rejuvenating, and truly Amman-esque experience. It's where you realize that some of life's most stunning pleasures are the ones that are free.

Experience Bedouin Hospitality with a Zarb Feast

Pulled straight from the desert sands and bursting with flavors that will knock your socks off, a Zarb feast isn't just a meal; it's a cultural adventure on a plate. So what exactly is Zarb? Picture this: a mouthwatering array of meats and vegetables, slow-cooked to perfection in an underground oven. That's Zarb, Bedouin Cooking that's got history and tradition baked right in.

Imagine you're kicking back under the starry sky as the scent of spiced lamb wafts through the air. You're about to dig into a feast that's been cooking for hours beneath the ground — that's right, the Bedouins mastered the art of the subterranean BBQ way before it was cool. Juicy chunks of lamb, chicken, and a garden's worth of veggies are layered in the Zarb, each bite a testament to the time-honored techniques passed down through generations.

Now, how do you fit this extraordinary experience into your Amman adventure? It's a culinary must-do that'll give you more than just a taste of local flavor; you're feasting your way into the heart of Jordanian hospitality. Whether you're bonding with buddies or making memories with your family, this is the kind of meal that speaks every language — the language of deliciousness, that is.

And the best part? You'll find Zarb experiences dotted around the city, from high-end restaurants offering elegant interpretations to more rustic, immersive experiences in the desert itself. Trust me, after helping to unearth the Zarb, you'll feel like part of the tribe. You'll want to set aside a good chunk of your evening for this one; slow food this sensational deserves your time.

Zarb isn't just for the meat-lovers either. Veggies fear not, for the Bedouin chefs conjure up some plant-based magic in those ovens, too. So, come one, come all, and experience Zarb — where every bite tells a story, and every meal's a celebration.

Embark on a Scenic Drive to As-Salt

Picture this: you're cruising with the windows down, the gentle breeze of the Middle Eastern air fluttering through your hair, and each turn in the road unfolds a new vista more eye-catching than the last. Welcome to one of scenic drives around Amman – the road to As-Salt!

As-Salt, an enchanting town with golden-hued stone buildings, is less than an hour's drive from Amman, making it an ideal escape from the city's hustle. Plus, you get to immerse yourself in views that are a feast for the eyes and balm for the soul.

Here’s what makes As-Salt stand out:

  • Historical Charm: Hailed for its well-preserved Ottoman architecture, you'll feel like you've timewarped to a bygone era.

  • A Local Affair: It’s where you can mingle with the friendly locals and really soak in the Jordanian culture.

  • A Feast for the Senses: With shops selling everything from aromatic spices to handcrafted souvenirs, your senses will be on a joy ride.

You'll want to give yourself a good half-day for this jaunt. There's plenty to explore, and you'd be remiss not to indulge in the local cuisine.

Who's it for? This excursion is fantastic for anyone! Whether you're a solo voyager looking for photographic treasures or a family eager to expand your cultural horizons, As-Salt doesn’t disappoint.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, there are hidden gems nearby. After taking in the old-world charm, venture into the surrounding hills for some breathtaking panoramic views. Trust me, they're the kind that beat any postcard picture, hands down.

So, hit the road and make your way to As-Salt. You'll return with a camera full of memories, a heart full of joy, and maybe a tummy full of delicious Jordanian treats.


Q: What are some unusual things to do in Amman, Jordan?

A: Get lost in Rainbow Street's art galleries, explore the Duke's Diwan, or take a quirky cooking class for a unique Amman experience.

Q: What can you do in Amman, Jordan at night?

A: Enjoy live music at a local pub, taste traditional street food, or witness the stunning view from the Citadel at dusk.

Q: What are some things to do in Amman for adults?

A: Adults can savor wine tasting at Zumot Winery, discover history at the Jordan Museum, or relax at luxurious Turkish baths.

Q: What are some cheap things to do in Amman?

A: Visit historical sites like the Roman Theatre, stroll around the souks, or picnic at King Hussein Park on a budget.

Q: What are things to do in Amman for couples?

A: Couples can enjoy romantic rooftop dinners, walk through the historic Jabal Al Lweibdeh, or take a sunset horseback ride.

Q: What outdoor activities can you enjoy in Amman?

A: Hiking in the nearby forests, cycling through the city, or joining a jeep tour to the desert castles are great outdoor options.

Q: Is Amman, Jordan worth visiting?

A: Absolutely, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine, Amman is definitely worth the trip.

Q: What is Amman famous for?

A: Amman is known for ancient sites like the Citadel, Roman Amphitheater, and its bustling downtown markets.

Q: Is 2 days enough in Amman?

A: Two days let you see the highlights but adding extra time allows for a deeper exploration of Amman's hidden gems.

Q: Is there much to do in Amman?

A: Yes, from exploring ancient ruins and cultural museums to dining out and shopping, there's plenty to keep you busy in Amman.

Final Words

Phew! You've just been taken on a whirlwind tour of Amman without even leaving your seat. From the pulsing heart of Amman's art scene in Darat al Funun all the way to a scenic drive to As-Salt, it's clear that this city is bursting with experiences. Whether it's getting your hands on unique handicrafts or tasting street foods that'll have you drooling for days, Amman's got flavor and flair you won't find anywhere else.

Your adventure shouldn't stop when you reach the bottom of this page. Tuck these tips away, and next time you find yourself wandering the streets of Amman, remember there's a whole world of treasures waiting for you. Keep exploring, keep tasting, and most importantly, keep making memories. There's an endless array of things to do in Amman, Jordan, and each one promises its own special sprinkle of magic.