9+ Best Things to Do in Dublin for Curiosity

Discover Dublin's best-kept secret: Marsh's Library. Tranquil yet alive with history, its intriguing past holds a mystery... Ready to uncover it?
Date Published
March 8, 2024

Table of Contents

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What if I told you that beyond the clinking glasses in cozy pubs and the usual tourist trots, Dublin is a treasure chest of secrets just waiting to be unlocked? That's right, we're not just talking about the postcard-perfect St. Patrick's Cathedral or the legendary Guinness Storehouse. Oh no, we're diving deep into the heart of Dublin’s hidden gems, where the city's soul sings in hushed tones.

Imagine strolling through the hauntingly beautiful Marsh's Library, unearthing literary riches that have whispered to generations past. Visualize savoring the zing of artisanal Irish cheeses on a food tour so unique that your tastebuds might just break into a jig! Picture yourself in the secretive embrace of Iveagh Gardens or tracing the bold footsteps of Vikings through the wearied cobblestones of history. In this vibrant city, every corner croons a different melody, from the scholarly serenity of the Inns of Court to the spectral thrill of Dublin Castle after dark.

Let's embark on a journey where you'll not only see Dublin but feel its pulsating energy, and connect with its indelible spirit. Ready to cast aside the obvious and plunge into the city’s rich tapestry of history and modern allure? Here's Dublin, up close and personal, through activities that are just as charmingly Irish as a heartwarming bowl of stew on a drizzly day. Let's get crack


Unearth the Secrets of Marsh's Library

Dublin's hidden gems? Oh, you bet Marsh's Library is high on that list! Tucked away without the usual fanfare, this is the place where time travel seems possible, and you're the protagonist in a historical novel. Now, let's spill the tea on why this is a must-see.

Picture this: you're meandering through halls lined with ancient books, feeling the whispers of Ireland's intellectual history around you. It's the oldest public library in the country, folks! Opened in 1707, this library has aged like fine wine, offering you a rare glimpse into the scholarly lives of the past. Now that's a unique chance you won't want to miss!

Marsh's Library isn't just a feast for the brainiacs. Nope. Its original oak bookcases, spiraling staircases, and cozy nooks are the stuff of Instagram dreams. With harmonious quiet reigning supreme, whether you're a solo adventurer, a couple looking for that intellectual vibe or a history-loving family, this place wraps you up in its serene, scholarly embrace.

And the cherry on top? It's so close to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, you could practically hear the bells ringing out a warm welcome! Plan to spend at least an hour here, soaking up the history and maybe even cracking open a book (just for the 'gram, if nothing else). While daydreaming amidst the book-lined walls, remember that legends like Jonathan Swift and James Joyce were here too. Yes, you're literally walking in the footsteps of literary giants. Talk about crowd pleasers!

Oh, and before you go, don't skip the chance to see the hidden alcoves where readers were locked in with their books to prevent theft - old school security at its finest! So go ahead, sneak a peek at the secrets that Marsh's Library silently guards. It's an experience you'll tuck into your cherished box of memories, guaranteed.


Savor a Unique Irish Food Tour

Imagine tasting your way through the heart of Ireland—yes, we're talking about a mouthwatering Irish food tour that will make your taste buds do a happy dance! Your culinary journey awaits among the vibrant food markets and fairs, where every bite tells a story drenched in Irish heritage.

So, why should the Irish food scene be at the top of your Dublin to-do list? First off, it's an explosion of flavors that you won't find anywhere else. Think traditional Irish stews, freshly caught seafood, and, of course, that rich, creamy butter lathered over warm, artisanal bread. It's like a hug for your stomach!

Start at the infamous food markets—these bustling hubs are where magic happens. Here’s a fun fact: did you know that Irish food markets are often held in buildings with centuries of history? Yeah, you get to munch on local delicacies while soaking up the ambiance of the past. It's not just a meal, it's a full sensory experience!

Block off a good half-day for this escapade because you'll want to linger over the handcrafted cheeses, preserves, and sweet treats that are as delightful to look at as they are to eat. Whether you're a foodie family on the hunt for the next best bite, a bunch of pals looking to nosh and giggle, or a solo explorer with an adventurous palate, this is your jam—pun intended.

Get ready to rub elbows with locals and chefs passionate about quality food. Dublin’s food markets and fairs capture the spirit of community and tradition, all wrapped up in delicious packages. It's the perfect way to taste what Dublin really has to offer.

As for the type of crowd—everyone's welcome! From toddlers who are happy with a nibble of soda bread to adrenaline junkies looking for the next gastronomic high with a bite of black pudding, there's something for every taste.

And don't you worry about walking off those calories. With Dublin’s compact city center, you're never too far from the next landmark or pub to relax in. So, what are you waiting for? Join the feast and write your own flavorful chapter in the story of Dublin. Bon appétit—or as the Irish would say, "Bain taitneamh as do bhéile!"


Stroll Through Iveagh Gardens

Imagine stepping into an enchanting oasis smack-dab in the heart of Dublin, surrounded by the buzz of city life yet sheltered from its flurry. Welcome to Iveagh Gardens, a hidden gem that rivals the well-known Stephen's Green with its tranquility and charm, making it the perfect spot for some prime relaxation.

You'll wonder why these gardens are often called one of Dublin's best secret spots. The answer is simplicity itself: despite their central location, they're tucked away, giving you the feel of an exclusive retreat. Here's the scoop on why you should add these gardens to your go-to list:


  • Seclusion: This is your escape hatch from the city's hustle. Dive into relaxation mode amidst cascading waterfalls, rustic grottos, and manicured lawns. You can pretty much hear the leaves rustling.
  • Uniqueness: It's got a maze! Not like The Shining, but rather a peaceful puzzle of hedge-lined paths that's perfect for a leisurely challenge.
  • Accessibility: Stephen's Green might be calling your name, but trust me, Iveagh Gardens offers that chill vibe without the crowds. Blissful solitude is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the city center.


Spend an hour or two here and you'll feel recharged. It's the go-to haven for locals seeking a quiet moment and for visitors looking for Dublin's untold stories. Whether you're a solo explorer, hanging with friends, or corralling your family – including the tots – everyone finds their slice of serenity here.

So, next time you’re in Dublin, scoot over to the gardens. You'll understand why it’s perfect for those who thirst for a moment of peace. It’s the place where Dublin's heartbeat slows down just enough for you to catch up with it. And hey, bring a book or simply your thoughts – Iveagh Gardens is the friendliest silent companion you'll ever meet in this lively city.


Rediscover Dublin's Viking Heritage

Dublin's got a secret, and it's a thousand years old! Did you know this city was a big deal for Vikings? Yep, before it got all its pubs and cathedrals, it was all about those Nordic warriors. So grab your shield and let's go time-traveling to when Dublin was a Viking playground!

The Vikings, those bearded explorers from way up north, touched down in Dublin around the 9th century. They weren't just into raiding; they were builders, founders, and Dublin's OG urban planners. Now, you can literally walk in their footsteps. Start your exploration at Dublinia, an incredible museum that brings the city's Viking history to life. Trust me, it's more fun than history class!


  • See a Viking warship up close.
  • Toss on a helmet for a selfie, because why not?
  • Learn how to write your name in runes – it's like the Viking emojis.


Right next to Dublinia, you'll find Christ Church Cathedral. Spoiler alert: the Vikings founded this beauty. Step inside and feel your jaw drop at the medieval architecture. Just a heads-up, the crypt is a must-see – it's the oldest part of the building, and it's got history vibes for days!

But the Viking spirit in Dublin isn't just about the past. It's alive, breathing, and occasionally drinking a pint. When you're done with the old stuff, take a stroll along the Liffey River where those Norse boats used to dock. Imagine a fleet of longships right where you're standing!

Whether you're flying solo or dragging the kiddos along, there's something Viking-ish for everyone:


  • History buffs, get your nerd on with the artifacts.
  • Couples, hold hands in the crypt (it's romantic, in a spooky kind of way).
  • Families, the interactive exhibits are perfect for tireless tots.

All in all, give yourself a good half-day for this slice of history. It's a unique gem in Dublin, and it's one epic saga you'll want to experience yourself. And the best part? It's smack-dab in the middle of modern Dublin, so you're never far from your next adventure (or your next snack). Ready to conquer Dublin, Viking-style? Let's make some history!


Immerse in the Inns of Court

Ever wanted to step into a scene that looks like it's been plucked right out of those fancy old-timey movies? Well, gear up for a fabulous time at Dublin's Inns of Court. These historic buildings are not just for law students and barristers; they're an absolute treat for anyone with a love for architecture and history. And hey, who doesn't like feeling a bit like royalty while walking through grand halls and lush gardens?

Taking a stroll through the Inns of Court, you'll be surrounded by majestic law buildings that date back centuries. Let's be real, just like a fine Irish whiskey, these places have only gotten better with time. And you know what's nearby? Only the illustrious Trinity College, so you can hit two birds with one elegant, culturally enriching stone.

Now, attention all you Instagram aficionados and snap-happy tourists—this gem is prime photo material. Picture this: you, surrounded by incredible Georgian architecture, striking your best scholarly pose. You're practically guaranteed to make all your friends back home swoon with envy.

You might be wondering - is this a quick pop-in kind of place? Absolutely not! Give yourself a good hour or two. There's so much beauty and tranquility here, it's the perfect spot to slow down time. And listen up, families and history buffs, you're going to love it here. It's serene, it's scenic and it's so stuffed with history, you'll leave feeling like a Dubliner from the olden days.

The Inns of Court: a dazzling snapshot of Dublin’s legal history, just waiting for you to dive in. Make sure to check the opening times, as you won’t want to miss a chance to wander through these remarkable corridors of power.


Experience the Allure of Dublin Castle After Dark

Imagine the scene: twilight falls, a chill hangs in the air, and you're standing in the cavernous courtyard of Dublin Castle, its walls rising stark against the night sky. There's something utterly enchanting about exploring this historic fortress after the sun dips below the horizon. That's when the stories of the past really come to life.

Dublin Castle's history stretches back to the days of Viking settlers, and when the shades of evening draw near, the castle's millennium of secrets seem to whisper in the shadows. Do the echoes sound like voices from another era? Possibly. Now, step into your most comfortable shoes and let your imagination run wild as we embark on one of Dublin's ghost tours through this ancient seat of power.

As you navigate the darkened halls and stony passageways, each step might bring you closer to the phantoms of yesteryears. Perhaps you'll sense the presence of courtiers long gone or feel the weight of history in the eerie silence. How long should you spend here? I'd say give it at least an hour after dark to truly soak in the atmosphere.

What's more, these tours aren't just for solo thrill-seekers. Whether you have a ghost-enthusiast partner or a family of history buffs, there's a spectral charm here that's undeniably magnetic for all sorts of crowds.

For the brave at heart, experiencing Dublin Castle at night offers a view few get to witness, filled with tales of intrigue and centuries-old drama. And who knows, maybe you'll leave with a ghost story of your own to tell! So, let the night cloak you, and discover a side of Dublin that lives and breathes in the hush of twilight.

Remember, as you wander through the castle, you're walking through history. Let your night at Dublin Castle be one that stays with you long after the ghosts have retreated at dawn.


Prepare to fill your sight with vibrant colors and your heart with Dublin's creative pulse as you enter the enchanting world of the Merrion Square Open-Air Gallery. Imagine yourself on a leisurely stroll, surrounded by the buzz of appreciative murmurs and the soft clink of paintbrushes against canvases. This is where art aficionados and Sunday chill-seekers alike unite, amidst rows of striking art pieces flapping gently in the Dublin breeze.

Why is Merrion Square a must-visit for art lovers? It's the beating heart of Dublin's art scene—a weekly event where the city's talented artists showcase their work right on the square's wrought-iron fence. You're not just walking in any park, you're stepping into an outdoor gallery that's as alive with stories as it is with paint!

What's a good chunk of time to soak in the art? We're talking about bountiful hours of local culture and creativity, so give yourself at least a couple of hours to wander and engage with the artists. It's not just a visual feast; it's conversations with creators, it's the touch of textured canvases, it's the shared smiles over a particular piece that caught your eye.

And who will just love this walk among masterpieces? Whether you're a solo explorer with a penchant for the arts, a couple looking for that unique piece for your shared space, or a family introducing the little ones to the joy of art—this experience is for everyone.

Nearby, you'll find cozy cafés where the creativity continues with Dublin's best baristas crafting their own form of art, right in your cup. The area spells perfect for anyone who’s after a mix of culture and relaxation, all wrapped up in one delightful Dublin afternoon.

So, if you're ready to fall in love with Dublin's stroke of genius, wander over to Merrion Square. Let each painting tell you its story, get lost in the art, and maybe, just maybe, take a piece of Dublin's soul back home. And for a sneak peek, check out some captured moments of this vibrant Merrion Square art celebration.


Seek Out the Sweny's Pharmacy Literary Connection

Sweny's Pharmacy is not just some forgotten old drugstore; it's a haven for literature buffs. Trust me, if you're itching to get a taste of Irish literature history, this spot is like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

Sweny's Pharmacy, now an appointed UNESCO City of Literature, is famed for its mention in James Joyce's Ulysses. You stroll in, and bam! You're standing in the very place where Leopold Bloom bought his lemon soap in the novel. Your literary crawl just hit a jackpot - we're talking time travel without the DeLorean!

Why should you care about an old pharmacy? Here's why: this place is brimming with the soul of Dublin's literary greats. It's not just a building; it's a piece of living history that celebrates Irish literature like nowhere else.

Now, let’s set the scene. The shelves are stacked, not with meds, but with vintage tomes and Joycean memorabilia that will have you feeling like you're hobnobbing with the ghosts of wordsmiths past. Plus, they hold daily readings from Joyce's works—get this—you can join in! Talk about interactive history!

You're not spending your whole day here – unless you want to (no judgment, it's worth it). Give yourself an hour or two, soak up the vibe, and don't forget to pick up that lemon soap. It's the perfect nod to a Dublin few get to experience.

And who's this place great for? Literally anyone. Whether you fancy yourself a budding writer, a voracious reader, or just love sniffing out unique experiences, Sweny's welcomes you with open arms (and books!).

Just around the corner are Dublin’s literary pubs where you can continue your journey through Dublin's historic cobblestone streets and toast to the literary giants who once wandered them. But first, click here and delve deeper into the wonders of Sweny's Pharmacy because seriously, you can't get more authentically Dublin than this.


Wander the Path of the Grand Canal

Imagine strolling along a waterway where the soft hum of the city fades into a melodic symphony of water lapping against the canal walls and birds playfully chasing the breeze. That's the serene experience at the Grand Canal Dock, where the ambiance is a blend of tranquility and a subtle urban pulse. This spot is a haven for those who love to merge relaxation with a pinch of city charm.

As you embark on this picturesque River Liffey walk, you'll see why locals and tourists alike flock here to unwind or jog along the scenic path. The canal's surface glistens under the Dublin sky, mirroring the city's vibrant life. With each step, you're part of a living canvas that's been colorfully painted with the history and modern vibrancy of Dublin.

Taking a stroll here is more than just a walk; it's an invitation to slow down and appreciate the moment. Spend an hour or two—it's your call! You'll feel the stress peel away with every leaf you watch drifting on the water's surface. It's perfect for a solo adventure to clear your head, a romantic walk with your sweetheart, or an energetic outing if you're with friends who love snapping Instagram-worthy shots.

What about the crowd? Oh, it's as diverse as Dublin itself. Singles soaking in the peace, families sharing giggles, and couples wrapped up in love—it's a slice of life you just can't miss.

So, lace up your walking shoes and prepare to wander the Grand Canal. With no itinerary needed, just let your curiosity guide you. Who knows, you might just find your favorite Dublin spot between those whispering reeds and the rhythmic pulse of the city heartbeat. And while you're there, feel the vibe, breathe the air, and be a part of Dublin's ever-unwinding story.


Spot Wildlife in North Bull Island Nature Reserve

Imagine you’re in a haven where wildlife thrives and every step brings a new discovery—that’s North Bull Island Nature Reserve for you. Open your eyes to a sanctuary, right near Dublin, that not only whispers sweet nothings to the various bird species but also beckons the curious souls fascinated by nature's unscripted dramas.

Where is this nature reserve, you ask? Imagine toeing the line between city life and untamed wilderness—North Bull Island Nature Reserve is that sweet spot, just a stone's throw from the hustle and bustle of Dublin city center. Here's what makes it unique:


  • Biodiversity Buzz: It's a UNESCO Biosphere, teeming with birds that aren’t shy about posing for your camera. Pack your binoculars, because with over 180 bird species, North Bull Island is an avian paradise.
  • Dynamic Dunes: The island's dune system? A work of sandy art sculpted by winds and waves over the years. It's not just a selfie backdrop—it’s a living, breathing ecosystem that’s home to unique plant life!
  • Educational Escapades: You're never too old to learn, and North Bull Island is like an open-air classroom—without the homework! Dive into educational programs and tours that'll have you buzzing with new knowledge.


So, how much time should you earmark for this emerald gem? Give yourself at least half a day; there's enough to explore and soak in the tranquil vibe. Whether you’re a lone traveler or here with the fam, this place offers relief for the soul and a playground for the senses.

What's nearby? Dublin Zoo echoes with its own highlights, but that’s a different jungle to explore—perhaps on another day. For now, let the island's soundscape guide your stroll, and you might just find yourself extending your visit because, let’s face it, nature’s encore is worth the wait.

Feel the breeze, hear the reeds swaying, and let the island’s pulse synchronize with your heartbeat. Visiting North Bull Island is not just a spot on the itinerary; it’s embracing the wild side of Dublin—one chirp, flutter, and rustle at a time.


Attend a Vintage Tea Experience


Picture yourself sipping on fragrant tea, delicate finger sandwiches, and scrumptious scones with the light chatter of fellow tea enthusiasts in the background. That's right, you're smack dab in the middle of one of Dublin's oh-so-lovely vintage tea experiences. Unique to the city and steeped in tradition, these afternoon tea get-togethers are an absolute must-do for locals and visitors alike.

What's the vibe, you ask? It's like stepping back in time to an era of elegance and leisure. Imagine this: you're draped on an antique chair, surrounded by the finest china, and every nibble is a taste of the good ol' days. It's not just about the tea—it's the whole shebang!

Looking to mingle? You're in luck because these experiences attract a lively mix of people. Whether you're a solo explorer, a couple of lovebirds, or part of a gaggle of friends, you'll find your place at the tea table. And hey, bring the kiddos too; there's something utterly charming about little ones trying their first sip of tea like the grown-ups do.

Don't fret about rushing through; block off at least two hours to truly relish in the experience. While you're at it, make sure to check out the nearby boutiques and galleries—trust me, it's an afternoon well-spent. Plus, you're just a stone's throw away from the bustling heart of Dublin, ready to jump back into the modern-day hustle whenever you fancy.

To sum up, this isn't just any afternoon tea—it's a one-of-a-kind Dublin experience. So go on, put on your fanciest hat, and book your spot at one of these delightful affairs. It's time to treat yourself to a cuppa and a dash of nostalgia!


Enjoy the Serenity of the Blessington Street Basin


Talk about a splash of tranquility in the hustle and bustle of the city! The Blessington Street Basin is pure magic. You'd never guess that just minutes from the clatter of city life there's a peaceful haven waiting for you. This place? It's like a secret garden for city dwellers and a photography goldmine all wrapped in one.

So, what's so special about the Blessington Street Basin? First up, it's one of Dublin's best-kept secrets—a hidden gem that even some locals haven't discovered yet! And when we say "photo spots in Dublin," this one should be on your radar. Reflections of the quaint houses in the still waters can make any Instagram feed light up like the Fourth of July!

Now, you're probably wondering, "What can I do there?" Let me paint you a picture: you're strolling around an enchanting lake filled to the brim with ducks and swans. It's a playground for wildlife, and it's perfect for both solo explorers and families. You've got little ones? They'll be over the moon spying on the ducks. And if you're on the hunt for some zen? Oh boy, this is your jackpot!

Grab a bench, my friend, and soak in the calm. You can easily spend an hour or two just chilling, pondering life, or diving into a good book. And hey, there's plenty of green for a spontaneous picnic too.

Remember I mentioned it's tucked away? Yeah, you won't be drowned out by tour groups here—it's ideal for anyone craving a little peace.

So go ahead, add Blessington Street Basin to your Dublin adventure. Surprise yourself with this slice of serenity—you might just leave whispering, "I can't believe this place exists in Dublin!" And that, buddy, is the mark of a true gem.



Q: What are some activities for young adults in Dublin?

A: You can rock out at live music pubs, join a historical walking tour, or get artsy at the local galleries.

Q: What are the best things for couples to do in Dublin?

A: Couples can enjoy romantic walks in St. Stephen's Green, savor a candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant, or take a charming carriage ride.

Q: What are some unique activities to do in Dublin?

A: Unique finds in Dublin include exploring the crypts at St Michan's Church, catching a play at an ancient pub theater, or kayaking down the River Liffey.

Q: How should I spend a day in Dublin?

A: Spend your day visiting the Guinness Storehouse, reading at the Trinity College Library, and noshing on local eats at the Temple Bar Food Market.

Q: What can I do for free in Dublin?

A: Visit free attractions like the National Museum of Ireland, stroll around Phoenix Park, and take in street performances on Grafton Street.

Q: What is there to do in Dublin city?

A: Dublin city offers a mix of shopping on Grafton Street, exploring Dublin Castle, and learning at the Science Gallery.

Q: What is the #1 attraction in Dublin Ireland?

A: The #1 attraction in Dublin is likely the Guinness Storehouse, where you can learn about and taste the iconic stout.

Q: Is 2 days enough for Dublin?

A: Two days in Dublin is enough to see the highlights, but you'll be hustling! It's perfect for a quick taste of the city's vibe.

Q: What is Ireland's number 1 tourist attraction?

A: Ireland's #1 tourist attraction is the Cliffs of Moher, but in Dublin, it’s the Guinness Storehouse.

Q: What is Dublin mainly famous for?

A: Dublin is famous for its vibrant pub culture, rich literary history, traditional music, and landmarks like Trinity College and the Guinness Storehouse.


Final Words

So, we've trotted all around Dublin together—from the whispered tales of Marsh's Library to the serene steps by the Blessington Street Basin. And let's not forget that cheeky ghost lurking in Dublin Castle after dark. You've had the scoop on Viking tales and the straight dish on the best Irish food tours.

But hey, the true magic? It's in walking those cobbled streets yourself, feeling the heartbeat of the city, its hidden gems and secret stories pulsing around you. In this city, every corner is a new chapter, every pint shared an added verse to your own Dublin song.

Remember, the best things to do in Dublin wait for you to live them, to tell the tale. Go on then, the adventure's yours!

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